O pássaro pintado

O p ssaro pintado Esta odisseia de uma crian a an nima que sobrevive durante os anos da Segunda Guerra Mundial escondida nas aldeias e florestas da Pol nia do perigo dos invasores alem es e da brutalidade do resto d

  • Title: O pássaro pintado
  • Author: Jerzy Kosiński
  • ISBN: 9789729982927
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Esta odisseia de uma crian a an nima que sobrevive durante os anos da Segunda Guerra Mundial, escondida, nas aldeias e florestas da Pol nia, do perigo dos invasores alem es e da brutalidade do resto do mundo, um misto de mem ria pessoal tamb m o autor foi separado dos pais nesse per odo e de tentativa de exorcismo de uma gera o atrav s da representa o do inef vel, doEsta odisseia de uma crian a an nima que sobrevive durante os anos da Segunda Guerra Mundial, escondida, nas aldeias e florestas da Pol nia, do perigo dos invasores alem es e da brutalidade do resto do mundo, um misto de mem ria pessoal tamb m o autor foi separado dos pais nesse per odo e de tentativa de exorcismo de uma gera o atrav s da representa o do inef vel, do inimagin vel Sem qualquer sentimentalismo e pendor ideol gico, somos levados pela m o para o centro do palco do mais terr vel drama da Hist ria E deixados na floresta Pelos olhos desta crian a, a trama pol tica relativizada qualquer agressor um inimigo, e todos os s o quando temos a pele da cor errada, no local e na poca errados E num tal cen rio, os monstros m ticos tendem a misturar se com os dem nios humanos Ao mesmo tempo, um memento mori e um hino poderoso fantasia criadora e capacidade de sobreviv ncia, O P ssaro Pintado um cl ssico, mas tamb m um desafio conseguir o leitor sair da floresta

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    Kosi ski was born Josef Lewinkopf to Jewish parents in d , Poland As a child during World War II, he lived in central Poland under a false identity his father gave him to use, Jerzy Kosi ski A Roman Catholic priest issued him a forged baptismal certificate The Kosi ski family survived the Holocaust thanks to local villagers, who offered assistance to Jewish Poles often at great personal risk the penalty for assisting Jews in Nazi occupied Poland was death Kosi ski s father received help not only from Polish town leaders and churchmen, but also from individuals such as Marianna Pasiowa, a member of the Polish underground network helping Jews to evade capture The family lived openly in D browa Rzeczycka near Stalowa Wola, and attended church in nearby Wola Rzeczycka, obtaining support from villagers in K pa Rzeczycka They were sheltered temporarily by a Catholic family in Rzeczyca Okr g a The young Jerzy even served as an altar boy in a local church.After World War II, Kosi ski remained with his parents in Poland, moved to Jelenia G ra, and earned degrees in history and political science at the University of d He worked as an assistant in Institute of History and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences In 1957, he emigrated to the United States, creating a fake foundation which supposedly sponsored him he later claimed that the letters from eminent Polish communist authorities guaranteeing his loyal return, which were needed for anyone leaving the communist country at that time, had all been forged by him.After taking odd jobs to get by, such as driving a truck, Kosi ski graduated from Columbia University In 1965, he became an American citizen He received grants from Guggenheim Fellowship in 1967, Ford Foundation in 1968, and the American Academy in 1970, which allowed him to write a political non fiction book, opening new doors of opportunity In the States he became a lecturer at Yale, Princeton, Davenport University, and Wesleyan.In 1962 Kosi ski married Mary Hayward Weir who was 10 years his senior They were divorced in 1966 Weir died in 1968 from brain cancer Kosi ski was left nothing in her will He later fictionalized this marriage in his novel Blind Date speaking of Weir under pseudonym Mary Jane Kirkland Kosi ski went on to marry Katherina Kiki von Fraunhofer, a marketing consultant and descendant of Bavarian aristocracy They met in 1968.DeathKosi ski suffered from multiple illnesses at the end of his life, and was under attack from journalists who alleged he was a plagiarist By the time he reached his late 50s, Kosi ski was suffering from an irregular heartbeat as well as severe physical and nervous exhaustion Kosi ski committed suicide on May 3, 1991, by taking a fatal dose of barbiturates His parting suicide note read I am going to put myself to sleep now for a bit longer than usual Call it Eternity.


