Cuddle Up, Goodnight

Cuddle Up Goodnight Wake up Animal friends are ready to play Clean up dress up eat up With friends by your side even everyday routines are full of fun and whimsy Cuddle up At the end of a busy day comes the nicest rou

  • Title: Cuddle Up, Goodnight
  • Author: Katie Cleminson
  • ISBN: 9781423138440
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wake up Animal friends are ready to play Clean up, dress up, eat up With friends by your side, even everyday routines are full of fun and whimsy Cuddle up At the end of a busy day comes the nicest routine of all cuddling up with the perfect book Katie Cleminson s winsome illustrations make Cuddle Up, Goodnight a delightful addition to any child s bedtime routine.

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  • The simple text takes a child from sun up to sun down, a perfect bedtime story to recap the events of the day and the settling in at night.

  • Goes through a simple day from morning to night. Illustrations are nice but it is never explained how this utopia with people and animals living so closely together came to be. How do I get an elephant to tuck me in at night?

  • I found this book a bit odd. Some of the prose bounces and skids along, while other pages are written beautifully. I found the progression of events and routine lovely and sharing your day with animals is just perfect. The illustrations are delicious!But, the text is short and written really for a toddler, while the boy in the story is obviously off at school, counting and spelling. I know little ones like to look up to older ones, but this book is meant to comfort a little one at bedtime and cu [...]

  • I picked this one up to check out the illustrations. A very interesting technique with thick, rough, black ink outlines around simplified shapes, but coloured over the top with pencil, charcoal, soft pastel, spots of collage. Really good rhythm and rhyme. Really good layout. Really good (and simple, and kid-friendly) concept with the kids and animals mixed playfully in the one batch. Really good illustrations. Like some of the rest of us (ahem) I think Katie Cleminson finds it easier to put the [...]

  • It might be great fun to be awakened by an elephant, taught by a bear,and dine with a cat, a lemur, a lion, and a hippo, before settling down with a nice book and reading it with friends. In this imaginative book, a boy has all these experiences. The feeling created by ink, colored pencil, and charcoal illustrations is one of warmth and security, but at times the illustrations of animals mingled with children was a bit jarring as was some of the text. Young readers may find it hard to follow the [...]

  • A little boy is woken up by an elephant, gets dressed with a cat, goes to school with a bear, plays on the playground with a meerkat, has dinner with a hippo, reads a story with a lion and is put to bed by the elephant.My only issue with this cute story is the outfit the child plays dress-up in. Maybe I'm being too culturally sensitive, but I don't think it's appropriate for a white child in a picture book published in 2010 to be dressing up as a little American Indian boy. The outfit consists o [...]

  • Visually this book is extremely appealing with a boy and animal friends going through their daily activities. However; the title indicates a nighttime book which this really is not---it's more a relaying of daily routines (and is the child in school or not--it's not very clear either). I wouldn't select this one for a nighttime story time because there are so many others that will fill the slot more adequately but I enjoyed the book and would read it to my children.

  • I love Cleminson's illustrations, as I did in "Magic Box." But I didn't really like the text in this book. The rhyming didn't always work for me. A cute idea to have all of the different animals in a young child's (school) day. And the book could even be used to transition a child into school, or (more of a stretch) help them see ways one should behave while at school. Originally 2 stars, but the illustrations make it 3.

  • The illustrations in this book are superb - very soothing colors and simple images. I really like the cadence of this book -it makes it enjoyable to read aloud.Jack likes it well enough. It doesn't have cars or trucks though, so it isn't one of his favorites!All in all a good choice if you are planning a bedtime themed storytime.

  • This "bedtime" book made me yawn (and not in a good way). Kinda surprised Disney published it with the offensive dressing up like an Indian and sitting stoically in front of a teepee part. I mean they were so sensitive to American Indian culture in movies like Peter Pan and so accurate in movies like Pocahontas

  • Reading Level: Ages 3-5After a long day of fun activities, it's time for this young boy and his elephant friend to go to bed.For more book reviews from the HPPL Youth Department, click here.

  • I really liked this book. The words and sentences are perfect for a new reader. I really liked the way that this book is relate able to children because the main character performs that same activities as the readers (breakfast, getting dressed, school, bedtime, etc)

  • The illustrations are really wonderful, lots of personality in those animals. Some nice repetition (wake up, dress up, clean up, cuddle up, etc). Not a stand out "slice of life" book, though, and one I can't recommend anyway because of the dressing-up-as-an-Indian bits.

  • A boy whose daily routines are no different from those of lots of other boys and girls: wake up, get dressed, play outside, read stories, etc. The one difference, though, is that he does all these things with his ANIMAL FRIENDS!Love these illustrations.

  • Really fun, sweet little book.I love this author/illustrator.A dreamy day with fun animals as teachers.Haiku Review:If you had one dayto hang out with animalswho do you think you'd choose?

  • I though the story was a little weird, but isn't that one of the things that we love about picture books? Illustrations are top notch.

  • A sweet book about a young boy's day spent playing and learning with friends. The title refers to the last few pages of the book and doesn't really capture the book's message.

  • A sweet picture book for very young children. A nice read for bedtime routines and charming illustrations but not a stand out in a field filled with sweet picture books.

  • It's time to dress and time for school ; time to play and time for dinner - there's just so much to do! But befor you know it, it's time for bed and for stories and cuddles

  • I found this book to be really odd. The text just felt and sounded off to me when I read it aloud. The illustrations were beautiful though.

  • It's 2011 -- haven't we moved beyond dressing and and playing "indian", complete with feather headband, bows and arrows, and teepee? Come on!

  • Loved the illustrations in this one. Puzzled why the cover seems to indicate a bedtime story when only two pages have to do with going to bed.

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