The Prisoner

The Prisoner Earth s prisons are shut down and all inmates placed in massive hibernation tanks In the ten years since then no one has broken out until now When prisoners check into Washington D C s maximum s

  • Title: The Prisoner
  • Author: Carlos J. Cortes
  • ISBN: 9780553591637
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2049 Earth s prisons are shut down and all inmates placed in massive hibernation tanks In the ten years since then, no one has broken out until now When prisoners check into Washington D.C s maximum security sugar cube, they don t check out Here lie suspended not just the planet s most dangerous criminals, but also half a million so called center inmates troubleso2049 Earth s prisons are shut down and all inmates placed in massive hibernation tanks In the ten years since then, no one has broken out until now.When prisoners check into Washington D.C s maximum security sugar cube, they don t check out Here lie suspended not just the planet s most dangerous criminals, but also half a million so called center inmates troublesome activists whose only offense is to challenge those in power Laurel Cole was one of those inmates and now she s on the run After pulling off a meticulously executed escape plan, she and her team must elude the police by descending into the tunnels that run like poisoned veins beneath the city Pursued by a ruthless mercenary who knows these sewers better than anyone, Laurel seeks help from a group of renegades who live huddled in the fetid darkness But if she ever hopes to see daylight again and expose the government s lies she ll have to go even deeper and the clock is ticking.

    The Prisoner TV Series https mdb title tt Sep , Created by Patrick McGoohan With Patrick McGoohan, Angelo Muscat, Peter The Prisoner https en.mpedia wiki The_Prisoner The Prisoner TV Mini Series https mdb title tt Nov , With Ian McKellen, Jim Caviezel, Ruth Wilson, Jamie Campbell Bower An update to the cult Watch The Prisoner Prime Videohttps The Prisoner dp BFRGLC The Prisoner Season TV PG After resigning, a secret agent is abducted and taken to what looks like an idyllic village, but is really a bizarre prison.

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  • Carlos J. Cortes

    I write for the same reason I breathe to carry on living.From time to time I post snippets about myself and my work at carlosjcortescarlos odd world cortes theprisoner cortes perfectcircle.Carlos J Cortes is the author of numerous unpublished novels and one of the World s least influential people After the dogged efforts of his indefatigable agent, his first SF thriller, Perfect Circle saw the light last year The second, The Prisoner, another SF thriller, is scheduled for release 29 September 2009, both courtesy of Random House.Carlos studied music, engineering, and a plethora of obscure subjects before turning his efforts to writing technical tomes on hilarious themes such as light physics, lighting science and fiber optics Undeterred by failure when none of his published books ever reached the New York Times bestselling list, he co wrote three books on Bridge.The son of an absconded father and a seamstress, Carlos grew up in the streets of Madrid s old quarter surrounded by an elite of hustlers and other intellectuals, the salt of the Earth, the kind of guys who would insist that you keep enough for bus fare after taking your wallet These complementary perspectives and thirty years of wandering through six continents served as inspiration for his fiction work.As a Bridge player, he overbids with imaginations, impasses his own hand and squeezes himself out of dummy, but never blames his partner.Although he lives rough at present in Barcelona, fattening a piggybank with the loose change, he s planning to try wooing US authorities into looking the other way so he can move to California full time.Carlos woman, fantasy writer S J Thomas collaborates on his research, edits his manuscripts, tries to knock into him the rudiments of this fiendish language and scrooges every cent she can lay her hands on to fetch her man over.


  • I could smell it. I could see the rats, the roaches, the "shit-cicles," the fatbergs, the nasty hair balls I could feel the grime on my skin, and when Laurel thought she'd never be able to get the sewer off, I felt the same way--even though I wasn't really the one in the sewers.My pulse quickened, knowing that Nikola was just a few steps behind us--er, I mean them. From the beginning to the end, the story is fast paced and exciting. The plot is well formed, and the characters are rich in depth. [...]

  • Terrific read! Imagine that you were forced to participate in your own demise; that you were told to "remain calm" while you prepped yourself to go headfirst into a tank that would be your coffin for an indefinite amount of time. What if your name was purposely lost due to a sociopath's personal vandeta, and you were scheduled to never leave the tank alive?I'd reccomend this book to anyone who likes adventure in the midst of deceit and power. A group of unlikely regular visionaries take on a cor [...]