  • Reading this one is like opening an oven door and the WHITE HOT BLAST OF HATRED from every page sears your flesh, scars your brain, and when you finish it you cram it shut with relief and throw it quickly into a box marked “Charity” although giving this to anyone would not be any kind of charitable act unless they need something to keep the fire going. What kind of a shitstorm do we have here?For some reason I thought this was the story of a kid caught up in the Holocaust, i.e. a ghetto and [...]

  • The cover of the Mass Market Paperback edition from the 1970s of The Painted Bird features a small section of Hieronymus Bosch hell-landscape -- dressed in sickly green and wearing a white hood, a creature with a man's body and head of a long-beaked bird walks on crutches carrying a large wicker basket on its back, and in the basket a small black devil with spiky fingers touches the shoulder of a wary young boy as he whispers into the boy's ear. This is an apt cover for Jerzy Kosinski's fictiona [...]

  • Warning: I talk about a really gross and disturbing scene from the book in this review, please do not read if you're going to be upset and/or offended by talk of graphic sexual violence.This book is one of my dad's favourite books of all time, I don't know how many years he's been telling me to read it now and we've always had similar opinions on books before. But The Painted Bird did not live up to my expectations and the whole idea of it just left a very bad taste in my mouth.Pretty much anyon [...]

  • The Real Spoils of WarIn his Being There, Kosinski meditated on the consequences of being socialised entirely through television. The Painted Bird considers how a child might be socialised (if that doesn’t stretch the meaning of the word beyond its limits) to the chaos of war and the morally-deprived society in which it takes place. It’s not pretty.The unnamed protagonist loses contact with his parents at age six, and isn’t reunited with them until after he turns twelve. During their separ [...]

  • After reading some of the reviews on here, I'm hoping that this will bring some sanity to the steaming heaps of hyperbole. Comparisons to the Saw films, torture porn, and complaints that the violence was simply all too gratuitous are the backbone of reviews that completely miss the point and should be dismissed out of hand. "The purpose of a picaresque narrative is to present to the reader a picture of society and societal involvement that one would otherwise rather ignore, not all truths being [...]

  • Ένα αρκετά περίεργο και σκληρό βιβλίο είναι το “To Βαμμένο Πουλί»… Ο συγγραφέας περιγράφει το αιματοβαμμένο οδοιπορικό ενός μικρού Τσιγγάνου/Εβραίου στα χωριά της Πολωνίας κατά την διάρκεια του ΒΠΠ. Το παράδοξο με αυτό το βιβλίο είναι ότι περιγράφει την σκληρότητα και τη [...]

  • Kosiński, kitabın sonundaki yazısında şöyle diyor:Belki de Boyalı Kuş'un içindeki vahşet sahnelerinin abartılmadığının en iyi kanıtı ve bu dehşet zamanının savaş yılları Doğu Avrupa'sını yansıttığını en iyi anlatan olay, eski okulumdan bazı arkadaşlarımın Boyalı Kuş'un kaçak bazı kopyalarını okuduktan sonra romanın kendilerinin ve akrabalarının yaşadıklarının yanında pastoral bir öykü gibi kalacağını söylemeleriydi.Kosiński'nin hem 2. Düny [...]

  • Human depravity in the extreme - this book in a nutshell.Before you pick up this book, think twice. The author originally said it was autobiographical. It is now classified as fiction. IF it were autobiographical it would be easier to swallow; you'd think that is just plain what happened. The book is incredibly difficult to read. It is surreal in tone, filled with graphic sexuality and violence. What is delivered is man at his worst told in such a way as to make the reader cringe. To what purpos [...]

  • The officer surveyed me sharply. I felt like a squashed caterpillar oozing in the dust, a creature that could not harm anyone yet aroused loathing and disgust. In the presence of such a resplendent being, armed in all the symbols of might and majesty, I was genuinely ashamed of my appearance. I had nothing against his killing me.Much as Nietzsche detonated a shaped charge and blew away all hope of a totalizing meta-narrative, it was books like The Painted Bird which left me ashamed, almost perma [...]

  • On deciding for the title of this novel, writer Jerzy Kosinki was inspired by the symbolic use of birds in literature which "allowed certain people to deal with actual events and characters without the restrictions which the writing of history imposes". He states that there was a certain peasant custom he witnessed as a child before in which he describes it as follows:"One of the villagers' favorite entertainment was trapping birds, painting their feathers, and then releasing them in the air to [...]

