The Lucifer Code

The Lucifer Code Thomas Lourds ventures to Istanbul University in Turkey to examine artifacts never before seen by Western scholars He s barely off the plane before he s kidnapped by ruthless people who leave a string

  • Title: The Lucifer Code
  • Author: Charles Brokaw
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Thomas Lourds ventures to Istanbul University in Turkey to examine artifacts never before seen by Western scholars He s barely off the plane before he s kidnapped by ruthless people who leave a string of dead bodies in their wake They want Lourds to translate coded writings that they hope will lead them to a lost scroll authored by John of Patmos the same John who wroteThomas Lourds ventures to Istanbul University in Turkey to examine artifacts never before seen by Western scholars He s barely off the plane before he s kidnapped by ruthless people who leave a string of dead bodies in their wake They want Lourds to translate coded writings that they hope will lead them to a lost scroll authored by John of Patmos the same John who wrote the Book of Revelation in the Bible The writings on the scroll might bring about the end of the world or might stop it They might even raise the Devil himself but there are signs that the Devil has already risen and that he is very interested in Thomas Lourds No one knows for sure what will happen if the scroll is found, decoded, and translated, but several powerful men are seeking it, and they will stop at nothing to get it And one of those people has ties to the US government, ties that lead directly to the White House.Before he knows it, Thomas Lourds is in over his head, dodging spies, crooks, and bullets He needs help to stay alive and he has it in the form of a beautiful but deadly Irish Republican Army operative, and in his old flame, Olympia Adnan Can they navigate the secrets hidden in ancient Istanbul s most secret depths before they are killed Or will they be too late to stop the terrible workings of the Devil himself before he can bring the world down around them

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    Charles Brokaw is a pseudonym for an author, academic, and college educator living in the Midwest He s had a rich and varied life, and is fascinated by history, human accomplishment, and archeology He began the book The Atlantis Code after seeing an article in a scholarly journal The piece featured a satellite photo, and pointed out ruins visible in Spain which matched closely the description of Atlantis relayed in the writings of Plato Because the ruins were located in a famous national park, he was certain they would never be explored That got him thinking about just what treasures are buried beneath the earth The result was The Atlantis Code The book is the author s first published adventure thriller uscmillan author charle


  • Umm… 1 second pls…I’ll be right there with you.I’m wondering…ill wondering…. All right, I give up!!I have no clue WTF happened in this book and WHY?? And it hurts, it Physically hurtsafter getting through this book. Why god why?? Why did you let me read this??This is the second book in the series and it is worse than the 1st one bcz the first one sucked from the page 1, but this book didn’t. It built me up and then pushed me down.Recently, a Librarian lectured me that it isn’t f [...]

  • The book started off well for me but sadly from then on, it was a downhill journey and after fighting off thoughts of putting the book down never to return to it, I was laughing like crazy at the end of the book.The book really has the most ridiculous climax!!!! The book never elaborates on the cryptic messages that are a key to unlock the code that is talked about in the book. Its just said that there is a message a secret society and a bunch of goons both has a copy of that message and our mai [...]

  • "The Lucifer Code" was a fairly interesting book. It was like if you mixed some of Indiana Jones in with a more bookish professor. It was filled with a lot of adventure and questions about why various groups of people were after this professor and why he was the only one who could translate a long lost document. It kept my interest fairly well and I didn't mind the mix of history and religion at all. The book flags at the end, though, to the point where they skip over how much of what the docume [...]

  • I did not finish this book. I was in past 110 pages and the story wasn't going anywhere, I have to say I'm disappointed bc.

  • The Lucifer Code is the second book to feature Dr. Thomas Lourds, but the first one I've read. Thomas is rather famous, between being the foremost expert in languages, discovering the lost city of Atlantis and penning a popular novel that make the ladies swoon. Each of these accomplishments goes hand-in-hand with different sides of Thomas's personality. He's a highly educated, intelligent and knows it. He's got a lust for adventure. And he's a ladies man who fancy's himself quite attractive to t [...]

