Daring a Duke

Daring a Duke Jane Elliot of New York is in London for an adventure Unfortunately her two brothers are also in London and quite determined that Jane have no such thing which does create a few problems and really

  • Title: Daring a Duke
  • Author: Claudia Dain
  • ISBN: 9780425235461
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jane Elliot of New York is in London for an adventure Unfortunately, her two brothers are also in London and quite determined that Jane have no such thing, which does create a few problems, and really is so typical of brothers What Jane did not expect was the Duke of Edenham to be quite so dashing and quite definitely the most handsome man she d ever seen She also did nJane Elliot of New York is in London for an adventure Unfortunately, her two brothers are also in London and quite determined that Jane have no such thing, which does create a few problems, and really is so typical of brothers What Jane did not expect was the Duke of Edenham to be quite so dashing and quite definitely the most handsome man she d ever seen She also did not expect to capture his attention upon the first look It was flattering, to be sure, but did Edenham have to be quite so bold with her two brothers looking on Most inconvenient How was a girl to have any sort of adventure at all with brothers snarling at her and a duke commanding her attention How Why with Sophia Dalby s help, that s how If there s one thing Sophia believes it s that every proper woman should have at least one very improper adventure.

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    It was while writing a descriptive essay in seventh grade English that was the assignment, to write a descriptive essay that Claudia first fell in love With descriptive essays Boys being what they are in seventh grade, there was hardly much choice By her ninth grade year, Claudia was spending hours each week in her bedroom writing descriptive essays that heavily featured older boys eleventh grade She also practiced her kissing technique on a pole lamp next to her bed It was less than satisfactory, but the writing was fun She attended the University of Southern California as an English major She d mastered kissing by this time and writing, strangely enough, was still fun Strangely because while it had become obvious to her that almost everyone enjoyed kissing, it was equally obvious that very few people enjoyed writing This was as peculiar to her as, well, not enjoying kissing Clearly, something had to be done The idea of combining kissing and writing seemed the obvious course of action While Claudia does not claim to have invented the romance novel, she certainly has a lot of fun describing kisses and inventing men to bestow them upon And not a one of her heroes looks remotely like a pole lamp And don t act like one either Claudia was first published in 2000, is a two time Rita finalist, and a USA Today Bestselling author Which just goes to prove that you can make a career out of kissing and writing about it.


  • Don't waste your money in buying this book, their are all of these sub plots and scenarios going on that never I mean never come to completion; were you know wants happening. The H/H never no even once make love there's no chemistry between them. No character development, no romance or love making and no resolution to the many plots and sub plot. It just didn't make sense how did this book get published!!!!

  • I love historical romance but it seems to be very difficult for me to find new authors I might add to those I already love reading as you all know, no author produces books at the pace we, the readers, would like.Therefore I am very happy that I can say I found a new one to add to those whose books I read as soon as they come out. In this case, I have a stash of already published books to go back to. Basically, I loved this one from the start. Instantly, it brought back ideas of Austen’s roman [...]

  • Daring A Duke by Claudia Dain Historical Romance – July 6, 2010 3 Stars Daring A Duke is the most recent installment of Claudia Dain’s well known Courtesan Chronicles series. This series features a former Courtesan turned Countess Sophia Dalby who amuses herself by playing matchmaker and getting couples together. This current installment tells the story of Miss Jane Elliot of New York City. Jane has come to London to visit some distant relative. She is excited and desperate to have an advent [...]

  • Just awful. It's like the author couldn't decide who her main character was. And the characters she HAD created were ridiculous and stupid.

  • Daring a Duke is the fifth book in Ms. Dain’s Courtesan series and what a series it is! Countess Sophia Dalby is the infamous Courtesan that has kept London on its ear and a buzz with titillating liaisons and gossip for years. Her match making skills have landed four very prominent ladies with four very well placed and rich bachelors and all within a season! There is no doubt to any that what Sophia sets her hand too reaps indelible rewards for all involved!In this novel her next match is to b [...]

  • Jane Elliot has come from New York to London with her two older brothers, Joel and Jed. Jane hopes for an adventure of a lifetime, but unfortunately, her brothers won't let her out of their sight. When she attends her cousin, the Marquis of Iveston's wedding, she may just have her chance for some excitement when she meets the dazzling Lady Sophia Dalby. What Jane doesn't expect is to catch the eye of the older, dashing, three times a widower, the Duke of Edenham.The moment Edenham spots Jane, he [...]

