Chiisana Chīmu Ōkina Shigoto: Sātīsebun Shigunaruzu Seikō No Hōsoku

Chiisana Ch mu kina Shigoto S t sebun Shigunaruzu Seik No H soku Most business books give you the same old advice Write a business plan study the competition seek investors yadda yadda If you re looking for a book like that put this one back on the shelf Rework

  • Title: Chiisana Chīmu Ōkina Shigoto: Sātīsebun Shigunaruzu Seikō No Hōsoku
  • Author: Jason Fried デイヴィッド・ハイネマイヤー ハンソン 黒沢 健二 松永 肇一 美谷 広海 祐佳 ヤング
  • ISBN: 9784153200111
  • Page: 405
  • Format: None
  • Most business books give you the same old advice Write a business plan, study the competition, seek investors, yadda yadda If you re looking for a book like that, put this one back on the shelf.Rework shows you a better, faster, easier way to succeed in business Read it and you ll know why plans are actually harmful, why you don t need outside investors, and why you reMost business books give you the same old advice Write a business plan, study the competition, seek investors, yadda yadda If you re looking for a book like that, put this one back on the shelf.Rework shows you a better, faster, easier way to succeed in business Read it and you ll know why plans are actually harmful, why you don t need outside investors, and why you re better off ignoring the competition The truth is, you need less than you think You don t need to be a workaholic You don t need to staff up You don t need to waste time on paperwork or meetings You don t even need an office Those are all just excuses What you really need to do is stop talking and start working This book shows you the way You ll learn how to be productive, how to get exposure without breaking the bank, and tons counterintuitive ideas that will inspire and provoke you.With its straightforward language and easy is better approach, Rework is the perfect playbook for anyone who s ever dreamed of doing it on their own Hardcore entrepreneurs, small business owners, people stuck in day jobs they hate, victims of downsizing, and artists who don t want to starve any will all find valuable guidance in these pages.

    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited Ñ Chiisana Chīmu Ōkina Shigoto: Sātīsebun Shigunaruzu Seikō No Hōsoku : by Jason Fried デイヴィッド・ハイネマイヤー ハンソン 黒沢 健二 松永 肇一 美谷 広海 祐佳 ヤング ✓
      405 Jason Fried デイヴィッド・ハイネマイヤー ハンソン 黒沢 健二 松永 肇一 美谷 広海 祐佳 ヤング
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Unlimited Ñ Chiisana Chīmu Ōkina Shigoto: Sātīsebun Shigunaruzu Seikō No Hōsoku : by Jason Fried デイヴィッド・ハイネマイヤー ハンソン 黒沢 健二 松永 肇一 美谷 広海 祐佳 ヤング ✓
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    About " Jason Fried デイヴィッド・ハイネマイヤー ハンソン 黒沢 健二 松永 肇一 美谷 広海 祐佳 ヤング "

  • Jason Fried デイヴィッド・ハイネマイヤー ハンソン 黒沢 健二 松永 肇一 美谷 広海 祐佳 ヤング

    Jason Fried is the co founder and President of 37signals Jason believes there s real value and beauty in the basics Jason co wrote all of 37signals books, and is invited to speak around the world on entrepreneurship, design, management, and software.


  • Good standard small business advice. Notes:Prioritize visually.Make tiny decisions.Do less. One downing not one updoing. Don't be a whore to our customers anaudeienceHold meetings at site of problem, not in meeting room. Invite as few as possible.Divide problems and projects into pieces small enough to easily estimate time and effort required. Make short lists to avoid feeling overwhelmed.Prioritize visually, with next task at top of list.Make attainable goals.Use tiny decisions to work through [...]

  • This is another book I can't put down. Nothing in this book is earth-shattering or amazing. It's the little things you have suspected to be true - but someone who makes more money than you tells you is not true. It's what you say to your friends over lunch. It's support for being feisty in work and in life. I'm highlighting a sentence in almost every chapter that I want to remember. Again - not because I don't know it - but because I don't want to forget it. And I don't want to fool myself that [...]

  • "Rework" by Jason Fried это книга про то, как начать и продолжить маленький (но эффективный) бизнес.Я не пользуюсь продуктами 37signal и книги Getting Real мне хватило, чтобы понять их точку зрения, но на GR все как-то активно читают/читали Rework, вот и я решил почитать)))К этому времени Rework оценили у [...]

  • The feeling I got when I read the praise of the book in the first few pages was "This book is over-praised". When I finished it, I still have the same feeling.Maybe it's just me, but I think that if you're gonna challenge the foundations of doing business, you gotta back it up with something more that "That's how we did it, and it worked for us".The book makes a great case against all the elements of doing business (planning, raising capital, meeting, communication, workplace, organizing, etc.) [...]

