Mystery Few know the city of Los Angeles the way bestselling author and acclaimed suspense master Jonathan Kellerman does His thrilling novels of psychological drama and criminal detection make the capital

  • Title: Mystery
  • Author: Jonathan Kellerman John Rubinstein
  • ISBN: 9780739369081
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Few know the city of Los Angeles the way 1 bestselling author and acclaimed suspense master Jonathan Kellerman does His thrilling novels of psychological drama and criminal detection make the capital of dreams a living, breathing character in all its glamour and infamy That storied history of fame, seduction, scandal, and murder looms large in Mystery, as Alex DelawareFew know the city of Los Angeles the way 1 bestselling author and acclaimed suspense master Jonathan Kellerman does His thrilling novels of psychological drama and criminal detection make the capital of dreams a living, breathing character in all its glamour and infamy That storied history of fame, seduction, scandal, and murder looms large in Mystery, as Alex Delaware finds himself drawn into a twisting, shadowy whodunit that s pure L.A noir and vintage Kellerman The closing of their favorite romantic rendezvous, the Fauborg Hotel in Beverly Hills, is a sad occasion for longtime patrons Alex Delaware and Robin Castagna And gathering one last time with their fellow faithful habitu s for cocktails in the gracious old venue makes for a bittersweet evening But even poignant is a striking young woman alone and enigmatic among the revelers waiting in vain in elegant attire and dark glasses that do nothing to conceal her melancholy Alex can t help wondering what her story is, and whether she s connected to the silent, black suited bodyguard lingering outside the hotel.Two days later, Alex has even to contemplate when police detective Milo Sturgis comes seeking his psychologist comrade s insights about a grisly homicide To Alex s shock, the brutalized victim is the same beautiful woman whose lonely hours sipping champagne at the Fauborg may have been her last.But with a mutilated body and no DNA match, she remains as mysterious in death as she seemed in life And even when a tipster s sordid revelation finally cracks the case open, the dark secrets that spill out could make Alex and Milo s best efforts to close this horrific crime not just impossible but fatal.From the Hardcover edition.

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  • Jonathan Kellerman John Rubinstein

    Jonathan Kellerman was born in New York City in 1949 and grew up in Los Angeles He helped work his way through UCLA as an editorial cartoonist, columnist, editor and freelance musician As a senior, at the age of 22, he won a Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award for fiction Like his fictional protagonist, Alex Delaware, Jonathan received at Ph.D in psychology at the age of 24, with a specialty in the treatment of children He served internships in clinical psychology and pediatric psychology at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles and was a post doctoral HEW Fellow in Psychology and Human Development at CHLA IN 1975, Jonathan was asked by the hospital to conduct research into the psychological effects of extreme isolation plastic bubble units on children with cancer, and to coordinate care for these kids and their families The success of that venture led to the establishment, in 1977 of the Psychosocial Program, Division of Oncology, the first comprehensive approach to the emotional aspects of pediatric cancer anywhere in the world Jonathan was asked to be founding director and, along with his team, published extensively in the area of behavioral medicine Decades later, the program, under the tutelage of one of Jonathan s former students, continues to break ground Jonathan s first published book was a medical text, PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF CHILDHOOD CANCER, 1980 One year later, came a book for parents, HELPING THE FEARFUL CHILD In 1985, Jonathan s first novel, WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, was published to enormous critical and commercial success and became a New York Times bestseller BOUGH was also produced as a t.v movie and won the Edgar Allan Poe and Anthony Boucher Awards for Best First Novel Since then, Jonathan has published a best selling crime novel every year, and occasionally, two a year In addition, he has written and illustrated two books for children and a nonfiction volume on childhood violence, SAVAGE SPAWN 1999 Though no longer active as a psychotherapist, he is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology at University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine Jonathan is married to bestselling novelist Faye Kellerman and they have four children.


