Heartless Four gorgeous girls are telling very ugly stories First Emily Aria Hanna and Spencer claimed they found a body in the woods behind Spencer s house only to have it vanish without a trace Then when

  • Title: Heartless
  • Author: Sara Shepard
  • ISBN: 9781907410857
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four gorgeous girls are telling very ugly stories First Emily, Aria, Hanna and Spencer claimed they found a body in the woods behind Spencer s house, only to have it vanish without a trace Then, when the same woods went up in flames, they swore they saw someone who s supposed to be dead rise from the ashes.

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    Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.


  • Bastante entretenido en cuanto a giros, muy interesantes y siempre respecto a las protagonistas. La trama de Hanna ha sido sin duda la mejor del libro, con escenas más que curiosas y haciendo que estuviera siempre alerta. Además, planta la semilla de un misterio que me ha gustado mucho. Respecto al resto, la historia de Spencer ha estado también muy bien, aunque ha mejorado tirando hacia el final. Emily y Aria han sido más secundarias en esta séptima novela, pero aun y todo, consiguen que l [...]

  • OH MY GOD. This changed everything I thought I knew about the series and we were left with another cliffhanger again. Wow. So the next book is supposed to be the last and now I'm wondering if I'm ready for this. 7 books and I can't seem to get enough. There was more suspense than usual in Heartless and the plot twists seemed much more important.Okay so spoiler time! 1) Darren Wilden the cop is from an Amish settlement that A sent Emily to and God knows what happened to his ex?girlfriend Leah. Co [...]

  • ****3.5/5****This was a very quick and enjoyable (like always) read. I felt like I got a lot more out of this book than the last couple. It’s still a little childish for me but I can’t judge too harshly on that because that’s just my age, I think. Like always, the girls different story lines are intriguing and keep you excited for the following books!

  • Heartless by Sara ShepardBad/boring review because I'm not home so I'm writing it on my phone:This instalment was very enjoyable, as usual, but I don't think I enjoyed it quiet as much as the last 2 because of exams least they're over now, hahaI would've liked a bit more out of this one, but oh well, there's still about 9 books left in the series Oh my, hahaha

  • How is this still happening?As usual nothing happens in the prologue, although we are reminded of those suspicious builders from the first book. Then onto the exact same story arc as last time – as with the previous cliff-hanger figure (Ian), Alison has now vanished as quickly as she appeared. Which means a book’s-worth of characters obsessing about finding her and doubting her reality. Even Emily despairs“But it couldn’t be happening again. It couldn’t.”Sadly, it is. Also, we catch [...]

  • This series really pulls you in. It's stuffed from cover to cover in each book with mystery after mystery. New theories are always arising and complications presenting themselves. Will Ali's murderer ever be caught? Is Ali even dead? Even after reading this installment, those questions still linger. One thing certain about this series is that no one will really know what happened until the series is finished.

  • Heartless is, without a doubt, the best installment so far.You could tell from the very beginning that the end was going to be worthy of shitting bricks, and upon arriving at that point, I realized it's very true.In Heartless, the girls are kind of split up. Hanna is sent to a mental institution because of her big problem she's had her whole life, which I'm not going to get into detail about to spare you the details. Emily is sent to an Amish community by A to investigate, and she finds some int [...]

  • This series has kind of plateaued with this new A :( there is always the same formula of sort of boring plot with lots of wrong leads and some scandals, and them a cliffhanger/chocking ending. There is a grand 0 of character development to keep me invested and caring about these girls, the romances last about 5 seconds and they still aren't friends. Overall disappointed but still addicted 🤷‍♀️

  • No sé cómo lo hará la autora pero consigue engancharme a leer el siguiente libro nada más terminar el último que llevo leído. Es como si ver la serie no sirviera de nada, porque los libros te mantienen con otra intriga, con otra trama que es casi completamente distinta.

  • (Source: I own a copy of this book.)Is Ali really dead? Who set the fire in the woods? And who will find out the identity of the ‘killer’ first?I really liked this book, it was a bit of a return to form!We learned loads of new stuff in this book, and discovered lots of new secrets. Each of the girls was sent off in a different direction, each thinking that they were close to discovering Ali’s killer, and each coming to different conclusions. The good thing though was that each girl’s ide [...]

  • First of all, can I just say that this book sh0uld be called: The Hastings Family Secrets and How To Hide Them instead of Heartless? Because everything, pretty much everything, in this book was about how sneaky Spencers' parents are and especially her father. That asshole!! If I was Spencers and Melissas mother, I'd cut his balls off for what he did Anyway, this entry to the series is full of action and yet it is another entry where Aria just kinda hangs out while stuff happens and does pretty m [...]

  • Please, can she just end this series already? I mean of course I read it so I'm obviously addicted, but this one really said NOTHING! I'm sticking to my evil twin theory though.

