Better than Beauty: A Guide to Charm

Better than Beauty A Guide to Charm While beauty makes a first impression charm lasts a lifetime It s the perfect simplicity of manners a winsome blend of kindness confidence and grace Better than Beauty resuscitates the long lost ar

  • Title: Better than Beauty: A Guide to Charm
  • Author: Helen Valentine Alice Thompson Emery I. Gondor
  • ISBN: 9780811834513
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • While beauty makes a first impression, charm lasts a lifetime It s the perfect simplicity of manners a winsome blend of kindness, confidence, and grace Better than Beauty resuscitates the long lost art of charm with hints, tips, and tricks guaranteed to boost our charm quotient First published in 1938, this classic compendium is overflowing with timeless advice to helpWhile beauty makes a first impression, charm lasts a lifetime It s the perfect simplicity of manners a winsome blend of kindness, confidence, and grace Better than Beauty resuscitates the long lost art of charm with hints, tips, and tricks guaranteed to boost our charm quotient First published in 1938, this classic compendium is overflowing with timeless advice to help guide you through a maze of social interactions with wit and finesse Much than an etiquette or personal grooming book, Better than Beauty tackles complicated social situations with delicacy You ll learn How to engage in creative conversation How to be pleasant on paper and refined on the telephone How to choose your confidantes with care How to maintain peace in difficult situations How to find the most flattering clothing for your figure How to deflect unwanted advances How to be kind to atrocious peopleAnd much, much

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      170 Helen Valentine Alice Thompson Emery I. Gondor
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    Helen Valentine Alice Thompson Emery I. Gondor Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Better than Beauty: A Guide to Charm book, this is one of the most wanted Helen Valentine Alice Thompson Emery I. Gondor author readers around the world.


  • This book was originally published in the 30's. And the only thing the publishers did when they chose to recirculate it was dress up the cover. But I knew I was reading something vintage when I bought it (actually ,that's why I bought it) so I wasn't disappointed. Valentine and Thompson write this book knowing full well their readers probably already know etiquette. Or, at least enough etiquette to not completely embarrass themselves in polite society. I mean come on, it was the 30's. Everybody [...]

  • This book is fantastic! So funny (because it was written in 1938) BUT still surprisingly relevant to 2012 in many ways. My fav quote so far: "Everyone prefers a few extra pounds to a shrewish disposition." This was a Kindle deal ($1.99 I think) and it's a hoot! It's like reading advice from a spunky grandmother (in fact, I can actually imagine my own grandmother saying some of these things) Love it!

  • Didn't realise this book to be as dated as it is. Reads like a primer for an aspiring Martha-Stewart wannabe in a nice English countryside, as told by a well-meaning grandmotherly type, before the days of magazines and mooks.

  • Way more old fashioned than I was expecting. However, there are still some things to be gained from parts of the book. Would love to read a more modern etiquette book.

  • As a staunch feminist, I expected to find this vintage self help book ridiculous and hilarious, because I thought it would be full of ideas about how to "catch a man" and develop my "womanly charms." I was pleasantly surprised to find that although the description makes it sound like the Cosmopolitan of the thirties, this book is full of relevant and interesting advice for every woman. I give it three and a half stars.Sure, the first half of the book dwells on physical appearance for far too lon [...]

  • "While beauty makes a first impression, charm lasts a lifetime." A timeless little book that gently guides the reader through dress, conversation, manners, avoiding awkward situations and so much more. I am so glad Chronicle books reprinted this 1938 masterpiece. It's a little dated but worth a read.

  • I'm surprised that although it was first published in 1938, the information in the book is quite applicable to

  • “Every era has its own concept of charm,” reads the first sentence of Helen Valentine and Alice Thompson’s Better than Beauty. So where should we look to find the epitome of charm today? The Jerry Springer Show? MTV’s The Hills? Surely some hint of it must be seen on VH1’s Charm School 3 with Ricki Lake, right?When I initially picked up this “Guide to Charm,” originally published in 1938, I wondered what relevance remained for a book that guides its readers on skincare for a genera [...]

  • Don't be fooled, as I was, by the retro-cool cover: this book is really from times past (1938)! Though the idea of charm may endure, the specifics of what is considered charming and chic has changed. If not read with this in mind, Part One of this book "What You Do To Yourself" actually seems shocking. For example: "No makeup is unnatural for an urban woman under sixty". Beauty and grooming are such a large focus of the book's first chapter "Prelude to Charm" and with a whole chapter on "The Vis [...]

  • Half of the book is devoted to a charming appearance I agree with other reviewers that "Better than Beauty" is an ill-fitting title. I think that if you are "fastidious" in your appearance as a woman, then only read the second half of the book. That said, most of the advice and opinions offered there are surprisingly relevant & feminist. While the book concerns a subject that is more or less superficial, it is filled with a sort of wisdom about living peaceably with yourself and others which [...]

  • I really enjoyed this little vintage manual. It had some tips on things like making good conversation (which I badly need), good skin care and makeup habits, choosing a well curated wardrobe even on a tight budget, and weight maintenance (on which I can also use help). I found the advice refreshingly blunt and easy to understand (you might be surprised how socially inept I am, and my brain doesn't really understand hints. I need someone to just say it.) It's true that some of the advice is a bit [...]

