Untouchable This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B XB BHMR Monica Morgan is off limits One hundred percent untouchable Too bad I didn t know that when we first met We were just two strangers in a club dr

  • Title: Untouchable
  • Author: Isabel Love
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B06XB6BHMR.Monica Morgan is off limits One hundred percent untouchable Too bad I didn t know that when we first met We were just two strangers in a club, drawn together by chemistry Hot, SIZZLING chemistry Imagine my surprise when I discover that she s my new boss.And now that we work together, she s determined to keep it prThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B06XB6BHMR.Monica Morgan is off limits One hundred percent untouchable Too bad I didn t know that when we first met We were just two strangers in a club, drawn together by chemistry Hot, SIZZLING chemistry Imagine my surprise when I discover that she s my new boss.And now that we work together, she s determined to keep it professional My problem I can t forget the night we met That searing kiss The way she felt in my hands I find myself willing to break the rules to get closer to her.Though she tries to fight it, I know she feels it, too This pull It s all in the way she fidgets whenever I m around It s all in those lingering, hungry looks she casts my way when she thinks no one is watching Despite the risk to my job that comes with pursuing her, I can t seem to stay away from her.I want to forget about the rules and make her mine Warning This book is recommended for readers over 18 years of age.

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    Isabel Love is a hopeless romantic She loves to read romances that are sweet and dirty and everything in between A husband, two kids and a full time job keep her busy by day But by night, she can be found with her Kindle in hand, reading just one chapter Her debut novel, Untouchable, is a contemporary romance that will make readers laugh, swoon and fall in love Do you like your heroes tall, tattooed and sexy You have to meet Max Her second novel, Unconventional, is a second chance romance that will make you need a cold shower Do you like alpha heroes well versed in dirty talk Then you have to meet Charlie Sign up for her newsletter to receive updates about her books here eepurl ctfAU1Follow her on social media Facebook facebook IsabelLoveAuTwitter twitter Isabel_WritesInstagram instagram isabel_love


  • 5 stars! Untouchable is a fantastic debut novel that has so many of my favorite things! Forbidden love- check! Office romance- check! Younger man/Older woman- check! Emotional and steamy- double check! Love’s writing was strong and I found myself forgetting this was a debut novel while reading. Monica is a woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She has a high stress, time consuming job that she takes very seriously and she doesn’t let loose very often. One night though, she dec [...]

  • LIVE!"I have to go to work and see Max again. I have to act like I didn’t have a dream about him fucking my brains out then masturbate to thoughts of said dream. Piece of cake."➦OK. So I have a list of important questions. Of questions I would ask a murse. A hot murse. In case I ever came across one. Because you have to be prepared, people. My ideal one would hands down be this dude right here:Oh, btw he's an actual real male nurse and prefers to be called a murse. how cute.Right. Questions, [...]

  • Off-limits love!Stand-alone book 1.Release: April 6, 2017.Pre-order at 99¢: | AMZ US | AMZ UK | B&N | KOBO | iBOOKS |Blurb: The first time I see her, I want to touch her. Drawn to the sensual way she moves her body, I have to dance with her. Dancing leads to touching, touching leads to watching her come undone in my arms, but then she runs off without telling me her name—leaves me wondering if she was even real. The second time I see her, I want to thank my lucky stars our paths have cros [...]

  • **4.5 stars**This debut novel was so good from start to finish!It's told in two POVs: 1- Monica who is a young, respectable physician, director of the department, and 2- Max who is a sexy, handsome male nurse. Although Monica is wealthy, humble, all class, she never acts like a spoiled girl and is quite down-to-earth. She is a hard-working doctor who has no time for love. Max wasn’t born rich, he’s worked hard for his degree in nursing. Their chemistry is off the roof from their first meetin [...]

  • “Monica Morgan is off limits. One-hundred percent untouchable.”Is this seriously Isabel Love’s debut novel? Surely not… well it is and I can’t believe it. It was superb and I keep asking myself “why oh why did it take me so long to read this?” Untouchable just ticked all the boxes for me and contained some of the many tropes I love; forbidden romance and office romance. This story literally sucked me in from the start with its perfect balance of angst, steam and humor. Monica is no [...]

  • I received a ARC for a honest review.WOW, like just wow. I have to say from the very beginning it didn't disappoint and that is VERY rare.It was a very well written book and I applaud Isabel for this is her debut novel.So we have Monica Morgan who's the Hospital director and Max who's a nurse . Not just any nurse but a nurse within her section of the hospital. So of course its a Forbidden Love kind of story. But like every Forbidden Love story you know that won't stop them from keeping there han [...]

