The Billionaire's Vinegar: The Mystery of the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine

The Billionaire s Vinegar The Mystery of the World s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine It was the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold In at a heated auction by Christie s of London a bottle of Ch teau Lafite Bordeaux one of a cache of bottles unearthed in a bricked up Pa

  • Title: The Billionaire's Vinegar: The Mystery of the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine
  • Author: Benjamin Wallace Dennis Boutsikaris
  • ISBN: 9780739358306
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Audiobook
  • It was the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold.In 1985, at a heated auction by Christie s of London, a 1787 bottle of Ch teau Lafite Bordeaux one of a cache of bottles unearthed in a bricked up Paris cellar and supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson went for 156,000 to a member of the Forbes family The discoverer of the bottle was pop band manager turned wine collectorIt was the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold.In 1985, at a heated auction by Christie s of London, a 1787 bottle of Ch teau Lafite Bordeaux one of a cache of bottles unearthed in a bricked up Paris cellar and supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson went for 156,000 to a member of the Forbes family The discoverer of the bottle was pop band manager turned wine collector Hardy Rodenstock, who had a knack for finding extremely old and exquisite wines But rumors about the bottle soon arose Why wouldn t Rodenstock reveal the exact location where it had been found Was it part of a smuggled Nazi hoard Or did his reticence conceal an even darker secret It would take than two decades for those questions to be answered and involve a gallery of intriguing players among them Michael Broadbent, the bicycle riding British auctioneer who speaks of wines as if they are women and staked his reputation on the record setting sale Serena Sutcliffe, Broadbent s elegant archrival, whose palate is covered by a hefty insurance policy and Bill Koch, the extravagant Florida tycoon bent on exposing the truth about Rodenstock Pursuing the story from Monticello to London to Zurich to Munich and beyond, Benjamin Wallace also offers a mesmerizing history of wine, complete with vivid accounts of subterranean European laboratories where old vintages are dated and of Jefferson s colorful, wine soaked days in France, where he literally drank up the culture.Suspenseful, witty, and thrillingly strange, The Billionaire s Vinegar is the vintage tale of what could be the most elaborate con since the Hitler diaries It is also the debut of an exceptionally powerful new voice in narrative non fiction.From the Hardcover edition.

    The Billionaire s Vinegar The Mystery of the World s Most Apr , The Billionaire s Vinegar is the rare book that transcends its topic, reaching out to anyone interested in a good mystery, while at the same time going into enough detail to be of interest to a serious wine drinker. The Billionaire s Vinegar With Matthew McConaughey A drama based on the true life scandal that ensued when bottles of wine purported to have been owned by Thomas Jefferson were called fakes after they had been bought for a half million dollars by billionaire Bill Koch. The Billionaire s Vinegar The Mystery of the May , The story in The Billionaire s Vinegar dizzyingly revolves around a cache of Bordeaux wine from a superb Chateau circa That in itself would make this story drink splendidly The real kicker in all this, and the aspect that had everyone connected to it panting like a thirsty man just in from the desert willing to drink just about anything, is that these bottles were owned by Thomas Jefferson. The Billionaire s Vinegar The Mystery of the World s Most Jan , The Billionaire s Vinegar The Mystery of the World s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine The New York Times bestseller, updated with a new epilogue, that tells the true story of a Chteau Lafite Bordeaux supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson that sold for , at auction and of the eccentrics whose lives intersected with it. Online Canadian Pharmacy Buying Viagra From America Free samples for all orders Great discounts Generic and brand drugs with % satisfaction guaranteed. The Billionaire s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace Apr , About The Billionaire s Vinegar The rivetingly strange story of the world s most expensive bottle of wine, and the even stranger characters whose lives have intersected with it The New York Times bestseller, updated with a new epilogue, that tells the true story of a Chteau Lafite Bordeaux supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson that sold for , at auction and of the The Billionaire s Vinegar Archives ComingSoon Big screen adaptation of Benjamin Wallace s nonfiction bestseller The Billionaire s Vinegar Subtitled The Mystery of the World s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine, the book, first published in Matthew McConaughey To Star In Billionaire s Vinegar Mar , That last scenario is the premise of Billionaire s Vinegar, a new film set up at Sony Pictures that just gained Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey as the star It s Matthew McConaughey To Star In The Billionaire s Vinegar The Billionaire s Vinegar The Mystery Of The World s Most Expensive Bottle Of Wine starts in , when a Forbes family member paid , at auction for a bottle of Chateau Lafite Hardy Rodenstock

