Embers of Love

Embers of Love The logging industry in eastern Texas is booming and Deborah Vandermark plans to assist her family s business now that she s completed college Unexpectedly her best friend Lizzie Decker accompanie

  • Title: Embers of Love
  • Author: Tracie Peterson
  • ISBN: 9780764206122
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • The logging industry in eastern Texas is booming, and Deborah Vandermark plans to assist her family s business now that she s completed college Unexpectedly, her best friend, Lizzie Decker, accompanies her back home fleeing a wedding and groom she has no interest in Deborah, the determined matchmaker, puts her sights on uniting her brother and dear friend in a true loveThe logging industry in eastern Texas is booming, and Deborah Vandermark plans to assist her family s business now that she s completed college Unexpectedly, her best friend, Lizzie Decker, accompanies her back home fleeing a wedding and groom she has no interest in Deborah, the determined matchmaker, puts her sights on uniting her brother and dear friend in a true love match.Deborah soon meets Dr Christopher Clayton, a much needed addition to the town As their lives intersect, Deborah realizes that she has a much greater interest in medicine and science than the bookkeeping she was trained in But when typhoid begins to spread and Lizzie s jilted fiance returns, Deborah wonders if true love can overcome such obstaclesr those dearest to her, and for herself.

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    Tracie Peterson is a bestselling author who writes in both historical and contemporary genres Her novels reveal her love for research as well as her strong desire to develop emotionally meaningful characters and stories for her readers Tracie and her family live in Montanan name Janelle Jamison


  • Allow me to begin by refreing you to the title. Embers of Love. I should have been warned right there. Should have been, but I wasn't. And that isn't neccesarily a bad thing. I'm impressed with Tracie Peterson. She writes good Christian romance. The problem is, I don'tlike Christian romance novels. And I can't seem to remember that. The first half of this book was really good, maybe even the first three-fourths. And then it kind oflost me.Plot Deborah Vandermark is returning home from college ou [...]

  • I actually enjoyed this book more than I was expecting to. It is a good love story, historical record, and thought provoker in many ways but mostly just an enjoyable read.

  • I downloaded this as a free ebook for my Sony reader.Lizzie is about to marry a man she doesn't love as a means to show her mother that she can make her own decisions, as a strong, independent woman, yet she panics at the last minute and her best friend, Deborah, convinces her to run away to Texas with her. There, Lizzie is readily accepted by Deborah's family and learns how to cook, sew, and do other 'womanly' duties that her own mother always thought were beneath her. Lizzie finds something sa [...]

  • It took me more than ten chapters to actually get into this book. I usually just quit reading at three if I am not interested, but I had the second book at the time as well so I figured I might as well. First off; there was a lot of emphasis on ettiquette. Yet, in the end, nobody seemed to obey it. I get that we're in Texas here, & things are a little bit looser but not all ettiquette is thrown out the window. Especially when *SPOILER ALERT* somebody kissed a certain somebody & got way t [...]

  • Before writing this review I had a quick look at the author page on to see what the next book in this series was called but couldn't seem to spot it anywhere. It is kind of a shame because, although this book doesn't end in such a way as to force you to read another book (as so many series do) I do find myself wanting to return to these characters and see how they get onThe characters that you are meant to like you like, and the characters that you are meant to dislike you dislike - I wouldn't [...]

  • I enjoyed this book somewhat. Deborah was enjoyable to read as a character, she’s very strong willed and knew exactly what she wanted from life. Especially during this particular time period where she had an interest in medicine and science, it would have been hard for a woman during that time to pursue these types of interests. Her strong and likable personality was what made the book a nice read.So! why did I say I enjoyed this book ‘somewhat’? a few things. The pace of the plot was a bi [...]

  • My complaint about this book is much the same as any written by an author who pumps out a prolific amount of books. It is shallow and predictable. The characters are not overly well developed leaving me wholly indifferent to their fate. The setting is uninteresting and the storyline is about as deep as the water stagnating in the bottom of a cracked thimble. There is a mass of subplots that don't seem to affect the story or its main characters at all and serve only to distract. It is as though t [...]

  • Free for nook. Not bad, other than the horrible title. There were also a few story threads that were dropped. I know there are more books in the series, but unlike the last Tracie Peterson book I read, it ended happily enough that I could imagine "happily ever after" if not for those few dangling storylines. Still, I can't imagine I will go out of my way to read the rest of the series. If it falls in my lap, perhaps.

