A Deadly Yarn

A Deadly Yarn Kelly Flynn s finally feeling at home in Fort Connor Colorado especially when she s knitting with friends at House of Lambspun But her friend Allison is ready to leave town until someone cancels her

  • Title: A Deadly Yarn
  • Author: Maggie Sefton
  • ISBN: 9781101220573
  • Page: 212
  • Format: ebook
  • Kelly Flynn s finally feeling at home in Fort Connor, Colorado, especially when she s knitting with friends at House of Lambspun But her friend Allison is ready to leave town until someone cancels her trip, permanently.Kelly and Megan are happy for their friend, Allison Dubois, a talented, young artist who s joining a designer s New York studio But when they arrive to taKelly Flynn s finally feeling at home in Fort Connor, Colorado, especially when she s knitting with friends at House of Lambspun But her friend Allison is ready to leave town until someone cancels her trip, permanently.Kelly and Megan are happy for their friend, Allison Dubois, a talented, young artist who s joining a designer s New York studio But when they arrive to take Allison to the airport, they find her dead on the apartment floor, apparently from an overdose of sleeping pills Police suspect suicide, but Kelly and Megan aren t convinced Soon, Kelly learns that while Allison s career was on the fast track, her social life was a mess A bad news boyfriend, a jealous design student, and a mysterious man named Brian arouse Kelly s suspicions as she and her friends try to unravel this tightly stitched puzzle.

    • Unlimited [Biography Book] ✓ A Deadly Yarn - by Maggie Sefton ·
      212 Maggie Sefton
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    Aka Margaret ConlanFrom author website First, a little biographical information as introduction Born in Richmond, VA, I grew up in Northern Virginia in Arlington, close to Washington, D.C I attended university and received a Bachelor s degree in English Literature Journalism, married, and started my family there All four of my daughters are grown and established in careers of their own and are literally scattered around the globe I now reside in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with two very demanding dogs.


  • The copy editor was asleep during the editing of this one, though. That got really annoying. Not enough love interest in this one, either.Other than that, I am totally hooked on all the knitting and coffee drinking. I love the gossip and chatter at the knitting shop and want to find a place like that around here.It is a light easy read, just like the 2nd one. The characters are not 'deep' or anything, but I am so tired at night, that sometimes these books are just what the doctor ordered.I do no [...]

  • AH HA! I have figured out the trick! I have figured out a sure-fire, no fail way to enjoy these god awful books!Introducing The Knitting Mystery Books Drinking Game!Grab your favorite alcohol, and get to reading!Take a shot every time:* Kelly verbally masturbates about coffee.* Take two shots if the coffee is called "nectar".* Take three shots if the coffee is called "black gold".* Kelly's "intuition" kicks in. * Take two shots if Kelly's got a cutesy name for her intuition. i.e "insects flying [...]

  • This is the third book in the Knitting Mystery series. Kelly and Megan are on their way to take Allison, a fiber artist, to the airport to start a prestigious internship. When they arrive, they find her dead, of an apparent overdose. Megan cannot believe that her friend would kill herself, so they begin to investigate to find out if this was murder. There are many potential suspects including jealous students and a bad boyfriend. On a personal note, Kelly is struggling with her plans to return b [...]

  • I really like these knitting mystery books by Maggie Sefton when I am in the right mood. The main character, Kelly is easy to warm up to and all of the yarn shop talk is always inviting to me. Not much makes me happier than to picture a group of women sharing life around balls of yarn, cups of tea and loads of laughter. There's just enough mystery in each book to give interest without being overbearing when a heavy mystery is not what I am looking for. All in all they are a light, feel good, coz [...]

  • A cozy for the airplane. Would have been better, when writing a knitting-based plot, to have actually known something about knitting.

  • A friend of Kelly’s is moving from Colorado to New York to further her artist career, but on the morning another friend, Megan, is supposed to pick her up to get her to the airport, she is found dead. Kelly and Megan begin sleuthing to find out who killed Allison (though Kelly has been warned against sticking her nose in before!). It was ok. A quick read. I think this is where I’ll stop with this series, though. The mystery was fine for me, but I was quite bored with Kelly’s personal issue [...]

  • This is the third installment in the Knitting Mystery Series by Maggie Sefton. The first is Knit One, Kill Two, and the second is Needled to Death. The series is centered around Kelly Flynn and a group of ladies who spend a great deal of time together at the local knitting shop.Kelly returned to Fort Connor to wrap up her aunt’s estate in Knit One, Kill Two and hasn’t quite made it back home to D.C. She is slowly building a life in Fort Connor but hasn’t actually acknowledged the fact. Thi [...]

  • I wasn't sure what to expect from this serial novelist, given that they are murder mysteries and knitting themed. I have read a few other knitting related serial novels, a cross-stitch mystery, and a bunch of other serial mystery novels. The majority of them are poorly written and do not have a plot or characters that hold my attention or keep me guessing. While I did figure out "who did it" early on, I enjoyed reading this book. The characters are around my age and for once the writing about kn [...]

