Best Dating Rules

Best Dating Rules This is an alternate cover edition for B HZZT ZO A new job A new city The same old problem A man who won t take no for an answer Emily Best went to work for her stepfather and now she s on a mission

  • Title: Best Dating Rules
  • Author: Tamie Dearen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B00HZZT5ZO A new job A new city The same old problem A man who won t take no for an answer Emily Best went to work for her stepfather, and now she s on a mission to prove she s the right woman for the job There s no time for romance in her life Not now, and especially not with a player like Spencer Spencer Marshall has theThis is an alternate cover edition for B00HZZT5ZO A new job A new city The same old problem A man who won t take no for an answer Emily Best went to work for her stepfather, and now she s on a mission to prove she s the right woman for the job There s no time for romance in her life Not now, and especially not with a player like Spencer Spencer Marshall has the reputation of a player, even though he s yet to kiss a girl But his pride won t let him admit the truth, even when his reputation stands between him and the girl of his dreams Emily Best.When unexpected attention comes calling, the resulting love triangle could kill any chances of Spencer winning Emily s love.

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  • The Best Girls are back, and they're funnier and feistier and more charming than ever. Anne Best is now married to Steven Gherring and her daughter Emily is interning in their company as an accountant. Things are looking up for Anne, but Emily isn't sharing the fun. Spencer Marshall, the guy she met on a rock-climbing gym when she visited her mom for the first time in New York, is back and is also working in Gherring Inc. Just when she decided to live an uncomplicated boring single life, here co [...]

  • The BookEmily Best moves to New York. She has no desire for romance until Spencer Marshall, then fights feelings she has for him. Spencer wants to win her heart, but Emily isn’t easily won.My ThoughtsThis is the second book in The Best Girl’s Book. I love the characters, each one with a likeable personality. Emily-strong willed and determined. Charlie-stronger willed and ornery. Spencer-misunderstood and sensitive. Josh-arrogant and adventurous. Put Emily and Spencer; Charlie and Josh togeth [...]

  • I'm hooked and now will have to read the whole "Best Girl" series! This is a sweet love story with strong family values. Emily and Spencer are truly likable characters. I especially enjoyed the banter between Spencer and Josh and have hopes it will continue in the rest of the series. The focus is on the budding romance between the main characters with enough suspense to keep you turning the pages. You really can't help but smile when you read this book. If you're ready to escape with some light, [...]

  • I received the book by the author for an honest review (Thank you Tamie!). This review is based on the ARC copy and some changes may have been made by the editor or author so the review may differ from the published copy.I loved reading Best Dating Rules so much so that I read it late into the night because I couldn't put it down! There was so much improvement from book 1 in writing syle, story and the characters and I enjoyed seeing all the characters again. Here's what I thought about the book [...]

  • Light, breezy, and loads of funAfter finishing a somber piece about supernatural creatures trying to kill the hero of the novel, I chose this book to brighten my day. What a good choice! The Best girls are delightful and the guys who fall in love with themwell move over Tom Cruise! That's not to say that everything runs smoothly for these characters, heartache, misunderstanding, and near death situations add tense moments to the tale. Their mother is also dealing with a medical situation that wo [...]

  • I have to agree with another review I read, the story was dragged out a bit at the end, but I didn't knock off any stars for I found this to be a completely delightful read! I saw it on and it intrigued me so I had to buy it. I just wish I had read sooner this was book 2! I will now have to go back, but I am sure it will be fine! So many characters points of view in this book! I love it when that happens! I hope that continues in the next one. I am so dying for Josh's story, and hope he gets a [...]

  • Best Dating Rules by Tamie Dearen is book two of the Best Girls romantic comedy series. Although we find out more about Anne and Steven in this book, the focus is on Emily and Spencer's romance. Or comedy of errors, as the case may be.Emily and Spencer have some MASSIVE communication problems, and its somewhat blind obstinance on both sides. Yet, somehow, they keep getting drawn back to each other. We meet the Marshal girls, Spencer's four rambunctious sisters. And through it all, we gain a resp [...]

  • This book is wonderful! As a continuation of the Best girls antics and shenanigans, all the best parts of the characters (pun-intended)make an appearance. I love that Tamie Dearen doesn't quiet the stars from Her Best Match in order to highlight the characters that have taken a central lead in Best Dating Rules. She keeps all the characters' lives in motion, which makes for a fun, twisted, complicated plot. She writes a girl you love to hate, and if its possible, you fall in love a little bit wi [...]

