Supreme Clientele

Supreme Clientele Supreme Clientele is a tale of love war money and betrayal When Zya s boyfriend Jules is sentenced to a five year bidd he temporarily hands his operation over to her With little street knowledge

  • Title: Supreme Clientele
  • Author: Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman
  • ISBN: 9781893196872
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Supreme Clientele is a tale of love, war, money and betrayal When Zya s boyfriend, Jules, is sentenced to a five year bidd, he temporarily hands his operation over to her With little street knowledge, Zya turns his small operation into an untouchable empire.

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    ASHLEY ANTOINETTE COLEMAN is one of the most successful female writers of her time The feminine half of the popular married duo, Ashley and JaQuavis, she has co written over 40 novels, including the bestselling Cartel series Several of her titles have hit The New York Times bestsellers list, but she is most widely regarded for her continuing racy saga, The Prada Plan Born in Flint, MI, she was bred with an innate street sense that she uses as motivation in her crime filled writings.Picking up a deal with publishing powerhouse St Martin s Press while simultaneously inking deals at Warner Brothers Studios and NBC Universal, Ashley shows no signs of slowing down She is currently hard at work on a new book series and two television pilots.To keep up with everything Ashley Antoinette follow heritter novelistaInstagram ashleyantoinette


  • This was a street lit page turner from the first to last page. Zya really turned out to be the opposite of what I expected. In the beginning i thought she was just a drug dealers stupid girlfriend, but she turned out to be so much more. She was a strong, intelligent, and extremely resourceful woman. Snow was her perfect match because he was almost the man version of her. The way these two handled their business was off the charts, and their little love story was very believable also. Jules was r [...]

  • Even though I just found out that it is a part of a series, I loved this story. I'm not surprised. I mean I can never go wrong, when I pick up and Ashley & Jacquavis story. I will be reading the other two books very soon.

  • I didn't realize this was a series. Therefore I read book three first. Very easy to pick up on but I will make sure I ready the entire "dirty money series. It was awesome. Great job! True friends never snitch and they have your back, ride or die!!!

  • I liked this book my first time reading anything by these 2 authors and I have to say great job. I have 2 other books by these authors but, yet to pick the books up.Zya is a woman that is just trying to make it after her may Jules get locked up. She was going to hold him down until she found out that he was holding another woman down that was pregnant. So she left him alone doing her own thing in the drug business. She decided to use Jules name in order to get connected with the ones she can get [...]

  • Hoping theres a 4th but even if there isnt this was a pretty good end!! Still can tell that this is one of their earlier books but i could see the progressiony complaint is how they just switch up between points of view from line to line sometimesde it hard to keep track sometimes but over all another great story from my favorite authors

  • I thought this book was a really good read! Can't go into too many details without giving the book away! Well put together! I do recommend!

  • this book was wonderful the suspense was great it was truly unpredictable i thought it would end bad like most Ashley & Jaquivas books

  • Boss B*tchThere's a new Queen of New York and her name is Zya Miller. After being left destitute when her boyfriend, Jules, is locked up, Zya does the only thing she knows - hustling. A gram here and a gram there quickly turns into an empire, an empire to rival that of the late Anari/Tony, the former Queen. Mo' money, mo' problems. As Zya is doing big things and making major moves, she garners some unwanted attention. Will Zya crack under pressure or reign supreme? Authors Ashley & JaQuavis [...]

  • Hello Everyone-Okay so I never say a book is Bad ( which means good) but this book was amazing . I read it in one night i couldn't put it down it was amazing. Zya is my girl she's strong and has a brain of any wall-street king. She can make money like nobodies business and when opportunity strikes she takes it and makes it hers, I love that. The Lessons in this book is a good lesson if the readers can pick up on it . I mean its slams you in the face but some people read the words and not the con [...]

