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Home Truths Brick s dad has a temper you never know when he s going to blow His mom s self absorbed and leaves the care of his little sister to Brick It s no wonder Brick has to let off a little steam of his own

  • Title: Home Truths
  • Author: Jill MacLean
  • ISBN: 9781897151969
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brick s dad has a temper you never know when he s going to blow His mom s self absorbed and leaves the care of his little sister to Brick It s no wonder Brick has to let off a little steam of his own once in a while This summer Brick s going to take up Mr Larkin s offer of work, even though he s been forbidden to fraternize with the neighbours He s going to earn enouBrick s dad has a temper you never know when he s going to blow His mom s self absorbed and leaves the care of his little sister to Brick It s no wonder Brick has to let off a little steam of his own once in a while This summer Brick s going to take up Mr Larkin s offer of work, even though he s been forbidden to fraternize with the neighbours He s going to earn enough money to escape on the day of his sixteenth birthday But who will his dad turn to when he doesn t have a son to kick around any Home Truths is a revealing portrait of a bully in the making and his journey to redemption.

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    Late in 2003, Jill MacLean s eight year old grandson asked her to write him a book Yes, she said, of course I will She didn t stop to think that she d never written a kids book, and hadn t read any for years than you d care to know.The learning curve was as steep as a small mountain, and rejection slips flew like snowflakes.But in 2008, The Nine Lives of Travis Keating was published, followed in 2009 by its sequel, The Present Tense of Prinny Murphy.By then on a roll she knew she had to write a book from the point of view of a bully Home Truths, narrated by fourteen year old Brick MacAvoy, was published in 2010.To her gratification, awards and nominations also flew in the door She went back to the classroom as a visiting author terrified out of her wits the first time Now, though, she loves meeting her readers.Another book grabbed her by the throat Nix Minus One, written in free verse, is about fifteen going on sixteen year old Nix, an introverted guy who likes working with wood, who starts walking a mistreated dog, and whose older sister is spinning out of control


  • This Nova Scotia-set book was very well-written and interesting for the most part, with a memorable plot, vivid vocabulary and original characters. It seemed to drag on unnecessarily towards the end but otherwise it was a pretty good book.

  • Brick is 15-years-old and living under the daily threat of physical abuse from his father. His anxiety on this count leads him to bully other kids, and he is feared throughout the neighbourhood--by everyone except his 4-year-old sister Cassie, for whom he is primary caretaker. Brick's main ambition to save enough money to leave home when he turns 16, but when he discovers that Cassie has also become a target for their father, he needs to reassess and take different actions. This is not an emotio [...]

  • I did and did not like the ending. I doesn't really end. I absolutely hated the mom and dad. they were so mean. i'm glad Brick finally found a friend.

  • In this compelling and coming-of-age novel by Canadian writer, Jill MacLean, it tells a story of a 14-year-old boy named Brick MacAvoy and his life, which involves his abusive father, Floyd, his self-absorbed mother, and his little sister whom Brick is trying to protect from their violent and incoherent family, Cassie. This book has certainly filled me with suspense, empathy, and wonder. There were excellent moments of suspense and action when Brick is abused by his father, although the descript [...]

  • When you run away from a bully? As soon as you see them. What if it is your own parent? You have to live with it. 15 year old Brick Macoy is living with a wrestling monster his own father! He gets attacked, beaten and hurt severely by his father. His father is never approved of what he does and is all ways picking on him. His younger sister Cassie is always saved when her brother is around but has to run away when he knows that his father will attack. When Cassie is attacked, that is the last st [...]

  • I would give Jill MacLean's book "Home Truths" a 3/5 star rating. I would give the book "Home Truths" and 3/5 star rating because while I was reading this book I could picture exactly what the book was describing. One part of the book Floyd was beating up Cassie and I could picture Floyd's every hit and Cassie's reaction to him hitting her. For example it said "Cassie was crouched against the coffee table. On her cheek, red, the imprint of Floyd's hand."This book kept me wanting to read more. Ea [...]

