The Reef

The Reef Beneath the calm aqua waters of the Great Barrier Reef there is an on going war of survival It is a war of survival among the creatures the life forms and the coral that make up the reef It is so th

  • Title: The Reef
  • Author: Di Morrissey
  • ISBN: 9781405036221
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beneath the calm aqua waters of the Great Barrier Reef, there is an on going war of survival It is a war of survival among the creatures, the life forms and the coral that make up the reef It is so threatened it could disappear within 30 years Above the reef on a small coral cay Branch Island two communities come together in an uneasy alliance a tourist resort andBeneath the calm aqua waters of the Great Barrier Reef, there is an on going war of survival It is a war of survival among the creatures, the life forms and the coral that make up the reef It is so threatened it could disappear within 30 years Above the reef on a small coral cay Branch Island two communities come together in an uneasy alliance a tourist resort and a scientific research station.Ambitious Blair Towse is appointed assistant manager of the resort with his university graduate wife Jennifer, who finds herself isolated, lonely and forced to confront her childhood fear of the sea On the surface, the island is all you could wish for a lush resort, a naturalist s dream, a diver s delight But Jennifer begins to discover the island holds secrets and dangers.She befriends an old beachcomber who introduces her to the small band of marine scientists and students at the research station When world famous oceanographer Maria Belitas arrives, Jennifer learns to see the world above and below the sea very differently Maria teaches her to come to terms with the phobias of her widowed mother as well as her own disintegrating marriage.But no one not even investigative journalist Tony Adams could have prepared Jennifer for the shocking revelations of what is really happening on Branch Island Or the dramatic confrontation between her mother and her mentor when a family secret rocks and changes Jennifer s life.

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    Di Morrissey born 18 March 1948 in Wingham, New South Wales is one of Australia s most popular female novelists She grew up in the remote surrounds of Pittwater, north of Sydney, Australia.Growing up she counted famous Australian actor Chips Rafferty as a close mentor and friend who helped provide for her and her mother after the death of her father as a child, sending them overseas to California to live with family.In her later years, Di went on to become a journalist on London s Fleet Street, and worked for CBS in Honolulu, where she lived with her husband who was in the foreign service, and even had a small role in the series Hawaii Five 0, a guest role in season three, episode seven, 1970 starring as Alicia Anderson.After moving back to Australia, Di published her first book Heart of the Dreaming which instantly became a bestseller Since then Di has published another 17 bestsellers, her latest being The Silent Country.


  • Jennifer grew up on a farm in the outback until tragedy took her father and brother when she was a child. After this her bitter and difficult mother uproots her from the farm and takes her to a small rural town to grow up, a location Jennifer escapes by going to Uni in Sydney. Before she has finished uni she marries her boyfriend, who works in hospitality and before long is forced to follow him to a gorgeous, remote Great Barrier Reef island when he is given a job managing the eco-friendly, expe [...]

  • I called this a beach book, One you can read while making sure the children do not drown as I never became connected ( I found the main character painful and weak)

  • What to say about this? At first it felt like a poor woman's Rebecca. Then it became a half-assed Michael Crichton on vaction kind of thing. Most of the characters were abysmal and I wanted to punch them. Jennifer was annoying. Blaire was a shit. Christina was a bitch. The mother was at least somewhat consistent and was the closest to being believable. She reminded me of my grandmother. The plot was just random. Nothing of much excitement happens, and then the ending bizarrely turns into an Tint [...]

  • It’s my first read from this author and won’t be my last. An easy read while lying by the pool on holidays ☺️

  • I am finding the last two stories a bit some old, same old. The Islands and this one have a classic case of women marrying the wrong man, someone they have nothing in common with and spend the first half of the story complaining about it. Move on please. Some of Di's stories have been great but I am reluctant to read another in case it has a similar storyline.You could tell that Jennifer and Blair were not a good match from word go. For me too it got a bit too much into saving the environment wh [...]

