Pedro and Me

Pedro and Me In graphic art format describes the friendship between two roommates on the MTV show Real World one of whom died of AIDS

  • Title: Pedro and Me
  • Author: Judd Winick
  • ISBN: 9780805063790
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In graphic art format, describes the friendship between two roommates on the MTV show Real World, one of whom died of AIDS.

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    Born February 12th, 1970 and raised on Long Island in New York, Judd began cartooning professionally at 16 with a single paneled strip called Nuts Bolts This ran weekly through Anton Publications, a newspaper publisher that produced town papers in the Tri state area He was paid 10 dollars a week.In August of 1988, Judd began attending the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor bringing Nuts Bolts with him, but turning it into a four panel strip and creating a cast of characters to tell his tales Nuts Bolts ran in The Michigan Daily 5 days a week from my freshman year freshperson, or first year student, as they liked to say at U of M , until graduation in the spring of 1992.A collection of those college years Nuts Bolts was published in Ann Arbor Watching the Spin Cycle the Nuts Bolts collection had a small run of a thousand books a couple of months before graduation They sold out in about 2 weeks and there are no plans to republish it.Before graduation he accepted a development deal with a major syndicate syndicates are the major league baseball of comic strips They act as an agent or broker and sell comic strips to newspapers Judd spent the next year living in Boston, and developing his strip.The bottom dropped out when the syndicate decided that they were not going to pursue Nuts and Bolts for syndication and were terminating his development contract.Crushed and almost broke, he moved back in with his parents in July 1993 Getting by doing spot illustration jobs, Judd actually had Nuts Bolts in development with Nickelodeon as an animated series At one point he even turned the human characters into mice Young Urban Mice and Rat Race were the working titles.In August of 1993 he saw an ad on MTV for The Real World III, San Francisco For those who may not know, The Real World is a real life documentary soap opera, where 7 strangers from around the country are put up in a house and filmed for six months You get free rent, free moving costs, you get to live in San Francisco, and get to be a famous pig on television.The Audition process, was everything from doing a video, to filling out a 15 page application, to in person interviews with the producers, to being followed around and filmed for a day 6 months and 6 levels later, Judd was in.On February 12th 1993, he moved into a house on Russian Hill and they began filming Along the way Nuts Bolts was given a weekly spot in the San Francisco Examiner This WHOLE deal was filmed and aired for the show.They moved out in June of 1994, a couple of days after O.J s Bronco chase in L.A The show began airing a week later.Along with the weekly San Francisco Examiner gig, Judd began doing illustrations for The Complete Idiot s Guide series through QUE Books Since then, Judd has illustrated over 300 Idiot s Guides and still does the cartoons for the computer oriented Idiot s Guides line.A collection of the computer related titles cartoons was published in 1997 as Terminal Madness, The Complete Idiot s Guide Computer Cartoon Collection.Not too long after the show had been airing, Judd s roommate from the show and good friend, AIDS activist Pedro Zamora, took ill from AIDS complications Pedro was to begin a lecture tour in September Judd agreed to step in and speak on his behalf until he was well enough to do so again In August of 1994, Pedro checked into a hospital and never recovered.Pedro passed away on November 11, 1994 He was 22.Judd continued to lecture about Pedro, Aids education and prevention and what it s like to live with some one who is living with AIDS for most of 1995 Speaking at over 70 schools across the country, Judd describes it as, e most fulfilling and difficult time in my life But time and emotional constraints forced him to stop lecturing.In May of 1995 Judd found the weekly Nuts Bolts under whelming and decided to give syndication another go Re vamping Nuts Bolts


  • The San Francisco season of The Real World was the best of all time. Hyperbole? Just look at the facts. Sure, the first New York season was good, but it was short and unleashed Eric Nies onto the world. The L.A. season was good, but the people were all annoying, and not in an entertaining way. And obviously, the whole franchise started to go downhill after the third season.But it all came together with the San Francisco cast, which featured mostly intelligent people who could carry on a conversa [...]

  • I know this looks like the cover to an after school special, and it is actually like an after school special. But don't judge me.I first came across Judd's work with the hilarious "Barry Ween" series which I do adore (I should write reviews for them). But I did not enjoy his collection of "Frumpy the Clown", which was unfunny newspaper type strips. So I picked this up a few years ago with no idea what it was about.Turns out it's an autobiographical comic on the author's relationship with his fri [...]

  • I always find it important that when it comes to our identity, we need to learn about the history of the generations before you in order to learn the struggles and dilemma they suffered so that way our generation and future generations do not have to follow the same hardships. Sadly most people nowadays do not care about the past or do not bother learning whereas I found this comic book refreshing and important.Ever since I realized who I am truly am in my sexual orientation, it became my primar [...]