  • It's a bittersweet evening for Alex Delaware and his Main Squeeze, Robin. For a long time one of their favorite romantic hangs has been at the bar in the aging Fauborg Hotel in Beverly Hills. But the place is closing and on the the bar's last night, Alex and Robin go in for a farewell drink. The occasion is beyond sad and their attention is drawn to an apparent bodyguard outside the hotel and to an attractive young woman who is the only other patron inside the bar. She's dressed in white, wearin [...]

  • It's still an okay read for most murder mysteries. It's just disappointing for an author of his calibre and experience. I expect fussy detail from Kellerman, but the descriptions of people and places went on ad nauseum. It was over the top, mind numbingly boring. Who cares about a minor character's yellow toenails? Especially after a microscopic focus on every other part of his anatomy, when we'll never see him again? Every single detail of every single character we encountered in this book was [...]

  • Kellerman is always good for a thrill ride. In this, the 26th installment of his awesome Alex Delaware Series, our hero is after a killer who seems to have a taste for beautiful young women. A shrink himself, Mr. K gives unique insight to the mind of both the good guys, most notably Delaware who is a shrink himself, and more uniquely, the bad guys. Characteristic of a top 10 writer in this field, thriller fiction, Kellerman's sentence composition, dialogue and arcing work so well it's almost too [...]

  • Robin and Alex attend a gathering for Marcel Jabotinsky. Robin and Alex head to the bar for some drinks. While waiting for their drinks a woman dressed in white and sunglasses is sitting at the bar. Robin and Alex think nothing of the woman until Alex is called on his friend, Milo to help with a murder investigation. The victim…the woman in the white dress.I have not read many of Mr. Kellerman’s Alex Delaware’s books. However you don’t have to read the prior novels as this book reads as [...]

  • Was a mediocre attempt compared with many other Alex Delaware novels.Alex and Robin watch a beautiful and gracious lady with British accent being stood up at a restaurant. They also encounter a body guard/ thug with a gun outside waiting. The very next day, Sergeant Milo Sturgis shows them pics of the very same girl dead and sprawled out with guns shot wounds. They set out to ID her and seek out her killer (s).And they encounter many strange persons and hidden secrets on the way. The initial hal [...]

  • I am a bit of a novice with Alex Delaware so I am not sure if he and his girlfriend Robin have aged chronologically as the series has moved along. Mystery is the twenty-sixth book and would make them in their late fifties if the years have passed as expected.A bar they frequent in an old hotel is closing and they turn out to bid it farewell on its last night. The normal staff has already retired evidently and they are served by a young man from a temp agency who is poorly suited for the job in w [...]

  • A friend warned me this was "the worst Kellerman they'd ever read", which, after the disappointment of Evidence, concerned me some. However, Deception had a number of redeeming features, so I soldiered bravely on, and despite my friend's dire warnings, I am pleased to say I found Mystery not too bad.It lacks the sparkle and brilliance of the early Alex years, I admit that, and it has the ever-present Robin -- present, but barely drawn, this time, I found her. Which is interesting, as she always [...]

  • I admit, I've never read a Jonathan Kellerman novel before, so I didn't have a huge interest in reading this book. Unlike some other authors, whose characters I already know and will slog through dull first pages for, I didn't have that with Alex Delaware and detective Milo Sturgis. I lacked that past history and interest, When the book didn't grab me right away, I put it down repeatedly. If you have already read any part of this series, you'll have the patience required to get to the meat of th [...]

  • So I was boarding a plane last week and saw that someone had placed this book on top of a trash can right outside the door to the plane. What a brilliant idea--to leave a book for a fellow traveler. And since I like to read Alex Delaware stories and didn't remember reading this one, I took it. It was especially good--replete with old Hollywood references, twins and a twist I didn't see coming. But perhaps my enjoyment was enhanced by getting it the way I did. So if you see a book by the entrance [...]

