Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed All Elise wants is to have her first kiss before she turns sixteen Is that so bad But when a friend s poor advice and the powers of electronic technology combine Elise heads down a dangerous road She

  • Title: Never Been Kissed
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780800732592
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • All Elise wants is to have her first kiss before she turns sixteen Is that so bad But when a friend s poor advice and the powers of electronic technology combine, Elise heads down a dangerous road She is accused of sexting and gets kicked out of school But is she really the one to blame This powerful and realistic story from beloved author Melody Carlson shows teen gAll Elise wants is to have her first kiss before she turns sixteen Is that so bad But when a friend s poor advice and the powers of electronic technology combine, Elise heads down a dangerous road She is accused of sexting and gets kicked out of school But is she really the one to blame This powerful and realistic story from beloved author Melody Carlson shows teen girls the impact of their choices when it comes to respecting themselves and their integrity Honest and relevant, Never Been Kissed will make girls laugh, cry and think.

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    Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her books, including the Notes from a Spinning Planet series and Finding Alice, which is in production as a Lifetime Television movie She and her husband serve on the Young Life adult committee in central Oregon.


  • Never Been Kissed by Melody Carlson will be the first book to make my best fiction of 2011 list. It was a fabulous novel, very well-written, and if I could give it ten stars I honestly would. Not just because it deals with relevant and important topics for young people today, but because it exposes the danger that can come from seemingly small lies. And the pain caused from being harassed by peers.I loved that the author brought everything full circulate and wrapped up the story with a very sati [...]

  • This was a very good book. It is probably one of my favorite books. It talks about teen pressure and other important things that go on in almost every teenagers life. A girl is tempted by her friend to send pictures to her boyfriend and all was going gooduntill someone sent out a picture that she did not think she took

  • All Elise wants is to have her first kiss before she turns sixteen. Is that so bad? But when a friend's poor advice and the powers of electronic technology combine, Elise heads down a dangerous road. She is accused of "sexting" and gets kicked out of school. But is she really the one to blame?*My favorite book so farI find this book realistic and inspirational, a must-read story for every youth.It teaches how a teen should consider her friends-to-be, if they're going to be a good or bad influenc [...]

  • NEVER BEEN KISSED by Melody Carlson is a wonderful inspirational Teen Fiction set in present day Seattle.It is well written with details and depth. It has moving to another high school, peer pressure,text message,e-mailing,phone Pict's,faith,family,new guys,bad choices, new friends and today's issues. It is fast paced involving today's issues for teens of text messaging,phone Pict's,emailing and effects of peer pressure. It has a strong religious conviction but is not preachy. It shows how quick [...]

  • About the Book: Elise will be starting her junior year of high school in a few weeks, and she is not looking forward to it. Her single mom has taken a new job and she had to move to another town - so she is starting at a new school. The only person she knows is a somewhat geeky freshman, Stacie, that lives in the same apartment building as her. Going to stay at Grandma's, in her old town, the week before school starts proves somewhat fortuitous. She meets Asher Gordon through an old friend who i [...]

  • Title: NEVER BEEN KISSEDAuthor: Melody CarlsonPublisher: RevellJanuary 2011ISBN: 978-0-8007-3259-2Genre: Inspirational/young adultElise and her mom have just moved to a new apartment. Her single mom is claiming tight funds, and needing to find cheaper housing. So, now Elise is facing her junior year at a new high school with zero friends—except a fourteen year old neighbor girl. There is a boy at the highschool, Asher, that Elise thinks is kind of cool, and he seems to be kind of into her too. [...]

  • I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. Written for late middle school to high school girls, it was easy to read and the story was engaging from the beginning. Carlson does a great job of getting inside the immature head of a young naive girl without dumbing her down. The story shows how easy it is for someone to be duped online and get in over her head before she even realizes it. This is a great book to make teens aware of a sticky subject without getting into details that would make [...]

  • Never Been Kissed is a very interesting YA novel. Like Anything But Normal that came out last year, it has a very important message to teenagers. In fact it's one I haven't even thought about but will now make sure my boys understand what to do and what not to do when sending emails, facebook and text messages (if I ever get them cell phones, they are only 5 and 10 now).While dealing with a powerful subject the book also feels real. What girl who is about to turn 16 hasn't embellished a little b [...]

  • Elise Stortsen, has some major changes happen. Her mom has landed a new job that moves Elise into a new school district, so instead of starting her junior year in her old school, where she wasn't very popular anyway, she will be going to Garfield High. She is just about to turn sixteen and having never been kissed hopes to change that by her birthday. When Asher, a popular boy in school starts showing an interest in Elise, she wonders if he might give her that first kiss. Her first day of school [...]

  • Another winner by Melody Carlson. “Never Been Kissed” is a young adult book. My daughter who is 18 and I both love it. As soon as I would put “Never Been Kissed” down my daughter would pick it up. Hannah-my daughter doesn’t like to read many books I do, so if she read this you know it has to be excellent.In this book you will see many of the dangers and traps that happen when a person in high school thinks about being the most popular.Elise Storton is going to a new school which is har [...]

  • I honestly feel like teenagers have a much more difficult time than they did when I was a teenager. It seems like the pressure is so much higher than it was twenty years ago and with the internet, cell phone, and text messages, that pressure can follow us everywhere we go. I just can’t imagine with me being the awkward teenager I was, having to deal with all of that. I think Elise’s story in Never Been Kissed is one that is happening to teenagers every day, and it is quite sad. Elise was an [...]