  • A book that's hard to put down once you start reading. The cartoonish drawing style made it all the more sad.Without a doubt, Pedro truly inspired a lot of people in both life and death. That phone call from Bill Clinton was the best.As a remarkable communicator and motivator, PML took away his gift. How torturous :(

  • I learned about this book from a Nerdy Book Club blog post.This is a true story. It's about a man who is HIV +. The author meets him when they make it through the auditions for an MTV series and become roommates in the house where the show is filmed. The story talks about prejudisms and misunderstandings around the disease.I knew someone that died of HIV/AIDs about the same time. When I think of the sadness and the shame around that time, it breaks my heart. Society, in general, was not willing [...]

  • A poignant, loving tribute to a friend whose courage and strength in dying was evident from day one. Judd Winick met Pedro Zamora on MTV's The Real World, a voyeuristic reality show which chronicled the lives of six roommates thrown together for six months. Pedro, HIV positive was Judd's roommate and eventually became a trusted friend along with another cast member, Pam Ling, a med student. Pedro and Me: Friendship, Loss, and What I Learned is much more than words, it is part education, part mem [...]

  • This graphic novel, for upper junior high and high school students, is the emotional, educational story of Pedro Zamora. Winick describes his and Pedro’s childhood and the experiences that brought them to apply for the MTV show – The Real World. He talks about their fears about moving into the house as someone with HIV and someone with no real knowledge about the disease. For people who are not familiar with the real world, they may not understand the importance of the information about how [...]

  • MTV's The Real World: San Francisco is the only season I ever watched (with Pedro, Judd, et al). At the time, it was a great escape and yet I appreciated it for its ability to give us a glimpse into life's struggles much more realistically than what "reality tv" consists of today. I remember thinking back then about what an amazing guy Pedro Zamora must have been, and was touched early on by his story. I am grateful to have learned more about him through this book. It's a candid look at friendsh [...]

  • Approximate Interest Level/Reading Level: Junior High/High SchoolFormat: Graphic NovelAwards: ALA Notable Books for Children (2001), ALA Best Books for Young Adults (2001), Robert F. Sibert Information Book Honor (2001)Reliving the experience from MTVs Real World San Francisco, cartoonist and author Judd Winick relates of his experience living with and losing his friend Pedro Zamora, AIDS activist, to AIDS in graphic novel format. I remember watching Pedro and Judd on the MTV Real World San Fran [...]

  • You know when you're reading a book at lunch and you're choking on your food trying not to cry in front of your friends/coworkers? That's what happened with this book. Judd Winnick created Pedro and me to chronicle the time he spent with Pedro Zamora from time spent being on the Real World through the end of his short and impressive life. I've never watched The Real World, so I went into the book not knowing who Pedro Zamora or Judd Winnick were. It didn't matter, though, and graphic novel form [...]

  • Although I did like and appreciate this book I simply didn't enjoy it; the art style although I do like over time I grew tired of and the story seemed to flow but then push itself under the rug to talk about something else that (although did contribute and was apart of the current story-line) would just interrupt and confuse me as a reader. Now I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it at all I simply had my gripes with it and felt as though those over-weighed my praise. I did however like the story bein [...]

  • Graphic Novel by Judd Winick from The Real World: San Francisco about his friendship with castmate Pedro. Pedro was HIV-positive and on TV-- an iconic appearance in 1994.I had no idea Judd Winick was a prolific graphic novelist but it's obvious why. This was a magnificently told story about Pedro's last year of life, before he died at just 22

  • MTV’s The Real World was barely on my radar back in the 90s. While The Real World: San Francisco was being filmed and broadcast starting in 1994, not only was I finishing up my BA at the UW, but I also jumped ship after graduating when I high-tailed it to Europe for several months. All before jump-starting my own reality back here in the States. (Ah, the memories.) So for this very reason, I never become a fan of The Real World – or any mid-90s TV show, for that matter. But now, fifteen year [...]

  • I remember watching Pedro Zamora on The Real World in real time, back when I was an impressionable teenager, and I think that has something to do with why I never felt particularly drawn to this book. I clearly remember Pedro’s time as a proto-celebrity of reality television, his mission of AIDS education in a time where it was still a new and frightening disease, and his untimely death. I read this book as part of a comic book club at a local high school, alongside teens who weren’t yet bor [...]

