Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell In the rapidly converging landscape of the st century Major Kusanagi is charged to track down the craftiest and most dnagerous terrorists and cybercriminals including ghost hackers When he track th

  • Title: Ghost in the Shell
  • Author: Masamune Shirow
  • ISBN: 9781593072285
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the rapidly converging landscape of the 21st century Major Kusanagi is charged to track down the craftiest and most dnagerous terrorists and cybercriminals, including ghost hackers When he track the trail of one hacker, her quest leads her to a world she could never have imagined.

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    Masamune Shirow is an internationally renowned manga artist He is best known for the manga Ghost in the Shell, which has since been turned into two theatrical anime movies, two anime TV series, an anime TV movie, and several video games Shirow is also known for creating erotic art.Born in the Hy go Prefecture capital city of Kobe, he studied oil painting at Osaka University of Arts While in college, he developed an interest in manga, which led him to create his own complete work, Black Magic, which was published in the manga fanzine Atlas His work caught the eye of Seishinsha President Harumichi Aoki, who offered to publish him The result was Appleseed, a full volume of densely plotted drama taking place in an ambiguous future The story was a sensation, and won the 1986 Seiun Award for Best Manga After a professional reprint of Black Magic and a second volume of Appleseed, he released Dominion in 1986 Two volumes of Appleseed followed before he began work on Ghost in the Shell.


  • AWESOME! I mean seriously, the movie will be coming out soon as I write this in late Feb 2017, but I read the comic in English translation over 20 years ago and LOVED it. I also read the sequel and watched the associated anime that it inspired. It is a fantastic universe in a sort of dystopian future that poses the same basic questions as the I Robot series by Asimov - how will artificial intelligence change human kind and at what moment is an android sentient. A MUST READ before the movie comes [...]

  • Ghost in the Shell is a manga from the 1980s (just like Akira), which was at first only known to the manga aficionados in Japan. It later became one of the landmarks of the genre, especially after being adapted countless times into TV series, movies and video games.This album is mostly a series of procedural supercop dramas set in the near future. I suppose they were, by the usual practice, initially published as a series in a Japanese periodical and then gathered into a single tankobon. All the [...]

  • This is a classic science fiction manga by revered mangaka Shirow (a pseudonym). I am sorry to say (since many of my sci fi and manga GR friends loved it) I had a little trouble getting into it. I had to start and restart it several times. The ambition of the piece is obvious: It explores 21st century man vs machine AI issues, with a cyborg female Major Kusanagi who kicks ass and looks like what some people hope to see at Hooters, I suppose. Anyway, you know her and have seen her a bit too much, [...]

  • As a big fan of cyberpunk, I probably should have read this a lot sooner. As it was, it was mostly the arrival of the live-action movie that finally drove me to get to it. To be honest, I'm really not a fan of manga. Elements of how it's generally drawn as well as a general lack of interest has led to staying away from that style for the most part. Ghost in the Shell is a little difficult to rate as I enjoyed parts of it (particularly the nuanced thoughts on identity and the line between machine [...]

  • I don't know. Maybe I'm stupid. Maybe it's an issue with the translations. Maybe Masamune Shirow is just an incredibly obtuse writer. Either way, I found these books (along with Appleseed) a bit muddled and indecipherable. I repeatedly felt that the books were written as though Mr. Shirow automatically expected us to understand certain things that were not explained - almost as if one were required to see the thought processes that went into the writing - the constant, unexplained references to [...]

  • This is the book that, in my opinion, closed down cyberpunk as a literary current, in 1991. It is what the matrix tried to become, a meld of style, futurism and religious take on that basic cyberpunk question, what it means to be human.It is a very dense book, difficult to follow and with lots of subtext and unreliable narrators. It is also incredibly well drawn and laid out. It is self contained, which is also rare on this genre.It still feels fresh and up to date, which just pays homage to its [...]