  • Don't read this book. It is full of obvious stuff that I basically agree with but the writing style and argumentation are beyond annoying.The pattern is as follows: "Lot's of people say you can't do X. But look at us! We did X, so it is possible". For me that reads as: "Lot's of people say you shouldn't base your life's path on winning the lottery. But look at me! I won the lottery, so it is possible".Spend your 10 euros on drugs or hookers or alcohol and have some fun in life.

  • I deeply like such books. A compilation of wisdom that are earned through years of direct experience. The results of numerous try and error and what really works and what doesn't.

  • Review also posted on My Bookshelf is Ready.Is "Rework" worth it?Let me work itI put my thing downFlip it and reverse it- Maya Angelou

  • This is one of those books where I agree with the general message but don't necessarily like the delivery. Rework is a very slight read. It feels more like a series of blog posts than anything as formal as a novel. The tone is that of a manifesto, and evidence is basically anecdotal. The overall argument is that we should redo how we do work (hence, "rework"); Fried et al make an argument for leaner, more flexible organizations, with few of the obvious structures of the average US company (meeti [...]

  • I appreciate anyone who's clever enough to suggest we entirely rethink how we conceive of work/business. Structurally, however, this book suffers from the same issues I've seen in a lot of blog-to-book deals: It reads like the authors basically cobbled together a bunch of blog posts and decided, voila! that makes a book.That does NOT make a book.The structure of a book, whether nonfiction or fiction, is DIFFERENT than a blog. The short, vaguely promising stuff you can stick in a blog post works [...]

  • Rework is quick and easy to read, which speaks to the philosophy the book is shilling: get things done -- which coincidentally speaks to me.Nothing in this book can be learned that can't be learned from the Signal vs. Noise blog from 37signals. That doesn't mean this book is unnecessary. On the contrary, it's handy to have a collection of business tips and anecdotes bound in one neat little volume.This was my first business book and I think I got off pretty easy. There was a minimum of douchery [...]

  • Mượn được ở thư viện sứ quán Mĩ.Ngạc nhiên vì có nhiều vấn đề trong việc làm được tái-định-nghĩa lại một cách cực kỳ đơn giản mà hợp lý, thực dụng hơn. Ví dụ nhé: Workaholics không có nghĩa là bạn quan tâm công việc hay bạn làm được nhiều việc. Workaholics nghĩa là bạn làm nhiều. Hết.- Tập trung tập trungtập trung.- Hầu như long-term plan đều không thể thực hiện, hãy chọn small t [...]

  • A super quick read that basically throws a bunch of (maybe minor) tips and words of advice to people who are looking to start or have already started their own businesses.70% is comprised of useful advice that is definitely relevant to everyone, not just entrepreneurs and business owners. 20% are concepts conveniently backed by pieces of "evidence" in 37signals' history that seemingly suggest all businesses can and should be run like 37signals.10% is what I would consider to be somewhat contradi [...]

  • Rework is an example of the business-inspirational genre by the founders of 37Signals, a software company. I like 37Signals because they’re straightforward, even pithy, and because founder Jason Fried has some right-on things to say about business culture, such as the stupidity of insisting that all workers come to an office and stay for eight hours, whether they are productive there or not. Rework follows the format of a lot of these books, which alternates extremely short chapters with crude [...]

  • Rework by Jason Fried and David HanssonJason Fried and David Hansson are the founders of 37 Signals which is a software development company. They have produced a number of different products including Ruby on Rails. They are contributors to the blog Signal Vs. Noise. 37 Signals was not founded on venture capital.The approach which is described in this book is contrary to many current business practices. The authors are describing a bootstrapping and self motivated style of business practice. The [...]

  • Десь місяць тому подивився інтерв'ю Саймона Сайнека про Millenials. Він там згадував, що найкраще будувати продукти там, де ви зачіпаєте справжні почуття людей. І багато говорив про те, що ми всі перетворюємось в допамінових наркоманів (допамін - це речовина, яка дозволяє відчува [...]

  • This book is a great collection of ideas that will help you to succeed in business. Although presented ideas are based on common sense, some of them strongly disagree with current usual business practices. Still problem is with current business practices and not with presented ideas.Reading "Rework" can be great motivator for starting work smarter (rather than harder), seeking long-term sustainable business (rather than achieving better financial results for the current quarter) and really servi [...]

  • I read it in a two-hour flight. Don't let the nearly 300 pages fool you. It's a quick read.Really good and insightful. It's broken into chapters, each chapter has many tips. Each tip has a one page sketch for the tip which makes it super fun to read.Recommended if you're operating a business or aspiring to.