  • Pedro and Me is a Sibert Honor book (2001) and is recommended for students ages 14 and up. This book is a cartoon memoir that tells the story of Pedro Zamora, a Cuban immigrant, aids educator, and star of MTV The Real World San Francisco. The author, who was Pedro’s roommate on the Real World, tells the story of their friendship, Pedro’s life, and the affect he had on many people around the world. This book is visually creative and appealing and serves as a vivid memorial of Pedro Zamora’s [...]

  • Summary-Pedro and Me is a graphic novel for older readers in jr. high and high school. It is about the lives of Judd and Pedro. The book talked about their different childhoods and their shared experience in the Real World 3 house in San Francisco. Pedro was HIV positive and he spent his time educating others about HIV and prevention. He taught Judd a lot about HIV and his outlook on life. Even though Pedro knew that he was going to die, he still worked hard to educate others and he fell in love [...]

  • I have read a lot of interesting books throughout school and this is arguably the most interesting book I have read. It is about a young talented comic strip author for a local newspaper, who didn’t get his big shot until he tried out for a MTV tv series 1994 The Real World San Francisco. He was skeptical about joining the tv series because he would be living with someone who is HIV positive and has aids. Judd Winick having second thoughts about joining the show, Decided even though he didn’ [...]

  • I was in love with Pedro Zamora.Oh, I never met him. I just watched (and obsessively re-watched) season 3 of The Real World. Pedro was sweet and smart and funny and brave and he had a laugh exactly like my own boyfriend's. It's funny now to remember how starved we were then for honest representation. Pedro was that, but also more than that. He was was fantastic. I don't think I'm crazy, but I really felt like he was my friend.Naturally, I bought this book when it came out, but then I let it sit [...]

  • Un muy buen non-fiction comic pensado para conmover el corazón y educar la cabeza que logra con bastante éxito ambas cosas. Tanto la parte que cubre la amistad entre Pedro y el autor hasta las últimas horas de aquel como toda la historia de vida de ambos (más interesante en el caso de Pedro que en el de Judd) van siempre entre lo tierno, lo cotidiano y lo triste. Claro que (de nuevo especialmente en la historia de Pedro) hay ciertas escenas "históricas" contadas con ciertas limitaciones, se [...]

  • In the beginning, before The Hills and Jersey Shore, there was quality reality TV. (Seems like an oxymoron now.) For instance, The Real World, San Francisco. (And no, Sade, the show wasn't in black and white, but it did air before you were born, in 1994.) This graphic novel is written by one of the "seven strangers" on that show, about his roommate and friend Pedro Zamora. Pedro was an AIDS activist and educator who probably did more to raise awareness than anyone at his time or since. As Presid [...]

  • This was the most inspiring book i have ever read. Pedro wasn't someone who was sick and felt bad for himself. He realized he was sick, and wanted to make a difference. I truly think we can all learn from him. When something goes wrong in our life we need to learn not to morn constantly. Instead think of the positives that can come out of it.Pedro did not only have aids, he educated about his aids. Letting people know the facts and the lies. Yes Aids is an illness, and usually does lead to death [...]

  • I picked up this book after last week's news that Sean Sasser had died. When Real World San Fran was on TV, I was still in high school. I was newly out, and Pedro Zamora was so freaking cute and gay and HIV+. He was my hero - except for the HIV, he was everything I wanted to be - yes, I wanted to be Cuban.I'm happy to see that Winick is still working in his desired field - comics. Though I wish he'd do something as thoughtful and heartfelt as Pedro and Me.Beautifully drawn.Thank you, Pedro.

  • A little simple in its telling, and a little message-oriented, but I still liked it. It made me cry (which isn't saying much, as I recently cried over an episode of Restaurant: Impossible); there's always something about a death that is written honestly in some way or another, where the characters face it and the author shares it. I suppose, for me, it helps me connect with the characters as well as myself, and there's a relief in connecting with something rather than avoiding it.

  • I pretty much cried my way through this book. For fans of the 1993 San Francisco season of the Real World this is a sweet reminder of reality TV at its best. Not that we don't remember the awful moments, but you're not going to find them recounted here. Winick sticks to his purpose of keeping Pedro's light alive. It's a reminder that AIDS education is still important and a tribute to a wonderful friendship. An enjoyable and inspiring read from start to finish.

  • A wonderful memorial to the life of Pedro Zamora, probably best know for his role on MTV's "Real World - San Francisco."Love the show or hate it, this book tells a touching tale about how one man affected so many lives. Judd Winick did a wonderful job putting his experience with his castmate and friend onto paper.Pedro was a good man who died too soon.

  • If anyone ever tries to tell you that "funny books" can't be emotionally charged or make you break down and cry, kick them in the nethers and walk away. Then go read this.

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