  • Öncelikle Dan Brown kalitesinde bir roman bekliyorsanız bu kitap size göre değil arkadaşlar Maalesef ben o moda girerek okudum kitabı ve hayal kırıklığına uğradım. Keşke takip ettiğim kitap bloglarında bir yorumları tarasaydım dedirtti bana Kitapta oldukça eksiklikler var. Baş karakterimiz Thomas maşallah nasıl bir adamsa kadınlara olan ilgisi onun tek zayıflığıPeki bu karşılıksız mı? Tabii ki de değil Nasıl oluyorsa çevresindeki herkesin ilgisini çekebiliyor. [...]

  • Brokaw's second novel brings our main character back on the scene, newly made famous for his work on the rediscovery of Atlantis and a mainstream '50 Shades-like' novel, with a new discovery in the heart of Turkey. While the reader is tossed back into the world of ancient relics written in long-dead languages, one cannot wonder the extent of the Dan Brown/Sam Bourne influence, especially as the biblical connections rise to the surface. That said, it is the intricate detail in which Brokaw lays o [...]

  • I very much enjoyed the story. Not overly complicated, what I call an easy read. Good characters and much history involved. An entertaining book well worth reading. I look forward to the next in the series.

  • When I got through the first quarter of "Lucifer's Code", I started considering whether I should give this pulp archaeo-historical-thriller four or three stars. The introductory scenes were that good. High action, quick and witty dialogue and a reasonably smart storyline. Honestly, I was teetering on the 4-stars v 3-stars debate through the first half of the book. Unfortunately for me, and for the potential 4-star rating, this is when things started falling apart.The first half of the book is a [...]

  • Professor Thomas Lourds (and I'm sure Professor is his first name and Tom his middle, given how he's referred to throughout this book) is the best at languages and knowing things. Every woman wants to have sex with Professor Thomas Lourds. Professor Thomas Lourds found Atlantis and banished the Devil with the power of his penis. (Maybe not literally but certainly in spirit, seeing how much this book goes on about Professor Thomas Lourds' lecherous ways.) All hail Professor Thomas Lourds!

  • Are you looking for excitement? Do you enjoy conspiracy theories that involve the end of the world that don't make you roll your eyes?Then don't bother with this book. I spent most of the book bored, wondering why I was continuing to read it, or just rolling my eyes. It starts off with the main character Lourds, being kidnapped. And it stays interesting until he escapes. Which happens relatively quickly. Then a bunch of stuff happens, I forget what because it was so boring. And then the ending c [...]

  • In the Lucifer Code the main character, Dr. Thomas Lourds a linguistic specialist arrives in Turkey only to be kidnapped upon arrival. It seems that Lourds is a commodity that everyone wants. His specialty is what is needed to decipher an ancient scroll. This is my first time to read Brokaw’s work and I felt as though the characters were a little flat. Lourds, for instance, was a dirty old man bordering on being a pervert. I really couldn’t stand this character. In my opinion, he didn’t fi [...]

  • I have mixed feelings on this book. I like the action and history in it, but I felt that the storyline was a little far fetched and I am becoming not too fond of the main character. I like that he is really smart but he is so full of himself and sleeps with every woman he comes in contact with, it becomes a little annoying at times. There is also a part at the end of the book where they are searching for other pieces of the puzzle that the author completely skips over. They find the first piece [...]

  • I tried to persevere I really did! Every few days I read 30-50 pages but eventually 3/4 through I gave up, I didn't care and swiftly gave it away the charity shop! I only gave it 1 star because it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't presume someone, somewhere would think it a good read. Otherwise I wouldn't have rated it at all. I certainly wouldn't have past it on to a friend. It's a book that reads like an action/thriller MOVIE with a thin plot, far to many characters and had I strained my bored bra [...]

  • A light page-turner about the pursuit of a lost companion document to the Book of Revelation. Dr. Thomas Lourdes, a linguist, maybe the world's best linguist, is swept into the quest for the Scroll of Joy while in Istanbul. As events go awry in the Middle East, Lourdes reels from one conflict to the next, trying to avert the end of the world.There are some fun moments, a great sidekick in gun-smuggling gun for hire Cleena and a lot of fun chases through catacombs and underground chambers. The bo [...]

