The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers

The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B MD PU Ten year old Brandon Chambers is suddenly thrust into a national scandal when his father a top ranking captain in the U S Army is implicated in

  • Title: The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers
  • Author: Scott Spotson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B01MD003PU.Ten year old Brandon Chambers is suddenly thrust into a national scandal when his father, a top ranking captain in the U.S Army, is implicated in a tragic explosion on the army base while spearheading a top secret weapons project During the aftermath, both his parents are labeled as traitors, and he s haunted by visThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B01MD003PU.Ten year old Brandon Chambers is suddenly thrust into a national scandal when his father, a top ranking captain in the U.S Army, is implicated in a tragic explosion on the army base while spearheading a top secret weapons project During the aftermath, both his parents are labeled as traitors, and he s haunted by visions he can t understand.Brandon struggles through adolescence and college, still troubled by hallucinations that are also witnessed by others, leading him to believe that someone or something is deliberately laying clues in his path Doggedly pursuing one clue at a time, Brandon seeks the answers.

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    Scott Spotson is a Canadian novelist who excels in imagining scenes of intrigue and adventure within ordinary lives while daydreaming, then pulls together various plots to create a compelling story Scott has written eleven books Life II, a time travel novel and its sequel, Bridge Through Time, Seeking Dr Magic, a novel that imagines what happens when a powerful wizard comes of age as a young man, and wreaks his havoc on the world, which is yet unaware of his existence Delusional, in which a woman in love suddenly experiences hallucinations and resolve to track down her tormentor before it s too late The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers, in which a young man suffers from hallucinations throughout his life, but others also see them and these illusions contain clues to a deeper meaning or do they The Deadly Wizard Games, in which four arrogant wizards take over North America and thrill the populace with deadly wizard games Alia Tero The Many Lives of Darren Datita, in which a bewildered young man must deal with the strange rules of an Earth like society in an alternate universe My Wizard Buddy series, children s books in which Tyler has a boy wizard as a real friend, not as an imaginary one, and You Know You re Thin When, a humor book using large single panel cartoons.


  • The book was well-paced, though I did not quite get into it from the beginning. Later, however, the world became fully fleshed-out and compelling. The conspiracy thing was a really nice touch to this novel.Sadly, I did not like the cover or the idea if gas mask-wearing rabbits. Just imagine what child would calmly react to a mask-wearing rabbit tapping on his window? I'm not a child and I probably would still be a lot less complacent during such an experience, I vouch.Q:But it was not merely the [...]

  • The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers is in a class of its own. Upon reading it, I couldn’t quite pin the genre it belongs to and to my amazement realized that it is just a great story that should not be pinned to any particular genre. This is truly an interesting view of a young man’s journey through life as he is placed in what could possibly be some of the darkest and most painful circumstances that a person can endure. The writer is able to grab hold of you and drag you through the variou [...]

  • One of the things about being in review groups is one never knows exactly what one will be asked to read. Sometimes it's not to your liking, but that's a part of the charm of these groups. Other times you run across a book that becomes truly a pleasure to read.Such was "The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers." I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. A story that kept me fully engaged throughout and always had me guessing as to what was going to happen next.I find most books I read to [...]

  • This is the second work of Scott Spotson I've read, and after having finished this book late yesterday, I'm still searching for the right words. My first introduction to Mr. Spotson's writing was on the satirical side, and while there's some elements throughout The Strange Life that caused me to crack a wry smile, this was certainly a different side of Mr. Spotson - personally, I think that's the sign of a clever author. It's a strange piece coming from a mind who appreciates the weird and wonde [...]

  • A young boy's life is turned upside down when a disaster occurs at a military base.The basic ideas in this book were very strong and the first 50 pages had some great visual images (such as a hare in a gas mask - as per the cover). The emotional journey of the central character was believable and the story had a satisfying arc.My overall my rating for this book is 3.5 because even though it has many strong points I (which is a very personal opinion) found the writing wasn't tight enough (meaning [...]

  • The Strange Life; it says a lot about the book, this title. Intriguing? Yes. Compelling? Yes. You can sense the ‘but’, I suspect. This is a strange book. It follows the life of a young boy of military parents as he grows into adulthood after his parents mysteriously disappear following an accident for which his father is blamed.His early life is deeply troubled, and troubling. But, for me, the depiction of this part of his story could have been done in a lot fewer words. In fact, I think thi [...]

  • Spotson is an author who has a talent for getting into the mindscape of his protagonists, and this novel is no exception, for it follows Brandon Chambers from a lost and traumatised ten-year-old, to a rebellious, wild teen and finally to a highly successful and altruistic adult. And all the while he’s searching for the same answers; what happened to his parents and is he actually schizophrenic, a question which first arises when he encounters a rabbit in a gas mask, something which precedes a [...]

