Four Days in November: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Four Days in November The Assassination of President John F Kennedy Four Days in November is an extraordinarily exciting precise and definitive narrative of the assassination of President John F Kennedy on November by Lee Harvey Oswald It is drawn from Rec

  • Title: Four Days in November: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • Author: Vincent Bugliosi
  • ISBN: 9780393072037
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook
  • Four Days in November is an extraordinarily exciting, precise, and definitive narrative of the assassination of President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963, by Lee Harvey Oswald It is drawn from Reclaiming History The Assassination of President John F Kennedy, a monumental and historic account of the event and all the conspiracy theories it spawned, by Vincent BuglioFour Days in November is an extraordinarily exciting, precise, and definitive narrative of the assassination of President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963, by Lee Harvey Oswald It is drawn from Reclaiming History The Assassination of President John F Kennedy, a monumental and historic account of the event and all the conspiracy theories it spawned, by Vincent Bugliosi, legendary prosecutor of Charles Manson and author of Helter Skelter For general readers, the carefully documented account presented in Four Days is utterly persuasive Oswald did it and he acted alone.

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    American attorney and author, best known for prosecuting Charles Manson and his followers for the murder of Sharon Tate and others.In his books he claimed that O.J Simpson and Lee Harvey Oswald were guilty of the crimes they were accused of.In his latest book he states that George W Bush should be prosecuted for murder.Bugliosi lived in Pasadena, CA.


  • Just finished reading this book. As the former Prosecutor who tried the murder cases against Charles Manson, author Vincent Bugliosi tackles the assassination of John F. Kennedy as only a Prosecutor would. The book is deeply detail oriented, offering a minute by minute account beginning with the morning of Fri. November 22, up through the moments when both JFK and assassin Lee Harvey Oswald are both buried in their respective graves on Mon. November 25. In between, Bugliosi offers a narrative on [...]

  • I want to thank Mr. Bugliosi for clearing my head, once and for all, of any notion of these ridiculous conspiracy theories that have been circling around this awful event. To think that many Americans would even allow that there was some vast government/criminal conspiracy speaks volumes about how these theories have clouded our collective knowledge about what happened on 11/22/63.I recently visited Dallas for a conference and took an early morning walk to Dealey Plaza, having never been there. [...]

  • This is a must read book. It is the first part of the tome written by Bugliosi (Manson prosecutor, Helter Skelter author). It sets out the chronology of the Kennedy Assassination in a compelling way. As a child I always felt that all of us living in and around Dallas were held responsible for the Kennedy Assassination. I never really studied it and I found this both readable and thourough. I am currently reading the eniter book "Reclaiming History: The Assissination of John F. Kennedy." Love thi [...]

  • I'm a fan of Bugliosi. There is a place for rich detail and factual presentation in literature and he provides that in spades. I was actually somewhat dismayed to learn that, at over 400 pages in the version I read, this book is but part of the more in depth look at the conspiracy theories that swirl around the assassination of JFK - "Reclaiming History". I now have that book since I wanted to continue the train started by this volume and at over 1300 pages, I might be a while finishing that one [...]

  • I feel like Bugliosi’s main motivation for writing this book was to disprove the conspiracy theorists. He fails to address things about the story of the assassination that don’t make any sense and breezes over them like they don’t matter. Otherwise, a masterful portrait of a turbulent era.

  • Parkland is the perfect book for somebody who wants to know more about the assassination of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963, but who has no patience for conspiracy theories. If you want to read one good book that tells the main story as best we can know it, this is it.In the Acknowledgments section at the end of Parkland, Vincent Bugliosi writes that the story of the Kennedy assassination is "endless", and I believe him. Parkland is in fact a massive 500-page excerpt from Bugliosi's [...]

  • More Kennedy stuff. I'm in the mood. This book is actually drawn from a larger book, Bugliosi's 2,000 page Reclaiming History, which is a comprehensive study of the assassination and debunking of the various conspiracy theories. This book is a very in-depth narrative of the four days from the morning to the assassination to the funerals of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald four days later. It's very readable, very dramatic and very precise, and I have to confess, it is persuasive. But I just don't belie [...]

  • Update:Having completed the book, I'd describe it as a worthy companion to Manchester's book. While Manchester's detailed account largely stays with the Kennedy side of the story, Bugliosi's presents extensive detail of the Oswald/Texas portion, including very detailed information of the movements of Oswald around Dallas City Hall, various interrogation and lineup sessions, and much more detail than I've ever read about Ruby's initial questioning.There are some fascinating elements to this story [...]

  • At the time of Kennedys death I was not even a thought yet. Kennedy was gone 4 years before I ever had a breath in my lungs, yet isn’t it amazing how I as well as others of my age and younger still can feel such compassion and pain for the loss of this man.Parkland, originally titled Four Days In November is about the events that surrounded Kennedy’s untimely death as well as the timeline of Oswald during that same day and the next few days afterwards.I listened to Parkland on audio and this [...]

  • I still remember when we were told at school that kennedy had been killed. We were taken out to pray, but as I was a girl I did not give it a second thought. So now that I read this book I was very interested to learn what happened in those 4 hectic days. When we read about murderers in the news, we seldom connect that person with his background and close family. Impressive research of Bugliosi, who presents both cold facts and treats the assassins as human beings, with their own life, passions, [...]

  • Extraordinary book based on massive, thorough research. Guess what? LHO assasinated JFK. Its an open and shut case, beyond a reasonable doubt. The evidence is overwhelming. A few conspiracy buffs have twisted things abound or just made stuff up. People have a hard time believing one left wing nut job killed the President, but that's what happened. It wasn't the CIA, or LBJ, or the Maffia. No conspiracy. Why do we Americans fall for the conspiracy theory every time. Having read the book, I now fe [...]

