Presumption: An Entertainment: A Sequel to Pride and Prejudice

Presumption An Entertainment A Sequel to Pride and Prejudice This witty sequel to Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice follows the fate of Georgiana Darcy Mr Darcy s younger sister who must choose between two suitors a well placed navy captain and a brash young

  • Title: Presumption: An Entertainment: A Sequel to Pride and Prejudice
  • Author: Julia Barrett
  • ISBN: 9780226038131
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • This witty sequel to Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice follows the fate of Georgiana Darcy, Mr Darcy s younger sister, who must choose between two suitors, a well placed navy captain and a brash young architect Masterfully adapted to Austen s original nineteenth century style, Presumption brings back to life the book s most memorable characters, the Bennets, Darcys, CollThis witty sequel to Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice follows the fate of Georgiana Darcy, Mr Darcy s younger sister, who must choose between two suitors, a well placed navy captain and a brash young architect Masterfully adapted to Austen s original nineteenth century style, Presumption brings back to life the book s most memorable characters, the Bennets, Darcys, Collins, and de Bourghs An elegant emulation and continuation of Pride and Prejudice Jointly composed by two admirers of Jane Austen, the book often achieves crisp replication of her style Presumption shows how sequel writing can, like parody, be a sharp exercise in literary appreciation Peter Kemp, Times Literary SupplementJulia Barrett is a pseudonym for Julia Braun Kessler and Gabrielle Donnelly.

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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name Julia Barrett was the pseudonym adopted by Julia Braun Kessler and British born novelist Gabrielle Donnelly in the writing of Presumption, An Entertainment, a sequel to Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice Julia Braun Kessler then continued on her own as Julia Barrett with three continuations of Jane Austen s works The Third Sister, A Continuation of Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen s Charlotte Her Fragment of A Last Novel, Completed, and the forthcoming, Mary Crawford or, Revisiting At Mansfield Park.


  • It was nice to spend more time with Jane Austen's characters and to see what they've been up to, even if it's not the original version. Darcy and Elizabeth are one of my favorite couple and their marriage makes me really happy.

  • I admire any author who can come close to Austen's way with words. This is a fairly close imitation of her style, if not quite as engrossing a tale as Jane would weave. My enjoyment came from the Austen-ness of the narrative and the gentleness of the plot and characters. So many of today's "sequels" to Jane Austen classics are modern style stories of her characters--recognizable mainly by names and rough outlines of their personalities. However, the plots, dialogues, and absence of subtle satire [...]

  • It was a cute read. Predictable in that you knew far-too-charming Captain Heywood would be Wickham 2.0, the intelligent architect who beguiles and irritates simultaneously would be Darcy 2.0, etc. I certainly didn't see the elopement of Caroline and the aforementioned Captain--but she deserved him. Truly, I can't envision or hear Darcy calling his beloved Lizzie--far too common and overused by her sisters. Another ridiculous predicament by the Bennet family--oy! But, I do like the further develo [...]

  • While others have used Austen’s characters and put them into situations and adapted them from there, this tale follows the characters themselves in a very likely situation from the Regency period. The writing style is very similar to that of Austen and her wit is in tact and shines. The story isn’t complicated, resembling elements of P&P itself – but still satisfies. It also sticks to Jane Austen canon – with Jane being the first to have a baby, and with Kitty marrying a curate. I hi [...]

  • Started out good, but I quickly decided I didn't agree with her portrayal of Anne De Bourgh, Kitty Bennett or Georgiana Darcy. Entertaining, but I felt like I was reading about new characters, not the characters I loved in Pride and Prejudice.

  • Awful parody (unintentional) of Jane Austen's most beloved characters. I couldn't believe how terrible this book was, given the promising cover and blurb. Lizzy and Mr Bennet don't have one clever or amusing thing to say, and every single character is as boring as hell!

  • This is an intelligent continuation of the character Georgiana Darcy, though we see much of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy as well. The plot is one of Austen's typical: a young woman courted by two men, one of whom turns out to be of sterling character, the other not. No spoilers there. And in fact I could figure out right away which was which, but the interest is in how Georgiana and others find out. The style of language is reminiscent of Austen's but without her irony and gentle satire, two [...]

  • Before Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister (2010), Miss Darcy Falls in Love (2011), Georgiana Darcy’s Diary (2012) or Loving Miss Darcy (2013), or any of the other numerous Pride and Prejudice sequels elevating Georgiana Darcy to main character, there was Presumption: An Entertainment, by Julia Barrett (1993). Of all of the minor characters in Pride and Prejudice Mr. Darcy’s younger sister is the logical choice to continue the story. She has many points in her favor. Being young, beautiful, wealthy, [...]