  • The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers kept my attention from start to finish. I always wanted to know what happened next, eagerly flipping the pages on my Kindle. I wanted to read The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers because of the book cover. I feel the cover is dark, but it is also interesting. I love when Rorschach is used as I find the tests fascinating.I did find the novel to be well-written and easy to follow.I was conflicted in reviewing this. While the writing is compelling, I did feel th [...]

  • Gripping Supernatural Treasure HuntThere are many good writers out there waiting for that ‘lucky break’ that will catapult them into the public consciousness. Scott Spotson is one of them. His books are invariably original, with great plotting, great stories, and great characters that grab your empathy from the moment you meet them.The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers is another wonderful story. Nothing formulaic here; just a fascinating tale with an original plot and some great twists. From [...]

  • First of all, what a great cover, right?Brandon Chambers wakes one morning to a gasmask-wearing rabbit tapping at his window. He learns a little later that his father was near a serious chemical leak at a military facility. His father was fine, but lots of people end up dead. The cause of this leak, and the fallout of Brandon’s father’s involvement in it, propels the drama of this book. The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers starts off with strong momentum – the chapters are brief and punchy [...]

  • Actual Rating 3.5Okay, this book really meanders. That may work for some, but it's not really my thing. That said, the story is fascinating and well written. We follow Brandon from a young boy of ten who's father is involved in a secret and illegal bio-weapons program for the US Army. There's an explosion which kills and injures many people and naturally when it's learned that his dad was in charge, Brandon gets bullied and harassed. His parents subsequently disappear and he's sent to live with [...]

  • CharactersThis story is all about Brandon. He is an affable character that you get to see from for about 2 decades of his life. There are a barrage of supporting characters: Derek, Amy, and Justin. I think the reason I liked Brandon is he was flawed but not too flawed which made him both easy to relate to and likable. I don't want to go into too much detail other than, this is a deep dive in Brandon and his life, so hold on.PlotIt is difficult to describe this plot without giving anything away b [...]

  • A mind-bending tale!The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers is an apt name for this book as young Brandon is subjected to a myriad of strange happenings, too much for a 10 year old. His world, as he knows it, begins to change leaving him lost and confused. He is forced to deal with a tragedy no child should have to deal with and the scars that form affect him throughout his life. How he deals with those scars will lead him down a dark and uncomfortable path as his life spirals out of control. Thank [...]

  • It’s been a long time since I started a book and finished it two days later. Once you read the first page you know you can’t stop so I highly recommend you stock up on coffee and cookies and turn your phone off. Brandon’s life is absolutely, well…strange. Really strange. So strange I’d like to be a fly in the author’s brain. Where did he come up with that? It's so strange and it just gets stranger. Until at the end you grab your head and just ask yourself what just happened. The stor [...]

  • This was an interesting read as it follows Brandon from the age of 10 to 27, but it kind of wandered around a bit in the plot. I felt like maybe a few chapters or pages could have been shaved down a little so the book was a little easier to get through.I wasn't expecting the plot twist at the end or the big mystery to be what it was. We know Brandon is having hallucinations starting the night of something called Biogate, but I was expecting it to either be something related to a bioweapon or mil [...]

  • The Strange Life Brandon Chambers is a lot of things - too many. Spotson can certainly write, and there are moments of brilliance in here. Some of the imagery is mesmerizing. But, the story just doesn't know what it is; it's schizophrenic nature all too apparent. I would say that 150 pages could have been trimmed from the book, and the reader would have been left with a wonderful story. The ending is perfectly satisfying, it is only the journey that grows tedious. I truly believe that there is a [...]

  • Brandon's first hallucination begins when he is ten. Not long after, his parents are involved in Biogate, a chemical research disaster that grips the nation's attention. Young Brandon must live with the blame placed on his father, even after his parents disappear. He doesn't handle childhood well, and as an adult, seeks to discover what happened to his parents and why he is having hallucinations. I was engaged from the beginning, where ten-year-old Brandon sees a rabbit wearing goggles. The simp [...]

  • This book has left me baffled. The start is strong, with a striking image of a rabbit in a gas mask. Our main character's life unravels as his parents are implicated in a major national disaster. The novel then veers into territory which reminded me of the popular 'bad childhood' novels from a few years ago. Time jumps in the narrative made it a bit difficult to connect with Brandon, as did a lot of 'telling' rather than 'showing' his emotions. I did like the uncle who finally steps in and, thro [...]

