Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe Meet Sloppy JoeWhen it comes to being messy Sloppy Joe is a pro He slurps spills slouches talks with his mouth full and never ever tucks in his shirt But being messy has its challenges So Sloppy

  • Title: Sloppy Joe
  • Author: Dave Keane Denise Brunkus
  • ISBN: 9780061710209
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Sloppy JoeWhen it comes to being messy, Sloppy Joe is a pro He slurps, spills, slouches, talks with his mouth full, and never, ever tucks in his shirt But being messy has its challenges So Sloppy Joe sets out to become Neat Joe, only to learn that being messy is a part of who he is and his family loves him for it

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      110 Dave Keane Denise Brunkus
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  • This book would be a great health lesson for students in elementary school. Joe is very sloppy and messy and does not take care of himself or his belongings. Joe tries to change his ways but his family lets him know that they like him just the way he is.

  • Mini LessonSloppy Joe By Dave KeaneSummary: A sloppy boy decides it’s time to change his ways and become neat. With an unexpected turn he has to take care of his sick family and turns to his old ways.Focus: Text structure (Character comments)Connection: Explain that today students will be looking at text structure and specifically adding comments to characters.Teach: Read Sloppy Joe (If possible show on an active board so that all students can clearly see the pages’ details).Ask students if [...]

  • Joe is a mess. There's no real argument there. He's like the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes, a mess that is so severe that people need to shield themselves from the splatter he makes. Still, he is the sort of mess that nearly all kids identify with in some way, and he is a nice child, with several redeeming qualities. He even tries to reform his messy ways. The results are interesting, but the effort is there. This story of a messy kid is beautifully illustrated by Denise Brunkus, so if you l [...]

  • Dave Keane’s book, “Sloppy Joe,” is a fantastic book that takes you through the day in the life of an extremely messy boy named Joe.According to Joe’s mother, he is the first kid in history to take a school picture with gum stuck in his hair. According to Joe, he slurps, spills, slouches, talks with his mouth full, and puts his elbows on the table without even trying. Joe’s messy ways get the best of his family and eventually it even makes him want to change. My favorite part is when K [...]

  • This was a very funny and interesting book about a boy named Joe who is very messy. Joe is always dirty. He brings mud in the house, he eats his food messily, and people call him Sloppy Joe. At one point, Joe feels like people do not like him for being messy, so he decides to be clean. However, some funny things occur as he tries so hard to be neat.I really enjoyed this book about Sloppy Joe. Joe realizes that even though he is messy, his parents still love him. I think this story shows that it [...]

  • What a cute book that is sure to be a classroom favorite! Not to mention, I'm sure several students will be able to relate to Joe's sloppy behaviors, too. Aside from the humor this book provides, it can also be a great book to use when teaching predictions and main ideas to a class. I also love how the main theme of this book is accepting everyone, no matter how sloppy they might be. I will use this book as a fun large group reading, or maybe even as a guided reading for the upper grades. Ultima [...]

  • Sloppy Joe is a great book to use when discussing friendship and the qualities that make us all unique. In this case, Joe's quality is being sloppy and he is pretty good at it! Some activities that could be used to extend this book may include making mud, making "germ" paintings and setting up a cleaning station in the sensory table. Children could also participate in making a list, chart or graph about things that are messy and things that are clean. This could be a great conversation starter a [...]

  • This is a really great book for any kiddo who feels like they just can't quite get it right. I bought it for my 7-year-old, who just happens to share many of Joe's qualities. He's an adventurer, a messy kid, and sometimes you wonder just what's going on in that mischievous little braind yet there's a heart of gold beneath the nuttiness that shines through it all. A sweet book (which my boy absolutely loves) and a good reminder to parents, too, to take a step back sometimes and remember that a sp [...]

  • Sloppy Joe needs a little lesson on hygiene and cleanliness! Use this book to help your students see the importance in being clean. I love how in the end Joe decides to be cleaner, but people still loved the sloppy Joe because that is who he is. It is important for students to see that they are loved for who they are and they do not need to conform to others expectations to be loved. This is an unfortunate misconception that even adults need to correct. This story does a fantastic job of connect [...]

  • Poor Joe is a representation of the bad habits that we all have! He is just not who he thinks everyone wants him to be! His determination to change for the ones around him is inspiration and sweet! Discussing why Joe wants to change can build connections between the reader and the story. Some lessons that can be taught are about hygiene or about accepting yourself and others how they are but changing things that are hurtful to other people.

  • Sloppy Joe is about a little boy who basically is.oppy! This book would be great for younger grade students because they could probably relate to Sloppy Joe in some way. We are all good at something, and that something is being sloppy for Joe! Joe eventually gets tired of being treated a certain way for his sloppiness and decides to change. But change isn't always good, and Sloppy Joe learns all about that.