  • This book all about How to do business or work?, and it's gives more inspiration to the entrepreneurs and employees.--some great words : 1.U need less than U think-if u need a big office,how to share office space?. from home for while.2.Inspiration is a fresh fruit on a milk, doesn't have expiration dated ideas are model, its lost forever,doesn't lost forever is inspiration.3.Interruption is the enemy of the productivity.

  • I enjoyed every moment of reading this book, it teaches you how to simplify things to make results better.

  • Over all this book is a bunch of simple proverbs relating exactly the problems I will face my entire career as long as I stay in the field I'm in. I gave it 3 stars cause I expect to savor deeper phrases. But I still like his matter-of-fact ways. Here are a few take aways I have kept:Great businesses have a point of view, not just a product or service. You have to believe in something. You need to have a backbone. You need to know what you’re willing to fight for. And then you need to show the [...]

  • Rework contradicts many of the standard business lessons found in other books, the book itself is written in a format of short powerful lessons and messages. I personally love the style of this writing and the overall structure with very high density of content. It can be a bit too much to digest for a reader but don't worry you can always re-read it as it's not such a long book. I found it particularly inspiring and would without doubt recommend this book if you wanna know some of the less comm [...]

  • "The myth of the overnight sensation: You will not be a big hit right away. You will not get rich quick. You are not so special that everyone will instantly pay attention. No one cares about you. At least not yet. Get used to itTrade the dream of overnight success for slow, measured growth. It's hard, but you have to be patient. You have to grind it out. " Full of sassy and cut-the-crap-&-do-real-work advises , Rework is a must read for entrepreneurs (or as the book says, starters ).

  • A few decades from now after civilization has collapsed because everyone has quit their job to become an entrepreneur, historians will look back at books like these and wonder how we could have been so blind.But I'm not going to bash this book. I didn't find anything in it that I disagreed with. My personality and temperament are pretty much simpatico with the tone of this book, too.And each of these chapters contains enough glorious common sense to enrage the old school executives I suffered un [...]

  • I don't know why, but most organizational studies books are either 1) weird and stuffy, or 2) kind of like Epcot Center, trying a little too hard, maybe, but not horrible. Rework is a better organizational studies book than most. The authors tantalize the reader toward jumping on their bandwagon, and, for the most part, their bandwagon is headed in the right direction. The two guys responsible for Rework run their own Chicago software company and much of their advice probably came to fruition ac [...]

  • Am auzit numai lucruri bune despre cartea asta, de fapt o mulțime de lucruri bune și oricât mi-ar plăcea să fiu eu mai cu moț, adevărul e că e o carte genială. Și cum e scrisă și ce scrie în ea.Se citește în câteva ore și demontează multe dintre miturile care le sunt servite pe tavă celor ce vor să pășească în rândul antreprenorilor.Fried și Hansson susțin practic că o afacere poate fi de succes și dacă e făcută “pe genunchi”, atât timp cât crezi în ceea ce [...]

  • I need to start with a disclaimer; I’m a 37signals fanatic. I spend at least a few hours each day using Basecamp and I use a family level Backpack account for personal use. Both save me time and help keep me organized at work and home. The products that 37signals turns out are simple, clean and get the job doneWORK is just like any other 37signals product. It’s not a long book, but the authors make their points clearly and succinctly by cutting out any unnecessary filler. Being in the softwa [...]

  • أول كتاب اقرأه عن الـ Business، كتاب شيق جدا و اسلوبه ظريف، الكتاب بيكسر المفاهيم الخاطئة السائدة عن العمل الخاص، المؤلفين بيقدموا زتونة خبرتهم مجموعة من النصايح المهمة في الكتاب:- الـ business مش حكر على الفصيلة النادرة المسماة (رواد الأعمال - خليك بسيط في شغلك، متتوسعش في البيزنس ب [...]

  • محتوای کتاب رو دوست داشتم. اما نحوه‌ی بیان و فهموندنش رو نه. وقتی در مورد هر موضوعی فقط ۱-۲ صفحه حرف بزنی، شاید همه با حرفت موافقت کنن اما این مفهوم توی ذهن خواننده شکل نمی‌گیره و تاثیر چندانی نمی‌ذارهاین مشکل رو در مورد کتاب هنر شفاف اندیشیدن هم داشتم. اون هم یه لیست صدتایی بو [...]

  • I work for a small company and we all decided to read this book. The author has great advice for getting ideas out of your head and actually doing something about them. He also has great advice for running a small business and cutting out all of the crap. I hate reading business books, but enjoyed the way this book moved quickly. It was concise and to the point. I didn't like some of the language they used, so I just skipped over those paragraphs. If you are thinking of starting a business, or a [...]

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