Chasing Alex

Chasing Alex Trapped by a snowstorm in a remote cabin in northern Michigan photographer Victor Schwartz hopes to convince his assistant Alex Merit that he has serious intentionsBut will Alex see past the playbo

  • Title: Chasing Alex
  • Author: Em Woods
  • ISBN: 9780857153593
  • Page: 129
  • Format: ebook
  • Trapped by a snowstorm in a remote cabin in northern Michigan, photographer Victor Schwartz hopes to convince his assistant, Alex Merit, that he has serious intentionsBut will Alex see past the playboy to the man who wants it all, or will he toss Victor out in the cold

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    All about little ol me Hmm Okay, the normal stuff first I currently live in the Midwest near Detroit, Michigan with my husband and two sons who are ten and seven years old All three keep me on my toes I work in the automotive industry making sure all the parts inside the car look pretty along with handling all the paperwork that goes along with that you d be amazed at how much there is.Not so normal stuff now I am an eclectic soul, having lived in three out of the four corners of the United States I can count as personal friends people from many walks of life dare I say, some are family too I think this is what allows me to see past the things that make us different to the things that make us alike Hence, I am a person who will accept anyone for what they are, almost to a fault sometimes.I love angst as you very well know if you ve read one of my stories I adore digging into an issue, touching on it and those people it effects, and then giving it a happily ever after Research is probably one of my favorite parts of writing Finding out new facts, meeting new people while I do that asking them questions they would never expect.


  • What a cute story. I loved both Alex and Victor although they were both a bit thick in the head. It made me happy reading it. For Say and Lucy they were both “good sluts”

  • This is quite a cute short story. Winter-themed more than Christmas-y, it has one of the characters, Victor, use a snowed-in cabin as a device to stop the other, his subordinate Alex, from leaving before he has a chance to finally let him know how he feels about him.Victor is an idiot. He messes up his declaration, misunderstands Alex’s concerns and generally pissed me off. Alex isn’t much better. Instead of believing what Victor says, he assumes Victor will leave him eventually and voices t [...]

  • 3.5 starsVictor and Alex have been working together for four years. Victor is a bit player, but lately he realizes there is only one person he wants for himself, his assistant, Alex. This Christmas season, Victor is determined to make Alex see that his intention is real, even if he has to bundle the guy for a cabin in the middle of nowhere to convince him. Alex, on his part, has feeling for Victor. However, he refuses to be just another notch on Victor's bedpost.This is quite good, if only Victo [...]

  • 2.5 stars. Ok short m/m romance about two guys who've worked together for several years and have both wanted more, although neither realized the other felt the same. Both of them seemed to spend too much time jumping to conclusions and overreacting, which I found frustrating.

  • Short and shallow story with mostly sex. Alex and Victor have worked together for years and they both have feelings for each other, but they're really bad at expressing it and considering how extremely bad they are at communicating with each other it's a miracle that they've any success in their work life. But maybe they just can't communicate their feelings and/or desiresNot much happening here but sex. We get virtually no background and the MCs are one dimensional, so I just didn't care about [...]

  • I just couldn't enjoy this story. The start was abrupt and there was no knowledge about both main characters. Victor didn't know Alex was in love with him and vice verse. I didn't much dislike that part of the story, but couldn't they talk it out? Those hurtful emotions from Alex side were just childish and empty, he could listen to Victor. Their arguments were silly. I will never understand why do people hide emotion of being in love, It's just bothersome in long run. In general everything was [...]

  • Oh man, I loved these two idiots. This story had a perfect bend of humor, misunderstandings, adorableness, and sexiness. There was one moment when I thought the story was going to end up being straight smut (view spoiler)[ i.e. when Victor kissed Alex as soon as they got to the cabin, (view spoiler)[ but thankfully I was completely wrong. These two were so in love with each other, but both too scared to tell each other, and both too focused on hiding their own feelings that they couldn't see the [...]

  • Cute story about victor and alex in the cabin they known each other for a few years alex is victor assistant. Alex has fallen in love with victor but victor is like a player, But victor has an agenda to get alex and him alone spend time together. But through that time there will be some communication problem but all in all a very good read.

  • The constant push and pull got on my nerves a bit. It was unreal how often these guys got angry and hurt, back and forth, in such a short span of time. It all felt a little shallow and too hotheaded for my taste. I also missed some backstory on Victor and Alex, which could have made them both more fleshed out. 2.5 stars.

  • Cute short romance :-)Only problem, the editing -.-" Found many editing problems And my English sucks, so probably there are more than the ones I underlineAnyway, good short story :-) I would rec to readers searching short romances without complications or angst

  • A storm has been building between Victor and Alex for a long time. Their geting carried away during a snowstorm and then having to work at keeping their love from melting when the weather clears makes for a hot and fast read.

  • The first half was intriguing beyond measure. Loved the premise and am now wondering if there's anything else on Graham, a secondary character I'd adore to revisit. New-to-me author -- I'll be reading Em Woods again.

  • I had a hard time connecting with the characters at the beginning, but I wound up liking them by the end. I was not a fan of Alex jumping to conclusions and them just not being able to talk things out!

  • Delicious story! Another example of why, though, if you love someone, tell them. It was in everything they did, but never said. There were times I wanted to shake both of them, but I loved following their romance to their happy ending. I'll have to see what else Em Woods has to offer. :)

  • A short story about two men in love with eachother but too insecure and bullheaded to admit it to the other. Not much on plot.

  • Did not finish.The characters just annoyed me, and I can't bring myself to care how a book ends when that happens. I plodded on a bit, but in the end gave it up as a bad job.

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