  • As usual: a fun, twisty plot, but ridiculous dialogue straight out of a bad 1950s movie. A few examples: the ex-madame explains why she's got lung cancer: "Cleaned-and-sobered-up for seven years but kept dating Tommy Tobacco." The detective is impressed by the price of some property: "Twenty-four million bazoongas!" The psychologist describes the victim: "The whole Pygmalion bit, down to the accent. Talk about My Spare Lady." If Big Boy Kellerman doesn't break this habit, it's gonna be curtains [...]

  • Alex Delaware and his partner, Robin Castagna, are having a melancholy evening at one of their favorite places, the bar at the Fauborg Hotel in Beverly Hills. The hotel is slated to be demolished and this is the last night there will be service at the bar. Most of the furniture is gone, the lightbulbs have been removed from all but a few of the wall lights, and the only member of the staff on duty is the long-time bartender who knows just how his regular customers like their drinks.Alex and Robi [...]

  • THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYAlex Delaware and his partner, Robin Castagna, are having a melancholy evening at one of their favorite places, the bar at the Fauborg Hotel in Beverly Hills. The hotel is slated to be demolished and this is the last night there will be service at the bar. Most of the furniture is gone, the lightbulbs have been re [...]

  • In Mystery, Milo Sturgis, a police detective, asks Alex Delaware, forensic psychologist, for his thoughts on a brutal homicide. The body has been mutilated and with no DNA match or ID on the body, her identity is a mystery. Stranger still, Alex has seen this striking young woman before. Two nights previous, she caught his attention at the Fauboug Hotel in Beverly Hills, where she had been sitting all alone obviously waiting for someone. As they try to determine her identity and solve this crime, [...]

  • I've read every Kellerman, even his nonfiction stuff, like Savage Spawn, and I have to say that his Alex Delaware series now is suffering from the series disease--nothing new to say; no new ways to say it. I figured out the ending in advance here, as I have with many of his lately, unless the denouement purposely came out of left field. Every now and then a series writer will strike gold with a late addition to his series, as Robert Parker did with his second April Kyle book, but Mystery is not [...]

  • What a depressing way to end my book year! "Mystery" by Jonathan Kellerman is the 115th book I read and reviewed in 2013. My "brain off" mini-marathon of Kellerman's works included "Twisted" (quite good, three stars), disappointing "Deception" (two stars), and outright weak "Mystery". No mystery about my star rating.A luxury hotel in Beverly Hills goes out of business. Good Doctor Delaware and Robin go there for cocktails on the closing night. They are intrigued by one of the restaurant's guests [...]

  • Jonathan Kellerman's latest Alex Delaware novel, "Mystery," plumbs the depths of internet dating, identity theft and even the so-called "CSI effect."Delaware and his wife, Robin, first see a mysterious woman in white while they are dining out at Fauborg, a soon-to-be-torn-down restaurant. Within 48 hours, she is found murdered. Through various circumstances, Delaware and his intrepid detective friend Milo Sturgis learn that the woman is a member of an internet dating site, SukRose. Her handle? " [...]

  • Alex Delaware and his girlfriend Robin go to a bar for drinks and notice what looks like a bodyguard outside the bar and a beautiful blonde inside. Soon afterwards the blonde is found dead with her face shot off and Alex - a psychologist - helps homicide detective Milo Sturgis investigate. Turns out the blonde had been the honey of a rich married sugar daddy. The blonde's bodyguard, the sugar daddy's family, and the agency that pairs sugar daddies and young hotties are all investigated and a lot [...]

  • Jonathan Kellerman writes books with interesting plots, often hinging on the darker workings of the human mind and human interactions. This is a typical Alex Delaware mystery and well done as always. Kellerman keeps a little bit of a cool distance from his characters, even after all these years. I wish he would give us more depth, especially with Milo who is a fascinating character with a lot of quirks and contradictions, and a life with inherent conflicts. In a couple of books, Kellerman had gi [...]

