Fight for Life

Fight for Life Each of these exciting stories told in the voice of one of the year old volunteers at the Wild at Heart Animal Clinic offers a first hand account of animal emergencies and rescues This series is

  • Title: Fight for Life
  • Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781584850434
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Each of these exciting stories, told in the voice of one of the 11 year old volunteers at the Wild at Heart Animal Clinic, offers a first hand account of animal emergencies and rescues This series is sure to win the hearts of readers who are wild about animals The clinic is swamped with sick and abused puppies Maggie suspects they ve come from an illegal puppy mill, andEach of these exciting stories, told in the voice of one of the 11 year old volunteers at the Wild at Heart Animal Clinic, offers a first hand account of animal emergencies and rescues This series is sure to win the hearts of readers who are wild about animals The clinic is swamped with sick and abused puppies Maggie suspects they ve come from an illegal puppy mill, and she s determined to find it and shut it down But Gran has too many other things to worry about like Maggie s grades and a new houseguest, Zoe Can Maggie find the puppy mill on her own

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    Ask box is open, my friends What do you want to know UPDATE The SPEAK graphic novel, illustrated by Emily Carroll, will be published on Feb 6, 2018 I recently answered all kinds of great questions over at Reddit Check it out for loads about my writing process and my books reddit r books commenFor bio stuff Laurie Halse Anderson is the New York Times bestselling author who writes for kids of all ages Known for tackling tough subjects with humor and sensitivity, her work has earned numerous ALA and state awards Two of her books, Speak and Chains, were National Book Award finalists.Mother of four and wife of one, Laurie lives outside Philadelphia You can follow her adventures on Twitter, twitter halseanderson and on her tumblr lauriehalseanderson.tumblr Check out Laurie s website, madwomanintheforest.


  • Maggie is a dyslexic middle school girl who lives with her grandmother, a vet who runs a busy clinic. Maggie is an orphan who craves her grandmother's attention and a bit anti-social. During the course of the story, she grows up quite a bit, learning to ask for help with her learning disability and the value of working with friends as a team. The plot revolves around the discovery of an illegal puppy mill and the tragic abuse of animals for profit. I did not know much about puppy mills before re [...]

  • This story is all about a girl that lives with her grandmother and her grandmother owns a vets office. but when things get crazy grandmother cant do it alone so maggie her granddaughter gets some friends to help out with the work. Maggie MchKenzie is her name , She is great with dogs , but her homework is out of control . Dr Mac , her veterinarian grandmother, puts her on s short leash until her grades improve . Then four new voluteers show up to help gran in the clinic, but none of them knows a [...]

  • I'm giving this series to my 6 year-old niece for Christmas, so I wanted to read it to make sure she would enjoy it. The book is both informational and grabs the heart strings. A group of kids work tirelessly on behalf of animals with their mentor, Dr. Mac. This book spent time educating the reader about puppy mills. Overall, a good choice for a 6 year-old.

  • Really loved this series!! I want to go to college to be a vet, and these books are really inspiring! I love how all the characters are so different, yet so similar. Maggie is determined, Sunita is kind and smart, Brenna is strong and fearless, David is goofy, and Zoe is understanding and pretty much good at everything. I love how the kids take their differences and similarities to save the pups. That's my future career!!!!My only complaint is how lots of different companies published these, suc [...]

  • This book was so sad that I cried the first time I read it. This book shows people what is happening to some animals out in the world. This book is told from Maggie, a little girl almost in middle school who helps her grandmother in her clinic. She gets involved in a case about puppies not being treated properly before being sold and she has to stop it. This heart warming story will catch any animal lovers heart and teach them whats going on in the world.

  • Didn't think much of it in the beginning because the main girl (maggie) was a little annoying with how she refused help. She reminds me a little of myself, so that probably explains why. Luckily, she redeemed herself toward the end with the rescue. Anyway, I love it! a story about teamwork to rid of the EVIL that exists. It's not just about rescuing pups; it also speaks on getting out of your comfort zone to accomplish the greater good. I can see this being a great read for a young person. I kno [...]

  • Fight for Life by Laurie Halse Anderson ( vet Volunteers, #1). Maggie lives with her grandmother who owns a vet office. when things get crazy they get some friends to help them with the work. recommended for kids and elementary school students who like informational reads. I really like the concept of this book.

  • This book has a great message. It's ok to ask for help when you need it. I loved it and think everyone should read it. -Riley, age 7

  • It was an okay book. Generally, I'm not a very picky person when it comes to books about animals, but I'm not super impressed with this book. I would not be opposed to reading another one of this series, although I wouldn't go out of my way to buy or order these books. There are several reasons why I found this book to not be the greatest. First of all, I personally am not at all fond of Maggie's grandmother. She is biased about Zoe, (she does change at the end though) doesn't listen when Maggie [...]

  • This book is enlightening. It's so happy and sada. In this book, it's about this character named Maggie. Maggie is trying to save ten puppies who have been abused at a puppy mill and eight survived. Maggie wants to track the place but Gran has other ideas. Gran banned her from the clinic until she can bring her grades up. Then Gran brought in some new volunteers to do MAggie's jobs. Maggie doesn't even think she belongs there anymore. But she thinks the puppies are the most important thing. Magg [...]

  • The Vet Volunteers is a series I've wanted to read for years. Meeting Maggie an 11-year-old granddaughter of a successful vet, Dr. Mac, who is raising her, it becomes obvious from the beginning that she is an excellent assistant to her grandmother in her veterinary business. However, Maggie avoids her homework and struggles with performing successfully in school, learning does not come easily for her. Disaster occurs when Dr. Mac is bombarded with very sick puppies from customers in the communit [...]