  • Not Jane Austen but it was fun getting back into that atmosphere. The first pages were really disappointing but after a while it seemed to get better.

  • If you pick up this book *without* hopes of discovering Elizabeth and Darcy's "happily ever after" life (they are separated for most of the novel, and are not the main focus of the narrative), you may enjoy this sequel.This was the first sequel to _P&P_ I read, so I had no basis of comparison, except for the original work. Undoubtedly, this is unfair to the author/s of this novel, so please read my comments with that in mind.I was a bit nonplussed upon finding two factual errors within the f [...]

  • First of all, this book was a very enjoyable read! It is written in a way that reminds the reader of Austen’s own writing style without trying too hard, while it is still an easy read and interesting enough to make you want to read it all in one sitting. However, I’m not too happy with the overall storyline, which I’ll explain in a bit.The novel has Georgiana Darcy, Mr. Darcy’s younger sister, as the main character. She’s come of age and is expected to marry soon, but she’s having so [...]

  • The authors try to capture Jane Austen's writing style and do a fairly good job of it though the style is not a good one for moving the plot forward. I found myself falling asleep in the middle of the book and having to reread passages because the language required close attention. (This does not happen when I read Jane Austen's original words). The plot is predictable right from the beginning. I judged which suitor was right for Georgiana from their first meeting. One of them I felt to be smarm [...]

  • "Presumption" is a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Now having said that, if you are looking for a sequel which only focus Darcy and Elizabeth then this is not the novel to read. The protagonist of this novel is Georgina Darcy and it has a touch of a growth novel. We see Georgina has been influenced by the new sister's strong sense-of-mind. The story begins nearly after two years since the marriage of Elizabeth and Darcy. Jane and Bingley who now lives in Pelham Hall is expecting the first child. [...]

  • I was excited to read this because it focuses on Georgiana Darcy finding love. It was well done, made me feel like I was reading a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, and had the similar plot lines that Jane Austen would create in her writing. However, trying to see the author further develop the characters of Elizabeth and Darcy was hard for me to accept. I'm of the mind that the original author's ideas for a character (due to the extensive hours of writing, background information, and character dev [...]

  • While on holidays back in Spain, I went to the library and borrow a P&P sequel that I never heard of: Presumption by Julia Barrett. I have read it in Spanish and it was strange as I am used to read in English, however, I was looking forward to read this sequel whose main character is Georgiana Darcy.Generally speaking I have liked this book but I need to say that it was a bit empty of feelings, I mean, Georgiana was trying to be very adult-like and sensible after her first season and she tri [...]

  • Presumption: An Entertainment: A Sequel to Pride and PrejudiceEntertaining story entailing the continuing disapproval and disappointed marriage of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Lady Catherine has come to Pemberley to Georgiana's Ball. This is first affair of magnitude that has happened since the death of Lady Anne, Fitzwilliam's mother. Of course, Lady Catherine Darcy's beloved aunt, has spread far and wide to all the illustrious families of Derbyshire, that this ball will be a disaste [...]

  • I found a glimmer or two of wit, but after a promising beginning it veers more and more off-kilter. At first the mistakes are small: Caroline Bingley calling Kitty and Mary 'Misses Kitty and Mary Bennet' instead of 'the Miss Bennets' (thus implying a familiarity she would scorn to claim), the misuse of the word disquiet for disturb, and some others…but then the characters do things they just wouldn't do, and it became increasingly hard to read, despite some occasional fun passages. I wonder if [...]

  • The author has done a really good job of writing a sequal to Pride & Prejudice. Elizabeth and Mr Darcy are happily married and living at Pemberley with his sister, Georgiana, who has taken well to life in society under Elizabeth's influence. At her ball, she meets the charming Captain Heywood and despite swearing never to fall in love after her disasterous entanglement with Mr Wickham, Georgiana finds herself drawn to the young navel officer. But the Bennet's are never far from trouble and w [...]

  • I was diverted by this book. Some of the plot lines were forced and it had much less heft than Austen's original (not surprisingly) but overall the writing wore the mantle of Austen's legacy with style. Perhaps, as some have noted, there was too little Lizzy and Darcy, but the end result of marriage is not so much the consummation of love--as the various erotic sequels would derive fromP&P-- but the mingling of sets of embarrassing relatives, and Barrett provided a grand swirl of comings and [...]

  • A sequel to Pride & Prejudice, picking up after Darcy and Lizzy's marriage. The story focuses on Georgiana, who has been disappointed with love in the past and is determined to make better decisions in the future. Perhaps, she will never marry--and then she meets an eligible, charming young navy captain. He is everything she would want in a husband, were she looking for one. And there's a eligible young architect working at Pemberley, and Mrs. Darcy seems to find him friendly enough, but he' [...]

