My Scot, My Surrender

My Scot My Surrender SCOTLAND Brandt Montgomery Pierce is a bastard and proud of it Raised by the Duke of Bradburne Brandt enjoys an uncommon life of privilege Despite the mystery surrounding his birth he has weal

  • Title: My Scot, My Surrender
  • Author: Amalie Howard Angie Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781640634473
  • Page: 495
  • Format: ebook
  • SCOTLAND, 1819.Brandt Montgomery Pierce is a bastard and proud of it Raised by the Duke of Bradburne, Brandt enjoys an uncommon life of privilege Despite the mystery surrounding his birth, he has wealth and opportunity, and wants nothing Especially not a wife Lady Sorcha Maclaren, the fiery and scarred daughter of Laird Maclaren, the Duke of Dunrannoch, is desperaSCOTLAND, 1819.Brandt Montgomery Pierce is a bastard and proud of it Raised by the Duke of Bradburne, Brandt enjoys an uncommon life of privilege Despite the mystery surrounding his birth, he has wealth and opportunity, and wants nothing Especially not a wife Lady Sorcha Maclaren, the fiery and scarred daughter of Laird Maclaren, the Duke of Dunrannoch, is desperate to avoid marriage to a loathsome marquess at any costeven if it means risking a kiss with a handsome stranger at a Scottish border festival But after an innocent kiss turns into a scandalously public embrace, Sorcha and Brandt get than they bargained for a swift trip to the altar When danger chases them into the Highlands, and deceit threatens to tear them apart, their only hope will be to surrender each other.

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    AMALIE HOWARD is the author of several young adult novels critically acclaimed by Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, VOYA, and Booklist, including Waterfell, The Almost Girl, and Alpha Goddess, a Spring 2014 Kid s INDIE NEXT title Her debut novel, Bloodspell, was a 1 bestseller and a Seventeen Magazine Summer Read The sequel, Bloodcraft, was a silver IPPY medalist and a Children s Moonbeam award winner She is also the co author of the adult historical romance series, THE LORDS OF ESSEX, written with her good friend and fellow author, Angie Morgan As an author of color and a proud supporter of diversity in fiction, her articles on multicultural fiction have appeared in The Portland Book Review and on the popular Diversity in YA blog She currently resides in Colorado with her husband and three children Visit her at amaliehoward.


  • 4.5 Stars!My Scot, My Surrender was an absolute delight from start to finish with fantastic characters and a romance I couldn't help but root for.Brandt Montgomery Pierce is content with his life despite being born a bastard. Brandt is wealthy in his own right which grants him many opportunities and the last thing he wants is a wife. Lady Sorcha Maclaren, daughter of Laird Maclaren the Duke of Dunrannoch, is determined to find a way out of her betrothal to a horrible marquess. When she kisses Br [...]

  • After surviving an attack from a protective mother wolf at a young age, Sorcha is left with scars on her face and body. Harder to survive is the revulsion and disgust she has to face thereafter. Instead, Sorcha determines to be stronger, and better and becomes a fearless and skilled warrior who can out-shoot and outfight just about everyone with a bow, sword or dagger.Sorcha’s attempt at scandal in order to avoid a marriage to the loathsome, unsavoury Marquess of Malvern who only wants her for [...]

  • My Scot, My Surrender by Amalie Howard; Angie Morgan is book Four in the "Lords of Essex" series. This is the story of Brandt and Sorcha. I have read the other books but feel this is easily a standalone book. Sorcha was scared by a wolf from an early age which has made her into the fighter that she is today. Marquess of Malvern is after Sorcha for her dowry and will stop at nothing to get it. Which puts Sorcha on a path to try to cause an issue that might stop this future. This leads her to Bran [...]

  • Brandt Montgomery, a stable master in England, could not believe his fortune when he comes upon the most prized possession at a horse auction. Lochland Toss was just the horse he wants and needs for his stables. Unlucky for him though, the horse was not on the market and the horse's owner was none other then the Beast of Maclaren. A mere and mighty woman who right at that moment was wielding a sword and fighting a Scot. Determined to finally get the horse he he has been dreaming over, he makes h [...]

  • It's 1819 and Sorcha is being equally skilled at fighting as her warrior brothers, she might even be better. She's a lady, but she has a reputation. She also has scarring in her face that makes her well known. When she meets Brandt at a festival Sorcha sees a way out of a dire situation. Brandt is a horseman and he's interested in both Sorcha and her animal. When Sorcha kisses Brandt in public they're being forced to marry. This arrangement will suit both of them. Sorcha will get out of a promis [...]

  • DNF - I tried, there are so many glowing reviews that I thought I was being overly picky. But when the bad guy shows up with armored knights and called for the magistrate to annul the marriage - I couldn’t take anymore. The historical inaccuracies are glaringly obvious, the formal address is butchered beyond belief and the authors knowledge of the regency era is clearly non-existent.