  • Maggie is an orphan who has grown up with her grandmother, Gran. Gran is a veterinarian and Maggie has grown up being surrounding by animals. Maggie takes a genuine care and nurture for the animals that come into Gran’s clinic; so much that it distracts Maggie from her studies because she is constantly wanting to be at the clinic rather than doing her homework. After Gran grounds her from the clinic and orders her to get her studies up, trouble begins at the clinic where a number of dogs are b [...]

  • The only reason I gave this book 3 stars instead of 2 was because I was pleased with the amount of veterinary information given in the story, as well as info pertaining to puppy mills and animal care. A book like this for the right young audience is a great way to teach.But everything else really wasn't that good. I expected better from Anderson - even for a children's book, it was almost TOO childish. Plus I had some problems. I would expect a law enforcement officer - and a shelter director - [...]

  • I'm previewing a few of the Vet Volunteer books for some younger readers, and while they don't exactly hold my interest as an adult, I see the potential for them to be great for elementary-aged readers. Fight for Life introduces the characters in the series as it focuses on Maggie, her struggle with dyslexia, and the threat of a puppy mill. Anderson expertly illustrates Maggie's frustration about school and fear of appearing unintelligent by asking for help. Lively descriptions of the various an [...]

  • The plot line is nice, as I am an animal-lover and was glad to see the puppy mill shut down. However, it is written from an 11 year old's point of view so at times, some details and emotions seem petty and, frankly, annoying. I will admit to skimming through a few sentences occasionally when Maggie, the main character, would get jealous over the other children getting her Gran's attention. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone 15+ but I will definitely pass the book down to my 11 year old cou [...]

  • Maggie lives with her grandma, a vet, and the clinic is attached to their house. Which is great, because Maggie loves to help Gran, but is also a bad thing because Maggie has a hard time concentrating on her schoolwork. When a bunch of puppies enter the clinic due to a bad puppy mill owner, Maggie is on a mission. But she will need help can she save the day AND manage to pass her tests? A great book for any middle schooler who loves animals, likes reading about other families, and those who unde [...]

  • Very sweet story and some great themes about dedication and and doing the right thing even when it's hard. It had animals, a really cool grandma who also cares about her granddaughters, and lots of cute puppies. My kids loved the veterinary office and my justice minded daughter (age 6) was incensed about the puppy mill and the man that ran it. We had to look into laws in our own state and make sure they existed! Any author that can elicit that kind of response from children is worth keeping up w [...]

  • This was a very good book for young animal lovers who might someday want to be Vetrinarians. It was sad in some spots as the volunteers encounter someone who doesn't treat puppies the way they should be treated. But it does show how young people with a passion for animals can make a difference in their world! It also higlights how improtant it is to do well in school, so you will be able to care for animals better! My Granddaughter let me borrow it, and I look forward to reading more in this ser [...]

  • Engaging story that shows the power of asking for help, the joys of teamwork, and the importance of caring for animals properly. Maggie's struggles with letting other people into her house and family ring true, as does her struggle with her school work. Her personal growth is a key part of the story and just as important as the puppies and the mystery of the puppy mill. Definitely a good series for young girls, kids with learning disabilities, and anyone interested in animals!

  • This is a cute story that is especially appropriate for girls who aren't strong readers and who love animals. It is a straightforward story and any vocabulary that might be a challenge is clearly defined through context. I especially liked the message that it is okay to get help when you struggle with your schoolwork, as I have had many students who are embarrassed or upset to need the help of a tutor.

  • Nothing is going right at the clinic this week! we have treated 10 pups who have been abused at puppy mills- eight survived. i want to track down the guy who runs the place. Who would do that to poor little Innocent puppies? but my grandma has other ideas. she has banned me from the clinic until i bring my grades up. Then she brought up some new weird volenteers to do my job. I don't like the feeling of it. I feel like I don't even belong here anymore! THIS BOOK IS OUTSTANDING!!! i love it!

  • This is a cute book for children. Several puppies come in to the veterinarian's office, and it is discovered they have all come from the same puppy mill. A group of kids helps to bring the puppies to health, and the puppy mill is closed down. What I really appreciated about this book is the vocabulary. The story is written on a level that is easy for young readers to understand, but it is not "dumbed down" at all. This would definitely be a great addition to a classroom library.

  • This series beginning is perfect for the aspiring young vet who just happens to still be in elementary school. The story doesn't shy away from the ickier or sadder parts of being a vet, while still celebrating the sweetness and fun personalities of the animals. This one is about how the main character helps bring down a puppy mill. There's also a nice subplot concerning her struggles with dyslexia, though her disability isn't named.

  • This is such a great books for kids who have recently started chapter books, and love animals! I particularly liked how the author introduced some basic medical terminology. I was really surprised to see that this author had books for younger readers, since her YA books tackle such difficult issues and are sometimes hard emotionally to get through. There are some sad parts here, but overall the book is cute, with a great message that hard work and determination will really get results.

  • I could not get my nose out of this amazing book.It was my first pick for summer reading and I don't regret it!!!I wouldn't skip this book it is the starting book of the series. This book could not have been any better!!As you can see I actually enjoyed it so much I finished it in a day.I plan on reading the whole series.You should read it too!!ttyl -abbs

  • I think the first book is much better then the 6th book. i had to start on the 6th book because i couldn't find the 1st but i read it! I think that the first book of this series (this one) is pretty good and now i know a bit more about the characters and how they started helping. I recommend this book if you want to be a vet or you just love animals.

  • This book was written by Laurie Halse Anderson. It is a really good book for animal lovers. It is about a Vet and vet volunteers saving lives of puppies. Some puppies die but most of them survive. The Puppies were found from a seller who keeped them in a bad shape. The puppies were saved and given to people who wanted to care about them.

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