Trouble Don't Last

Trouble Don t Last Eleven year old Samuel was born as Master Hackler s slave and working the Kentucky farm is the only life he s ever known until one dark night in that is With no warning cranky old Harrison a

  • Title: Trouble Don't Last
  • Author: Shelley Pearsall
  • ISBN: 9780440418115
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleven year old Samuel was born as Master Hackler s slave, and working the Kentucky farm is the only life he s ever known until one dark night in 1859, that is With no warning, cranky old Harrison, a fellow slave, pulls Samuel from his bed and, together, they run The journey north seems much frightening than Master Hackler ever was, and Samuel s not sure what freedoEleven year old Samuel was born as Master Hackler s slave, and working the Kentucky farm is the only life he s ever known until one dark night in 1859, that is With no warning, cranky old Harrison, a fellow slave, pulls Samuel from his bed and, together, they run The journey north seems much frightening than Master Hackler ever was, and Samuel s not sure what freedom means aside from running, hiding, and starving But as they move from one refuge to the next on the Underground Railroad, Samuel uncovers the secret of his own past and future And old Harrison begins to see past a whole lifetime of hurt to the promise of a new life and a poignant reunion in Canada.In a heartbreaking and hopeful first novel, Shelley Pearsall tells a suspenseful, emotionally charged story of freedom and family Trouble Don t Last includes a historical note and map.

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    I grew up in a blue collar suburb of Cleveland called Parma where I used to write stories in a bedroom closet aka my writer s office I tried to get my first novel a 40 page handwritten story called I am the Only One Left published when I was thirteen As you can probably guess, it was rejected It took about twenty years before I finally had my first published book, Trouble Don t Last Knopf, 2002 Since then, I ve written four novels.Besides writing books for intermediate and teen readers, I ve written a lot of other things over the years plays, ghost stories, non fiction articles, tour brochures, and opinion columns In college, I even had the chance to write a piece for the New York Times.Since I often write about history, people always want to know about my own history I m the great great granddaughter of a Civil War veteran from Ohio There have also been Iowa pioneers in my past as well as cooks, glassblowers, farmers, and shoemakers.Today, I live in a small village in northeastern Ohio called Silver Lake with my husband Mike, stepson Ethan, and cat Marbles I spend a lot of time writing books, visiting schools as a guest author, and leading writing workshops for kids If you want to know , check out my website shelleypearsall.


  • I grumbled through the first half of this book because I so did not want to read it. Shelley Pearsall is coming to visit our school, and so I had to read it. It just wasn't jiving with what my reading tastes were craving. But I kept going, and I am oh-so glad I did. I almost cried when I finished it about 5 minutes ago. This is a suspenseful and endearing book, one that is very deserving of its awards. I live in an Ohio town full of Underground Railroad history, and I cannot wait to have the aut [...]

  • Imagine being a 11 year old slave boy, and having no rights or anything like that. It would be hard, right? In my opinion, this was an amazing adventure and story. This book is about 11 year old Samuel and 73 year old Harrison, who are trying their hardest to escape from their owner, Master Hackler. This book takes place on a farm in Kentucky, to their journey to the north. This is important to the story because it proves they started from Kentucky, on a slave farm, and go on a journey to hopefu [...]

  • Trouble Don’t LastShelley Pearsall239ppBN: 0-440-41811-9 Trouble Don’t Last is about the life of slaves and the journey of the Underground Railroad to freedom. This book is also about how when you are black you will always have a harder time because of your skin color, even in the free land. In this book an eleven year old slave named Samuel and Harrison an elderly slave ran away from their master’s home to Canada, where they will be free. Samuel has never been outside the master’s land, [...]

  • There's an art in choosing books to give children. There's an even more precise skill in determining books to offer in a book club workshop setting. Historical fiction can be a challenge for many readers - and pin-pointing appropriate content with a fast-paced plot can be an even bigger challenge for teachers.All that being said, Trouble Don't Last by Shelley Pearsall nicely toes the line for what's appropriate for middle schoolers. The plot never drags as Harrison and Samuel are confronted with [...]

  • Trouble Don’t Last Book Report Written by: Lucino Sotelo Warning Spoiler Alert!!! If you want to read this book I suggest you not read this and if you don’t like to read be prepared for boredom The author’s name is Shelley Pearsall there is no illustrator. She has also wrote a number of books such as The “Seventh Most Important thing” about a boy and how he is sentenced to work as a trash picker and finds out secrets about a friend that he never knew he had. Another book that she wrot [...]

