Rising Sun

Rising Sun On the forty fifth floor of the Nakamoto Tower in downtown L A the new American headquarters of the immense Japanese conglomerate a grand opening celebration is in full swing On the forty sixth floor

  • Title: Rising Sun
  • Author: Michael Crichton
  • ISBN: 9780345380371
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • On the forty fifth floor of the Nakamoto Tower in downtown L.A the new American headquarters of the immense Japanese conglomerate a grand opening celebration is in full swing.On the forty sixth floor, in an empty conference room, the dead body of a beautiful young woman is discovered.The investigation begins and immediately becomes a headlong chase through a twistingOn the forty fifth floor of the Nakamoto Tower in downtown L.A the new American headquarters of the immense Japanese conglomerate a grand opening celebration is in full swing.On the forty sixth floor, in an empty conference room, the dead body of a beautiful young woman is discovered.The investigation begins and immediately becomes a headlong chase through a twisting maze of industrial intrigue a no holds barred conflict in which control of a vital American technology is the fiercely coveted prize and the Japanese saying business is war takes on a terrifying reality

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    Michael Crichton 1942 2008 was one of the most successful novelists of his generation, admired for his meticulous scientific research and fast paced narrative He graduated summa cum laude and earned his MD from Harvard Medical School in 1969 His first novel, Odds On 1966 , was written under the pseudonym John Lange and was followed by seven Lange novels He also wrote as Michael Douglas and Jeffery Hudson His novel A Case of Need won the Edgar Award in 1969 Popular throughout the world, he has sold than 200 million books His novels have been translated into thirty eight languages, and thirteen have been made into films.Michael Crichton passed away from lymphoma in 2008 He was 66 years old.


  • Though I have read only a couple of Michael Crichton's books, I am fan of his writing. His The Andromeda Strain and Sphere were highly enjoyable. So, with a lot of expectations I started with this book. From the blurb, I could gather that it is a murder mystery centered on corporate espionage. The body of a young beautiful woman has been discovered in the forty-fifth floor of the Nakamoto Tower - a mighty Japanese conglomerate, in Los Angeles. This was during a party, attended by celebrities, se [...]

  • I love this book. I read this book on 2010 and until now its still my favorite. This books is telling us a story how contrast it is American culture and Japanese culture. American is much more brass and outspoken. Japanese is much more secluded and honoring seniority. I love how the author narrates the story and focusing on the culture contrast.

  • In the 80s the big American fear, especially in California, was that the Japanese businesses were going to take over. Strangely, the fact that the Dutch and British had more holdings than the Japanese never mattered.That said, Japanese conspiracies were popular and this was one of the better ones, which also allowed us to perceive the Japanese manner of thinkingW, this book was better than the movie. Overally, a very good read but not great.For those who didn't see the movie a pair of American i [...]

  • Michael Crichton is a very interesting writer. He takes a subject that he is interested in, researches it fully and then crafts a story around the research.The blurb for "Rising Sun" describes it as a business thriller. There aren't actually any thrills in it, but it is very interesting, as a description of how Japanese big business is buying corporate America.I enjoy learning stuff while I'm reading, but if you just wanted a thriller, this might not be for you.

  • This one is a crime/mystery/detection story integrated within a time where the United States and Japan were involved in technological industry wars so as to take a lead against each other. Although the story itself was decent, reading the information penned by the author with regard to the American attitudes towards the Japanese way of making business and vice-versa, at the time, along with their prejudices and understandings was very interesting to read, and which is based on thorough research. [...]

  • This novel should've been called I'm Not Racist, But--. Crichton's wise men rant against the Japanese as copiously as his straw men do, and their arguments are functionally identical. By all means, he says, paint them with a broad brush, say they're schemers, insist they spell our doom, but good Lord, don't call them "nips"! That's bigoted!Other times it seems like Crichton isn't even trying not to be racist. The whodunit that fills the first half of the book concerns a beautiful young American [...]

  • I really enjoy how Michael Crichton can keep me glued to the page with plot twists and fast pacing, but I really hate when he gets too preachy. I think that is his biggest weakness as a writer. All of his books have some kind of lesson to be learned, typically it's the dangers of fast-growing technology, but his best novels show the reader why this is a problem instead of insistently telling us. For example, in Jurassic Park we didn't need a lecture on the dangers of playing God and giving life [...]

  • 4.0 to 4.5 stars. My favorite Michael Crichton novel. I remember reading this book when it first came out and thinking is was a terrific read. I plan to re-read it at some point to see if it has aged well.

  • Rising Sun feels a bit dated now that Japan has experienced it's "Lost Decade" and China has become a dominant economic power, but it's still a well-written and engaging thriller. It kind of loses steam after the car chase with Eddie, if the reader is not careful they will be dragged into a morass of technical information about various forms of video tape and how they can be altered, even though these details are semi important to the plot this section could've been cut way down in my opinion, b [...]

  • Listening to Michael Crichton -- at least judging by this one outing -- is very different than reading Michael Crichton. I know, I know, listening to anything is different than reading, but I was shocked to discover how much lecturing Crichton does in his books. It goes far beyond the usual exposition of tech and ideas one would expect from a Sci-Fi writer. His lectures are long, over-blown, bordering on excruciating, but I think the magic of the written words allows those moments to be glossed [...]