  • I was in the mood for a cozy read, and I knew that despite being a murder mystery, this series has actually fit the bill quite nicely so far, so I saw no reason why the next book should be any different.Fortunately it delivered as expected, and I greatly enjoyed being back with Kelly, Mimi and the others. There was less actual knitting-related in this book than in the two previous ones, but that bothered me less than I would have anticipated. Even though the setup to the murders is getting incre [...]

  • I enjoy these cozy mysteries because of the characters and the setting. And I secretly have knitting envy. I cannot knit, have never knitted and have no idea how to even begin to start. But I really want to! So I can live vicariously through the characters in the series and enjoy their camaraderie over their shared love of the craft. The solutions to the mysteries in this series always seem to come a little too soon, though, so I wouldn't classify the Knitting Mysteries among the best of the coz [...]

  • I have to admit, if this series weren't about knitting, I probably wouldn't keep reading it. This book seemed to be the most poorly edited of the three so far -- several typos in the text, and errors in plot that should have been caught but weren't. Kelly and her friends just aren't real people to me -- more "Betty and Veronica," where they are two-dimensional, with no real depth or interest. The plot was slightly interesting but not all that compelling. Just didn't hook me (no pun intended). St [...]

  • Found this confusing, with lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. Don't really know why I stayed with it, was hoping there would be some redemption in the end, but no. Even figured out who did it, and I never do!

  • Another good book in the series. Kelly is forming great friendships in Colorado and has decided to stay. In between knitting, being with her friends, working as an accountant, and starting new business ventures; Kelly sleuths and solves the murder mystery. I am enjoying this series.

  • I love Kelly and all her friends in Colorado. Kelly always finds herself investigating some type of murder around her. The series is funny as well as a mystery. We get to see more and more of her friends and her soon to be boyfriend Steve. A good book to curl up with hot cocoa and read.

  • I found the murder plot to be boring, had no interest in who killed Allison, and found it unbelievable that these friends who were so close to Allison knew nothing about her.

  • Another installment in this knitting cozy series.I've been trying to figure out what it is with this series that doesn't sit well with me. I just realized it's not cozy enough for me. And I don't like the main character Kelly all that much.I enjoy the setting, most of the cast of characters around Kelly, but I'm not jazzed by her and her life.This story started out in a completely different location and I thought it would stay that way, but it returned back to Colorado, which I was a bit let dow [...]

  • Kelly Flynn and her friend, Megan, are helping their young artist friend, Allison, pack up her apartment before leaving for a 6 month internship with a NYC designer. However, when they arrive at her place to pick her up to go to the airport, they discover her body instead. She perished from an overdose of sleeping pills. Kelly and Megan can't believe it is suicide and start doing some sleuthing on their own. They turn up a few people with grudges against Allison. By feeding the tidbits they unco [...]

  • I'm really enjoying this series. As I've said before, sometimes it is good to read an easy book, one that is just fun. The kind of book that isn't a good book group book because there's not a lot to talk about, but one that gives pleasure while reading.This is the third book in the series and the knitting references still are not forced.In a lot of cozy mysteries, the amateur sleuth puts him/herself in danger, but Kelly, the protagonist of this series, figures out what's going on, then tells her [...]

  • A friend saw this in a thrift store & bought it for me, a bit as a joke. It is not good, either as a book about knitting OR a mystery novel. It is not a "so bad it's good" kind of book. But, it was a totally acceptable bathtub read. The protagonist of the book appears to live in a house across the street from a combination restaurant/yarn store/coffee shop which sounds awesome (except for all the murder.)Other titles in this series include "Dyer Consequences" and "Fleece Navidad". I wish the [...]

  • This was the third book of a fun cozy mystery series. I found it to be well written for its genre with well developed characters. I love the "family" that the protagonist has found because of the Lambspun fiber shop with classes and needed items for spinning, knitting, crocheting, felting, and weaving. And I love the protagonist Kelly and her CPA brain that loves to puzzle out numbers and murders. The further I get in this series the more I become a huge fan.

  • I can never get enough of this author`s novels. I always feel I have visited this yarn store and met all the people involved. This time Kelly and her friends are seeing off Allison to New York where she is about to start a new life as a yarn designer. When she is found dead from an overdose it is treated as a suicide but Kelly and her friends know different and set out to prove it was murder.

  • Kelly and Megan find there friend Alison dead, the police say suicide but Kelly and Megan think differently.

  • Yet another good story, mystery, and yarn time with the people of Fort Connor, Colorado. Also, some good eats and coffee.

  • In the third Knitting Mystery book, Kelly Flynn investigates the death of Allison Dubois, a talented young “fibre artist” on the rise.[image error]It is Autumn and Allison is about to make it big with a move to New York to take up a lucrative studio job as a designer with Sophia Emeraud. But when Kelly and her friend Megan arrive at Allison’s apartment to take her to the airport, they find her lying dead by her packing boxes and office desk. Allison had taken numerous sleeping pills and so [...]

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