  • So, as expected this book wasn't great. It was readable, yes, but I found myself getting more and more irritated by Delaware's underlying snark. Perhaps it is that of Kellerman showing through? I was quickly over the portrayal of anyone who is willing to sleep with other people for money as being vacuous, manipulative and flat-out stupid. The obvious arrogance of Delaware got to me more in this as well. He is The Greatest Doctor Ever and all others should be grateful for his opinion of them. Urg [...]

  • I started reading the Dr. Alex Delaware books way back in high school because my dad loved them, and now they're like a comforting mug of tea. You know, if tea had really disturbing crimes involving vulnerable children. This is not one of his better efforts, but I love the relationship between Alex and his bf L.A. homicide detective Milo Sturgis, and his love of his French bulldogs and his koi. I have a soft spot for these novels for those reasons, and will always pick up the latest at the airpo [...]

  • I wish Kellerman would get out a map of Kansas and realize that there are towns in Kansas besides Lawrence. Several times, he has given characters a one-line, thrown out background in Lawrence. It seems lazy on his partke he's taking a cheap shortcut in characterization. I'm not quite sure why I would expect more's just slightly annoying.Other than that, this was a pretty typical mystery solved by Alex and Miloey don't really change, which is pretty comfortable and easy to read. I'm kind of glad [...]

  • This book was indeed a mystery to me-I remember practically nothing about it. The plot is thin, it revolves around a young woman found dead, that as coincidence would have it, Alex and Robin observed while they were out for drinks the night before. That's the only connection tying Alex to the mystery of who she is when Milo asks for his "expertise" in helping solve the case. At the end, there is a woman who loves guns, but everything in the middle has vanished from my mind. Get your own case Ale [...]

  • This was the first Jonathan Kellerman book I have read, although he has tons. He is a bestselling author, many times over, and a Doctor of Psychology. His education and background give a fascinating and exciting edge to his style of mystery writing. This particular book is a buddy crime solving murder mystery. Alex Delaware (psychologist) and Milo (cop) pursue a the baffling murder of a mysterious young lady, rife with intrigue and old fashioned Hollywood seduction and trickery.

  • I have to say that this was really OK but not much more. I enjoyed it as a quick read but I miss the characterizations that I have in my other favorite mystery series. The plot was intricate to the point of seeming over-thought. Perhaps it was my mood as I have been enjoying Kellerman's novels for a long time now, or maybe it's time for me to move on to books I enjoy more. Not sure if this is a 2.5 or a 3.

  • If you like Alex, Milo, and Robin you will like this story. Kellerman is pretty run of the mill as far as his plots but it is the banter between the two main characters that makes these books so much fun to read. They are like old friends that come for a visit once a year and you reconnect with them. Don't get me wrong. Kellerman is a tallented writer and delivers a good read but there is not much that is too unique from one book to the next. Only rarely does one of his characters amaze you.

  • While the series has grown long in the tooth, I'm glad (after a long hiatus) to have picked back up on the Delaware novels. While in no way as engrossing as his earlier novels, Mystery still manages some gusto every now and then. The best part of the book is the woman dying of lung cancer who used to run a prostitution business. Some touching moments whenever she appeared on the page.

  • As Faye Kellerman becomes horribly unreadable, Jonathan improves. Or so it seems. This was a page-turner. Alex and Milo seek the killer of a semi-prostitute code-named Mystery. The chase takes the detectives into a lot of interesting LA real estate, and the solution looks back to old Hollywood.

  • This wasn't my favorite book of JK's. Of course, it was the first one of his that I listened to rather than read. I kept thinking "i would probably really ger into this book if I were reading it rather than listening to it.

  • I like Kellerman's books a lot. This one is not as good as some, but it's still pretty interesting. I love the interplay between Alex and his detective friend Milo. Pretty good mystery, but it feels like Kellerman hurried the finish.

  • I loved the characters. They were very likable, and at sometimes the story would lose me as there was SO much detail, I enjoyed it. No pause in action, and I think Kellerman has a lot more to offer. I'll definitely be getting some more of the Alex Delaware series!

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