  • 5 I WANT EVERYTHING WITH YOU STARS!!!Untouchable was AMAZING!!!! I could not get enough of Max and Monica!! I am absolutely in love with this book and everything about it! I never wanted it to end. This story had me captivated from chapter one. HOLY HELL. Monica and Max's first encounter had me on fire. EVERYWHERE. And after that? I. COULD. NOT. STOP. READING. It was sexy, fun and so damn hot!!!! Oh god. I'm just a big puddle of lusty love over this romance!MAX!!! OMG. He is EVERYTHING. He's kin [...]

  • THREE.5 I WANT YOU STARS."I've already touched her. And I want to do it again."I really enjoyed my time spent reading this debut authors work. I was impressed with the attention and obvious love that had gone into bringing this book to life. Isobel love has set the bar high for her first novel and I can only anticipate that this author will continue to produce romance novels for addicts such as myself to adore. With plenty of sizzle, a taste of angst and moments of comedy this author has in my o [...]

  • Live : amzn/2nNBinj4.5-5 STARS <33"I see the desire in his eyes as he eats me up with his gaze, and I like it."Such an amazing story!Isabel Love delivers a steamy,super hot,emotional,fast paced and beautiful story.There are so many things that I liked about this story."What started out as pure lust and physical attraction has blossomed into more."First of all the heroine is older than the hero and I really like it because it isn't something that we find often in books.Secondly we have dual P [...]

  • This is Isabel Love’s first novel and I was immediately impressed! I felt the story was well written and didn’t feel like a debut book. The story is told in dual point of view and we first meet Monica. Monica is a successful doctor and very dedicated. Her entire life is her job and she has a reputation for being a rule follower. She also has this other side of her, who loves dancing, letting loose and just living. That’s how she meets Max. Max is a younger man and is immediately attracted [...]

  • An ARC has been provided by the author in exchange for an honest opinion.For lovers of sweet romance, this is the feel I got from the book:3,75 to 4 sweet love starsThis brand new author with her first book has created a sweet story perfect for romance lovers. It’s been really easy to follow Max and Monica in their budding relationship. This is one of these books that takes you by the hand, immerse you in a bubble of pink and leave you with a smile by the end.If you like dark, twisted and comp [...]

  • Loved this so much!! I absolutely loved Max he was so hot and sweet and just perfect! Monica was a good h, but then she made me mad but then she made up for it so it all worked out lol. I loved that thy didn't fight their attraction and went for it. They do hide it from their coworkers and that was fine but then it became an issue and that is when Monica made me mad. Like I said though it all works out. The book is so good, hot and safe! Nice little epilogue at the end as wellWe have a sneak pea [...]

  • I'm just going to come out and say it. I love Isabel Love's Unexpected Love series. I started this series with Unconventional which blew me away and now after finishing Untouchable I can with most certainty say that I'm a fan and addicted to her words. I already knew who Max and Monica were because I'd already read Unconventional but that didn't ruin Untouchable for me. Not at all because not much was divulged in Unconventional besides them being a couple. Untouchable is all about them meeting, [...]

  • Monica is a doctor and the Manager of her Department in the hospital that she's working. She's also, according to her coworkers, really uptight and very professional looking , even though she's the youngest Manager. Monica wants to be respected and be taken seriously, that's why she decides to go to another town to dance in a nightclub and that's where she meets Max.Max is drawn to this sexy woman dancing alone at the dancing floor, so he approaches her and the chemistry between them is palpable [...]

  • 4.5 STARSI was fortunate to beta read this debut novel and enjoyed every minute of it. If you love work romance, forbidden love that is all kinds of sexy, steamy and fun, then you must read this!Monica and Max meet in a club and have one HOT encounter. Only to discover days later that Monica is Max's new boss! Suddenly, Monica wants to keep things professional, but Max has other plans. This is one sexy story and Max is truly swoon-worthy. He is the perfect mix of hot and sweet. And the sex scene [...]

  • 4.5 " I want everything with you " starsI feel extremely lucky this year with new authors. After S.M. West & Saffron A.Kent, Isabel Love is the perfect addition to my bookshelf. I mean, is this really her first novel? I'm so impressed by everything. It makes me think there are so many authors out there waiting for their books to be read and it's fantastic to know that everyone deserve a chance if you are willing to take it.Untouchablewas absolutely phenomenal. It gives me a sense of happines [...]