  • I am so glad I read this book. So much I don't remember or never new about the details of this horrific event even though I lived through it as a teenager growing up. The author has me convinced that the facts point to one lone gunman (Oswald) changing our history. Of course, that is such a disturbing thought, that many alternative plots and conspiracies have taken hold of our imaginations and are easier to accept.Riveting and well written. Highly recommend this book.

  • If you are an American history buff and intrigued by the J Kennedy assassination, this is a must read. Obviously, very timely - with the 50th anniversary coming upBugliosi wrote this in a manner that was easy to read, somewhat conversational and made you want to keep turning the pages even though you knew how it would end.I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  • The best book I've read on the JFK assassination. Bugliosi spares no detail as he literally goes minute-by-minute on the events of those tragic days. I haven't read the book this one was derived from, "Reclaiming History," but this edition is the most detailed account of the events without going into the speculation on what probably happened and who else could've been involved.

  • This book is a minute by minute reportage of the timeline over the four days surrounding the assassination of JFK. It is based on evidence compiled not theory or conspiracy conjecture and for that it carries a lot of force. To my mind it dispels once and for all the notion that anyone other than Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone shot JFK. Fascinating

  • Excellent audiobook, I also preordered the DVD from B&N, can't wait. The narrarator is excellent it really makes you feel like you are riding in the presidential cavalcade right through Dealey Plaza in Dallas. You are right there walking hand in hand with Jack Ruby down in the garage before he shoots Lee Harvey Oswald. Wow, really enjoyed this, can't wait for the video!!

  • A great piece of extended journalism; presenting a detailed and compelling account of what actually happened.(The evidence is analysed, and the conspiracy theories disposed of, in Reclaiming History, the bigger work from which this timeline of the events is lifted.)

  • Beware, your conspiracy theories will be at risk reading this book. A riveting, persuasive account of how Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy, alone.

  • This is the definite book on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Bugliosi presents the events in a chronological timeline "as they happen." Anyone who reads this well-referenced account and still believes that there was some sort of conspiracy theory or that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill the president is not interested in knowing the truth. I think this book, by presenting the events in the order in which they occurred, not only explains how Oswald was able to kill the president, ho [...]

  • This was an amazing book! Bugliosi takes four days in November, 1963, chronicles with great detail the chaotic events before and after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and weaves his voluminous research into a clear, compelling story that firmly establishes Lee Harvey Oswald as the assassin. The Kennedy family is portrayed with deep feeling and sensitivity, as, surprisingly, are the drama's other main actors, Oswald and his murderer Jack Ruby. The role of the Secret Service, the FBI. the Dal [...]

  • I got this book from the library because I enjoyed Jackie Weaver's portrayal of Oswald's mother in the movie. I enjoyed her performance and now can see that it was just that a performance. I don't believe the woman was mad, neither do I believe that the second bullet that blew the top off of J.F.K.'s head came from the Book Depository building where Oswald worked. I don't know the facts though I do know that that bullet was shot from the front. Vincent Bugliosi, a lawyer is part of the conspirac [...]

  • Very in-depth bookVincent Bugliosi has written an extremely well documented book of those days surrounding the assassination of President JFK. Much of what he tells of the insanity at the Dallas PD after the shooting was things I was unaware of. I remember that weekend very well, even though I was only 8 at the time. It was burned into each of our memories. But I always wondered just what all took place once Oswald was in custody. I was never aware of the different lineups he took part in it the [...]

  • After having read two other Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory books, and having enjoyed them both, I was somewhat interested in this non-conspiracy version.The author did a masterful job of going hour by hour in the Lee Harvey Oswald being the lone gunman official version that our government has endorsed. The book paints an excellent picture of who Oswald and his family really were, as opposed to what's been given to us by news reporting about them. Same can be said about Oswald's killer, [...]

  • Fascinating read. The amount of research that likely went into this book is mind-blowing. Definitely recommend for anyone who already has a general knowledge of the assassination and wants to learn more about the timeline. This book covers the small details of the four days in Dallas (what the police officers did, the chase to catch Oswald, the doctors at Parkland, etc.) rather than looking at the big picture. Although the author is one of the most famous anti-conspiracy theorists, he doesn't sp [...]

  • Outstanding. The original title is 4 days in November, and that's what it covers. The day of and the short aftermath of JFK's assassination. It's a detailed, and logical flow.nologically and at times minute by minute account of what happened. The explanations for the why's is not really covered (Ruby is, but Oswald not), but the how's are perfectly accounted for. This should have laid to rest any of the conspiracy theories that were still out there - but sadly I'm sure it did not.Highly recommen [...]

  • Bugliosi does a good job of adding pieces to the puzzleThose with opinions on whether there was or wasn't conspiracy in the death of JFK allow their feelings to come out in their book, Bugliosi doesn't. While I don't believe we'll ever really know the complete story this book offers a lot of information I'd not read previously. Bugliosi presents a minute by minute history of many people who were involved, big Bugliosi presents many people's minute by minute actions during

  • Having lived through the horror of those days in November, 1963, I found this book a compelling read from the first page. The author gives a minute-by-minute accounting for all the characters involved in the story and although I am not one to follow all the different conspiracy theories, I do have my own "theories" of who the players were. A lot of mistakes made for a tragic day in Dallas. The book is well written and well documented but if it was not a real story would you find his conclusions [...]

  • When I picked this up I thought it was going to be more about Parkland and what went on there; the thoughts and feelings of those on staff, how they felt about Kennedy and then having to deal with Oswald. It was actually more of a time line of the assassination and what when on following it. It certainly is a well researched book and Bugliosi never fails to deliver. Just thought it was going to be a bit different.

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