The Last Summer Girl

The Last Summer Girl VanessaThey always say that you will find someone when you least expect it I ve always had the worst luck so it figures that I d meet him on the one night that I was a complete disaster I was torn be

  • Title: The Last Summer Girl
  • Author: S.C. York
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  • Page: 311
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  • VanessaThey always say that you will find someone when you least expect it I ve always had the worst luck, so it figures that I d meet him on the one night that I was a complete disaster I was torn between wanting to reach up and smack the smirk off his face or jump him right there on the beach in front of a thousand people He makes me feel dueling emotions It s crVanessaThey always say that you will find someone when you least expect it I ve always had the worst luck, so it figures that I d meet him on the one night that I was a complete disaster I was torn between wanting to reach up and smack the smirk off his face or jump him right there on the beach in front of a thousand people He makes me feel dueling emotions It s crazy It s sickI can t get enough.Author s Note No Cliffhanger Sexually explicit content and language intended for readers 18 SECOND KINDLE EDITIONThis is the second book in the Last Summer Girl series Each can be read as a standalone with no cliffhangers.

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    So here s the thing I love to read NA it s my favorite genre with Contemporary Romance I find most books in the genre to be truly enjoyable so I rate them accordingly I wish I could say I devour Oprah s book club list butI read to escape and escaping into romance works for me


  • This book needs 3 things: 1. Beta readers. And brutally honest ones. 2. An editor3. A formatter <--- I even bought a copy (I had an ARC first) to see if it was better in the published version. It's not. I could argue that each are equally as important as the next but even if there are no beta readers, for the love of God please hire a professional editor. I'm by no means a pro but I could've groomed this easily. The story holds promise but there are so many issues, both character and dialogue [...]

  • I loved this Book. It took me back to the days of dating and all the heartache that comes with it. Falling in love with the wrong guys over and over and praying you finally found the right one. You will laugh and cry through this story. Was very happy to see that Vanessa's story will continue in the next book.

  • In the beginning I found Vanessa fun and charming, but as the story went on I found her to be incredibly immature. Which I'm guessing is kind of the point. The author did do a great job at showcasing the difference in maturity level between Ryan and Vanessa. I very much like flawed characters, but my problem with Vanessa was I didn't feel like she grew that much by the ending. I enjoyed the twist. I did not see that coming!

  • Step back in time, for some of us, a long, long, long step back in time – back to 22. You just graduated from college, wore a size 4 and drank Coronas.You had 5 thoughts per day starting at 5:00 p.m. Where is the party? How will I get to the party? What will I wear to the party?At 10:00 p.m. thought 4 arrives. Who is that guy?At 1:00 a.m. the final and most important thought of the day (if you are lucky) slurs its way into existence. Do you have a condom?The Last Summer Girl by S.C. York drops [...]

  • 3.5 starsI enjoyed this book. I am not sure if I like the lead characters a whole lot but I did enjoy their story. They didn't always bring out the best in each other. There are plot twists in this one and plenty of angst. I am interested to see how the characters develop in book 3 & whether everyone gets their HEA.I received an ARC of this book

  • Holy Sh*t!!!!!!Wow why did I wait so long to read this book. I'm not even sure where to start. This is the epitome of summer in you late teens early twenties! If you did not have a summer like this you were robbed. Yes the heartache sucks but teaches you so much. I love everything about this book and all the characters. Even when some of them suck. I can't wait for the next book!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Omg! This book took me on a whirlwind adventure!!! If you are looking for a book with lots of twist and turns this is the one for you! And if you need a good cry this is the book for you! There were so many things in this book I didn't see coming!!!It's a story of love and friendship and the real life things that come between them. Things I would have never expected to happen to these characters happened! I loved it and hated all at the same time!I can only hope that she decides to write more an [...]

  • This story had a little bit of everything: twists you didn't see coming, romance and angst. While it didn't turn out how I expected, hopefully there's more on the horizon for Vanessa. I loved the personal connection I had to Mystic, CT and nearby Block Island. I can't wait to read more from this new author.

  • The beginning of this story draws you in. Vanessa is completely relatable and the author perfectly catches the spirit of being a girl in your early twenties. It’s honest - she doesn’t have everything figured out, though she’d like to think she does. There’s a balancing act between being strong, intelligent and self-assured and being weak, emotional and immature. The middle was a little frustrating while the characters and relationships develop and I found myself wanting to yell at Vaness [...]

  • This book! What these friends go through on their last summer together before entering the "real world" will make you laugh, cry, gasp, throw your Kindle across the room (Yes, it is that good!).I also loved that it was set in New England, brought back a lot of memories to this former Rhode Island resident. Can't wait for the next book!

  • I absolutely loved this novel. The Last Summer Girl is full of twists, turns, and emotional trips that will have you laughing and crying. If you are looking for a story that will take you back to your younger years of finding yourself and love- this is the book for you!

  • The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is not the genre I normally read or write, but I'm glad I read the book. The main character, Vanessa, is rather immature at the beginning of the story, and she does mature a bit as she lives out her last summer at home, having graduated college and landed a job in New York City, with a September start date. Her immaturity is understandable, given that she's trying to hold onto her carefree youth as long as she [...]

