Seducing C.C.

Seducing C C When Astro as his fellow counselors dub him signed up to spend the summer at Camp Laguna North Carolina s premier girls camp he had two goals in mind escape the memories of his cheating ex and avoid

  • Title: Seducing C.C.
  • Author: Ariel Tachna
  • ISBN: 9781615812837
  • Page: 375
  • Format: ebook
  • When Astro as his fellow counselors dub him signed up to spend the summer at Camp Laguna, North Carolina s premier girls camp, he had two goals in mind escape the memories of his cheating ex and avoid any other romantic entanglements Then he meets C.C the camp s EMT and handyman It doesn t take long for Astro to realize that C.C will pose far problems to his peWhen Astro as his fellow counselors dub him signed up to spend the summer at Camp Laguna, North Carolina s premier girls camp, he had two goals in mind escape the memories of his cheating ex and avoid any other romantic entanglements Then he meets C.C the camp s EMT and handyman It doesn t take long for Astro to realize that C.C will pose far problems to his peace of mind than his ex ever did.C.C is gay, unattached, and interested He s also a playboy of the worst order, and Astro is all too aware that they only have nine weeks together before the summer ends So Astro has a choice fan the flames between them and hope he can seduce C.C into a relationship that lasts past the end of the summer, or let the chance pass him by and protect his heart.

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      375 Ariel Tachna
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    Ariel Tachna lives outside of Houston with her husband, her daughter and son, and their cat Before moving there, she traveled all over the world, having fallen in love with both France, where she found her husband, and India, where she dreams of retiring some day She s bilingual with snippets of four other languages to her credit, and is as in love with languages as she is with writing.Visit Ariel at her website arieltachna or on Facebook, facebook ArielTachna, or e mail her at arieltachna gmail.


  • I read this book straight after what had been a demanding and difficult book to read. It turned out to be the perfect antidote to the previous book in that it was light, fun and romantic with an engaging hero.The book begins with our hero, Roger, starting a new job as a ropes expert at a summer camp for girls. He’s just recently broken up with a cheating ex and his self-esteem is at a low ebb. Roger is hoping that a summer working with females, away from the temptation of other men, will give [...]

  • I had been looking forward to reading this book for a long time; maybe my expectations were too high? But this was a huge disappointment.The first half has no romance or character/relationship development between the two male main characters, it is all about the camp and Astro getting to know Spirit (a female camp counselor) the relationship developing between had me thinking this might be MF if it weren’t for the fact that Astro lusts after/avoids CC because CC is a slut. First half of book A [...]

  • I enjoyed this one. I DO think it should have been titled Seducing Astro, though. XPThe characters and the camping descriptions fascinated me. I love it when books give details on things I don't normally know about because I feel like I'm experiencing them for myself. I will say if you don't like overly descriptive things then stay away from this book because a big portion of it is all about camping, repelling, climbing, etc. I loved it but others won't.I liked the characters a lot. At first, I [...]

  • I mostly enjoyed this book, but I did have some issues with it. I found the first 50% to be quite boring since it was mostly about rope/rock climbing and camp life without any romance whatsoever. C.C. was slutty, immature and got on my nerves in the beginning. Astro spent most of his time with Spirit and I was frustrated to the point that I was actually hoping that he would eventually hook-up with her! Then, once C.C. and Astro finally hook-up around the middle of the book, its sex scene after s [...]

  • The pacing of this book is like an actual seduction, it starts slow and builds and never rushes. There is great character development, the stage is set and then when the main character Roger (Astro) decides that he is going to seduce C.C. into a meaningful relationship,he goes about it slowly and methodically and romantically. I enjoyed watching the characters get to know each other, I liked how there were sweet kisses that blossomed into passion and I loved how the two men fell in love. It woul [...]