  • 5++++ Stars!!!!THIS. BOOK. OMG!!!!I have no words to describe what this book made me feel. I am kind of a picky reader and mostly, things just don't work for me but in this case EVERY SINGLE THING hit the mark. So we all know how workplace romances go, don't we? We have an asshole hero and this clumsy heroine who swoons over him and you know, the usual stuff.But this book was so unique in this sub-genre. First of all, the heroine is the boss. OMG! I LOVEEEE when heroine is in the position of pow [...]

  • This was one interesting read for me – interesting because for a long while, I couldn’t decide if I should rate it 2, 3 or 4 stars Yeap, I am confused like that So, maybe 3 is the best way to get rid of this indecisiveness :)"Untouchable" is the story of Max & Monica. Monica is a doctor and she is the director of the ER in a hospital. Her father is a doctor, too. She is 32 years old. She comes from a very rich family. She is wealthy. Max is a nurse in the same hospital and they work toge [...]

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2.5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️Debut author Isabel Love is also a romance book blogger and I picked this book up because of the buzz going on about it on my facebook timeline. The Indie Romance community did good, you just couldn’t miss this release on social media and with all the 5 stars reviews popping out? Curiosity piqued.I love a good forbidden romance, not only that but an office romance between an older woman and a younger man? Yes, yes, yes.Overall, I liked the story d [...]

  • 3.5 - 4 ★'s This book starts off with a bang when Max and Monica meet in a club. They get down and dirtydancing along with ~ahem~ some other stuff which proceeds to freak the hell out of prim and proper Doctor Monica. She takes off thinking that's the last she'll see of the mysterious -no names exchanged- stranger. Little does she know he will start working in her department soon. The chemistry between the two of them was pretty palatable and it doesn't take long before these two are having se [...]

  • 4.5 StarsUntouchable is sexy, forbidden fun. An off-limits work romance that had me laughing, swooning and fanning myself, all at the same time. Monica & Max are all sorts of steamy. Their relationship starts with a bang but takes time building to something so much more. I loved the role reversal - Monica is the wealthy doctor, Max the broke nurse. And the angst! Oh, the angst! There's quite a bit, but nothing annoying or over the top just the right amount to make you feel for the character [...]

  • You can now pre-order for only 99 cents!!: amzn/2mofmlyB&N: bit/2mt2iLdiBooks: apple/2mcmWhN Kobo: bit/2n2KK5s

  • I am so giddy right now! This book was just written at the most perfect pace!Where do I even begin?This story follows Monica Morgan, a well-respected doctor, and Max Spencer, a male nurse in her department, as they meet one night at a club and later realize they work together and that the sexual chemistry they had may be off limits. The relationship between these two just starts immediately and it is so hot and I love that it continues to be this way. What I also love is how sweet and caring Max [...]

  • I am totally in love with Max Spencer! OMG, he is everything. Full package. Total book husband material (please don't tell Danny Morgan - he's my original book husband). And no, Dr Monica Morgan is no relative of my Danny. This is how he ticks my boxes:He is gorgeous He is sweet and kindHe loves kidsHe's great with old ladiesHe can danceHe's great with his hands, and his mouthHe's a nurse, so when I'm poorly he can make me betterHe works hardHe loves his mumHe's an amazing big brotherHe has a gr [...]

  • I voluntarily read an ARC of this book 4.5 Sweet StarsDoctor Monica Morgan used to be a wild child until her mother died when she was 19. Now she lives her life under strict guidelines. But once in a while, she needs to feel free and let her hair down. She loves to dance, and though she feels the need to drive two towns away so she doesn't risk being seen by her staff, it's still part of her.At a dance club is where she meets Max Spenser. After struggling to support his mother and sisters, Max i [...]

  • Let's just get this out of the way: strap on your vibrators, girls. STRAP THEM ON. You will need the release as you read this scorching hot book from Isabel Love.The head of the Emergency Department, Monica is somewhat humorless, somewhat buttoned up. She works long, arduous hours, depriving herself of much joy outside of her friendship with BFF Quinn. She takes a night to go dancing, all by herself, and as she's spinning around the dance floor, she feels a pair of large hands grab her hips. Thi [...]

  • ****ARC provided by the Author****OMFG!?!This BOOKYou guys it is A MUST READ!!! This is Very New Author for me and It Is Isabel's Very FIRST BOOK!!! She Knock It OUT The Park!!! A very telling romantic story of Love, Acceptance & Heartache! It was an Emotional Rollercoaster Ride for me & Very Entertaining.You will Fall in LOVE with the Main characters of the story of Monica & Max plus their friends. I Devoured this Book in a day and halfSo Did NOT WANT TO PUT DOWN!! In the very First [...]

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