An Eye for Glory: The Civil War Chronicles of a Citizen Soldier

An Eye for Glory The Civil War Chronicles of a Citizen Soldier Michael palmer is a good man a family man But honor and duty push him to leave his comfortable life and answer the call from Abraham Lincoln to fight for his country This citizen soldier learns quick

  • Title: An Eye for Glory: The Civil War Chronicles of a Citizen Soldier
  • Author: Karl A. Bacon
  • ISBN: 9780310322023
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael palmer is a good man, a family man But honor and duty push him to leave his comfortable life and answer the call from Abraham Lincoln to fight for his country This citizen soldier learns quickly that war is than the battle on the field Long marches under extreme conditions, illness, and disillusionment challenge at every turn Faith seems lost in a blur oMichael palmer is a good man, a family man But honor and duty push him to leave his comfortable life and answer the call from Abraham Lincoln to fight for his country This citizen soldier learns quickly that war is than the battle on the field Long marches under extreme conditions, illness, and disillusionment challenge at every turn Faith seems lost in a blur of smoke and blood and death Michael s only desire is to kill as many Confederate soldiers as he can so he can go home He coldly counts off the rebels that fall to his bullets Until he is brought up short by a dying man holding up his Bible It s in the heat of battle at Gettysburg and the solemn aftermath that Michael begins to understand the grave cost of the war upon his soul Here the journey really begins as he searches for the man he was and the faith he once held so dearly With the help of his beloved wife, Jesse Ann, he takes the final steps towards redemption and reconciliation Using first hand accounts of the 14th Connecticut Infantry, Karl Bacon has crafted a detailed, genuine and compelling novel on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Intensely personal and accurate to the times, culture, and tragedy of the Civil War, An Eye for Glory may change you in ways you could have never imagined as well.

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    From youth Karl A Bacon has been a serious student of the Civil War Countless hours of detailed research supply the foundation for each novel, including copious reading, internet research and personal visits to battlefields and historic sites For Prairie Dog Town, he toured Vicksburg National Military Park, did research at the Old Courthouse Museum, stayed in the Duff Green Mansion, and visited Natchez and the ruins of Windsor House The research provides depth and realism to the stories so that the novels might be as historically accurate and believable as possible Karl lives with his wife, Jackie, in Connecticut.His first novel, An Eye for Glory 2011 was a Publisher s Weekly Top Pick and a Christy Award Finalist Until Shiloh Comes 2015 is the first book of a Civil War trilogy Until Shiloh Comes won the 2016 National Indie Excellence Award for Historical Fiction and the Independent Publisher Awards Bronze Medal for Best Adult Fiction E book.


  • This novel was based on letters and diaries from a Civil War soldier from the 2nd Connecticut Volunteers, and is told thru letters to his wife and diary entries. I was fascinated, because his unit started fighting at Antietam Creek, covering much of the same ground that we recently drove over as we came back to VA from Hershey, PA. We took back roads over South Mountain and wandered thru many areas fought over. He fought in Fredericksburg, marching down Caroline and Princess Anne streets to the [...]

  • Title: AN EYE FOR GLORYAuthor: Karl A. BaconPublisher: Zondervan February 2011ISBN: 978-0-310-32202-3Genre: Inspirational/historical/Civil WarMichael Palmer has a wife and three children, but honor and duty push him to leave his comfortable life and answer the call from Abraham Lincoln to fight for his country. Michael learns quickly that war is more than what he’d initially thought. It involves long marches through the field, under extreme conditions. Illness. Disillusionment. Faith is challe [...]

  • The thing about this book that's really interesting to me is that it wasn't completely action-packed. Words didn't jump off the page, I wasn't hanging by a thread, it was a very calm and simple book describing the life of one man in an army in the Civil War but I really enjoyed it. I didn't feel like I had to pay that much attention and most of the book was him writing letters to his wife, how he felt about the entire war, and only small bits were actually battle.The first part threw me off, and [...]

  • Every boy wonders if he has what it takes to be a soldier, or a warrior. Michael Palmer discovers the cost may be too high for him to pay, but, his choice was made by his president and his God.Karl Bacon spent ten years researching and crafting this in-depth saga of a Civil War soldier and the depth he drifted to while following the orders he was given. The war doesn't end when a soldier comes home, either.Keep the tissues near-by as you read the letters between this soldier/husband and his wife [...]

  • As Karl A. Bacon's profile says, he is "a longtime student of the Civil War." Although he passes on much of what he's learned to his readers--with skill and accuracy--it's done in such an intimate way you forget that you're reading fiction. Between the compelling narrative, the account of the battles, and the letters and journals, it was easy to feel like you were reading the personal papers of a Civil War soldier. Michael (the main character) and his wife's letters to each other read exactly li [...]

  • This novel could have been a really good one BUT the heavy-handed religious dogma crushes the story. Plus Dick Hill's narration (usually excellent) takes on a Capt Kirk quality,,, over acting? I dunno but over-something. Too bad because the trauma the Civil War soldiers suffered is a topic worth exploring honestly.

  • A good depiction of a man’s struggle to reconcile who he thought he was with the things he did during the war. The author does a good job of portraying the protagonist’s journey from innocence to hatred to cold indifference to acceptance—all from a uniquely mid-19th century perspective. One of the novel’s biggest strengths is also its biggest weakness. The author does a good job of capturing the essence of a 19th century novel. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult to read. The flowery [...]