  • I didn't really like it but it was ok. The entire book takes place within a few hours from start to finish and the entire setting is a few house rooms. A music room, a ballroom, a couple of short scenes in the house back garden and a small bedroom.It could have been a play since there was almost no settings. I just couldn't get into the premise of the story. After only meeting him for the very first time that morning, she doesn't want to marry him, she wants to marry him, she wants to have her b [...]

  • In the fifth installment of the Courtesan series by Claudia Dain, you'll be intrigued to read Daring a Duke. When New Yorker Jane Elliott and her two brothers arrive in England for their cousin's wedding, she had an aire about her. When her cousin-in-laws placed a wager on her, this was more than bets were off. With two protective brothers, she became tempted not to marry the Duke of Edenham, Hugh Austen. Thrice married and widowed with two young children, he became hooked on Jane and wants to m [...]

  • Eh. Not the best, but not the worst, either. Sophia is as entertaining as ever, but some of the other characters got shortchanged.Favorite quote:Smiling and lifting her eyes to his, she said, “If I understand you correctly, your grace, you have somehow gained the reputation of killing your wives by, as you so charmingly put it, the rigors of your bed. Let us speak yet more plainly. What you mean is by the vigor of your cock. I see nothing to cause alarm. I don’t know what the standards are i [...]

  • A fun story, but the lightest and weakest of the Courtesan series. It reads like one of those vintage drawing-room comedies, with nearly everything of significance taking place during a single evening at a society ball. Dain manages to pack quite a lot of plot and even character growth into this eventful gathering, but I found myself wishing for an intermission and a change of scenery, to someplace more intimate (and romantic) than one night on the Ton. FYI, a two-star Claudia Dane is still bett [...]

  • This series is going downhill fast. I don't know what is going on with Claudia Dain. Her first couple of books were so awesome and now I could barely force myself to finish this book. The whole plot takes place over less than a day, barely over a half day for the Duke of Edenham to fall in love with Jane Elliot's beauty, decides he wants her, and gets her to agree to marry him. Okay, I know that none of these are historically accurate but they could at least be believable. This drove me nuts.

  • This book was absolutely horrible. I should have researched it more before I read it because I usually like to start a series from the 1st book. This is the fifth book of the series. The entire book takes place in the span of a morning. I never felt like the couple was in love with each other. The guy is completely infatuated with her, but is so conceited with himself that he can't understand why she wouldn't want to be with a duke. It was just one of the worst books I've ever read.

  • Darker undertones than the others. She almost ties up all the loose ends, but there are a few still dangling in case she wants to revisit. Not quite the happily-ever-after I had been blithely expecting. For some people her style just seems to rub them the wrong way (something about that tongue-in-cheek ironic interplay between her narration and dialogue - as if romance novels need to take themselves more seriously?), but I think she's brilliant!

  • I just love, love, love Claudia Dain's Courtesan series. She writes fascinating, intricately detailed historicals that involve people standing around in rooms talking in the most delightful ways. This one takes place over the course of a single day, and I just want to wrap myself in the language. It feels entirely appropriate for the time period without being stuffy, and it's just wonderful.

  • It was a great story, but there were too many points of view and it got confusing. Jane and Hugh's characters never seemed to get fully developed because we spent so much time on Sophia and her history along with all the characters in previous novels in the series. Lots of inane conversation that says nothing that might be how people conversed but it got old.

  • I love romance novels. I always have. Usually I like to give any book a fair chance. This book was awful. I loved the concept of the book, but to have the whole story take place within a matter of hours was tedious. On top of that, I felt as though none of the characters were likeable. Especially the main characters.

  • The only reason that I kept reading this book was to see if really truly the entire thing was going to happen in the course of a single day. I give the author credit for doing something so totally silly.

  • As always, Sophia never fails to entertain, and the American heroine, Jane Elliot was fabulous! I thoroughly enjoy this series.

  • Quite clever, amazing how everything is done in one day breckfast even.Loved this line, "She only knew Edenham well enough to dislike him thoroughly".

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