  • Fast paced, fresh of breath air, romantic read with lots of twists!!The Last Summer Girl is a breath of fresh air with humour,angst,romance and fun. What more could you ask for? This book has it all.I loved Vanessa. She is strong willed and witty but also vulnerable with a lot to learn about life. Ryan is cocky, charismatic and charming but also has a vulnerable side that he hides from everyone. I loved how York took me on a journey through twists and turns with surprises along the way. I yo-yoe [...]

  • Ummmm noThis will be the first negative review I've ever given a book, but I need to speak my peace. ****SPOILERS**** Ness, the "heroine" is a pushover, a doormat, who accepts being verbally accosted. Ryan the "hero" is an arrogant, selfish, entitled, jackass who enjoys cutting down women that embarrass him. There was no romance. There was no climax. This was not an HEA. It was a cut and paste with so many, too many actually, "hot bottom" topics that I felt like my head was spinning back and for [...]

  • SC York's "The Last Summer Girl" transported me up north and into the past. It brought me back to those long-lost summers of my youth, only the book's was more daring than mine were. lol SC has a talent for writing characters that you can dislike one minute, and root for the next. Her relationship between the main H and h felt/read extremely realistic and honest, and at times, I felt like a voyeur in a way for reading their story and their sexy moments. There was an ample amount of villainous en [...]

  • Wow! What a wild ride! The Last Summer Girl grabbed me from the beginning that sent me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with its incredible twists and turns throughout the story with an ending I wasn't expecting. Long time best friends go on a journey with the upper class enjoying the rich life. Slowly their two worlds start spiraling downwards as secrets are exposed, hearts are broken and loyalty of friendships are tested.This is definitely a must read!! Looking forward to the next installme [...]

  • Love this book and can't wait for more from this author. There are few books that I have read that seems to have things that mirror what I have gone through in my life and I am stunned and emotionally involved. I loved this soo much that I hope more people will read these words from SC York and fall in love with Nessa, Ryan, Eva, Blake and Tj. I will definitely be watching out for more books from this author.

  • This was a great story about a young woman, 22, who is trying to figure out life. She doesn't have her shit together but she's trying and in the meantime she just wants to enjoy one more summer with her two besties! This was a refreshing read, a story I could relate to and one I think many women could relate to. I can't wait to find out what happens with Vanessa in the next book!! ❤️

  • From the very first page, I was hooked!!I have always been an avid reader. I love books, but they can really make me crazy. This was one of the ones that do just that. I started the book and wasn't able to stop until I was done. Now, I can't wait to read the rest of Vanessa and Ryan's story.

  • Better Future for VanessaI'm rooting for a better future for Vanessa! She needs a better boyfriend and best friend!!! It was a roller coaster ride but an enjoyable read!I look forward to book two!Thank you for the visual of Mystic, a trip (vacation) to the East is now on my bucket list.

  • This was an enjoyable story, however I wasn't captivated by any part of it. I didn't really connect with any of the characters, but it did shed some light on issues that were very important to the author. It was a quick read and kept my interest.

  • I read the prequel first and was a little disappointed that I didn't get Ryan's POV in this book, but I still enjoyed it. Also I found myself wanting to read more about Blake, I bet his is a hell of a story! Thanks to the author for a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • I want to preface this review by saying that I do not typically read books within the contemporary romance, coming of age category. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I am giving "The Last Summer Girl" a 3.5/5 star rating for various reasons. Overall, the story had a very steady flow. S.C York is a beautiful storyteller that has chosen to write a very difficult story surrounding love, finding one's self, disappointment and heartbreak and how to grow from that. I, to be frank, didn't enjoy asp [...]

  • A good story line that hits on very relevant issues. Loved the book and the writing style. At first I liked Vanessa and Ryan together but as it went on he just became more and more of an a*shole!!! Can't wait to read what comes next for her !!

  • It was Groundhog Day—again. I was covered in food crumbs and sticky juice and the non-stop crying was echoing through my house. I was wearing the same cruddy sweats and I couldn’t remember the last time I washed my hair or even attempted make-up. “Is this my life now? Is this hell?” No. It’s just motherhood; a place where the greatest blessing in your life can lead you to lose yourself. I was tired of being tired. I knew I was lost and I wanted to find myself again. After I tucked my c [...]

  • Sweet romance, yachts, parties, and hot summer nights come to a head with a surprise ending, making this a great read. Wonderfully entertaining I didn't want it to be over but I'll just have to wait and see if the main character, Vanessa, finds love again while beginning her career in the big city.

  • ** Review by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **I'm not sure where to start with this review. But the author has asked for an honest review, so here goes.While the bones of this story is as old as time itself, summer,friends, beach parties, rich boy meets working class girl, falling in and out of love etc etc, somehow this story missed the mark.It really did feel, as I was reading it, that some big, huge revelation was to take place, only to peter out as quickly as the tide.It took me while t [...]

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