  • I believe I purchased it because of a sale. I love reading etiquette advice, especially from decades ago. I loved it for two reasons: 1) The advice is still good for modern day. Much of the book you can read and not even realize that you are reading something written for an audience in the 1930s. I expected the book to be dated and give me a laugh. Unexpectedly, I found myself saying "good point" when I was reading it. For example, this book's advice about hair - ask yourself does your hair look [...]

  • This was a very, very nice book. Many people dismiss it as being dated, but in doing so they ignore the fact that it is based on very timeless principles. It reminds me a bit of How to Win Friends and Influence people, with more emphasis on appearance and less on persuasion, and although it isn't a self-help book to end all self-help books, I definitely recommend it. It is hardly dated at all! A few things in the first section are not relevant (who knows, they might be in a couple years) but the [...]

  • I got this book for free, and started to give it a read. Let me remind you of the title name:BETTER than beauty, and guide to charm.With that being said, the first 3/4 of the book was about beauty and how to take care of your body on the outside. I have to admit that more than once I caught myself checking the title to make sure I knew what I was reading. There wasn't any charm to the book. But I gave it a TWO star to encourage any lady that feels like she's stuck, or needs a little boost of adv [...]

  • An adorable classic, this quick read gives you timeless tips for charm and beauty with an interesting point of view. Because this book was origanally published in the 1930s, the reader quickly finds that the most useful ideas about skin care and how to be a lady are so basic they are often overlooked. This book was a fun read for me, I enjoyed finding out about being a lady while getting a lesson in what life was like for a woman in the 30's. I also liked that I could read it from cover to cover [...]

  • I intended to read this book as more of a novelty than anything. Since it was written in the '30's I anticipated it would be full of antiquated advice that would make me chuckle and be glad I lived in the modern world. I was very surprised how relevant a lot of the advice was. From discussing good common sense manners when meeting new people, to dealing with nights where you drank too much a lot of the big ideas from this book are applicable to the 21st century woman. I would recommend for a lig [...]

  • This book actually had good advice, even though it was written so long ago. Half of the book is devoted to exterior charm; not just beauty but also hygiene, and everything that goes into a first impression. The second half dives into what is and isn't charm, and tips to become charming. Though people don't typically have tea parties anymore, there are many pieces of advice useful for any woman looking to add more charm to her life.

  • I thought I'd pick this book up and laugh at the ways time and societal mores have changed. A glimpse into a time that once was. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find a book of etiquette that still holds fairly true today. While I disagree here and there with bits in the book, overall I enjoyed what it had to say and how it said it.

  • This book was a cute blunt way to help me be a better me on how to be more womenly. I'm pretty tom boyish, and i'm starting to get sick of it, since im always comparing myself with my other girlfriends and how beautiful they carry themselves and i'm like a ogre on the side. I'm trying to better myself and love myself, this book is a great guideline.

  • This book was first published in 1938 and I thought it was a great book. While some of the ideas are definitely "outdated" the majority of the book has application to how we live our lives today. Everyone should read this for some good sound advice on how to act properly and to be "more charming"!

  • I like reading books about manners and etiquette from different decades. Some of the information is outdated, but the core principles of charm are beholden to no time period. This book was surprisingly modern and much of the information is repeated monthly in modern magazines aimed at women. A lot of the information is common sense, but a good reminder never hurt anyone.

  • This book was pointless. If you did not grow-up in a home that provided you with the basic manners required to interact with other human beings in a manner that shows that you respect them, then this book will be helpful if you have the desire to acquire such skills. In all other cases it is unnecessary, trite, and useless.

  • This book was okay. It had some golden moments that were useful, but overall I found the information very dated. If you are looking for a guide about the 1930s then pick it up.otherwise leave it alone.

  • Adorable and charming etiquette handbook written in 1938. Less about "charm" in the high-handed Lady of the Manor sense and more about the prewar American sense: no-nonsense, frugal, fastidious tidiness and modest manners.

  • I didn't learn much that I didn't already know, but it was an enjoyable and very quick read. They tried to update it for the 21st Century but it didn't really work that well (how to choose a hat? Seriously?).

  • It's strange that this charm guide (published on 1938) was on my Kindle; stranger still is the fact that I read it. I guess it was sort of interesting to see what women were thinking at that time. I also found the advice to change my underwear " at least every second day" to be very helpful.

  • This is a guide to charm written in the late 1930's. It makes me happy. The guide is simple and funny. Surprisingly, the guidelines the authors put forward in the book are still appropriate today. The illustrations are fabulous and very funny. Read it if you can get a copy of it.

  • A fun little book on charm. I read it rather quickly, so I'm not sure how much I may have actually learned, but it served as a reminder (because there are never enough!) to remember to think of others in our actions, interactions, and choices, in our daily lives.

  • Timeless advice, even though it was written in 1938. The first half is devoted to general upkeep of your appearance, but I interpreted the title to mean "better than being naturally beautiful," not "better than looking like you care about your appearance" so it didn't bother me too much.

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