Sea God's Siren

Sea God s Siren Alternate cover edition for ASIN B XXJJTXYBlind since childhood Syrena longs for the seeing world When she finds it the experience is most unexpected for her eyes and heart take her deep into the

  • Title: Sea God's Siren
  • Author: Tessa Stockton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: None
  • Alternate cover edition for ASIN B06XXJJTXYBlind since childhood, Syrena longs for the seeing world When she finds it, the experience is most unexpected, for her eyes and heart take her deep into the blue when a merman, the last of his kind, saves her from drowning Although she can t remember, it isn t the first time.Dagon rescued Syrena once before She was a child theAlternate cover edition for ASIN B06XXJJTXYBlind since childhood, Syrena longs for the seeing world When she finds it, the experience is most unexpected, for her eyes and heart take her deep into the blue when a merman, the last of his kind, saves her from drowning Although she can t remember, it isn t the first time.Dagon rescued Syrena once before She was a child then, and he has watched her at the shore ever since He loves her, yet his evil imposter parents have forbidden contact with Syrena Desire for his soul mate has Dagon troubled and he needs to find a way for them to be together without endangering her.With Syrena s passion growing for Dagon, along with the gift to see, she wonders if she can make a choice that would mean walking away from her family and life on land, also remain in hiding from Dagon s parents who are copious in casting curses How strong is love More than the tug of the oceans This is a coming of age, sweet and inspirational fantasy romance novella.

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    Tessa Stockton is an author of inspirational romance and intrigue novels, novellas, and short stories, as well as a freelance writer She has contributed to ministry publications, as a ghostwriter for political content, and headed a column on the topic of forgiveness Raised in Washington State, she traveled the world as a dancer and missionary, lived in a few places between, and now resides in East Tennessee where she writes full time.


  • I received this book from the Lovers of Paranormal Group in exchange for an honest reviewStars: 4Overall: What a wonderful well written magical love story. I really loved the places, most of the characters and the sea creatures in the story, especially Shimmery Blue. When the story first started i was a bit confused as to what was going on with Syrena because it was my understanding that she is blind, but the author describes things as if Syrena could see them herself. Than the way her older sis [...]

  • What a fantastic story! I wasn't sure what to expect with this novella- I love mermaid stories, and hoped it would be wonderful, but sometimes they can be disappointing. This one is simply amazing!I adore Dagon and Syrena- their relationship and unquestioned love is my favorite part of this story. Dagon is the epitome of a loving, doting husband. Syrena is brave but shy, and has such a sweet and loving heart. They're perfect, and pull you into their story and their quest to be together. I also e [...]

  • I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP)Sea God's Siren was a very fun, quick read. I really enjoyed the description used to describe the main character's perception of her world. However, the use of description was a little cumbersome at times, and slowed the pace at the beginning. The characters are well-written, and despite the length of the story, they were well-developed. I loved this story, and cannot wait to read the next.

  • I was given this book in exchange for honest review (LoP)well i just finished and it was soo cuteee and romantic aaaaaalike it very muchthis books takes you to a land of fantasy and romance that you will not want to leave, it haved me catched very nice from beginning to end

  • 4.5 Stars - Loved many elements of this quick read. It has the feel of a Grimm's fairy tale combines with CS Lewis type allegory. Yes, the read is just about as hot as the cover, with some sexual innuendos, but the bedroom door is closed.

  • I received book from the group Lover's of Paranormal (go join them (: )Rating: 2 StarsThis book/novella certainly had me turning the pages. It's quite short obviously (I read it in one sitting, for only about 2 hours, tops). It was a nice quick romance, and I enjoyed the fact that the protagonist was able to join the other world despite it being forbidden (a nice switch from typical forbidden-romances).However, I had some major problems with this book. One of the things that aggravated me the mo [...]

  • I received this book in exchange for an honest review. (LoP r2r)Pro'sQuick and fun read, but I wish there had been more. I love novellas, but ones like this have potential to be, I don't know, bigger! (And thats not a dig at the author, thats me saying that she could take something thats wonderful and make it absolutely fantastic.)I loved all the different sides to this story. Fantasy, myth, romance, and lore. All the character's were interesting, but I really enjoyed Dagon and Syrena. The twist [...]

  • I have to say--this was one of the sweetest romance stories that I have had the pleasure to read to date! Normally I'm a bit whiny about my sweet romance. However, the author sold me with a very whimsical tale that was written in a very traditional fairy tale style. I felt like I was thrust head long into the original The Little Mermaid story. The story line was like magic. I loved how she made the lead character very realistic. I mean it wasn't just the fact that she was blind the author showed [...]

  • *I received this book for free from LOP in return for my honest review.*This book was a fantastic fast read. Immediately I got sucked in by how Syrena and Dagon first meet. You get to follow a whirlwind romance about taking chances and changing your whole way of life to be with the one you love. Of course you have evil, that is trying to keep the two lovers apart. The only thing I didn't understand with this story was the bright morning star, was he like God? At any rate I thought this book was [...]

  • I really love anything to do with sea God's and Goddesses! Something about them is just so magical and appealing. This story had a new twist to it, which was awesome! I love how all the little elements tied together and how Dagon discovered things about himself. I hope there are more about these two loving characters in the future.

  • Author Copy ProvidedI have to start with the cover of Sea God’s Siren. It’s absolutely beautiful. The vibrant colors and gorgeous sea god grabbed my attention. The descriptive blurb was short, but I found the novella’s premise interesting.Syrena is blind and only the sea god Dagon can heal her, but is the cost of her returning sight worth the price? So why the low rating? Execution.My first issue came with grounding in the story or really the lack thereof. No specific time is given. Some v [...]

  • Sea God's Siren is a fantasy novelette, a charming short story set in a small village off the deep sea. Three lovely sisters live there with their family. One is special. When she was a little girl, Syrena disappeared one day, and in spite of many searches, no one could find her. Then, a few days later she returned by the side of the ocean, completely blind but healthy, unharmed, with seaweed and shells meticulously woven into her hair. Since then her two remaining sisters, Gywn and Steffi, neve [...]

  • Oh, I really wish I could have give this book more than 2 stars (going with the GR rating 2 'it was ok').The language was beautiful, it had me thinking of the Victorian era, which I love, but I didn't feel any emotion. It seemed flat and everyone accepted things too easily.It has great potential, just not one for me at this time.

  • I liked this story, although the plot is an old used one; evil mother, rebellion from the son, love between two different people, the battle in the end… It was well written, and I fell into the story. It did feel longer than the 86 pages it claimed to be. And truly, who doesn’t like mermaids/mermen?

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