  • This guy should give up writing! Okay i little harsh, i admit. I had just read the 7TH Scroll by Wilbur Smith, which i quite enjoyed and was hoping this might be in the same mould but Wilbur Smith is a far more superior writer This is a sort of Indiana Jones type of tale. Its far fetched and i suppose the author meant it to be that way but by the end of the first 60 pages, i was hoping the hero's would get killed ( i didnt like any of them ) The plot was boarding on ludicrous, the script cheesy [...]

  • My first foray into reading a work of Charles Brokaw. The first half of the book was full of action and plot and well written, too. The third quarter slowly got progressively worse, as though the author was himself getting tired of writing this particular book, or was writing to a very tight deadline.The end of the book, I can only describe as being bad. The ending pages left me speechless. Not in a good way, it must be pointed out I was debating with myself on giving this book a 2 or a 3 stars, [...]

  • I loved this book. I had never read anything by Charles Brokaw before. The Lucifer Code was fast paced, funny, and kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were all likable and the story was well written. The only thing about the book that I was midly disappointed in was the last 3 pages or so. I thought the ending was a little rushed and I was left wanting more. But overall I definitely give this book 5 stars and look forward to reading more books written by Charles Brokaw.Also a big than [...]

  • The second book in the series and fourth one I've read. This book answered some questions that show up in the later books, lol. Like all of the books there is plenty of action and travel. It would have been nice to have more detail late in the story and less earlier. Some of the back story could have been better developed. In some ways the book reads like most of it was done and it was too long and the all the hardcore editing was at the tail end of the book. If you are reading the series this i [...]

  • I enjoyed this book after struggling with more serious reading when my book club had chosen to read Galileo's Daughter. The action kept my interest though the character development was rather shallow or reaching by times. I probably wouldn't buy the other books in this series, but would likely get around to reading them if a friend offered to lend them to me.

  • What a brilliant series! I am loving it :) If you enjoyed The Atlantis Code then you won't be disappointed with this one. Fast-paced, gripping, mysterious, an explosive ending and again with a good knowledge of facts, this has left me wanting to start book 3 right now. (still waiting for to deliver it tho :( lol) 4.5 stars

  • I picked it up to pass an hour until I went out for the day, ended up canceling my plans, staying up all night just to finish it. It started with a bang, and never ended until the last page.

  • The Lucifer Code is Omen III meets DaVinci Code, with indelicate technique and heavy handed prose making for a very disappointing book.

  • It's been a while since I read this book but I still remember liking it. I, it is easy for books like this to get lost in the tidal wave of cash-ins that happen when one book makes it big. Usually a slew of similar books, with similar sounding titles, will food the market. and not all of them will be any goodis book, although it seems that it has had to play the Name Game with its title, is a good read. it is interesting and informative but also it is imaginative as well, to a degree. it isn't a [...]

  • Took me a while to warm up to this but once I got in I found it fascinating. Gripping suspense, interesting characters and an innovative story line. My only criticism really - and hopefully this isn't a spoiler - is that the key characters always seem to escape from insurmountable odds, and Thomas Lourds knows more than any human being could possibly know. But, then again, you could say that about every James Bond or Jason Bourne book ever written. I enjoyed it a lot. Will probably go back and r [...]

  • Oh please spare mePoorly developed and ridiculous premise, unresolved storylines and clumsy gratuitous sex. The author has obviously never spent time in any of the locations he attempts to describe and stole a major breakthrough directly from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The penitent man should be the author.

  • A better than average historical adventure novel. I feel there was some unneeded sexual escapades - especially near the end (that scene felt forced and was totally irrelevant to the story). I liked most of the characters, and stories featuring the ultimate battle of good versus evil always excite me.

  • It has an interesting story line that can hold you to reading the book but some parts could have been explained better. A better way of the protagonist solving puzzles would be great to start with. Some scenes in the book are there just to burn pages. Could have been a better novel.

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