  • Trouble Don’t Last Book ReportShelley Pearsall was born in 1966 in Ohio. She has a husband named Mike and a son named Ethan. Some of her hobbies are: swimming, gardening, attending the theatre and spending time with family. Other books she has written are Jump to the Sky, Crooked River, All Shook Up, and The Seventh Most Important Thing.For Trouble Don’t Last, the genre is historical fiction and the sub genre is adventure. The narrator is the main character Samuel, so the point of view is fi [...]

  • Trouble Don’t LastThis book is written by Shelley Pearsall (born on October 18 1966). She is also the author of All Shook up, All of the Above, Jump into the sky, and the Seventh Most Important Thing. The genre of the book is about adventure because they are on a journey from slavery in America to freedom in Canada. Some of the sub genres are drama and suspense and it has a bit of humor too. The reason I think these are the sub genre is because there are some part were they don’t know where [...]

  • this is a must read! Samuel is a twelve year old slave boy. His mother was sold as wagers for a poker game when he was young. That left Lily, the kitchen slave, and Harrison, the old outside slave, left with his raising. His Master was cruel so one night Harrison decided to run and took Samuel with him. This story gives an account of how the Underground Railroad worked. Many people worked together but some even took advantage of the runaways by charging them money. They finally reached Canada th [...]

  • A great escaped-slave narrative that made me realize, even more, just how difficult it would be to attempt an escape like this. Samuel has never spent a day of his life outside the plantation where he was born, he can't read, and he's never seen a map to know where Canada is: how hard would that be to escape? And yet he did (and, more importantly, real-life enslaved people did).One thing I didn't enjoy, though, was the fact that (HUGE SPOILER ALERT)(view spoiler)[Samuel's co-escapee hadnever rev [...]

  • The front of the book says "Astonishinga thrilling escape story. - Booklist". Astonishing? Thrilling? While it is a good book, I honestly wouldn't use either of those words to describe it because I found it to be neither. It was interesting, accurate, and a good book for middle readers about the Underground Railroad. I guess I expected more suspense and surprise. The Booklist quote may have hyped it up too much for me.

  • Wow, what a journey! This is a great portrayal of the journey of two escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad in 1859 from Kentucky through Ohio to Canada.

  • The book, "Trouble Don't Last" is very suspenseful. It is about an old man and Harrison and boy named Samuel who run away from their masters. They travel very far and encounter some scary places. They meet many new people. Samuel learns that his mother is still alive and lives in Canada. Harrison and Samuel learn new things about each other and the world they live in. This book was very eye opening and fun to read. I learned more about this time in history. I couldn't put the book down. It used [...]

  • Trouble Don't Last By:Marcos Spoiler Alert! If your gonna read the book do not read this!The author is Shelley Pearsall won the Scott O'Dell award for historical fiction and she was born in 1966 the same time Star Trek and Quaker Oatmeal was invented. The genre is slavery the sub genre is growing up the story was very adventurous. The author is samuel the point of view is 1rst person this didn't really affect the story. Samuel is born into slavery and his master is master hackler. Samuel works a [...]

  • This is one of my favorite books ever. I love the charcter and I love the writing so much.(view spoiler)[Samuel is the main character in the story Trouble Don’t Last by Shelly Pearsall. The book is set in Kentucky in 1859. Samuel was a young black slave, whose mother had been sold away from the plantation when he was only a baby. He didn’t know who his father was. He lived in fear of his master and the master’s son and wife, all of whom were cruel. The main story told in the book is how Ha [...]

  • Trouble don’t last Shelley Pearsall was born in 1966 October,18 Ohio and the book trouble don’t last was published in 2002 also resevd an Award to the book one the scott O’dell Award. Befor Shelley Pearsall wrote trouble Don’t last she was a school teacher. She had gone to college at wooster college in ohio. Her books are ust in schools across the country as reading books for teen readers and middle gradee book what very adventures and a little scarey. Samuel was a narrator of the story. [...]

  • Wonderful book that I decided to read because it was assigned to my 4th grade son. Suspenseful, heartbreaking, and hopeful. Made me cry in the end.

  • It is September of 1859, and eleven year old Samuel, who was born as Master Hackler’s slave, works on the Hackler farm at Blue Ash near Washington, KY. His momma, Hannah, was sold before he was even old enough to remember her, and he was raised by two old slaves named Harrison, who is about seventy, and Lilly. Then one dark night cranky old Harrison pulls Samuel from his bed, and together they run, heading for Chatham, Canada. The two experience many adventures and a lot of danger along the wa [...]

  • Trouble Don't Last Book Report My author’s name is Shelley Pearsall. She is 49. Shelley was born October 18’ 1966.She went to Wooster when she was in college.She had an award called The Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction.My Genre is Historical Fiction and my sub -genre is slavery.My book was an adventures book.Samual is the narrator in my book. My point of view is first- person.It made the story more exciting because there are running from the slave ownersere was a eleven year old b [...]