  • This seemed such a departure from what Michael Crichton normally writes about. It just seemed an odd genre for him to tap into, and I'm sorry to say, he didn't pull it off. If you're looking for a great Crichton book to read, move along to just about any of the others which, by the way, are plentiful. I'm am a fan of Crichton's for some books.

  • In the early to mid-1990's a wave of anti-Japan hysteria swept through some segments of the American population. I distinctly remember watching two newscasts from this time concerning Japan. One talked about people's fear of Japanese 'interests' buying up significant portions of the U.S. The other showed video clip of people venting their anger over Japanese imports by destroying a Toyota pickup with baseball bats and the reporter (off-screen) explaining that the truck was built in the U.S. at t [...]

  • Solid read. Good, not great, but better than most. Not my favorite Chrichton book, but better than most I've read. Am I being repetitious? It's a unique detective story. While Japan isn't anywhere near the economic threat to the United States like it was in the past (that title now belongs to global debt levels), this was still an interesting read. While the story was good, the real value here is a look inside the Japanese culture. Reading is fun, but it's even better when you learn something ab [...]

  • Perhaps it is because this book has an out of date topic, but I found the constant "Japanese taking over America" rants to be a bit much. It took away from the overall mystery of the murder case, which in itself was interesting and intriguing. If it weren't for that preaching, I would have managed 3 stars.

  • "Rising Sun" is Micheal Crichton at his best. All the reasons he is one of my favorite authors are found in this book. He writes honestly, not politically correctly. The cold hard facts he states, through the eyes and ears and mouths of his characters, about the Japanese and their business practices and America's inability to respond to either, mostly out of ignorance, innefeciency, and a desire to, at whatever cost, not come across as offensive or racist, is spot on. I live in Asia full time (t [...]

  • This book is now 25 years old, and while it holds up as a murder mystery the politics of it are a bit outdated. The late Michael Crichton wrote the book as the personal computer industry was in flux. Much of the industry was starting to be transferred to Asian markets. In addition, the US was facing increasing trade deficits with Japan, the auto industry was in trouble, almost all televisions were being built there as well.In the quarter century since then the trade deficit has shifted to China [...]

  • Underwhelming and transparent would be the two words I would use for this novel by Crichton.Starring two completely replaceable and indistinct noir detectives, we find ourselves tugged along an unnecessarily winding plot filled with conveniently entertaining twists and turns and at the center; a sexy femme fatale lies dead without panties.Here are the tropes that this novel is a slave to: 1.) A car chase between the police and a sports car that ends in a flaming wreck. 2.) Dead suspects are not [...]

  • Well, this my first book by Michael Crichton and I enjoyed it. My rating would have to be closer to three stars but it had a nice plot, fast pace, something easy to get into but not to figure out. Recommended.

  • I have to be in the mood to read Crichton & I had this book around for years before I got to it. It was very absorbing. Nothing too special, but a well done thriller.

  • This acclaimed novel is set against the backdrop of Japanese-American tensions at the time of its writing - each side apprehensive, protective of their own territory and culture. The plot revolves around an American female's murder in Nakomoto, a Japanese corporation on American soil - and that distinct setting sets the wheels of this novel in motion. The intricacies of etiquette, culture, duty that is inherent to Japan plays a key role as the investigation begins to unfold. Only one man can ide [...]

  • Michael Crichton- Rising Sun (Ballantine Books 1993) 3.75 StarsWhen a woman is murdered in the beautiful new Nakamoto Tower in L.A. at its grand opening, an investigation begins. Lieutenant Smith must now work with Captain Connor to dig through the lies and deceit to uncover the truth. Connor teaches him much about Japanese culture and helps him understand their actions. Just when they think that they are close to the truth they discover that once again they must weave through the maze of corrup [...]

  • Rising Sun was a tough one to get through. It wasn't extremely long, but without having any prior knowledge of Japanese business or customs I found myself boggled by the details. Once finished, I felt it was a satisfying read, but not something I would have an interest in reading again. Rising Sun is a must for the more rabid Michael Crichton fans, but casual readers should pass this one by.

  • I don't feel this was xenophobic or attacked the Japanese influence in the US, but rather I felt it held many veracities albeit in typical Crichton fashion.

  • buku ini menarik banget. pas awal2 membaca, dengan berbagai penjelasan yang menurut saya kurang dapat dipercaya soal orang dan budaya jepang, membuat saya mikir "ah masak iya" dan "sotoy nih soal orang jepang". tapi sepanjang jalan kita diajak menyusuri jalan cerita, dengan metode yang bikin saya teringat gimana Papa Poirot dan om Hastings ato Holmes dan Watson menyusuri perkara, kita akan diajak mikir, dan mungkin akhirnya membandingkan kondisi real dengan apa yang ada d buku ini. a very intere [...]

  • This would have been 5 stars if there were no cliffhangers left. Overall though a very good read. Twists and turns on every page. Keeps you intrigued the whole way through. Another Crichton classic

  • It’s been pretty interesting to revisit Crichtons work with a few more decades of perspective. As a kid I enjoyed the plots without understanding much of the substance. This one seems a bit on the nosebut maybe most of his work is?

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