  • Di seems to assume most of her readers are stupid. When the main character is a "scientist" and asks how the Great Barrier Reef is formed, and we get an detailed explanation, who does she think is reading this drivel!

  • I'm clearing my books out so read this only so I could give it away. And it is a painful slog. Characters are weak, especially the main character. For someone once at university Jennifer seems to have no ecology knowledge or self motivated interest in it. Everyone else has the knowledge. to be continued. Thank goodness this book is done. It's put me off this author. Even as a holiday read this was not credible.

  • Die Ökologin Jennifer Towse folgt ihrem ehrgeizigen Mann Blair widerwillig auf eine kleine Urlaubsinsel am Great Barrier Reef, wo dieser die Leitung eines Hotels übernehmen soll. Jennifer fürchtet das Meer, denn als kleines Mädchen musste sie miterleben, wie ihr Vater und ihr Bruder ertrunken sind. Bald nach ihrer Ankunft zeigt sich, dass Blair in üble Machenschaften um das Hotelmanagement verstrickt ist. Noch schwieriger wird die Situation, nachdem Jennifer feststellt, dass sie ein Kind er [...]

  • Enjoyed this right from the first cover. This novel presents the conflicts experienced by a young girl whose father and brother are drowned on a visit to the beach having been a farming family and that of her mother. The mother is possessive. The young girl marries a young man in the hope of a better life only to find he is ambitious to get ahead rather than accommodate her growing desire to be a Marine Biologist. This scenario takes place on a lovely island in Queensland where all seems idealic [...]

  • The Reef is the story of a young girl's maturation process, which just happens to occur on a peaceful resort on the Coral Reef. We watch Jennifer learn to deal with her dominant mother and male chauvenistic husband. Through her new social set, Jennifer realises that although her husband and mother do not believe she should use her studies, or even pursue them further, this is exactly what she would like to do, and her friends help her to achieve her goals.Not the most exciting of Di Morrissey's [...]

  • Three stars. Yes some of the characters were annoying but they are meant to be. Jennifer is frustrating at the beginning but grows throughout the book. I love the setting of this book being of the island and the reef. I even enjoyed the likeable characters that study and want to preserve it. Although I had to wonder how Jennifer's baby didn't end up with foetal alcohol syndrome with her drinking in the early stages of pregnancy. Good easy light read even though it is predictable.

  • Es ist ein wunderschönes Buch, was mich von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite sehr fasziniert hat. Ich habe es geliebt, mit Jennifer am Strand entlang zu wandern, ihre abende mit ihren neuen Freunden zu verbringen und zu sehen, ob sie jemals wieder ins Wasser steigt. Denn sie hatte als kleines Mädchen ein traumatisches Erlebnis. Ein tolles Buch!

  • I have been meaning to read a Di Morrissey book for some time just to see what the fuss is about. I bought this one at an op shop while on holiday and having run out of reading material. Lots of things happened in this book much of which was not believable, and the story is shallow and undeveloped. There was a bit of everything and a lot of nothing. A really boring holiday read.

  • I really love audio books, but the value I get out of this format is very much dependant on the narrator. In this case I felt the voice of the main character was very hard to take "Squeaky and high pitched like a little girl instead of a woman in her 20's." Other than that a very enjoyable story. One of her best.

  • Was a bit disappointed again with Di Morrissey. There is not much excitement or much happening in this story. It was bland and the sort of story that could be shortened to appear in a womens magazine. Won't recommend as one of her better novels.

  • Very likable story. The end drags a little, then suddenly picks up speed and before you know it, it's over. I really wanted to punch some characters in the face, so in that respect Morrissey succeeded.

  • I rated 4 for a holiday read, probably a bit generous but seemed appropriate given I read it in Bali by the beach

  • Can't stand the mother in this book. Have never read this author before but thought I'd have a go Don't think I'll bother with it

  • It just seemed to go on and on and the characters were a bit painful. Tackled too many issues. Not her best effort.

  • Enjoyed the story, but the main character frustrated me with her weakness and not standing up to her husband and mother. Reading about the reef was interesting.

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