Una storia di amore e di tenebra

Una storia di amore e di tenebra A e tenebra sono due delle forze che agiscono in questo libro un autobiografia in forma di romanzo un opera letteraria complessa che comprende le origini della famiglia di Oz la storia della sua in

  • Title: Una storia di amore e di tenebra
  • Author: Amos Oz Elena Loewenthal
  • ISBN: 9788807818578
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • A e tenebra sono due delle forze che agiscono in questo libro, un autobiografia in forma di romanzo, un opera letteraria complessa che comprende le origini della famiglia di Oz, la storia della sua infanzia e giovinezza prima a Gerusalemme e poi nel kibbutz di Hulda, l esistenza tragica dei suoi genitori, e una descrizione epica della Gerusalemme di quegli anni, di TelA e tenebra sono due delle forze che agiscono in questo libro, un autobiografia in forma di romanzo, un opera letteraria complessa che comprende le origini della famiglia di Oz, la storia della sua infanzia e giovinezza prima a Gerusalemme e poi nel kibbutz di Hulda, l esistenza tragica dei suoi genitori, e una descrizione epica della Gerusalemme di quegli anni, di Tel Aviv che ne il contrasto, della vita in kibbutz, negli anni trenta, quaranta e cinquanta.La narrazione si muove avanti e indietro nel tempo, scavando in 120 anni di storia familiare una saga di rapporti d a e odio verso l Europa, che vede come protagonisti quattro generazioni di sognatori, studiosi, uomini d affari falliti e poeti egocentrici, riformatori del mondo, impenitenti donnaioli e pecore nere Questa vasta galleria di personaggi mette a punto una sorta di cocktail genetico da cui nascer un figlio unico, nutrito di fantasia, che, in un fatale momento di rivelazione avvenuta attraverso un dolore scioccante e atroce, scoprir di essere un artista, uno scrittore.Amos Oz ci consegna la storia della sua infanzia e dell adolescenza colma di aspirazioni poetiche, zelo politico e una paura costante di un altro genocidio degli ebrei, questa volta nella stessa Israele, a opera degli arabi, degli inglesi, dell intero mondo cristiano, dell intero mondo islamico Il giovane Amos temeva che il mondo intero stesse tramando per uccidere tutti gli ebrei, bambini compresi, giovani sognatori fanatici compresi, proprio come era lui A quell epoca speravo di diventare un libro una volta adulto, scrive Oz, non un autore ma un libro sapevo ovviamente che anche i libri possono bruciare, ma se fossi diventato un libro, avrei avuto almeno la possibilit di sopravvivere in una dimenticata libreria Al centro di questo romanzo autobiografico sta il grande tab di Oz il suicidio della madre, nel 1952 L esplorazione dolorosa e coraggiosa di questa tragedia viene condotta con lucidit , nostalgia e rancore, con piet e travaglio, con schiettezza e un flusso di coscienza incredibilmente poetico che, con immediatezza, giunge al cuore del lettore.

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    Amos Oz Hebrew born Amos Klausner is an Israeli writer, novelist, journalist and intellectual He is also a professor of literature at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba He is regarded as Israel s most famous living author.Oz s work has been published in 42 languages in 43 countries, and has received many honours and awards, among them the Legion of Honour of France, the Goethe Prize, the Prince of Asturias Award in Literature, the Heinrich Heine Prize and the Israel Prize In 2007, a selection from the Chinese translation of A Tale of Love and Darkness was the first work of modern Hebrew literature to appear in an official Chinese textbook.Since 1967, Oz has been a prominent advocate of a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.


  • Η «Ιστορία αγάπης και σκότους» μπορεί να χαρακτηριστεί ως μία θριαμβευτική μαρτυρία, ένα λογοτεχνικό μνημείο για τη δημιουργία ενός νέου έθνους που γεννήθηκε μέσα στο αίμα, τράφηκε απο θηριωδίες και κατάφερε να επιβιώσει πέρα απο κάθε προσδοκία. Παράλληλα καταγράφονται ο [...]