  • At a time when anime was seen as an underground phenomenon during the nineties, there will be a handful of us who would buy VHS tapes that were distributed by Manga Entertainment. One of the few titles that stood out for us was Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 sci-fi masterpiece Ghost in the Shell, which not only refined cyberpunk and pushing the boundaries of adult animation, but became a massive influence to future sci-fi works i.e. The Matrix. However, out of the numerous movies, TV shows and video game [...]

  • I was completely confused from page one, I felt I had come in half-way through a hard sci-fi series. The Plot was all over the place and the characters were hard to keep up with.The sexy-lesbian-android bit wasn't even a smutty little offshoot, it was just porn for porns sake and the artwork went from absolutly beautiful to something my little brother could draw. At one point Masamune actually writes 'After this, there's a scene where Mokoto takes over the driving and Togusa checks his gear and [...]

  • So disappointed that I can't finish this manga. I know it's a classic. I never figured out what was going on. I also have a problem with 80's hair and clothes distracting me from vintage manga and old movies, but that's my own issue. I think I might check out the anime, though.I did appreciate Motoko's sense of humor but it wasn't enough to get me through this book.

  • Vote 4 (5 if you are a diehard fan of the GITS anime like me)After a Ghost in the Shell anime marathon where my wife and me watched in less than 2 weeks Mamoru Oshii's 1995 anime masterwork, the awful 2.0 recent version with 3d sequences added, 2nd movie Innocence, first and second season/gig of Stand Alone Complex series, the GITS SAC movie, the Arise prequel miniseries and at last the live action movie that was far better then expected (sadly the whitewashing critics and low incomes killed the [...]

  • The Ghost in the Shell is a mash-up of the cyberpunk Japanese cyborg genre, mixed with elements of politics, transcendence of the mind and a bit of spiritual science. Yet this work of Masamune Shirow is not another Akira. Though each of the chapters in this collection is a good read in its own right, Ghost in the Shell fails to deliver a cohesive over-arching narrative where everything is loosely bound together with a surprisingly generic amount of counter-terrorism action.But given some more ti [...]

  • I have mixed feelings about this volume. I read it spread out over quite a long time, during lunch breaks at work, and maybe that wasn't the right way to do it -- although it was originally a serialised work, so you'd expect it to work well that way. I enjoyed the early chapters, and the end has made me interested for the next part, but by the time I got to the setup of the last few chapter's overarching plot, I was impatient for it to end.I like the police crime drama style structure, with a ca [...]

  • Předloha dnes již legendárního anime. Pro fanoušky komiksů a mangy "must have" záležitost. Pokud jste viděli film s Scarlett Johansson a nepobrali vše, nebo měli dojem, že je tam ještě nějaké "cosi", tak tohle vám trochu pomůže si vše urovnat. Hollywood vše tak trochu zjednodušil, ale i díky tomuhle filmu pánove z Crew tuhle mangu vydali. Oproti anime nebo filmu je manga rozdělena do devíti dílů - povídek. Na mangu i komiks neskutečně natřískané obsahem, jsou tu [...]

  • El mundo que recrea Masamune Shirow en esta obra es tan rico como las anotaciones a pie de página que abundan en la obra. Una historia de referencia en el cyberpunk y un enfoque y "Ghost" diferente para los que de acerquen por curiosidad después de haber visto la película. El estilo de un por aquel entonces prematuro Shirow puede resultar tosco y cargante para las nuevas generaciones, y sin ninguna duda echara para atrás para quien no tenga paciencia con lecturas densas y en algunos casos di [...]

  • Uneven, with good parts and more averaged one. The story is complex and probably would benefit from being re-read.

  • I added some children's books here on and then get flooded with recommendations / discussions notifications and had to de-rate most of them. with this in mind, hopefully rating this comic book won't result in dramatically different book recs from the GR algorithm. Shirow's work stands more on pictures than stories, to be sure, and his specialty, lithe females in bodysuits and combat robots, is inspiredly chosen, but in any case, i guess it's fair to call this the best of Japanese cyberpunk, alt [...]

  • 2.5This was an interesting read. Quite inconsistent in many ways, it failed to maintain a particular tone, often jumping between humorous and serious scenarios. The art changes a lot as it progresses, as do the characters - none of which helps. The most inconsistent thing of all being Major Kusanagi's breasts which seem to vary in size by the page. The plot is very episodic, making it hard to invest in. A concept is introduced at the beginning of the book, and then referred back to every now and [...]