  • Laugh Out Loud Love Story! I enjoyed Best Dating Rules and falling more in love with each character. Dearen keeps the audience guessing until the end with funny surprises that will leave you laughing out loud and turning the page late into the night. This sequel is just as fun and exciting as the first of the series. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to escape into a fun (and innocent) love story!

  • Oh how I do love the second book in this series. You get to learn more about Anne and Steven from the first book, and rather than just a glance over the characters you do truly get more in depth information about them. I love how tight knit the family are, not just the Best family but also the Marshall family who you are introduced to. This is another rollercoaster ride of love, misunderstandings, scheming, plotting and romance between Emily and Spencer.

  • Another great bookThis was another great book in the series. Once again, clean, funny with a little drama in it. I am now going for book 3. While this is a little pricey it is still worth it.

  • I really enjoyed the second book in the series and getting to know the Best girls. I felt like the novel was drug out a bit with some lulls but if you cut those out its a great read! On to the next one!

  • A fun read about one of the Best girls we met in Best Match. Such a cute read--although a lot of the problems could have been prevented with better communication! Spoiler: It did bug me that I don't get to find out the sex of the babies at the end of the book. Come on, just tell me already!

  • I loved it! It was fun catching up with my "friends" from Her Best Match and finding out what new twists and turns their lives were taking. A fun light read!

  • It was readable but not a story I would read again or suggest it to someone I know. The couples only annoyed me and never did I get that "Awe, that's so romantic or so sweet" moment. I didn't laugh, cry, or get upset at any given situation. I was just annoyed at some of the bad behavior and lack of common sense many of these charters had. I just had no reason to route for any of them.Worse off the author introduces a villain in a girl named Becca and paints her as a relentless vindictive woman a [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Best girls better. This book followed the story of Anne Best now that she is married to billionaire Steven Gherring and I enjoyed the continued humor and banter between Anne and Steven. They definitely have some zing in their relationship!Anne's younger daughter Charlie plays a part in this story but she is going to get her starring role down the road. I am sure hoping to see some of the unattached hunks at the end of this book end up attached in the futu [...]

  • Short review. 3.5 Enjoyable but at times frustrating book. Anne and Steven now happily married return to help Emily and Spencer navigate that little thing called loved. This book shows the importance of not only communicating with one another but listening and how not to make assumptions about someone because you could be completely wrong. It did dragged a little because the story shifted from being about Emily and Spencer to about Josh and Charlie growing feelings for each other in several chap [...]

  • I didn't like the story as much as I did the first in the series. At times I felt the urge to take the characters and shake some sense into them. Not only Spencer and Emily, but some of the assorted family members as well. Also, some typos and grammar issues were at times distracting. Still, it was a nice read.

  • Had to read this after Her Best Match and so glad I did because I love Anne and Steven. Not sure I like how Emily's and Charlie's characters were presented in this one, mostly confusing and unpredictable. But still a light, clean, funny and romantic read

  • A good romantic comedyI enjoyed reading this book, but I liked the first one better. This seemed to take too long for the girls to realize that the boys were in love with them. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a clean romantic comedy anyway.

  • Just as fun as the previous Best to read in order. The best women continue to amuse you. Laugh all you want. Great quick read. Rules!

  • ExcellentI am really enjoying the best girls stories. This one was more PG13 than the previous books have been. It's still clean with good morals and not any bad language.

  • This is the second book in the series and although I didn't like it as much as the first book there are some good parts to this book. There are some LOL moments for sure. I love just love Spencer's sisters, especially Grace (of course) but they could be a series all of to themselves some day. I have come to really care for these characters - especially the ones from the first book, I will miss reading about them.

  • This was a fun, very clean romantic story. It was funny and cute. I liked the characters, but I think no two people could be less able to communicate. Very annoying. The story was interesting and well written. I'd let my teen daughter read this.

  • After the first book, I thought I would give the author a second chance. At least the writing seemed reasonable to the age of the characters, but then we have way too many perspectives and too much going on to be enjoyable. Will not read anymore from this author.

  • This book kind of drove me nuts. It was a fun read, but the main characters suddenly became different people. It was frustrating.

  • Fun, just like the first. Very similar plot as the first, but fun to read nonetheless. I did feel frustrated with the characters trying to convince themselves of the others feelings.

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