  • Amos Oz je najveći živi izraelski književnik Upoznali smo se dok je pisao ovaj autobiografski roman Bila sam mu urednik Imala sam zadovoljstvo da se nekoliko puta sretnemo i razgovaramo Davno sam za RTS obezbedila intervju s njim i to je bilo divno iskustvo Nažalost nisam uspela da ga dovedem u Srbiju iako mi je to obećao Ja se još uvek nadam da će se to realizovati jednoga dana Kao što verujem da će jednoga dana Amos dobiti Nobelovu nagradu za književnost, zaslužio je A ovaj roman mu [...]

  • By far, the best book that I've read this year.It is a long one but worth all the time I spent on it. It is a memoir that begins with Amos Oz (born 1939) birth in Israel and ends with the death of his father. His mother died twenty years earlier than that and in between those two deaths he did not hear from his father anything about his mother; as if his mother did not exist. This novel can be appreciated on three layers: from the macro perspective, it is a tale of Israel as a nation, from the e [...]

  • There are books which, after you've read them, would give you this silent thought either that you could have written them yourself or maybe you could write something like them too someday. Then there are those books which would have the opposite effect, similar to what happened to Virginia Woolf after reading Marcel Proust's "Swann's Way" (the first book of "In Search of Lost Time")--her literary urges were paralyzed ("Well," Woolf wrote a friend, "--what remains to be written after that? I'm on [...]

  • "قصة عن الحب والظلام" للكاتب الاسرائيلي عاموس عوز ترجمة جميل غنايم.قرأت"هذه الرواية الأسبوع الفائت وحركت بداخلي الكثير من المشاعر المتناقضةلماذا متناقضة؟ لأنني أحببت أسلوب الكاتب الروائي وأعجبت بحرفيته من حيث الكتابة والثقافة، ولكنني بالمقابل اشمأزيت من تحريفه التاريخي و [...]

  • Πραγματικό διαμαντάκι. Το βιβλίο μιλά για την ζωή του νεαρού Αμος Οζ όπως αυτή απλώνεται στο λιτό σπίτι του Αριέ και Φανια Κλοζνερ, του πατέρα του και της μητέρας του. Μέσα από μια υπέροχη αφήγηση ο Οζ με χιούμορ και ειρωνική δεικτικοτητα περιγράφει την δημιουργία του έθνου [...]

  • قصة الحب والظلام سيرة ذاتية لعاموس عوز الروائي اليهودي الذي رشح لنوبل عام 2009 هذه السيرة تحوي سيرة أصوله اليهودية أجداده وأبويه الذين هاجرا من بولندا وروسيا إلى القدس سيرة طفولته وقصة انتحار ولادته فانيا التي شكلت هاجسا وعبئا في حياته هو ووالدههذه السيرة تحوي قصة بناء دولة ا [...]

  • Kad sam bila srednjoškolka, imala sam zastrašujuće periode potpune mentalne tišine i fizičke osamljenosti, kad sam mesecima sedela u zatvorenim prostorijama i apsolutno ništa nisam radila - jela sam, možda gledala televiziju i spavala oko 17h dnevno. Nedavno sam razmišljala, a čitajući ovu knjigu i zaključila, da, kad bih morala da prepričavam nekome te periode svog života, a trajali su dugo, ne bih znala šta da kažem jer se ničeg više ne sećam sem te tišine. Ipak, postoji nek [...]

  • "أكلنا تفاحة مسمومة" عاموس عوز قصة عن الحب و الظلامبهذه العبارة المقتبسة من الرواية ذاتها افتتح مراجعتي,فهي تجسد بشكل كبير إحساسي بعد إتمام قراءتها بجهد لا يضاهيه الا جهد غواص يحاول تحطيم رقم قياسي للغوص,عاموس عوز قدم لنا في روايته هذه تفاحة تقطر سما زعافا قد ينسف كل معتقداتن [...]

  • This memoir recounts the author's life in the formative years of the nation of Israel as well as the years leading up to 1948, as well as the lives of his parents and many relatives from various parts of Europe. It's not only the memoir of a child who grew to become a writer and needs to tell of the terrors and memories of his childhood. It's also a memoir of the young state peopled by so many from all over who had lost everything and were desperately trying to build a permanent Jewish home. No [...]

  • This is one book which I absolutely loved. It's a coming-of-age tale: of the author - and his country.I had hopes of writing a detailed review; had underlined so many passages, made copious notes and even made a rough outline. But then, I find that I cannot do it. Some books are like that for me - too complex and rich to be analysed.Amos Oz narrates the tale of his dysfunctional family; his proud and egoistic father and his disturbed and sensitive mother, and himself as the shy and gifted youngs [...]