  • This is one of those cult authors who have people telling you all over how good they are. I disagree. Completely. Yes, he applies some pretty hard core ethical dilemmas to the future world, but that's it. The artwork is just ugly, and not especially original, apart from the changes from black and white to color (and to tell you the truth, it looks more like he wanted color but was too lazy to follow up on it). The plot is difficult to follow, not because the ideas are so complicated, but because [...]

  • Wow. Well, let me put it this way: It's almost entirely very dense philosophy and politics, broken up with the occasional blast of gunfire or flash of nudity. I hate to say it though I probably like the movie a bit better. This just felt a bit too fragmented and episodic for its own good. Peril of the medium I suppose. Anyway, it's still pretty much required reading for cyberpunk enthusiasts, it also serves as a decent intro to information theory and philosophy of machinery/cybernetics if you re [...]

  • Just re-read this. Pretty good, but it's clear that much of what made the movie really great had more to do with Oshii than Shirow.

  • 2.5AYLReto2017 #23. Tendrá película en el 2017.Suuper aburrido y confuso.Nada de lo que yo esperaba.Después de ver el trailer de la película, no puedo creer que el libro sea tan malo.Solo espero que los cineastas y los guionistas hayan hecho sus respectivas oraciones para esta peli.

  • Kenji Kamiyama's GitS: Stand Alone Complex is a really great show. I figured that, as is usually the case, the book inspiration for a thing is usually richer in characters and ideas than its visual product, and that I've seen enough anime by now that it's about time I read a manga. I was also hoping that the manga would shed light on the plot points from the series and films. When I first started watching Ghost in the Shell, both the plots and the concepts used to explain them (particularly the [...]

  • I have to say that I’m honestly surprised. Not so much disappointed, just surprised. GitS is probably one of the few anime/manga worlds which I hold in high personal regard. This isn’t to say that I’m championing it above others, it was just simply one of the very few that appealed to me as a teenager and lasted through the years as my whims and tastes solidified into what they are now.I suppose my take on the manga was pretty much dependant on how I took each issue in. I instead read this [...]

  • Demorou o seu tempo, mas finalmente li esta obra seminal quer do mangá quer da estética cyberpunk. Ghost in the Shell é o tipo de livro que só poderia ter surgido nos anos 90 do século XX, com o deslumbramento optimista por tecnologias digitais que inspiraram influentes voos de imaginação. Apesar de ser na base uma história de aventuras policiais, este mangá partilha do mesmo espaço conceptual da obra de escritores com Bruce Sterling ou William Gibson. É cyberpunk no seu estado puro, [...]

  • I expected to like this book. Even love it. I am a fan of the cyberpunk genre. I like both GITS anime films and I like the new one with Scarlett Johansson too. The world of GITS is very attractive to me. So, why I consider this comic book just a little bit more than mediocre?Mostly, it's really hard to grasp a context of every new chapter. Sometimes I didn't have a clue what's going on. It's very episodic and sure, this is not cover-to-cover reading, neither page-turner. Occasionally chaotic dra [...]

  • I just finished a most fascinating Novel or maybe it was a Manga, a Graphic Novel. Whatever the case, I really should have read this book before seeing the DVD Ghost In The Shell. I bought the DVD several years ago and have loved it ever since. I think everyone has to some extent liked this show either as a movie or as a tv show. There are remarkable similarities between both. I could follow the book having seen the movie. The only real difference was that there is a lot more of the comic effect [...]

  • Man, I sure do love good cyberpunk. The mid-90s "Ghost in the Shell" anime movie is up there with "Blade Runner" and the original "Matrix" on the short list of the best this genre has to offer, so I decided to dive into the manga because, well, my library had it and I just had surgery so money is tight. Decisions made easy. But I digress this is very good but it doesn't do it for me on the same level as the film or the anime "Standalone Complex" did. Maybe I'll appreciate this after I read more [...]

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