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    Benjamin Wallace has written for GQ, Details, Food Wine, Salon, and The Washington Post He grew up in Washington, DC, and graduated from Georgetown University From 1990 to 1992, he lived in the Czech Republic and Hungary, teaching English, proofreading diplomatic documents at the Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and writing for such newspapers as The Prague Post, The Budapest Post, and The European From 1993 to 1995, he worked as a reporter for trade publications in Manhattan, including a magazine about magazines and a mergers and acquisitions newsletter From 1996 to 2005, he worked at Philadelphia magazine, most recently as executive editor In 2002, the Columbia Journalism Review named him one of ten young writers on the rise The Billionaire s Vinegar is his first book He lives in Brooklyn, New York.


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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI love wine - love it - but I honestly don't get this fascination with drinking 50+ year old bottles. And I'm saying this as someone who lives in California and drinks good wine all the time. As I sort of alluded to in another book about wine I reviewed, HEDONIST IN THE CELLAR, I think there comes a point where it stops being about the wine and more about the moolah. Perhaps an eighteenth century bottle of wine tastes amazing (I can barely force m [...]

  • As wines are often described as drinkable, this book is eminently readable. If you liked the 1998 film "The Red Violin", or if you are ever (even occasionally) drawn in by Antiques Roadshow you will love this book. (And if you haven't seen "The Red Violin", you really should)The epitome of narrative non-fiction, The Billionaire's Vinegar is the tale of a world gone mad with wine lust, historical infatuation and drunk on self-importance. The Billionaire's Vinegar is much more than the story of a [...]

  • What a fun read. I didn't know much about the central characters before I dived into this nonfiction book, so each page was a surprise. I also learned an enormous amount about wines, how they age, and which brands are the most hoity-toity; I could probably pretend to be a terrible snob now. Unfortunately, several years ago I took a vacation that included several visits to wineries and sadly determined that although I can (sort of) tell the difference between a 10 dollar wine and an 80 dollar one [...]

  • My knowledge of wine is similar to the guy from Sideways who guzzles the glass down and declares "tastes pretty good to me!" For the reader who knows little about wine, this is a good introduction to the high-end world of wine collecting. The first 2/3 of the book is interesting and informative and reads like a good mystery, but the last chapters seem hastily thrown together. The book misses making some important conclusions about the ramifications of the Jefferson bottles on not only wine colle [...]

  • Somewhere around two-thirds of the way through this entertaining account of the controversy surround possible counterfeit antique wines, I began to hope that there’d be a definitive answer. The book seems to fall on the side of very, very strongly suggesting that all the rare old vintage wines produced by the book’s “villain,” Hardy Rodenstock, one time pop band producer turned rare wine dealer, were fakes, but for obvious litigation issues stops just short of outright accusation. I didn [...]

  • So I recently spent a few days in the hospital with literally nothing to do so I packed oodles and oodle of books (I had a bag just for my books) because I am currently too poor to purchase a Kindle. Barnes and Noble had recently had a Summer Reads "Buy Two, Get One Free" Sale and I found this book's blurb intriguingI should have picked something else to buy least I keep telling myself it was the "free" book so I didn't pay any money for it. It wasn't a terrible bookif you love wine beyond life [...]

  • A fascinating read. A great cast of characters that expose you to grand egos, a new depth of greed, big boy playground bravado and a desire to possess the best and rarest, no matter what the cost. On a broader stage, I think it serves as a parable of how the current economy meltdown didn't only happen in the housing market. Build the hype, create a competition, snag the greedy, and leave before the clock strikes midnight. The plan was pure genius How can you judge something to not be what you th [...]

  • The disappointing think about this book is that the story isn't finished. Litigation is ongoing, and the book ends rather abruptly. Also, the author skips around chronologically fairly liberally, presumably to enhance the narrative flow, but sometimes it feels disjointed or just doesn't make sense. Despite these complaints, this book is an engrossing read. As an amateur wine enthusiast, the subject matter was interesting to me and the character sketches were engaging. It also proved a great vali [...]