  • When I was in school, I remember studying the Civil war and I use the word ‘studying’ loosely. I was always so bored by it that I just wanted to memorize what I needed to know and move on. As I have gotten older though, I have developed an interest in our country’s younger days, especially the Civil War. I was very interested in reading An Eye for Glory because I knew it would be an interesting read and I knew that I would learn a lot from it that I don’t remember from my school days. Wh [...]

  • In this book set during the civil war we see the battle thru the eyes of Michael Palmer, a thirty three year old man who lived a comfortable life in his hometown of Naugatuck Connecticut, with his wife Jessie Anne, and their two children. He felt God was leading him to answer the call by Abraham Lincoln to join the fight. So when he and his best friend John Robinson volunteer to fight, John asks him if he will be able to kill the enemy Michael is unsure, but when they find themselves in the mids [...]

  • I picked up an advance copy of this title at a conference earlier this year and once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. The citizen soldier here is Michael Palmer, a married father, who feels compelled by his religious feelings to fight in the war against slavery. He knows that others are fighting for other reasons, but that is his reason. He doesn't want his children growing up in a country that allows slaves.He enlists voluntarily after feeling that God wants him to fight, and his best fri [...]

  • Karl Bacon has written an outstanding novel. An armchair Civil War history buff who has been to the Confederate Civil War Museum in New Orleans and took a college course on the war, I could appreciate the maps and detail of the battles and well, everything in this book. At points I would have sworn I was reading narrative non-fiction except that Michael's personal battle completely drew me. It took me four times as long to read this book because the emotional scarring that was occurring for me t [...]

  • I nabbed this paperback from the bargain bin during a rained-out road trip. Lucky for me that it was on sale, because I would have gladly paid more for the adventure.Having read transcripts of some letters from one of my own ancestors who fought in the Civil War, I found this to be an accurate depiction of the various phases of a soldier's thought and actione idealism, and the desperation, followed by numbness, confusion and anger. It takes the reader to a place where, even if you shun religion, [...]

  • I have always held a fascination for the Civil War. I studied it extensively in high school and it still remains one of my favorite periods of history. So when I had the chance to read “Eye for Glory”, I took the chance.This book isn’t a romance and I wasn’t expecting one, but I want to ‘warn’ those romance readers out there, that this book is more for the history guru. I have always enjoyed documentaries about the Civil War and this book does read a bit like a documentary. But what [...]

  • An Eye For Glory is Karl Bacon's debut novel. It is truly an amazing and powerful read. The story of Michael ~ a good man, a family man, and a Union Soldier fighting in the Civil War. Leaving the comforts of home, his wife and children, to fight more than just the war. To endure death, sickness, extreme conditions on the battlefield and then to question his faith. How could God ever be with him after all he has done in this war? After being honest with his wife about the battle he is fighting wi [...]

  • This book is a fascinating perspective on the Civil War as seen through the eyes of a civilian that volunteers for a 3 year term as a Union soldier. I am intrigued by the Civil War so I was excited to read this book, but I was concerned that I might have a hard time getting into it. Boy was I wrong. I jumped in and was swept away to the another time and place. I followed Michael Palmer as he enlisted, left his family, trained, went into battle for the first time and the time after that and the t [...]

  • Been reading this off and on It was, at times, a slow read But at Gettysburg it picked up. Also as I began to understand and relate to Michael Palmer's struggle could I begin to see the depth of his pain and the pain of so many I served in my years as a Chaplain. The ending, with it's grace-filled healing had me in tears! Well worth the read as Karl Bacon delivers a pretty intensive look into the heart, soul, and spirit of a warrior and believer.

  • As a flower child of the 60's, I am not a fan of war. Living in an area so rich with Civil War history, I decided to give this book a try. It seems to be an accurate portrayal of the hardships and successes of the 14th Connecticut. So many wars are based on religion, I felt the Christian aspect of the book added greatly to the story. It is astonishing to me the agony men inflict on each other in the name of God.

  • This book isn't action packed. But, I did like the historical information. I really would have liked for the author to have delved deeper into the main character's inner struggle with his faith in God as the war continued. I think parts of the story were a strong reminder that not everyone in the South believed in slavery, nor was everyone in the north anti- slavery. Some honestly couldn't care less and fought for their side whether of their own free will or by being drafted.

  • As a Civil War buff, this was an interesting read of one man's journey through the killing fields of Fredericksburg through Cold Harbor. But his real journey is a spiritual one. A journey of faith which is lost in these same bloody fields and then is found again in the not-so-simple act of forgiveness. Although An Eye For Glory is a product of fiction, it draws heavily upon the non-fiction accounts of the 14th Connecticut Volunteers.

  • I love historical novels and would have given this book a higher rating except I had a hard time getting thru it. I really hadn't read much about the civil war in America from the yank perspective, so I was interested but it did go on and on going over battles several times. It was also very sad because of the loss of life during this critical time in our country.

  • Great book! Must-read for any civil war enthusiast, and even if you aren't an 'enthusiast' it is still a great read. Karl Bacon spent 10 years researching for this book and it shows. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will give us another book- hopefully from the confederate perspective.

  • I been readin this off and on when I have gone to Books A Million and man the story is very good hence i keep retunring to the same book to read U guys ever get ahold of it read it u won't be disappointed.

  • Excellent story about a soldier, his struggle with his faith, and love of country. Anyone who has family members who fought in the Civil War should read this.

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