  • Joe lives a sloppy life, and everyone is always getting upset at him for it. Finally one day, he cleans his room and his clothes and everyone still likes him the same way, and they tell him he can be sloppy-- but Joe chooses to be clean!Classroom: Cute to use when talking about hygiene, or cleaning your room- or household chores. As well as acceptance, everyone loved Joe no matter what.

  • "Sloppy Joe" is a cute book to share with students in the early elementary grades. Most of them will be able to relate to being a little on the messy sideYou could read this as a lesson about hygiene, or you could read this to inspire your students to be okay with being themselves. Most of the time people like us how we were in the first place, which Joe ends up learning when he decides to be clean instead of messy.

  • This was very cute and would be fun to read in class for pleasure or to talk about hygiene. It's a simple topic to us, but sometimes kids don't understand how important it is to remain healthy just by brushing our teeth and washing our faces - this book can help us see that. It also addresses keeping your house and area clean, though, and how important this is to keep up with your things and respecting others' space.

  • Sloppy Joe is an endearing character in this piece! His personality is the best but some cant seem to see past his messy outward appearance. I used this text to try to stretch my student's thinking. We examined the treatment of Joe and how males are sometimes portrayed as the "messy" characters in books while females tend to have a "clean" personality traits. This lead to intense critical analysismething all budding readers can enjoy participating in.

  • When we saw the cover of this book, we immediately thought, "Junie B. Jones!". The inimitable style of Denise Brunkus shines through in this hilarious story about a messy kid. I don't know if we would've picked out this story if we hadn't recognized the illustrator, but we really enjoyed the story. Our girls loved the fact that his room was (slightly) messier than theirs! Fun tale to read aloud.

  • Sloppy Joe by Dave Keane is filled with the type of humor that a 4-½ year old boy enjoys. From the meatball rolling across the floor to the boy being covered in mud, kids will laugh out loud for most of the book. The illustrations are very detailed and you can spend a lot of time on each page laughing at all of the messy, sloppy things going on! This is definitely a perfect book for a young boy!

  • When it comes to cleanliness you are either classified as a neat freak or a slob. In the character Joe's case he is a slob. Hygiene is an important topic that must be discussed with children. After reading this story to children ask them why it is important for us to be clean and the effects of us not being cleaning.

  • This is a very cute children's book.There are little instructional purposes that could be linked to the book, but my students LOVE the name. The illustrations are adorable and the little boy in the story "Sloppy Joe," is adorable. My students, especially my "all-boy" students, can really make connections to this story and identify with the character.

  • Sloppy Joe is the pro of all messes and it doesn't seem to bother him at all. He was "the first kid in history to take a school picture with gum stuck in his hair". He says that "You can barely notice". He knows that he is good at being sloppy so he rather be raised by alligators !

  • This is great for the sloppy little boy in all of us! Joe is a very sloppy kid that most kids would relate to. It's a book that shows it is great to be ok with who you are and that being yourself is a wonderful thing. Beautiful colors in this book and it has big pictures that can be seen around the room. Even has cool hand prints on the back cover.

  • Cute story about a boy who is sloppy and decides to clean up a little. I would use this book in the classroom to teach adjectives and create a discussion on hygiene during a health lesson. I believe students will have a lot to talk about when reading this book. It would be interesting to see what children would have to say about Joe.

  • "Sloppy Joe" is VERY sloppy. He is adventurous and interesting. Joe tries to be normal, but he can't. Toward the end of the story Joe's family gets the flu. He decides to become neat Joe, but that doesn't work either. I would love to share this with a classroom when talking about being clean and keeping our work areas clean.

  • This book is fun and children can relate especially the ones who likes being sloppy. Teachers can teach about helping parents and having chores in the home. Children can have responsibility and help out. This book shows that it is okay to have fun and be messy, but it shouldn't be that way all the time.

  • This book is fun read aloud book that makes the readers laugh. This book will be a good book to start a writer's workshop where the students can write about what they would do if they were the main character. It can also be a good book to have an activity where the student can draw a picture of themselves doing the same thing that the main character would do with them.

  • Not to generalize all boys, but most boys are less concerned with cleanliness, organization, and hygiene than girls so this book would be a good way to communicate with students the importance of taking care of oneself by being responsible, cleaning your room, your body, and more. This would be a very interesting book for boys, but I'm not sure how girls would feel about it.

  • Sloppy Joe is so dirty and ickyl of the things kids love to hear about! A lot of children can also relate to this book because like Joe i am sure they get nagged to "Brush their teeth" and "Keep their room clean". At the end Joe cleans up his act, but he still stays true to himself. He loves being him.

  • This is a book about a boy who is naturally sloppy. People are always telling him he has to change. He decides to be "Neat Joe" instead and finds out that everyone likes him even though he is still sloppy. I could use this book to teach about the importance of liking who you are. It's also a book many children could relate to. Grades K through 2nd.

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