  • I "read" this book. Seriously, I did not finish it. I read about half of this book and decided it is not for me. While it is well written, the entire book mainly consists of wine and rich people names thrown at me that it made it bit of a slow read. I did not know who is important and besides the Forbes' and Thomas Jefferson, I did not know any of the other people being mentioned. Jefferson was apparently a huge wine fan, taking trips all around the Europe and sending big boxes of wine back home [...]

  • Nonfiction that reads like a thriller. Carefully researched and well paced. People insult each other in various languages by saying things like, "The oak tree is not concerned with the pig that is scratching its back against the roots."

  • I had only medium expectations for this book, and for the most part that was right on target. Moderately interesting, especially for someone like me who has a passing knowledge of French wine and some of the more famous chateaus. Gets a little dry at times. Unfortunately, I'm considering ranking this two stars -- if I could rank the ending separately, I would -- because it was such a letdown at the end. I had read reviews that the ending seemed rushed, but this was much worse than I had imagined [...]

  • This book proved to me several things I've always believed, that nobody should ever take wine too seriously. Two, people can be fooled into believing almost anything. Three, people that take wine too seriously take themselves too seriously and that's the problem. Anyway, a good read about an amazing con, wine collecting and the "inner" workings of elite wine-tasting. Some people just have too much money for their own good. Easy to read and intriguing. It will remind you to buy wine that YOU thin [...]

  • My mom had recommended this book to me at least 2 years ago. I finally got around to reading it, and it was while I was traveling in Burma. It's written by a journalist and so the attention to detail and sources he went to for information and quotes are just overwhelming. He took pieces from years apart, people spread apart and an unsolved story and somehow wove a story together of it all. It's a terrific book for anyone interested in wine or mystery. In my eyes, this is a bestseller.

  • If you spent an exorbitant amount of money on a bottle of wine and upon the first sip discovered it was rather foul tasting, would you still finish the bottle? I felt the warning signs at the beginning of a tedious read, but pressed on, and really gained nothing, but lost a month of really prime reading time. Probably just wasn't my vintage, as many other people seemed to enjoy it.

  • For a non-fiction book, the story of Hardy Rodenstock and his Jefferson bottles flowed well and was interesting, the characters being real people instead of just names in a book.The author seems to favor the idea that Hardy Rodenstock, an avid collector and connoisseur of wine, forged some very old bottles of wine, even some from the 18th century purporting to belong to Thomas Jefferson himself. Rodenstock seems to be a bit unbalanced, putting it mildly.This book takes place over the course of 2 [...]

  • This is a great little non-fiction mystery. It tells the story of a flamboyant, gregarious wine dealer who claimed to have purchased a cache of old wine, found in a walled up cellar in Paris. The bottles dated from the 1780s and were etched with the initials Th.J. One sold for 150 thousand dollars, on the assumption that it once belonged to Thomas Jefferson. But then, as the years go on, this wine dealer finds more and more old wine, incredibly old and rare bottles. How is this guy finding all t [...]

  • Benjamin Wallace's magazine background helps him keep the many narrative threads in The Billionaire's Vinegar tight and engaging. In addition, Wallace exhibits a sharp eye for detail and character: Hardy Rodenstock, in particular,comes across as deliciously deceptive. Exploring what Jefferson's European tour of 1787 must have been like will likely interest even readers without a taste for wine, though connoisseurs will savor the author's descriptions of the clubby (and sometimes comically extrav [...]

  • This book could have been really, really good. The story was very captivating, the characters involved were super-interesting, and I learned a ton about rare wines and history. However, the book was very poorly written. It was confusing. It didn't occur in a time order that made any sense. Facts were shoveled on top of each other in ways that completely prevented you from understanding them. The author left on tangents that had little to do with the main plot line, and then when offering an answ [...]

  • I'm left wondering what the outcome was. Did Koch prevail against Rodenstock to prove fakery? On the author's website is an ad for the paperback "with a new epilogue." Oh, the intrigue. The book was most enjoyable in its first two thirds, but a little flat on the finish. The high-end wine collectors seemed so boring and austentatious. Really, why collect tens of thousands of bottles of wine? It's such a boy's club of bigger, richer, better that the issue of value seems quite secondary. I did enj [...]