  • Amos Oz nasceu em Jerusalém, em 1939, e é uma das principais vozes pela resolução do conflito israelo-palestiniano, sendo dos poucos judeus que reconhece razão aos palestinianos por terem sido expulsos da sua terra.Uma História de Amor e Trevas é um romance auto-biográfico, mas Amos Oz não o escreveu para contar a sua própria vida, mas a vida da sua família, a história do povo judeu e a do seu país. A heroína do romance é a sua mãe, cujo suicídio quando ele tinha 12 anos, o marc [...]

  • A moving, intense memoir of the life of this prolific Israel author, tells of life in the Land of Israel from the 1930s until the early 1950s. The author manages to juggle humor and sadness, in a book which does bring to life the Israel of that time. It is circular in nature and not chronological and dwells also on life in Europe for Jews before the re-establishment of the Jewish State. The two problems with the book are the amount of detail can become monotonous and boring and that Oz sometimes [...]

  • Fotograma de Uma História de Amor e Trevas - um filme realizado e interpretado por Natalie Portman”Que a minha vida se tornaria num poema novo, uma vida pura, recta e simples como um copo de água fria num dia de calor tórrido.”Incompreensivelmente, só em 2017 é que li um livro do escritor israelita Amos Oz (n. 1939), concretamente, o seu último romance publicado em 2014, o excepcional ”Judas” - 5*. ”Uma História de Amor e Trevas” editado em 2002 é considerado uma obra de não [...]

  • It is a crime to try to rush through this richly textured memoir, you have to slow down, you have to savour it and let its images sink in, you have to see, through the eyes of the alien only child that was Amos Oz, the strange melange of old world jews bickering and conjuring up an extraordinary new, yet ancient country, ripping it out of an existing land, dreams centuries old and a great many nightmares of the first half of the twentieth century. It is excruciatingly and painfully honest, bindi [...]

  • "Justice without compassion isn't justice; it's an abattoir."Reading A Tale of Love and Darkness is like watching tiny green shoots pop up from loamy soil. You watch them grow with anticipation, only to see them wither, and then shoot up again to reach new heights. They mature, falter again, and then finally ripen in old age.In this spellbinding memoir, Amos Oz is one of those little shoots, growing up in the nourishing soil of books, intellectual conversation, and impromptu storytelling. At the [...]

  • If you read this book and didn't like it, we can't be friends. Usually I'm open minded and tolerant when it comes to literature, mainly because I don't believe there is such a thing as one 'correct' reading but in this case I just have to be hopelessly sentimental and treat this novel as it was an actual person and not just a work of art that can be examined and viewed from different perspectives. It is perfectly normal we all have different tastes and hence experience literary works in our own [...]

  • لم أتردد في منحها النجمات الخمس! وحتى في تلك اللحظات المتباينة التي شعرتُ فيها بالحنق الشديد, لم أفكر في سلبها نجمة على الإطلاق!فالرجل هنا- وأعني الكاتب والروائي عاموس عوز- يتصرّف بطبيعته الصهيونية الموغلة في القِدم والصارخة أيضاً لا مجال لمفاوضة المسألة هنا ألبتة بل قطعاً ل [...]

  • OK, the book is completed and I am having difficulty choosing between 4 or 5 stars, so I guess I will choose 4. It is best to save 5 stars for those books that you are sure must get 5! Otherwise 5 stars doesn't mean much! There is a lot to think about in this book. That is why I like the book. It seems to me a very Jewish trait to analyze, discuss and argue about everything. I like that. Nevertheless in this family there were some things that were NEVER discussed. Issues that should have been di [...]

  • God there is some good writing in this. I'm obsessed with everything that's said in this description:"In Jerusalem people always walked rather like mourners at a funeral, or latecomers at a concert. First they put down the tip of their shoe and tested the ground. Then once they had lowered their foot they were in no hurry to move it; we had waited two thousand years to gain a foothold in Jerusalem, and were unwilling to give it up. If we picked up our foot someone else might come along and snatc [...]