  • 2.5 out of 5 stars"This slow paced story features quite a big cast of characters. The descriptions of camp life are interesting, especially as I never attended summer camp myself. Overall I wasn't really disappointed with the writing, which was good, but rather with the 'cuteness' factor of the story. I look forward to reading other stories by this author in the future as I've enjoyed her other books in the past."Complete review posted at Rainbow Reviews

  • I read that book two or three times now, and it's always the same. Great story with that specific attraction and slow blooming love. All the female characters are interesting, too. I totally love this kind of a story. The main couple is just awesome together and you get more then just fast sex, sex, sex. Great work, thxTOTALLY RECOMMENDED READ !!!

  • Jolie romance entre un animateur deluré et un joli garçon un peu farouche spécialiste d'accrobrancheon se laisse emmener au milieu des bois et des randonnées.ouimignon!

  • Roger is looking to escape, however briefly, from a bad break-up with a cheating ex when he accepts a position as outdoors specialist at Camp Laguna. Newly dubbed Astro by his tentmate, C.C he fights against an instant attraction, certain that C.C. is straight. When a night away from camp shows him to be anything but, Astro has to decide whether he's worth risking his heart, or if C.C.'s philandering past is more than he can chance.Astro is likable enough. He's willing to stand up for himself, g [...]

  • Je n’ai pas été emportéTout au long du livre, l’atmosphère m’a paru plate. C’est doux, mignon peut-être, mais pas vraiment dans le sens positif du terme. C’est peut-être dû aux explications trop nombreuses sur la vie dans ce camp, mais ça amène un récit finalement un peu ennuyeux. Les parties les plus excitantes arrivent quand la relation entre Astro et C.C. nous est décrite. Les moments qu’ils passent ensemble repiquent notre intérêt, alors que le reste laisse à désir [...]

  • Roger (aka Astro) is taking the summer to get over his cheating ex and work at an all girls summer camp. At least he won’t have to deal with guys. Ooops, except paramedic CC with whom he shares a tent. He’s sure CC is straight until he catches him picking up a quickie in the bar. Now he’s doubly pissed, because he’s attracted but isn’t into casual sex or guys who are. The two of them dance around their attraction and when they finally get together Astro is determined to show CC that a [...]

  • A little less mature than other works from this author but it completes the feel of the book. The characters range between 10 years old and little over thirty so it makes sense. I kind of expected some struggling from C.C. about suddenly being in an exclusive relationship but his past hangups never really showed. There was some awkwardness at the beginning but it was very well dealt with and the easygoing feel of everything never faltered. They never rushed into anything and it was ideal for the [...]

  • alors comment dire c'est une déception !!!! et ça m'énerve car il avait tout pour être sublime !!! Zut alors !!!! grrrrJe me suis ennuyée pendant la première partie du roman, jusqu'à me demander si vraiment il allait se passer quelque chose dans ce camp ! en plus de cela on est noyer sous trop trop de détails, qui à la longue plombent l'histoire principale;Ensuite beaucoup de trop de persos secondaires ! de ce fait, on ne sait plus qui est qui . Heureusement il y a quand même une migno [...]

  • This story called out a lot to me because I went to girl scout camp when I was 12, and I remember the staff and what I thought of them, and I worked the Ropes Course at my university when I was older. This story reminded me of all of those times, which is why the announcement at the end of camp hit me hard - I truly cried at that. (In a good way, for those wondering. I don't want to spoil.)That aside, I liked the characters and they fit together very well. I'm seriously considering buying this o [...]

  • The author created a nice, likable set of characters but the pacing was a bit slow for me.Being a girl from NC, I did enjoy the familiar setting; although, I'm still not sure why the author had the characters go to the hospital in Sylva when other descriptions made it seem like Asheville, which has a larger, better hospital, would have been so much closer. I guess that's the danger of reading books set in places that are so very familiar.

  • Good description on the outdoors experience. I wanted to actually attend this camp! I enjoyed the relationship of the head counsellors and how one of them was so nice as to provide friendship and advice on such short knowledge of the first-person character.Overall, a very pleasant read.

  • Sweet story, and fun reminders of summer camp. Originally gave it 4 stars, but found it lingered with me for weeks so I bumped it up.

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