  • I have really enjoyed all the books in this series and am sad that this is the last one (come on we need a spin off with all of Sorcha's brothersPLEEEAAASSSSE!) but what a wonderful way to end it. I won't go into detail about everything that happens because well, you have the description up top and because this one is pretty action packed with lots of little fun and interesting twists and turns that I want you to discover on your own. What I will talk about is how much I loved the character of S [...]

  • My Scot, My Surrender by Amalie Howard & Angie MorganLords of Essex #4A horseA fightA kissA marriageYep…that is pretty much what happened…Well, in the first chapter of the book. After that a whole lot more happens as an evil villain is thwarted a lost family is found and admiration of a “beast” becomes a whole lot more.Brandt Montgomery Pierce is a well-to-do stable master looking for horses to buy on a shopping trip to Scotland when he sees Sorcha MacLaren, The MacLaren Beast, fight [...]

  • More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand LivesThis is a series I have truly enjoyed from the get go, but this one is definitely my favorite of the series. I loved the buildup and tension in this one and the characters were awesome.Brandt and Sorcha were fantastic. Brandt is so easy to love and Sorcha is so fierce and I adored her. I loved how what they loved most about one another is what others saw as drawbacks. They saw one another for what they were and didn’t shy away from it. They both [...]

  • This is a “new to me” author, folks. Knowing it was a Scottish historical romance was pretty much all it took to convince me to give it a try. Here’s to hoping this short review will help you decide if you should do the same.What did I like?From the get go, Brandt, the hero, saw Sorcha, the scarred/warrior like heroine, as beautiful inside and out. He recognized her bravery, courage, and strength and never once saw her as anything less than completely desirable. He saw past her physical sc [...]

  • It's been arranged that Lady Sorcha MacLaren is set to marry a horrible man, but she will do anything to get out of the arrangement, even if it means kissing a stranger in public in order to create a scandal that would see her marry her stranger instead. Yet, both know that Sorcha isn't safe from the man she was supposed to marry and as the danger from the man's rage closes in, will Brandt Montgomery Pierce be able to keep Sorcha safe or will they lose their chance at happy ever after?This is on [...]

  • Received in exchange for an honest review.Thoroughly enjoyed this roguish book. Brandt captured me from the beginning. That isn’t to say he didn’t frustrate me at times but he was one that you could forgive for the frustration. Why? He saw Sorcha for who she was and not for her scars. To him the scars were a part of her that defined her character. Sorcha for him was a strong, beautiful warrior that was strong, stubborn, amazing and his equal in many ways. Only he didn’t think he was worthy [...]

  • This series has been a delight to read, and My Scot, My Surrender is so much more.Brant is a charming Stable Master with a mysterious past. His passion for horses takes him to the Highlands in persuit of a special horse.Sorcha is the daughter of a Highlands Duke and her daring personality led to an accident which has marked her for life from a very young age. She is courageous, but there is one thing that she is afraid of.Brant attends a fair with the aim of purchasing a horse and whilst watchin [...]

  • Amount of sex 3 / 5How explicit 4.5 / 5Story 4.5 / 5Overall: 4.5 / 5 (rounded to a 5)What happens when a Scottish lass doesn't want to marry the sadistic English marquess? Well, you find a guy that wants to really buy your horse and willing to trade your horse to marry you. Sorcha and Brandt meet at a festival, but neither of them are exactly what you suspect. Sorcha, engaged to the marquess who only wants her hand to pay a debt incurred by her father, is a powerful warrior. She is strong with t [...]

  • After being mauled by a mother wolf when a young girl, Sorcha is marked by the marks left on her face, the ones visible are not so bad the ones left on her body are horrific. Given the name the Beast of MacLaren when spied on taking a bath as a young girl by the village boys, she’s feared and whispered about behind her back. It doesn’t help her reputation that she’s a fearsome warrior besting any man.Things for Sorcha get worse when she is desperate to find a way out of marrying the man he [...]

  • Brandt Montgomery Pierce has long coveted a certain Scotish bred stallion. He'd been trying to buy the horse for years. Little did he know that this desire would lead him into a dangerous adventure that would help him discover his destiny. Sorcha Maclaren is a fierce warrior. She may be scarred by an animal attack, but she has moved forward. In a ploy to avoid an arranged marriage to a brutal English Lord Sorcha kisses Brandt in front of the assembled men. Now thanks to her brothers, they are ma [...]

  • *I voluntarily read this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else's*I really enjoyed this book - it was action packed, gripping and captured my attention from the very first page. Sorcha survived a wolf attack and is left permanently scarred. What man in their right mind would look beyond her physical appearance? Brandt was a gonna from the moment he laid eyes on his fierce highlander lass. A deal between two people turns into so much more along the way but the question that s [...]

