The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are

The Creative License Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are The author of Everyday Matters A New York Diary teaches readers to open their lives to creativity and fulfillment by relearning how to draw Handwritten and illustrated in color throughout

  • Title: The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are
  • Author: Danny Gregory
  • ISBN: 9781401307929
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author of Everyday Matters A New York Diary teaches readers to open their lives to creativity and fulfillment by relearning how to draw Handwritten and illustrated in color throughout.

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    Danny Gregory Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are book, this is one of the most wanted Danny Gregory author readers around the world.


  • (More pictures at parkablogs)This book is full of pointers on drawing, on creating something on paper with ink. There are a lot of ideas on what to draw ,when (now) to draw but not how to draw. Every page feels like a call to put pen to paper.The text is typeset in a handwriting font, which might make it hard to read for long periods of time. The good thing is this book can be picked up and read in portions from any page.It's a very inspirational and motivating book to read, especially when in a [...]

  • Since discovering Danny Gregory's book, I've filled two illustrated journals. I really love doing it, too. I find that when I take the time to "illustrate", my memory of that particular event/place/whatever is so much sharper. I love Gregory's spirit and enthusiasm; I feel like he really believes in me, personally. I never would have discribed myself as "creative" before owning this book, but when I look back at my journals and the one I'm working on now, I think I should maybe reconsider :) Tha [...]

  • While I didn't always agree with the author, it was a good, thought-provoking book on using drawing to bring more creativity to all aspects of your life. It definitely got me thinking and writing about some deeper things.

  • Great book on giving yourself permission to dabble--or even push yourself more seriously--in various artistic spheres. Gregory will teach you to draw (hint: you already know how!), and to journal, giving you your own "creative license" to do what you like and embrace your inner artist. Whether you're a frustrated, failed, first-time or burnt-out artist, this book will help get your creative life back on track. Like he says: "Art ain't fancy or special. True art is democratic and human." It's abo [...]

  • I just wanted to say "amen" a whole lot while reading this book by Danny Gregory, which basically is one big argument for why we should still be artists and why being an artist has gotten such a bad rap in our society. We have been trained by our society several tragic things:1) Creativity is a you-have-it/you-don't issue.2) Great artists are great because they were born with a lot of talent. 3) Art only has value if the artist makes money off of it. 4) Art is a selfish venue/not a real occupati [...]

  • Danny Gregory, the author of “Creative License” has carved out a unique niche for himself. Benefitting from the pervasive spread of the internet, Gregory created an influential blog years ago that described his re-entry into the practice of drawing for personal pleasure. And through his books and his blog (and now, his newly monetized online instructional website (“Sketchbook Skool”), he has been quite successful in doing so. I first read this book several years ago. This is my second re [...]

  • This book tells you how to start an art journal and gives you mini-assignments so you can get off your but and trust that there is a creative genius inside of you, YES YOU!

  • i'm enjoying the experience of "drawing" and thinking about drawing again. I'm really looking forward to work on some art journaling very soon.

  • Danny Gregory has spent a life-time with art, artists, art products, advertising, and discussions about art. This book is specific to problems many creative people face - being “ok” with creativity. Whether the reader’s focus is on sketching, crafting, writing, painting, etc, the focus of this book is giving oneself permission to be that creative person we hope to be.

  • The first book read for my 2010 reading list. A older selection that jumped out at me in a strange time, after the Holidays, when I received a plethora of books to read. I bought this book in 2006 after reading select passages in a HOW magazine. I was in the early years of design school and trying to regain my confidence to draw after year away from the art board. I grabbed the book and shortly realizing the book was gauged for someone entering the art world for the first time and not some who k [...]

  • What can I say that others haven't said? If you have the creative urge to draw but can't get past some block, this book will help you out. I was constantly drawing as a child, graduating to water colors & pen and ink in adolescence. Then I entered the world, felt my art wasn't good enough, and stopped. Years later, I still have that quiet urge to draw, to paint, to simply create things of aesthetic value. All these years, I've been a little down on myself for not being creative, not being go [...]