  • Oh good grief. I cannot believe this wasn't the last book. I must have lost track. Surely there is no way that "Twisted" will wrap this all together with a pretty little bow and set everything straight.You won't get too much validation from Heartless; however, this book stands out from the rest because the girls actually take ACTION, which is more than they do in the other books. They don't let people hold them back as much, and circumstances don't trap the girls in situations that render them c [...]

  • The series has been progressively improving with each volume. With that being said, so far this instalment has been my absolute favourite! The pacing was very good with elements of suspense sprinkled in at exactly the right moments, and I hate to admit it, but these suspenseful surprises were things that I wasn't expecting at all! The "Previously on PLL" chapters and rants were finally taken out altogether with just the briefest snippets of the main aspects of what's occurred so far, and they we [...]

  • Taas jälleen Valehtelevat Viettelijät -sarjan parissa. Kuten aina, vauhdissa ovat neljä teinityttöä, joita piinaa joku. Joku joka kertoo nimekseen A. Alkuperäinen A paljastui jo parisen kirjaa sitten ja sen jälkeen kuvioissa on ollut uusi A. Sarjassa on ollut rahastuksen makua jo jonkin aikaa, mutta nyt koin totaalikyllästymisen siihen. Olen antanut aiemmille osille arvosanoiksi 2-4 tähteä. Neljä tähteä jopa kaksi kertaa, vaikka keskimääräisesti sanoisin sarjan tason olevan siell [...]

  • This is really the point where the series has to keep coming up with random drama to continue the series. Hanna's in a mental hospital. Emma is hanging out with the Amish. There is very little explanation as to how that storyline is supposed to actually work. The plot seems to be based mostly on the reading of a page. Aria's chapters introduce even more supernatural elements, which just don't fit in well with the rest of the series. Also, it just doesn't feel like she's doing anything. Even tho [...]

  • I was so excited when this book came in the mail. I have been waiting for months to read it and it is finally here! YAY! Still really excited about it.This book started where the last book ended, in the fire. The girls swear that they seen Ali in the fire but no one will believe them. In the last book Spencer had met with the woman who she thought was her adoptive mom only to have her take all of her savings. But then, at the beginning of this book, Spencer's parents tell her that the woman who [...]

  • I thought I would dive back into this series as I really want to finish it. I feel that this series has been dragged out for too long as there are 16 books in total. This book was a little slow and not a lot happened during it. It seems very unrealistic that people would randomly remember little details from the day Ali disappeared. The girls seemed to be constantly remembering something despite it happening 4 years ago which seems really unbelievable. I have no idea how the author intends to wr [...]

  • I don't know whether to love or hate this book, or love to hate it. It's not inherently bad, but I was disappointed by many of the events and revelations. It's hard to write a strong sequel to an amazing first book, and I know it must be even harder in a series of 8. I feel like Killer dropped all these exciting bombshells, and Heartless just failed to live up to the expectations set by that book. Still, as I mentioned it's not a bad book, but a bit underwhelming.I have to admit I'm really disap [...]

  • i just read it to get it off my bookshelf it was boring and predictable theres no way in hell I'm gonna finish this god awful series. theres 13 fucking books and they are gonna be my 13 reasons why if i have to put myself through the torture of reading the rest of them

  • 4.5 stars** Spoilers from earlier installments ** Heartless was the best book in the PLL series so far! I honestly don't care what the others say about this series, I admit that it's addictive. I said previously in my review in Killer that I felt like I'm about to give this series up but Shepard gave me a sparking hope, hahaha! The last two books, Wicked and Killer, were not that enjoyable so I'm really glad Heartless changed everything and the things that I loved about the earlier installments [...]

  • I personally really love this whole series of Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. All of these books are amazing and there has not been a bad one. These books keep you so interested and you find yourself always reading them to see what twist, scandal, heartbreak, and obstical will be thrown at you next. Pretty Little Liars is about 4 girls who were all best friends with one very popular girl named Ali. One summer was the best summer of their loves, they were with eachother every single day, eve [...]

  • Wait, who did I say killed Ali? Could it be the new nicknamed Pretty Little Liars, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna? And could Ali still be alive? Also, who is this new, just-as-threatening, A? Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna all claim that they found a dead body in the woods behind Spencer's house, only to have all their evidence of it there vanish without a trace left. Of course, the police don't believe them, so when the girls try to convince them more, they attract more attention from the pub [...]

  • It's Pretty Little Liars time again and in Heartless it will make your heart jump in a way as we near the conclusion of who killed Ali and I'm dying to actually discover who the true "A" is :). In Heartless , we see the effects and the aftermath of the arson attack on Spencer's barn , the fire that nearly killed our lovely foursome and then the shocking revelation that they all in fact saw Ali in the woods. However , it seems that the only one telling the truth is Emily who runs to the cops and [...]

  • This book is really great but if you want to read it, you must read the first volume first. This book's setting is like today (2011) so some of the stories are connected with my life. Like sometimes I just want some of my friends gone and when they travel for like a month or two I wished I hadn't think that my friends where gone. And also if something is lost or disappeared I try to find it where it is or who stole it with my best friend. Sometimes people think that my friends and I are lying wh [...]

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