  • Brick is a sixteen year old who bullies on the weaker and smaller than him. He has plans to leave behind his home, his abusive father and his ignorant (I would describe her like that!) mother. However, there is one problem that he has never considered yet: What will become of his sister? So he decides to change, but changing could be one of the hardest things he ever does. I started reading this book because I'm a sucker for sad stories and I ended up bawling at least three times. What I found m [...]

  • Brick MacAvoy is taking off for Halifax the day he turns 16 — in 17 months. His mother Opal lives in her own world and neglects four-year-old Cassie, and his father Floyd hands out punches like candy. It’s no wonder that Brick’s AQ — Anxiety Quotient — gets so high he’s got to bully other kids to relieve it. So over the summer, Brick searches for jobs and saves up money. But, as he slowly gets to know the neighbourhood, secrets are shaken and jarred loose. Soon Brick can’t tell whe [...]

  • This book was amazing. I don't know how to begin explaining it's awesomeness but here it goes:So what makes me think is how we all know Brick gets beaten by his father Floyd. Then we find out he bullies others and we fell oh well, it's understandable because he gets beaten but is it really okay? I mean Floyd was beaten by his father does it make it okay? Your probably going to argue with me and try to explain how it's different but it's not. Floyd got beat up so he beats up. Brick gets beat up s [...]

  • Admittedly, when I first started reading this book, I wanted to put it down. I kept reading in hopes it would get better and, I must say, I wasn't disappointed.In the beginning it felt like the author was pushing the whole abusive father and teenager taking care of his kid sister bit and I didn't like it. But as the book moved on, I got more engrossed as the characters were built and an intricate backstory came out that really tied everything together. It was sad, heart-wrenching at times but al [...]

  • This book "Home Truths" by Jill MacLean is about a 14-year-old boy, Brick MacAvoy who has to deal with an abusive father and a neglecting mother, as well as taking care of his 4 year old sister, Cassie; at the same time. Although Brick is physically abused daily, nobody outside of his home know about it. When Brick is out of the house, he himself turns into a bully to blow off steam and to feel powerful. A beating from his father finally gets a local karate master's attention, and Brick begins t [...]

  • This isn't an easy book to read--especially considering the age group it's aimed at. The two big issues at the heart of this book are bullying and child abuse (which, in the context of this book, is approached as a form of bullying). So it looks at both sides of the issue within a single character: what actions make a person a bully, and what actions a person can take to stop themselves from being bullied.The characters are excellent. I wasn't sure I would empathize with Brick when I started rea [...]

  • Home Truths is about a 14 years old boy named Brick MacAvoy, who was abused by his father ever since he was six years old. His mother is very self-centered, so brick has to take care of his 4 years old sister, Cassie. Brick has been taking karate to protect himself from Floyd, his father. Brick is planing on moving out of the house once he has saved enough money. Then he will be able to escape from Folyd's beating and also wouldn't have to take care of his sister. The reason I picked up this boo [...]

  • This book talks about a boy named Brick who has a young and good sister named Cassie, a dad who is just to evil to describe and a mom who doesn't notice anything about Brick. Brick always gets bullied by his father and thus he bullies others. Brick wants to end this but what would be left of his sister. Will his sister be beaten up like him? Watch how Brick takes care of his sister, learn not to be a bully and deal with the father himself. I picked up this book because a lot of people said it wa [...]

  • The book Home Truhts by Jill Maclean is about a 14 year old boy named Brick MacAcoy who is abused by his father. His mother being self-absorbed, its up to Brick to take care of his 4 year old little sister, Cassie. Brick is also a bully who picks on weaker kids because he feels in control. Brick plans to save up and move out of the house to escape from his father abusiveness. In the meantime, he learns karate to defend himself from his father.I picked up this booked because Matthew and Hussayn r [...]

  • Brick is a bully who picks on kids smaller and weaker than himself. Being able to hurt and intimidate others is the only time he feels in control, for at home he is the victim of a brutal, abusive father and an indifferent mother. He resents that he is always having to look after his four year old sister, Cassie, and he dreams of leaving the small, Nova Scotia town in which he lives. He trusts no-one, and has no friends. This summer, things will change.I picked this book up because it is a Red M [...]