  • Quando Hitler invade a Polónia e começa a selecionar população para os campos de concentração, um casal tenta salvar o filho deixando-o com uma idosa numa aldeia miserável no meio da floresta.A porta de fuga tornou-se a porta de entrada num mundo de horror tão cruel quanto os guetos nazis.Quando a mulher morre num incêndio, ele parte sozinho e aqui começa a saga de perseguição e fuga, deambulando de aldeia em aldeia por entre a floresta, procurando abrigo e, sobretudo, aceitação e [...]

  • Ο συγγραφέας έγραψε ότι η δυτική κριτική αντιμετώπισε με αμηχανία αυτό το βιβλίο του. Κι εγώ δεν θα αποτελέσω εξαίρεση. Από το να δώσω αμήχανα και μουδιασμένα δυτικά αστεράκια, θα προτιμήσω να μην το βαθμολογήσω καν. Πρόκειται για ένα θεοσκότεινο βιβλίο. Έχει τόση ωμή βία πο [...]

  • This review is serving as a spiritual tug of war. The Battle of the Conscious. I really don’t know what to think. I hesitate between 2 and 3 stars and Yeah, I know… I’m a heartless bitch. The guilt tells me to rate it higher because of all the persecution and just plain ol’ Horrors that this kid dealt with. As if I’ve lost some humanity if I don’t appreciate this more. But… another part of me is just not feeling it. It sort of feels like rubbernecking. Like, it starts off right awa [...]

  • I read an earlier edition than this. I’ve read many, many holocaust era books and I’d already read quite a few when I read this one. And this says a lot, but this one might be the most horrifying one of them all. This was one of the most disturbing books I’ve ever read and yet I loved the book. I read it thinking it was non-fiction; years after I read it, I read that it was fiction, but that doesn’t diminish at all the impact I feel from reading it. It’s truly amazing what people can d [...]

  • Let fools argue about Kosiński's biography and "authenticity" of experience. His supreme ability to tell a child's horrific coming-of-age story in rural Nazi-controlled Poland, where the peasants are just as gruesomely sadistic, with adult credibility and moral authority without overreaching or sentimentality, is a dark and bittersweet triumph of humanity and then also of literature. IMHO, the book was not written as an invective against Polish peasants or Nazis alone, any more than it is solel [...]

  • اگر حقیقت داشت که زنها و بچه‌ها جزیی از دارایی اشتراکی خواهند بود، پس هر کودکی پدر و مادرهای زیاد و تعداد بی‌شماری خواهر و برادر خواهد داشت. چنین چیزی بیش از آن حد بود که انسان بدان چشم بدوزد: تعلق داشتن به همه! قرار بود هرکجا که می‌روم پدرهای فراوان با دست‌های قوی و اطمینان‌ [...]

  • The first rock thrown againWelcome to hell, little SaintMother Gaia in slaughterWelcome to paradise, SoldierIs all BS! All of it! We a failure as a society, as a species, as individuals! We suck! There’s no way in hell anybody can convince me other wise! You know why? Cuz like millions of years ago some sort of ameba divided itself in 2 You know what the first thing it did when It separated itself? It attacked the other weaker part… and that’s what we been doing for fucking millions of yea [...]

  • The night before last, I fell asleep holding my laptop, while on the couch. I could have sworn I had saved my work, which just so happened to be a review for this book, but upon logging onto today I noticed that I did not have a review for The Painted Bird. Every time I am certain I have everything planned out in terms of writing and posting reviews, I do something stupid, such as falling asleep with my computer. Sadly, falling asleep while contemplating and discussing a book does not bode well [...]

  • Ler, para mim, é como viver uma vida paralela sendo os livros as pessoas que caminham ao meu lado nessa vida.E, tal como as pessoas, há livros que passam por mim e nem levemente me tocam, outros ficam comigo para sempre. Por norma, ficam aqueles que me proporcionaram um convívio mais prazeiroso, mas há outros, que de tão especiais e únicos, também ficam, apesar de me terem destroçado o coração. “O Pássaro Pintado” é um livro único, pungente, cuja leitura me torturou mas que nunc [...]

