Broken Sky: #01

Broken Sky Broken Sky is the story of two mirrored worlds the Dominions and Kirin Taq It s about a pair of twins who find themselves torn from the safety of their home and thrown into the conflict and how they

  • Title: Broken Sky: #01
  • Author: Chris Wooding
  • ISBN: 9780439139984
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • Broken Sky is the story of two mirrored worlds, the Dominions and Kirin Taq It s about a pair of twins who find themselves torn from the safety of their home and thrown into the conflict, and how they become key players in the battle for both dimensions against the despotic King Macaan and his daughter.

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    Chris Wooding grew up in a small town in Leicestershire, where not much of anything happened So he started to write novels He was sixteen when he completed his first He had an agent by eighteen By nineteen he had signed his first book deal When he left university he began to write full time, and he has been doing it professionally all his adult life.Now thirty nine, Chris has written over twenty books, which have been translated into twenty languages, won various awards and been published around the world He writes for film and television, and has several projects in development.Chris has travelled extensively round the world, having backpacked all over Europe and North America, Scandinavia, South East Asia, Japan and South Africa He also lived in Madrid for a time When he wasn t travelling on his own, he spent his twenties touring with bands and seeing the UK and Europe from the back of a van.He also learned not so long ago that his family tree can be traced back to John Milton, author of Paradise Lost, which has no bearing on him whatsoever but it s kind of interesting anyway.Chris lives in London.


  • The covers don't do the content justice. I imagine many people turn away at the site of cartoons and anime-inspired stories, but outer appearance really belies the drama and serious nature of Broken Sky. This is a legitimate action-fantasy series in its own right, full of drama, struggle, and a very interesting world.

  • Chris Wooding's debut series as an author and a blood damn good series it is. He write a total of 9 books, revolving around the lives of twin siblings.Without knowing at the time, I suppose I fell in love with this book and series because of the influences that the author was under:Broken Sky is an epic tale of fighting fantasy, inspired by Japanese manga comics and videos.It definitely is completely underrated and the series are no longer in print if I recall correctly. Took me years to get a h [...]

  • I guess i am the only person who read this book because no one else has written a review of it. I read this a long time ago but i do remember that it was very good.

  • (This review may contain spoilers).Broken Sky was another of those book series I enjoyed when I was much younger. I remember that I found part of part one - a sample of the first chapter - in a charity shop and was immediately attracted to the illustration of Ryushi on the front cover. Unfortunately, I have since misplaced that original version, but I do now have all nine parts.The first part of Broken Sky was a good introduction to the series and to the characters. I liked leaning about the wor [...]

  • I remember scoffing at this book as my brother brought it home from the school book fair. I looked down upon it from my high horse of "intellectual reads". (I was 12 then and considered myself quite the book elite :D) One day, I stumbled upon this by accident (when my brother was not at home, mind you). It was a very good read! I was stunned by the scope of the story and the engaging writing, which the constraints of intended audience/market did no justice to. The anime influence was very palpab [...]

  • This is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I read this book series when I was 11 and loved them all. It holds up too, excellent action fantasy.

  • I've been trying to read this book since I bought it in 1999, 17 years ago! I keep starting it, putting it down, and forgetting about it- not that it isn't an interesting or good book. It's just not page turning. The story is a steampunk blend of magic and technology. It reads a lot like 90's anime adventure which based on the cover is probably why I picked it up in the first place. After the initial setup, the book moves along faster so if you can get past the first section it is more worth it. [...]

  • First of all, don't let the cover turn you away. The story is so amazing and the covers really don't do it any justice. I found this in a library when I was about 14 and I almost didn't take it because of the cover. But having read almost all of the children/young adult books our library had, I was left with little choice. So I read it, and all the other 8 books in the series. And I fell in love with it!The world in which this is happening is insanely interesting. When a person is born, they get [...]

  • In truth, this book takes perhaps 3 hrs to read. the first two introductory chapters are well and good, and I could take it or leave it. I've read YA books before, but this one has so very many incredible reviews, including those of my own children now 24 and 27, that I had to give it a chance.A family's home swept away by trusted forces, the ensuing pursuit and escape, emotions run amok, gripping experiences and hooking story lines grab you and make you want to devour the entire series in a wee [...]

  • A decent action-adventure set in a fantasty world (or worlds?) that have definitely had a bit of thought put into them and I look forward to exploring further. I enjoy Wooding's writing style, although these are some of his earlier books and whilst his style is good, the character development and plot is a little more simplistic. Then again, it is intended for kids.Like all good serial books, these chapter books are not very long and tend to have cliffhanger endings, to lure the reader into the [...]

  • This is a fantastic novel, cant undestand why I haven't startet reading Broken Sky before now.Chris Wooding is a fantastic writer who knows just how to keep his readers attention fixed and you really can't let go of this book.The details in the books amazes me from each chapter that I read and I can feel the joy or sorrow in the characters feelings when things happen fast and swift.Can recommend it to everyone, so start reading and enjoy it.

  • I read this for the first time back when I was in middle school, even though I'm older I gave it a reread and I still enjoy it just as much. The story is what always seems to suck me in. I can easily get past the part where it was wrote for a younger audience because the fantasy of the world Wooding made just makes you forget that. For a short time there was talk of making it into a show and I really wish someone would pick it up again.

  • Great concept and story, even if the prose is formal and wordy. It's like hearing a good story told by a robot. (A robot that loves adverbs.) Still, the world is well thought out and the characters are likeable. I've already started the second in the series. Thanks to my brother-in-law Joel, for recommending them.

  • When I read this back in high school I loved this series. It was a wonderful blend of action adventure and fantasy. I love the originality that the author uses in his world. I'll have to reread it someday and write a more detailed review! It's been about 12 years

  • A re-read of one of my childhood staples; still surprisingly readable although the dialogue smells the same from character to character and the prose could be tighter; but it's an imaginative and fun adventure story, one of the underrated gems of its kind.

  • I remember reading these books through middle school. For a kid who really didn't do much reading, these books got me not only interested, but involved in books. I owe a lot to these and I can still remember my excitement and emotion when reading them.

  • I enjoyed this series a lot. Before there was any serious anime or avatar the air-bender, there was Broken Sky. For a teenager growing up, loved the involvement of politics and the main characters' own struggles. Also, everyone had super-powers.

  • it's only taken half of my lifetime to figure out which series this was. I read the first of these when I was young and really loved it.

  • This was the first book I read that when I finished it, I had to go out and buy the next one. The series was phenomenal, I laughed, I cried, and I sat on the edge of my seat.

  • one of the best books series i've ever read. it was one of many inspiring stories that made me want to write my own.

  • I gave this book a five because I love action and magic (wich this has). It has pretty good description. It has quite a few academic words. If you like action you would love this book just like I did

  • very good and an exciting read for all age group, well to me it is for all age groups cause i would read it even if i AM 50

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