  • I enjoyed this P&P sequel very much. I liked that it focused on Georgiana rather than Elizabeth & Fitzwilliam Darcy, and that it gave quite a bit of breadth to the minor characters of P&P -- including finding a happy ending for Kitty Bennet. I also think that the author did an excellent job capturing the style of Jane Austen's writing. The personailities of Mrs. Bennet, Mary Bennet, Caroline Bingley and Mr. Collins were very humorously done as well. But I must say that I especially a [...]

  • This book isn't my normal genre love (fantasy/sci is more my thing) but I really enjoyed this book. It was a suggested read form my book club. I am a Jane Austen fan and this did not depart from her vision. This book is about Georgiana, Darcy's sister and takes place after Darcy and Elizabeth are married and follows her growing up in a society that is basically obsessed with rank. Her Aunt and godfather look down on Elizabeth and the Bennetts, who frankly (beside Lizzy and Jane) often are in lin [...]

  • I was so very much disappointed by this book! Characters were absolutely twisted, high society ladies were behaving like scums, gentlemen were hardly gentle at all (Vickham amuses the assembly by observing the shine of his shoes in a mirror---)The plot was basicly the same as in P&P: again some guy amazes entire society and wants a bride just for money, again Bennet family has a scandalous affair (auntie was to be beheaded for stealing a piece of lace), again disagreeable young man ends up b [...]

  • This was fan fiction at its best. Julia Barrett took all the aspects of Jane Austen's novels and made a sequel to her most popular book. For that reason I'm not sure if I love it or hate it. The writing itself was well done, because this is supposed to be a sequel to a Jane Austen novel, it is appropriate to write like her. However, one would hope that Barrett would incorporate some of her own creativity into her writing instead of using the same story line as Austin. The characters were fun and [...]

  • Gabrielle Donnelly and Julia Braun Kessler, who write under the pseudonym "Julia Barrett," are correct that writing a sequel to Pride and Prejudice is a "presumption." Their effort to capture Austen's inimitable tone often seems stilted. Still, I found it enjoyable enough, and the authors manage to keep most of the characters' behaviors and choices consistent with their portrayal in Austen's novel. And of course it's delightful to hear that the new Mrs. Darcy is steadily winning over Mr. Darcy's [...]

  • I am currently enjoying this book very much. It is amusing and sheds a whole different light on Georgiana, Jane and Elizabeth. I have a new perspective of how Jane and Elizabeth would be concerned about their new roles as new wives and mistresses of impressive households. I'm only partially done we'll see how the rest goes. Okay I'm done and I really enjoyed it. I enjoy most things that shed light on Georgiana. It had me guessing somewhat until the end. I had inklings here and there but it was s [...]

  • Jane Austen's language and wit can't be duplicated, of course, but Barrett (the pen name of two collaborating writers, actually) gives us an admirable and entertaining imitation. The story focuses mostly on Georgiana Darcy, Mr. Darcy's younger sister, which I think was a good decision since she's a character we didn't see much of in Pride and Prejudice. I'd definitely recommend this book to someone who a.) isn't a rabid Jane purist, b.) often wishes there was another Austen novel, and c.) has a [...]

  • I found this book back in the 90s after I had discovered Jane Austen. I do remember starting to read it but I can't remember but I couldn't get into it then I thought maybe I could now but I was wrong. I got further that last time but I just found it boring and couldn't finish it. Really disappointing I think there is a story of Georgiana Darcy to be told, but this isn't it at least for me. I will hope at some point I will find a book that has a good story of Georgiana.

  • My only complaint about this book is that it is not really Georgiana's story, as advertised, but a continuation of everyone's story from Pride and Prejudice. Except for Col. Fitzwilliam, he's not even mentioned! Anyway, instead of seeing everything that happens through Georgiana's eyes, we get the perspectives of a whole slew of characters. Also, I knew immediately who Georgiana was going to marry. Still, an enjoyable, fairly-written read.

  • ¿Sabían que existía una continuación de la novela Orgullo y Prejuicio? Yo no, hasta que compré un lote de libros usados (muy baratos) y encontré entre todos ellos este ejemplar. La autora sigue, básicamente, la linea de Jane Austen, aunque la historia se centra en la hermana menor de Darcy. Por supuesto Elisabeth también hace sus apariciones, aconsejando a la pequeña. Creo que se me hizo un poco más llevadera la trama de esta segunda parte que la mismísima Orgullo y Prejuicio.

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