  • This book grabbed my attention from the first page and I was addicted to finishing it. The twists in this book are mind boggling yet amazing. Please please please read Dirty Money first! That is a definite must. I absolutely fell in love with Ashley & JaQuavis and I have read all of their books (except The Prada Plan which I am buying next) and I am astonished and completely taken aback that their writing abilities and expertise. After I finish each book I am left thinking that there is NO W [...]

  • I really enjoyed reading this novel. I love it when the writer can make a male character ooz with sex appeal and that it exactly what they did with Snow! This book had my heart racing several different times wondering what was going to happen. It had some sad moments but there was always exciting moments just behind every sad one. I hope there is a sequel because I would love to know more. I definitely see room for an exciting sequel. It needs to happen sooner than later since this book has been [...]

  • This book was filled with drama and had signature A&J style. Like in many urban fiction books there were parts that were just so unrealistic that I shook my head but overall I enjoyed the twists and turns that ensued. I'm so mad at Zya bc if she would've have just done one thing differently her entire outcome would've changed but I did like who she ended up with in the end. There were certain parts of the book that seemed to drag on and on and I began to lose interest but towards the end I w [...]

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! I Loved Snow OMG ! He ticked me off at first but then i was like OMG the scence when they was at the each made me cry because i loved it so much ! lOl ! Im impatiently waiting for Part 3 or 2 whatever you want to call it ! because i know its gone be another part to this it just has to be ! But if Snow gone die i dont want to read it lol ; Zya should have asked Jules about the chick before just leaving tho ! But im glad she did because her and Snow make a perfect coup [...]

  • This was pretty good- definitely better than what I've been reading from the urban fiction genre. After reading other Ashley JaQuavis books and then reading Ashley's The Prada Plan, I'm come to the conclusion than Ashley is most likely being carried by JaQuavis. There is no other conclusion unless Ashley proves herself in the future. I excited to read Coleman's new solo book- I have a feeling it'll be much better than TPP. I would definitely recommend this to any avid urban fiction reader.

  • Without a doubt this book is a definate Goodread. It's a thrilling on the edge of your seat page turner you won't want to stop reading. It's full of suspense and has a couple of surprises. I loved the ending. I am rarely ever disappointed with and novel written by Ashley & JaQuavis as long as they keep the hits coming I will keep buying. This is a must read check it out!

  • I read this book a long time ago the -first 1 from these authors- while I was trying to find the prada plan now I have read a few of their books looking to start from the beginning!This book is awesome I've read it at least 3 times would have been more but I lend it to other ppl who don't like to read!

  • This was the ABSOULTE BEST BOOK I'VE READ SINCE THE COLDEST WINTER EVER I love Ashley & JaQuavis their books are amazing. This book started off kinda slow for me in fact I delayed reading it for almost two months when I finally got past the fist murder I was hooked if you love Urban books you'll love this one I wish there was a part two ! I'd love to see what happens with Anari Zya & Wade.

  • I haven't even finished the book (half way though) and this story line is the same as Dirty Money! I won't give away any details AND the story IS good, so I plan to finish reading it, but this book is way to similar to the first book in the series. Definitely a page turner but I would have liked to read something different

  • Supreme ClienteleI loved this book. It was sooooo good. Everything was there. Love, betrayals, suspense, murder, sex, haters, and backstabbers. I hated how Vita and Jules ended. Yet, it had to play out that way. It's not often I give Five Stars, but this was truly deserving. Definitely recommended.

  • that ending The book was good from beginning to end . Can't believe I had this in my library for so long and didn't read it sonner . Ashley and jaquvis ending always seal the deal . I thought zya was gone take the bait for a second but she flipped it When you a dirty cop you never win . I loved snow and zya relationship

  • This was a good book with a great storyline. It is my first read by the authors and I throughly enjoyed their style of writing. The story was fast paced and gripping at times, and good to the last page.

  • Not only does this book answer questions to some of the characters in Diary of a street Diva, it introduces you to the SUPREME CLIENTELE the biggest drug lords accross the world! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS THAT I READ IN 2007

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