  • Personal reaction- I found this book to be very interesting and intriguing about the story of Samuel’s life. Sam was an average boy who was suddenly awakened by a new life and a new understanding of history. Sam was able to unveil a new life that he was never aware of before. This book can keep the reader interested and become a page turner from the first chapter. Curricular connection- this book can be used to connect to an educational social studies unit of the Underground Railroad. Most chi [...]

  • Grades: 5-8; Ages: 11-14Review:Booklist starred (February 15, 2002 (Vol. 98, No. 12)) Gr. 5-10. Far from the romantic Underground Railroad stories about brave abolitionists and hide-and-seek adventure, this powerful historical novel is harsh and realistic, not only about the brutal effects of slavery that the runaways carry with them forever but also about the prejudice and hardship they encounter on their journey to freedom. First-novelist Pearsall is a museum historian in Ohio and her astonish [...]

  • Wow! This was a powerful book.I read about this book at the end of All Shook Up, which was on the Caudill list this year. This was the author's first book, and I am not sure how she ended up writing All Shook Up after this one it was cute, but this was just really well-done.Trouble Don't Last is a book about the Underground Railroad and two runaway slaves who are trying to get to Canada. Looking back, I never really knew a lot about the Underground Railroad. I knew that slaves were trying to esc [...]

  • I have recently become a HUGE fan of this author. She writes everything from amazing historical fiction to contemporary fiction, to stories based on current, real-life events. I first became aware of her when her book ALL OF THE ABOVE showed up on the Maud Hart Lovelace Award Nominee list for 2010-11 in Division II (5th -7th grade).Her first novel was TROUBLE DON’T LAST, which I just finished. It tells the story of Samuel, an 11yr old boy born into slavery in Kentucky. He never knew his mother [...]

  • Summary: On Samuel's journey north, he learns the many dangers of escape. He also learns a secret that changes his life.Passage:"Know how I got my scars?" He held out his arms, pointing to all the scars. Some jagged stripes, some round like pox marks. "You see what those marks are?" "Smallpox?" "Look." He held his arm closer. "They look like nail marks to you?" My throat tightened. "I was beaten by a board with a nail stuck through it," the man's voice went on, low and angry. "When I wasn't much [...]

  • Trouble Don't Last tells the story of eleven-year-old Sam and old Harrison, two slaves running away to Canada on the Underground Railroad. Along the way, they meet those who are involved in the Railroad because slavery is morally wrong and those who are there to earn money from the escaping slaves. Shelley Pearsall provides a good look at what life on the Underground Railroad was really like. She brings to life the dangers that each and every slave, and those who helped them, experienced. Some t [...]

  • A narrative story told by eleven-year-old Samuel who was born a slave and turns into a run-away in the middle of the night when old Harrison wakes him from his sleep, coaxes him to steal a pan and knife from the kitchen, then takes him and the "tow bag" away from the only home Samuel's ever know.The story is a look at the underground railroad through fear's eyes. The journey is reminisent of the Exodus of the Israelites and their moanings of "O why did we ever leave the comfort of the master's w [...]

  • Keep your eye on the sunSee how she run.Don't let her catch you with your work undone.I'm a trouble, I'm a trouble.Trouble don't last always. -- Virginia Slave SongFor years, people have been telling me I should read this work of historic fiction for children. It takes place a couple of years before the start of the Civil War, 1859 to be exact and follows the trek of runaway slaves, Samuel (a boy of 11) and and old man named Harrison on the Underground Railroad. Along the way, they meet interest [...]

  • I thought this was an incredible book. I really liked this story because it is about a young slave boy making boyish decisions and judgments, but learning to stand tall like a young man. It also lends light to: What's more important, your beliefs or your actions? I especially like the ambiguous ending where it is left to the readers to decide if the constable can or cannot read. Trouble Don’t Last is a narrative story told by eleven-year-old Samuel who was born a slave and turns into a run-awa [...]

  • Samuel, at age eleven was born as a slave, and his mother sold when he was a child. Samuel is a slave on a Kentucky farm for Master Hackler, but one one summer night in 1859, it would all change. Samuel is grabbed in the middle of the night by another working slave, Harrison, and together, they run.Samuel thought it might be a chance to gain his freedom, but he second guesses his thoughts. What if Master Hackler found them? What would he do? Will he survive? Running and hiding might not be enoug [...]

  • This book definitely kept me interested and wanting to read it. This is her first book that was published in 2002 and Shelley Pearsall has since written some other books that I am hoping to get to at least a couple of them soon. I enjoyed the book much more than what I thought I wouldIt took me a little bit to finish the book because I was and am still unpacking and trying to find places for things in the new apartment as of this postBut if you enjoy historical fiction, especially around slave [...]

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