  • Stable Master, Brant Montgomery Pierce has made the long journey from Essex to Scotland for many reasons. The one that is on his mind at the beginning of our story is buying a stallion he has his heart set on. The owner of the horse is about to turn his whole life upside down. Sorcha Maclaren is known as the Beast of Maclaren because of her appearance. She is a warrior in her own right, but at the beginning of our story she is trying desperately to avoid her duty. Our hero carries a heavy load o [...]

  • I was delighted by this book !My Scot, My Surrender was a rich and beautifully written book that had me captivated from page one. It had an engaging main couple. I loved Brandt and Sorcha. These two characters were so brilliantly written that I could almost picture them in my mind. Brandt was a stalwart hero, quiet but very intense, and he made a wonderful Highlander. I fell for him the moment that he stepped up to save Sorcha. Now, Sorcha was a great Highlander, as well. She was the perfect Hig [...]

  • Overall a great read, though a little silly at times. The h kisses the H at a fair, in order to avoid marriage to an evil Lord, resulting in a forced marriage. He agrees to not consummate the marriage, in order to allow for an annulment, and they plan to travel to her sister, where the evil lord malvern will be unable to get to her. Oh, and she survived an attack by a momma wolf when she was 9 or 10, so is scarred, and nicknamed “The Beast “. And he is of Scot descent, but doesn’t know his [...]

  • Brandt Pierce AKA Brandell Montgomery, is the stable master at Worthington Abbey in Essex. He went to a fair to look for horses. Lady Sorcha Maclaren was in in a paddock fighting with a sword and she won. She was like a warrior woman from old myths spoken of years ago.I thoughly enjoy this story, it has everything, evil men, cowardly Lairds, great sword fights and traveling around Scotland. Actually they were trying to hide. The characters were believable, strong, fierce and loving. What they go [...]

  • I truly enjoyed this novel. It was unexpected. I think the book cover through me off. I am not a fan of character covers. However I really loved this book. It is extremely well written. I was pleasantly surprised.The female heroine is strong. Yet she has a softness to her. The Hero is fierce yet humble. The story is definitely gripping. The plot twists are well detailed and thought out. This book will keep you on your toes. All the character's are well detailed. The story isn't ordinary.I have n [...]

  • I'm a really big fan of these authors (Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan), and I really enjoyed this book. This story was slightly different from the rest of the series, as it felt like it was from a slightly earlier historical period than 1819, but was an action packed and fun read. I think Lady Sorcha Maclaren is one of my all time favorite heroines, as she is strong, intelligent, and loving, and despite being ostracize and labeled as "Beast" due to her scars, is able to turn that into a positive [...]

  • ( My Scot, My Surrender by Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan) 5 Stars!!Definitely a buy buy buy buy buy book! Even with all the myriad details in this book! So here we go.Holy baby sweet corn slathered in butter!!! This book is an amazing work of art!! Gripping story-line with absolutely intriguing characters! This is a must have for anyone who adores Highlanders. You’ll find it impossible to put down! Having said that I will say this was a book not to be missed in many ways. Like a breath of fre [...]

  • Brandt loves to get a fire going within his woman, “we are married, Sorcha. We have slept together, multiple times.” He eyed her, enjoying her embarrassment. “Surely, you’re not going to turn into a proper, prissy maiden on me now?” There are times Brandt doesn't care whose around, or what's going on the man just wants his woman really close, "Brandt couldn’t help himself. He reached for her arm and drew her down into his lap. “Brandt,” she gasped." I loved this book! I fell in l [...]

  • This was a captivating book that had me gripped from the first page. It was full of adventure and action. I loved the fact that inspite of her injuries, Sorcha was such a strong, independent woman. Brandt was everything you would want in a hero, strong, caring and handsome. I enjoyed the developing relationship between them and their easy going banter. There are a few surprises along the way. I hadn’t read any of the other books in the series but this didn’t affect my enjoyment. I received a [...]

  • Brant is a bastard who was raised by the Duke of Bradburne and Lady Sorcha is the scarred daughter of the Duke of Dunrannoch and is hoping to avoid a marriage to a marquess only wanting her dowry. Her and Brandt are caught in a scandalous embrace and forced to marry. The danger isn’t over however as the marquess plans to go after them both. Fun, fast-paced read with plenty of drama and suspense. I liked both Brant and the tough Lady Sorcha. An entertaining historical read. I really liked it!

  • This one got put on the DNF stack. It was just too over the top. The premise was intriguing, but it was just too in your face with the heroine's brutal scars and the hero's scared horse. Not my cup of tea.I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋Totally loved this book , so full of action from start to finish , I never wanted it to end . Brilliant! “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own

  • Another awesome romance by Amalie & Angie! So glad to hear that there are more books to look forward to! Titans & Tartans, yes please!!

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