  • A quick fun book, revealing a parallel universe where the wealthy and/or self-important spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for the chance to own a bottle of wine that may or not have belonged to Thomas Jefferson and in any case probably will not be worth drinking.A well-written non-fiction book that definitely kept my interest.

  • This non-fiction book is written as a mystery concerning sommeliers. It was tremendously interesting to learn some of the finer points of how wines are judged and how their authenticity as to age and source is determined. The writing was very engaging and made for a delightful rad.

  • If you have any interest in wine then you will enjoy this book. The history portion was the most intriguing part. Loved the book, but found the narrative fizzled out at the end and I was left a touch unsatisfied.

  • Very enjoyable. At first, all the luxury and high-powered connections and money are hard to take, and Wallace is very offhand about all of it. But the story is interesting, and Wallace gives just the right amount of background or science or underlying information to orient the reader. He always has the perfect, colorful details to go along with each character (yes, they're real people, but many of them are characters, too).I could see how captivating it is for people to want to believe they have [...]

  • Throughout this well-written and thoroughly researched book is the timeless truism known by every con artist in historyople are taken in because they WANT to be taken in! Hardy Rodenstock alias, and a moniker Charles Dickens would have lovedew he could count on the greediness and the inflated egos of super rich wine snobs who wanted only to have the BEST, the MOST EXPENSIVE, the RAREST wines in existence. Rodenstock got away with his blatant sleight of hand because no one wanted his cover blown, [...]

  • Loved this book. Fascinating story/mystery about a bottle of wine purported to have been originally bought by Thomas Jefferson. It's sale at Christie's Wine Auction in 1985 set a new record when it went for $156,000. Bute questions start? Was it truly an old wine? Wallace tells an interesting story full of mystery and intrigue and I was introduced to the world of 'wine fraud'. One warning though - I had constant cravings for a glass of wine and have had more than the usual the last couple of day [...]

  • Wallace's non-fiction accounts of the drama within the niche world of wine auctions may appear droll. However, with wine sales now eclipsing those of beer in the U.S the niche may have expanded to a veritable corner of the market. For me, there are multiple lenses through which I enjoyed Wallace's work. The simplest is that of learning more about French wines. Beyond that, Wallace deftly blends history dating from the 1700's both in France and the U.S. with the late 20th and early 21st centuries [...]

  • I read this book aloud to Steve on a vacation, and we both enjoyed that experience. It's a journey into the global world of deep-pocketed connoisseurship that is a bit hard to relate to at times, but still, intriguing nonetheless. The best parts of the book are centered around Thomas Jefferson's historical wine collecting. The rest of the book is a bit compromised by the incessant name-dropping, chateau-referencing, and vintage listings, which all seem quite endless at times. And the book's endi [...]

  • This story starts off a bit slow as it takes you back historically to set the stage for why this Jefferson bottle mystery is such a coveted adventure.By the third chapter you will start feeling the characters desire to taste and smell these antiqued wines. My favorite part is on pages 48&49 when they discuss wine tasting as a " sweetness of death ". That is the most descriptive part that makes you long to grab a glass of old red wine and let the effervescence fill your nose.The end is as you [...]

  • ** spoiler alert ** Mostly reading like a thriller, The Billionaire's Vinegar is a stunning analysis of oenophilic hubris and the people who prey on the men (and it is for the most part men) who suffer from it.Shockingly, $156,000 was paid at auction for a supposed bottle of Lafite purportedly once owned by Thomas Jefferson, which had been sealed up in a Paris basement, hidden away from Nazi plunderers. In retrospect, they all should have known, but like other hubristic types, they fell prey to [...]

  • When in Napa earlier this year, we went into a small used book store where I asked the shop keep for a book that explored the history of wine while telling an interesting story. He eagerly pulled this book off the shelf and I got exactly what I was looking for."The Billionaire's Vinegar" explores the foundation and development of the world's most famous wine region while following the story of the infamous "Jefferson Bottles" found and sold by Hardy Rodenstock. In doing so, it also dives into th [...]

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