  • Here's the cover of the 1970 Pocket mass-market I just picked up (213 pages). Though I'll have to wait til I'm in the mood for something soul-shatteringly depressing. Or so I hear.

  • 6 Estrelas Pintadasyoutube/watch?v=nPNVG - "The Painted Bird" - Book Opening by Bob“I am going to put myself to sleep now for a bit longer than usual. Call it Eternity.” – esta é a frase da nota de suicídio de Jerzy Kosinski (1933-1991), encontrado morto a 3 de Maio de 1991, na sua casa de Manhattan, nos Estados Unidos da América, depois de ter ingerido uma quantidade letal de comprimidos e álcool e ter envolvido um saco plástico em volta da sua cabeça.Com a publicação do controver [...]

  • It was clear from the beginning this story was not going to be on the light side, and being a reader who typically tends toward darker material, that did not deter me in any way from launching into this book. Not even sure from whence it came, but it has been languishing in one of our bookcases for years. I almost wish I had left it there, unread. At my age, I am well aware of the inequities of life. The atrocities seen by and committed to the little boy in the book are almost continual, before [...]

  • I have no idea what the hell to make of this.A catalog of horrors, unflinching, hammering them into your skull. The main character is totally broken. You yourself almost become disillusioned, and almost used to violence and shit and horror. A frightening book.

  • Apesar de ser um livro envolvido em certas polémicas, eu adorei esta visão da II Guerra Mundial. Se é inspirado em factos reais ou não, talvez nunca saberemos, mas será que isso é tão importante na literatura? Verdade ou mentira eis a questão Mas independentemente dos factos referidos, certamente que terá sido uma realidade para muitas pessoas, de uma forma ou de outra, isso não tenho dúvidas nenhumas. Opinião completa aqui: baudatanocasspo/o-p

  • Speaking of Pasolini's Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (the most horrible movie ever made, by a considerable margin: just 100 minutes of children being tortured and raped), Italo Calvino wrote, “the idea of situating Sade’s novel in the times and places of the Nazi-Fascistic republic seems the worst possible one from all points of view. The horror of that past that is in the memory of so many who lived it cannot serve as background to a symbolic and imaginary horror constantly outside the [re [...]

  • One of the most difficult books I've ever read. There's been a lot of furor over the autobiographical "truth" of this novel, and even over the identity of its author, but it certainly feels like an aesthetically true piece of writing. It's morbidly grotesque, unremittingly malevolent, and emotionally deadening in its litany of atrocities: narrator enters town, narrator is abused, narrator leaves town, over and over again. In no way an enjoyable read, and surprising only in the creativity of its [...]

  • From some reviews:A white hot blast of hatredA shitstormA macabre fairy-taleToo heavy to bearA catalog of horrorsRubberneckingA sadean pornographyThanks but no thanks

  • "Mağlup edilemeyen bir içgüdüyle benzerlerine koşan Lekh'in boyalı kuşu gibiydim." (Sayfa 233, e Yayınları)Kitap gerçekten de çok sarsıcıydı!Savaş döneminde yaşanan insanlık dışı haller, birbiri ardına yaşanan, aşırı şiddet içeren ve uygunsuz içerik taşıyan olaylarBence bu kitap içeriği sebebiyle okunması ruha ve yüreğe ağırlık veren en ağır kitaplardanAnlatım dili çok akıcı ama anlatılanlar iç açıcı değil:(Kitabın adı olan boyalı kuşun öyk [...]

  • Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of warThe Painted Bird is pitilessly graphic and graphically merciless…“One day, when the pigeon was trying as usual to consort with the hens and chicks, a small black shape broke away from the clouds. The hens ran screaming toward the barn and the chicken coop. The black ball fell like a stone on the flock. Only the pigeon had no place to hide. Before he even had time to spread his wings, a powerful bird with a sharp hooked beak pinned him to the ground and s [...]

  • I read this book as a young person (aged 13 or 14?), having appropriated it from my father's bookshelves. I remember being truly terrified by Kosinski's story, and it was I think the first time I had to close a book because I simply could not face reading any more. Eventually I did finish it, I think I forced myself. Years later I would learn of Kosinski's suicide (bag over head in a bathtub) and I believe there had been accusations of plagiarism-- or was it that it was fiction being passed off [...]

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