  • Este livro é muito mais do que aquilo que consegui dizer no vídeo em baixo. Não é um livro que recomende a toda a gente, tem um ritmo lento que se vai revelando aos poucos ao leitor, abre-nos um mundo muito próprio criado há mais de 70 anos nas terras de Israel. Opinião completa aqui: hollyreaderspo/amos

  • تقييم عمل روائي كهذا بالتأكيد مهمة صعبة بين روعة الكتابة ومحتوى الرواية سيل من المتناقضات هو ما شعرت به حلقت عالياً "غالباً" ولكن السقطة بعد ذلك تكون قوية "أحياناً" أود أن أمنحها خمس نجوم وبعد ذلك أرى للنجمة الواحدة (التي تعني أنها لم تعجبني) بريق لا تستحقه الرواية أقرر أن أك [...]

  • سيرة حب عوز وظلامه كتاب غنيّ بالحياة و الأدب والسياسة والتاريخ والجغرافيا، سيرة تُروى من وجهة نظر صهيوني مخلص لانتمائه لهذا الكيان المستحدث بأرض فلسطين، لذا لن نتفاجأ ببعض الروايات المشذّبة أو المغالطات التي نعرف وجهها الآخر كحقيقة راسخة لن يهزها الشك من قراءة بضعة أسطر في [...]

  • Uma História de Amor e Trevas é um misto de autobiografia e narração histórica. Somos levados a conhecer a história do autor e da sua família ao longo da génese de uma nação, da diáspora à criação do Estado de Israel, maioritariamente pela visão de Oz enquanto criança e adolescente.Uma obra de contrastes, onde o rigor da factualidade histórica e o desfilar de inúmeras personalidades e situações reais convivem com uma visão pessoal, subjectiva e emocional das pessoas e dos ac [...]

  • Ler um livro, “Uma História de Amor e Trevas” (2004), em que o evento principal relata a criação do estado de Israel em 1948, estando de férias na região de Andaluzia, Espanha, pode parecer não ter qualquer relação, no entanto os dois elementos acabaram por servir a intensificação em mim da compreensão do sentimento humano de "rejeição da diferença".A designação da região espanhola provém do termo árabe Al-Andalus atribuído em 711 aquando da entrada dos muçulmanos na pen [...]

  • Αριστούργημα! Η καλύτερη αυτοβιογραφία που έχω διαβάσει. Ο συγγραφέας με εκπληκτική τέχνη αναλύει προσωπικές στιγμές, όπως η αυτοκτονία της μητέρας του, η πρώτη του αγάπη, ο πρώτος έρωτας, η πρώτη σεξουαλική του σχέση. Πως αγάπησε τα βιβλία, ποια τον συγκίνησαν. Οι σχέσεις τ [...]

  • قصة عن الحب والظلام للروائي الإسرائيلي عاموس عوز تخطى عقل القارئ العربي مرحلة التسقيط الفكري فما عادت الازدواجية المعيار (البعبع) الذي يثنيه عن نبش الفكر اليهودي المتخندق خلف أسلاك الرأي العام والعالمي الشائكة ، حين لم تعد غازات الاستمالة المخدرة في محاولاتها الحثيثة لتهو [...]

  • "Are you all right, Mother?"Depression is a terrible thing. It kills individuals. It destroys families. It is bad enough to lose one's mother at the tender age of twelve. To lose one's mother to suicide must be all the more devastating. Not only does it create a lot of unanswerable questions, it leaves behind a lot of guilt. But depression is treatable. If only there was timely and effective intervention, Amos Oz's mother, Fania Mussman, might have survived beyond her short span of thirty eight [...]

  • I initially bought this book as a birthday gift for a friend, but soon after I changed my mind and didn't want to give it away anymore. It took me a month to read this book, but it was not its fault, it was mine. I am afraid of big books, but I'm proud to say that A Tale of Love and Darkness was the first step toward my rehabilitation. Look, I even got the courage to read Cloud Atlas!It is also true that this book is not easy to read, as it has no actual plot and some parts are overflowing with [...]

  • „Аз бях дете на думите.“ Колко изненади с тази книга. Първо, уж познавам добре книгите на Амос Оз, а нямах представа, че книгата е биографична. Второ, когато започнах да я чета, очаквах, че ще обхваща живота му до момента на написването ѝ. Но това е книга за детството. И за пред [...]

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