  • Elise Storton, is fixing to be sixteen and has some major changes going on in her life. A move to a new school district has her worried all summer about the new school. Then there is the major fact that she is fixing to be sixteen years old and has never been kissed. This worries her, a lot!While on a visit to her grandmother's the last week of the summer, Elise runs into an old school friend who is dating the cousin of a guy from her new school, they meet up and Elise is introduced to Asher Gor [...]

  • This book is written from the point of view of a sixteen year old girl who has, you guessed it, never been kissed. It has all the attitude and sassy-ness of a sixteen year old girl. It shows how much pressure a girl can be under to say what others expect and how that can lead to more lies to cover that up. It also shows how we can misunderstand things. Things aren't always as they appear to be. It is hard when you are trusting of others. The world can have some people who are out for themselves [...]

  • Melody Carlson has always been my go-to author for great YA fiction, and Never Been Kissed was another fabulous example of her talent within this genre. I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting, and even though I'm a few years removed from the young adult period of my life, there was plenty in this short book to open my eyes to what teens are involved in today, particularly on the topic of sexting.Melody's novels are always on the pulse of current teen issues and what's happening in h [...]

  • Why do I always read her books? By now I could start a collection. I feel that whenever I open a Melody Carson book, I never know what to expect. Heartache? Love? Pregnancy? The list goes on and on.Anyways, I loved this book. I loved everything from the characters to reading the e-mails. I don't know why I enjoyed this one so much. I hated "Just an ordinary girl." Okay, the best part about this book was the clever mystery spin it had with it. I can't keep my thoughts straight! It's late! Haha. J [...]

  • A Quickie ReviewElise is a likable heroine who finds herself in an unthinkable dilemma that happens far too often. Though the story was good, and the book made for a quick read, I didn't think this was one of Melody Carlson's best. Even her other books for teens--such as the True Colors series--were better than this. Try this only if you're quite familiar with the author's works.Score: 3/5

  • This was a quick read and a good story with a good moral, although I'd probably recommend it for middle school girls or freshmen more then I would to older high school girls (being in high school myself). I thought the plot was a little predictable but the bottom line is I love Melody Carlson and either way it was a good easy read.

  • This book started out extremely slowly but then picked up about page 75. I loved the story and think it's a good warning and lesson for girls today. Throughout the book I was thinking "go, Grandma!" and hoping the mom would get a clue and become reasonable.

  • I really did love this book but I can't give it 5 stars because the other books I rated a five were better then this book. I mean yes I totally love this book but not as much as some of the others I've read

  • Suitable for the 12-14 crowd. Don't be swayed by the title it's actually a fairly solid story about "sexting" and the dangers of cell phones. Reaffirmed my decision not to have one and certainly not to put one in the hands of someone who can't drive and doesn't have a job due to age.

  • This was the cheesiest book I have ever read from Melody Carlson. While it's an important topic, it seemed unrealistic and perfectly predictable.

  • Definately one of the best schristian books I've read. I had almost given up on them because theres so many Amish books out there but I have renewed hope now!

  • Plot:The plot started off promising, but ended up being mostly predictable. And while it does cover a serious issue like Carlson's True Colors series, it would have been nice to see a situation that wasn't a case of being framed. Setting:The setting worked for the book and felt like your everyday kind of town.Characters:While I didn't dislike Elise, I also didn't care too much for her. She was just okay. I would have liked to see less slut shaming and more compassion for other girls, especially [...]

  • Elise is going to be attending a new school her junior year, and what time is better than now to reinvent herself and get ride of her NBK badge? She falls for an already-taken guy named Asher and is crushed to see him with his girlfriend. Then, she gets an email from Asher telling her that he’s actually into her, but his girlfriend (Brianna) is super jealous and so that they should just communicate over email, and then in person act like they hate each other. Then out of nowhere, Elise is arre [...]

  • ** For the full review please check out read2review **This was my introduction to Melody Carlson and I have to say it was a very good introduction. I like the way that Melody wrote Never Been Kissed. The writing was very easy to follow and I could picture the scenes clearly while reading. I also liked the emphasis on Elise’s faith.The first 100-ish pages felt very predictable. I thought it was going to be girl gets invited into a click – they set her up – girl finds herself alone – click [...]

  • Elise has moved to a new town. This means a new school and new friends. I is hard being the new girl in town. When Stacie asks Elise what she is going to do for her upcoming sixteenth birthday, Elise hopes that for her birthday she realizes her first kiss. When the popular boy in school, Asher shows Elise interest, she becomes excited. Will Elise finally receive her first kiss? Never Been Kissed is not just a cute read but it also tackles two topics that all teenagers are facing currently…peer [...]

  • Elise is about to turn 16 and has never been kissed. It doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon either since she just moved to a new high school and managed to make an enemy of the head A-list female on the first day. Of course, Elise doesn't do herself any favors when she begins carrying on a secret online romance with the mean girl's boyfriend. It's not long before Elise is arrested for sending child pornography in the form of a naked picture of herself to the guy.While it is easy [...]

  • Elisa wants her first kiss, soon! She wants it before she turns 16! She meets a boy who she thinks could be her first kiss. Although, a friend’s poor suggestion gets Elisa in to some unwanted trouble!! She is accused of “sexting!” The whole school soon finds out about the mishap. Her friends don’t have much to do with her. She gets called, a slut, and a few other words. The whole school thinks she’s the one in the picture, but is she? In my opinion, “Never Been Kissed” is an amazin [...]

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