  • This story opens with our main character looking out the window at a bunny wearing a gasmask, which turns out to a premonition for the immediate future, but not so much the direction that this story takes. I was honestly hoping for more strange in the Strange Life of Bandon Chambers. That said, the story is brilliantly written and captivating. In short, a pre-teen Brandon Chambers is pulled into a world of secrecy and cover-ups when his parents disappear from a military base in the aftermath of [...]

  • ‘The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers’ begins when the title character, then ten-years-old, is woken in the middle of the night by a hare in a gasmask knocking on his bedroom window. This apparition precedes ‘Biogate’, a disaster in which a toxic cloud is released by an explosion at a military complex, resulting in multiple deaths. Brandon’s father, a high-ranking officer with the programme, is made a scapegoat and, along with Brandon’s mother, disappears under suspicious circumstanc [...]

  • The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers. strange is an understatement. This book follows Brandon from a very young age, when he sees a rabbit wearing a gas mask a short time before an explosion at his father's work release a biological agent that kills many peopled that's only the start. The story follows him as he grows into a man and deals with tragedy, hardship, and the consequences of bad decisions- all the while having strange visions, receiving clues from a unknown entity that he feels compel [...]

  • A peculiar, but mesmerizing novel. As I read The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers I kept finding myself switching gears as I tried to categorize it. Was it a young adult/coming of age novel that channels the film Donnie Darko? Or, perhaps it was instead a sci-fi nail-biter about a secret government project that cost a young man his parents and tainted his future? Or, finally, was it a psychological thriller where Brandon Chambers tries to prove to everyone and himself that he isn’t crazy after [...]

  • From the age of ten years old, Brandon Chambers lives a life that no one could consider normal. His life takes a huge turn towards the weird and unexpected when he is told that his father was responsible for an explosion at a nearby army base where he was highly ranked and regarded captain. What follows for Brandon is a series of events that changes his childhood so much he is forced to grow up rapidly. A well-written tale that you find yourself turning pages more and more quickly to find out wh [...]

  • I found a lot to like about Scott Spotson’s “The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers.” The protagonist indeed lives a strange life. In the first few pages of the book there is a bioweapons accident on a military base, near Tacoma, Washington and, shortly thereafter, Brandon’s parents, both army officers, disappear. From the age of ten—and the first page of the book—Brandon suffers hallucinations. “Strange Life” is essentially the journey he takes—personal, educational, professiona [...]

  • Strange - definitely, and an intriguing read!First, most of the writing in this work by Scott Spotson is deceptively clear and uncomplicated, an accomplishment that shows skill and a diligent approach by the author. Next, this is not an in-your-face firecracker of an adventure tale, it’s a story that takes time to unfold. Told from an experiential viewpoint, and in a series of snapshot vignettes, we follow the life of the title character Brandon Chambers from a ten year old to an adult of twen [...]

  • The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers is part thriller, part coming of age tale, and part supernatural mystery. The novel chronicles the life of Brandon Chambers from the age of eleven to fully functional adulthood after his military parents are killed in a horrific and scandalous bioweapons incident.The novel's structure is interesting, because it does follow a young man through multiple stages of his life at a nice pace. There are moments when he looks back on his youth and reflects on it in a [...]

  • This book is a very unique sort of psychological thriller meets coming of age story. I enjoy mixed genre books that take me to strange places. I like not being able to predict the outcome, and Scott Spotson's novel was one of these. It was strange, mysterious, and definitely unpredictable. The book begins with Brandon as a 10 year old child who is personally affected by the Biogate scandal: biological weapons accidentally released from a military base kill hundreds of people, and Brandon's paren [...]

  • I really don't know what to make of "The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers." When Brandon is awakened by a rabbit wearing a gas mask outside his bedroom window in the first scene, I expected to read a rollicking middle school fable populated by quirky creatures and overflowing with silly humor. But the story quickly becomes very dark as Brandon's adolescence would make Oliver Twist thankful for the nurturing provided by Fagin.So my next guess was that it's a "teen against the world" drama, but th [...]

  • Ten-year-old Brandon experiences an odd occurrence. Soon after, his world is upended when his father takes the blame for a catastrophic accident and his parents disappear. Assigned a loveless, semi-sane guardian, he finds no comfort at home or school, where he’s bullied because of his father’s perceived misdeeds. Many pages are devoted to Brandon’s troubled childhood and adolescence, with large jumps in time between scenes. Only after Brandon goes to live with his supportive uncle does the [...]

  • By describing the life of his eponymous hero as ‘strange’ in his title, author Scott Spotson is surely guilty of huge understatement. I have read many examples of the Bildungsroman, but this is out there on its own in style and approach! The book certainly requires a great deal of suspension of disbelief from its readers. Having said that, it is well written and, generally captures the interest. I was less convinced by some of the secondary characters who added little to the plot line. Moreo [...]

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