  • Brick plans to leave home when he's sixteen because his father abuses him at home and his mother doesn't care. He doesn't really realize it he's a bully at school and outside of school but during that summer he learns all that and more. He can't run. Who will care for his little sister if he's gone? He must change but changing isn't all that easy.I picked this book up because this is a Red Maple book and also because it looked interesting.I finished this book because it is really good and I got [...]

  • This was a difficult book to read because of the subject matter. Narrator Brick doesn't gloss over his father's abuse, and there's no escaping it. There is nothing redeeming or sympathetic about either of his parents, and in the beginning, there's nothing much to like about Brick. But as the story progresses, his character develops, and he gradually transforms into someone that you root for and that you feel both compassion and admiration for. Some kids may find it too disturbing for their taste [...]

  • This book was one of the many nominees for 2013-2014 Red Maple. I definitely think it deserved to be in this book contest just because of the beautifully written 1st person narrative. I was easily able to empathize for the protagonist (14-year old Brick MacAvoy)and understand his home sufferings caused by his cruel & abusive father, and self-absorbed mother. Though the ending was sort of a cliff-hanging one, I was able to enjoy this book from the beginning till end. I still have several unan [...]

  • This book had a different sort of touch to it. It didn't seem to have a strong climax or plot which I was a bit disappointed about but I liked it. I was averagely satisfied with the ending and with the ending relationships between Brick and his family and friends. I hope to see Jill MacLean come out with more books like this but with a more in-depth plot. I would like to see a killer climax and a soft ending that will warm peoples hearts. Other than that, you should go ahead and read this bookif [...]

  • Home truths is a sad story about a boy how is mistreated by he father and ignored by is mother.The minute he turns 16 he is planning to leave but one thing is holding him back-the fear of his father using his 4 year old sister has his new punching bag.i recommend this book for people who like true story's(Because we all know that this happens to many people in the world) and books on growing into a new better person.

  • It is about a boy named Brick MacAvoy who is a bully only because of his father, Floyd MacAvoy, who beats him up for no good reason. Brick is a kind, caring brother who looks after his four-year-old sister 24/7. He has his life all planned out, or so he thought. He found out he was a bully when he read a book about bully's. It changed his life forever. I loved the book because this book may make a bully realize he or she is a bully.

  • This book was the sadest book I've ever read in my life! The detail the author incorporated made me feel so emotentional because I actually thought it was happening. Overall it deffinitly made you feel for the charaters. ie.outrage for floyd, sorrow for cassie and heartbreak for brick. I think this book will deffinitly help us relize that this happens all over the world and all it takes is people like docker and rolf to make it seem like maybe everything will be okay.

  • I read this book awhile ago but I thought this book isnt like the rest of the selections in red maple. It seems like it could almost be a documentary. I found this book really sad, and i now have a better understanding of child abuse. When i started reading this book i didnt think i would like it, but in the end, i liked it. At points it can be kind of boring but other parts are kind of interesting and informative.

  • I thought this book was really good i like it but in some parts the way his father is a little to vilant for me i did like the charcter of tody and his little sister and for the most part i really injoyed the book. I would read it again but if it was'nt so vilant i would have probaly injoyed it more.

  • I enjoyed that this book was set in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was hard to read, however. The sadness and violence in the first few pages nearly had me put the book down immediately. But I was interested enough to keep reading. This book was sad, but it had a slight undertone of inspiration and opportunity.

  • this was a good book, sad, but good. different ending then i excepcted. i still cant help wondering if this was based on a true story or if it was made up, and only a few key ponits about child abuse added in?????

  • I LOVED this book!!!! I thought it was amazing how Floyd ( The dad) was beating up his son!!!! Especially when it was in front of his little daughter Cassie! Also why would nobody kiss Cassie besides Brick?? This book really confused me at parts but it was amazing!!

  • I liked this book, but I could not relate to the main character of this novel. That is the only downside to this. I liked how the novel focus on an issue. I enjoy books that are more 'realistic' or that the main topic is an issue that happens in the real world.

  • I hated the ending! and its so sad that the father abuses Cassie and Brick! Im really glad there were people nice enough like Docker, Marigold & Rolf, and Tully. In the ending it doesn't even tell you if Floyd stops or not. Because Opal/Audrey sure isn't doing anything!

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