  • I used to drawn a lot in my teens, but like many others then suddenly quit. Now, years later, I started drawing again because of Danny Gregory's wonderful book. The book is incredibly inspiring and encouraged me to pick up the pen again, just draw and keep drawing. Now, I carry my Moleskine sketchbook and a pen *everywhere* and whenever I have a chance, I try to draw. It's fun, it's great The only downside of this book is the all capital font which is designed to look handwritten. It takes some [...]

  • I credit this book with getting me (properly) back into drawing after a hiatus of something like 15 years. I found it motivating, inspiring and maybe for the first time I felt that it was ok to just create, and was able to more or less put to one side my perfectionist tendencies. Danny encourages you to keep drawing but simultaneously go easy on yourself. The book isn't a formal drawing course but is more about learning to really truly see what you draw and to recognise the beauty and value in t [...]

  • This book is awe inspiring. I have read it twice this year already. The author feels like a mentor and a friend. The tasks are comprehensible and manageable for even the busiest lifestyle and most procrastinating of individuals. The wording of this book is magical, as though this person is truly thankful to write a book about something he believes in so much. If drawing is not your prime creative endeavor, this book and it's soulful wisdom can be applied to anything with creative merit. Chances [...]

  • I keep saying I am going to buy this book next time I go to a bookstore, and I haven't yet, but it's amazing. If you need a kickstart to your creativity, get this book. I guess the main message is to draw EVERYTHING around yountents of your medicine cabinet, your tie collection, what you ate for breakfast, etc. The author has a great sense of humor and makes you view your drawing in a different light. Tons of great ideas. It's also a fun book to read because it is full of his own drawings, paint [...]

  • Danny Gregory is a force of nature when it comes to creativity and especially creating illustrated journals. This book works as a sequel to Everyday Matters, and has looks of support for the aspiring sketcher. His argument, if you can learn to drive a car, you can learn to pay attention to the ordinary aspects of your life and draw/write about them. There are lots of illustrations and motivational quotes, lots of suggestions for getting started and overcoming self-doubt.

  • Let me admit that I did not really finish reading this book but already within the first day of reading it I had returned to some of my creative roots and began drawing again. I have since spent my weekends outside, enjoying the spring time while sketching into a composition book. I am thankful for having the courage to pick up this book and admit that I missed the creative side of myself. I will definitely pick this book back up and keep reading.

  • Coming back to drawing, the book seemed an interest introduction, even if the amount of sketches and handwritting instead of typesetting were suspicious.How wrong could I be Danny Gregory's book is much more than a book about drawing or journaling, it's a journey into the world of creativity.Not only my love for drawing has reborn, but the mundane things now seem an opportunity to be creative.

  • Beautifully illustrated with the author's drawings, this book made me want to go out and purchase a thick, handmade journal and start drawing again. I read this book to inspire myself as I begin writing another book, this one about creativity. It didn't make me finish up my proposal, but it did make me take some quiet time to contemplate just what creativity entails. Lovely, inspiring book~

  • There are so many great ideas for nudging your creative muscles in this book. I didn't read it straight through, but jump around. I find it a great way to rest and think about something different at the end of the day.

  • Amazing. The art in the book is very inspiring and resembles my style closely. Danny's sharp fountain pen puts down words right where they belong. He really pushes the reader to start drawing (or another creative endeavor). It is not a book which explains concepts and techniques although Danny touches on negative space a wee bit. Pictures of other sketchbooks are very pretty to look at, I can't get enough of this. If there is one Danny book you need to get, it's this one. I've also read "art bef [...]

  • I have a lot of really good books but this one goes a step beyond. I've been inspired by the work of Danny Gregory for a while, but I wasn't sure I really wanted this book at first; I tend to abhor those preachy "you, too, can find unleash your inner creativity, blah, blah, blah." This book has been a huge and wonderful surprise. It has the honesty and openness of his other books, but goes a step further; the simple discussion of the reluctance many of us feel - and the why behind it, and how t [...]

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