  • Embers of Love was an enjoyable book overall. It had a good storyline with well-developed characters. My only complaint would be that some things seemed a bit rushed. That being said, I'm glad Deborah's story continues throughout the series and I look forward to reading Hearts Aglow and Hope Rekindled.

  • Medicalodges Herington Nursing Home Book Club selection. We enjoyed reading this book together. Some staff are cousins of the author's husband. One had a full collection of Tracie Peterson's books. Selecting to read this book due to it's acclamation. Being followed by the Striking a Match series.

  • I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of depth. It was very perdictable and I do not like perdictable. When I know what's going to happen it's very hard to read. I've heard T.Peterson is a great author so I'll definitely read more from her.

  • just in the first couple of pages I was hooked in this book. the way the book is written I can feel what the characters are going through. love the faith that they have. the thing they go through and the faith they have I am sure we all can relate in some way. can't wait to read the next 2 books

  • LoveThis was a great story. I love a great historical romance but this one has a bit more substance than many. Tracie Peterson is one of my favorite fiction Authors

  • When I first started reading this book it started off fast and in the middle of conflict. After a few chapters I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue to read the book or not. Am glad I didn't stop! The more I read the better the story became and it wasn't to long after that I couldn't wait until the next night when I could pick the book up to read some more. It has quickly become from a 2 star to a 4 star rating in my book and added to my 'favorite' list (of course depending on the rest of the bo [...]

  • I loved the storyline of this book quite well. It was full of adventure, and when it was over, I did not feel like anything was left out or forgotten.The quality of writing, however, was a different story. It was like the author did not know how to use he/she. It was written in third person, but in long inner monologues, she used the character's name hundreds of times instead of saying he/she. Another thing; the characters names were weird! There was a character named "Euphanol"Despite my rants, [...]

  • Another beautiful story by Tracie Peterson. I loved the characters and setting. I enjoyed the superstition that was present in the community and the Dr who was able to help the townspeople over the superstition.

  • Meh. A cute little book, but I was having more issues with the totally-not-one-bit-racist Southeners and the evil Suffragette divorcee than that plot line. I guess it just didn't feel historical enough, even though I can be pretty lax with anything other than anti-corset rants from heroines.

  • This romantic Christian novel is a little shallow --not something you can sink your teeth into. Lizzie is a runaway bride. She flees to Texas with her friend Deborah and lives with Deborah's family. Here she falls in love again and so does Deborah. All of this is very predictable. The family's logging business is interesting and helps to save the story.

  • I enjoyed this book but I have a hard time with books that use names that don't sound nice or look odd. It's just distracting for me. So GW, Arjan, and Euphanel really threw me off.

  • I decided to read this because it is set in east Texas near where my parents lived for a while. Overall it was okay, but frankly there were some parts that were a little unbelievable - very minor to the story, but to a native Texan it kind of seemed like someone didn't do their homework.The part that bugged me the most was the hurricane prediction. The time period is the 1870s. Sorry folks, but hurricane prediction really didn't exist then. In fact, if you've ever read "Isaac's Storm" you'll kno [...]

  • I definitely should have written this review before starting the second book in the series Hearts Aglowbut I was eager to jump in. I'll try not to give my feelings away on that book quite yet Tracie Peterson was one of my first introductions to Christian Historical Fiction and although I have not been a fan of her contemporary novels (too sad and emotional for me) I really love her historicals. The last Song of Alaska series left me off with a poor opinion of the third book Twilight's Serenade y [...]

  • I just read this book this month . It is a really good book . It is based in Texas . This book is about 2 best friends . It was about a family that owned logging business in Texas and the hardships of a logging business . Through all of these hardships and the losses that come with this type of work . This book has Romance and is really good . I would most definitly refer this book to anybody who wanted to knoww if it was a good book . I hope you all enjoy this book as much many others and I do [...]

  • Embers of love was a quick read, but not very satisfying. I really liked that there were 2 main heroines who were best friends, each with her own plots/love stories. Multiple POV's from both the H/h and the supporting characters helped the story quickly fill out more. However the characters could have been a little deeper. One of the 2 heroine's lack of self-awareness had me eye rolling several times. There's nothing I dislike more than when a woman questions her physical reaction to the presenc [...]

  • I read this book about three years ago, but didn't really understand what was going on, so I decided to re-read this so I could give a review, and found myself enjoying it much more now then I did when I was 12/13.This book has so many good aspects of it. Firstly, I love how interesting the story is. It was many different things going on (click for spoiler (view spoiler)[such as the typhoid epidemic and the beginnings of the Ku Klux Klan (hide spoiler)]) to keep you interest, but it doesn't feel [...]

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