  • Its really hard to review this book without giving too much away, but I'll do my best. It's 2049 & Earth's prisons are shut down, all inmates placed in hibernation tanks. When prisoners check into Washington D.C.'s maximum security 'sugar cube', they don't check out. Within this new system lie not only the planet's most dangerous criminals, but also half a million people whose only offense is to challenge those in power.After pulling off a harrowing escape, Laurel Cole and her team must elud [...]

  • This novel should come with a caution. Once you pick it up just make sure you have time, because you won't put it down.As a reader I usually stick to the genres I write in, simply because those are the ones I enjoy. Near future science fiction has never been one of my favorites, but this one might just change my mind. Carlos Cortes' novel is a delight to read, not only for its story but for the details within in. It's obviously well researched, from the prison tanks, to the cognac, to the sewers [...]

  • I enjoyed this book on many levels: I'd like to think of Carlos as a friend and as such it's both intriguing and pleasurable reading another writer's work. The Prisoner is a quickly paced thriller set in the near future where criminals are dealt with in an innovative way. The book also offers the reader a wealth of arcane detail that fans of Frederick Forsyth will lap up, along with a beautiful, worldly wise cynicism. If I had any criticism at all, it is perhaps that I found it difficult to beli [...]

  • Never before have I ever wanted to cheer for a prison escape. Drawn in from the very beginning to the very end, The Prisoner takes us beyond the normal prison cell, to the depths of the sewers where you could smell and see the stench as his characters trudged through. More than just a prison break, but a yearning of a daughter to know her father and the desire of many to help restore justice and end a corrupt system. I love when a book keeps me thinking about it long after I've finished reading, [...]

  • I'm going to bend one of my rules here. I usually never give away the plot in a review. But in the case of this clunker of a book, it's justified.It's 2049, and prisons have become "sugar cubes" where prisoners are put into suspended animation and stacked like items on supermarket shelves. You know you're in trouble when one of the prisoners is broken out by a team of three lawyers. That's right, lawyers. The characters are one-dimensional and there is no development. The plot moves at the speed [...]

  • Carlos Cortes has done it again. The Prisoner grabs you from the first page and starts you down a path of questioning all that we do in society--now, and what might lie ahead. The characters are deep, the plot compelling, and the suspense doesn't stop. As he did in Perfect Circle, Mr. Cortes manages to simplify the most complex technology and explain it to the reader without boring. It is an education as well as a thrill to read his books. I learned about hibernation, the economics of prisons, a [...]

  • I can't complain because the blurb on the back of the book describes exactly what you get.While the premise is very interesting, with a concept similar to one used in Minority Report, the execution of the premise and the world building left me disappointed. One significant technological change does not usually occur while all other things remain constant. The interrelationships of the characters and their wrap up was a bit too pat to be truly satisfying; almost as if there should be a "happily e [...]

  • "The Prisoner" takes place in 2059, when criminals are sentenced to hibernation instead of prison. It's a realistic and scary future that briefly touches on the loss of privacy and more limits on freedom of speech. The first half of the book dragged, with most of the action taking place in the sewers and underground. The writing was episodic, and tried to tie in too many secondary/tertiary characters.

  • Holy guacamole! I started off reading this book with a feeling of yeah-right, let's see what this is like. It's not a subject matter that normally gets me excited (hint: there are no aliens in the book), but this book grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go. Not being American, I can't vouch for the accuracy of the references to American legal and political situations, but this is a heck of an exciting read.

  • The tension building in the book is incredible. Opening with a scene in which a woman is being put into suspended animation for crimes she did not commit, it follows her 'death' and just esculates from there.

  • Interesting concept, but the writing itself just didn't pass muster. The characters tended to be a bit two-dimensional, and I didn't get any connection to them at all. It could've made a great SF/thriller movie though.

  • This was an entertaining "prison break" kind of novel. I enjoyed the setting though, overall, it was a little predictable.

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