The Painted Crown

The Painted Crown Prince Istari has spent his life reviled his parents wish he had never been born the royal court of Belemere avoids him for fear of angering the king and everyone else is kept away by his notorious

  • Title: The Painted Crown
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prince Istari has spent his life reviled his parents wish he had never been born, the royal court of Belemere avoids him for fear of angering the king, and everyone else is kept away by his notorious reputation as a deadly sharpshooter Now a hostage of peace in Tallideth, he is subjected to their hatred as well even that of Regent Vellem, who once considered him a comradPrince Istari has spent his life reviled his parents wish he had never been born, the royal court of Belemere avoids him for fear of angering the king, and everyone else is kept away by his notorious reputation as a deadly sharpshooter Now a hostage of peace in Tallideth, he is subjected to their hatred as well even that of Regent Vellem, who once considered him a comrade in arms.Unexpected solace comes in the form of Lord Teverem, a sad, quiet lord who assumed the title when his brother was killed in the explosion for which Istari s father is to blame He is kind and sweet and a sorely needed bright spot in Istari s life until Istari meets his family and learns of a dangerous family secret with unexpected ties to Istari s past, a secret that could drag Tallideth and Belemere right back into war 89,000 wordsWARNING Attempted suicide

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  • This book takes a while to get going. I’m a fan of Megan Derr’s worldbuilding and story-weaving, so I didn’t mind, but it definitely takes patience to see how the plot will play out.The romance plays second fiddle until the second half. Teverem and Istari develop a friendship and bond over the children, Teverem’s adopted nieces and nephew, but they don’t think of each other amorously until later on.A low-key romance isn’t unusual for Megan Derr, but in this case it’s more so a resu [...]

  • It's always hard finishing a Megan Derr Novel. I just hate leaving the worlds I come to love.While this one had a slightly darker feel to it than other, I was still captivated from the start. Istari was everything I love, cool and hard on the outside but soft as a marshmallow on the inside. His childhood broke my heart so seeing him finally get his HEA was wonderful.The children in this gave me my dose of cuteness. I'd of loved to see their dogs though lol. Romance wise there was plenty of build [...]

  • To secure a peace between Belemere and Tallideth, Prince Istari–the legal son of Belemere’s last King–is to be held hostage in Tallideth. Istari’s father, in his madness, had tried to assassinate the royal family of Tallideth and use the chaos it caused to win the long war between them, and almost succeeded. Now, the new King of Belemere–Istari’s brother–has sent Istari to Tallideth as a hostage and a promise that Belemere will keep its side of the peace bargained between them.It w [...]

  • *** 3.5 Stars *** I really enjoyed The Painted crown.I must admit that I hadn't read book 1, The Engineered Throne, but that really didn't affect the reading experience as the book could function perfectly as a standalone baring a few prior events which happened in book 1 that were explained over the course of this story.First off, I loved Istari and the way he kept a great core of goodness despite the truly shitty hand that Life dealt him. He went out of his way to help all those in need and we [...]

  • 4.0 StarsPrince Istari was a sad, sad character. I felt so bad for his circumstances and I admired his inner strength. I loved the love story that developed between him and Lord Teverem. There were lumps and bumps along the way but that just added to the overall satisfaction at the end.Bottom line: I can't wait for book 3! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  • At this point, I will happily take any Megan Derr book home with me. This was no exception.Although I haven't (yet) read the first in this series, I had no trouble following poor Prince Istari, political prisoner of sorts in the country he had done a lot of damage. Istari has never really had anyone to care for him, so when his brother sends him away as a political hostage, and his fiance follows that up with a Dear John letter, he is understandably adrift. Soon thereafter, however, he meets you [...]

  • I re-read the first book in this series (The Engineered Throne, and although I loved it just as much, it isn't necessary because Istari only enters in the final chapters, and Tevi doesn't appear at all. The Painted Crown could be read without the first one, because sadly Vel and his prince make only a small appearance.Prince Istari is a sympathetic character. He has had the most awful upbringing (we are glimpses along the way), and has only ever tried to do his best, and for his King and country [...]

  • I’m not gonna lie. I thought I was going to like this one more tan I ended up doing. I guess it’s one of those cases of “it’s me, not the book”, thought to be more specific, it was the characters that put me off, particularly Teverem.As a matter of fact, I found Istari to be interesting. He had many layers to him, but he was ultimately a character I could understand and relate to. Unfortunately, I found Teverem to be flat. He was way too passive for my liking. He was very helpless and [...]

  • I was fortunate to receive an ARC of The Painted Crown by Megan Derr. One of the reasons I love Megan’s writing is she truly paints the whole LGBTQIA rainbow, including all the less-seen shades. In The Painted Crown, Istari is bisexual and Teverem is asexual, but they still find happiness, which is what everyone wants. The HEA is much delayed due to assassination attempts by evil political adversaries and two uncertain men. This book has children as an important element and they were handled v [...]

  • I loved it. I was worried when my favourite character from the previous book - Vel - was only in one scene, but I grew to love Istari. And I loved the theme of family that ran throught the story.

  • What a great sequel to The Engineered Throne! I think it picks up the vibe of the former story perfectly and brings more depths to the world by focusing on a new set of characters who were in parts already introduced in the former book.I found the protagonist, prince Istari, very relatable. Like, some characters are otherworldly great and special or funny and quirky, but he’s just a man—which doesn’t make him boring or anything, just someone like you and me. I felt for him and his vulnerab [...]

  • I liked the first book, The Engineered Throne, and when I saw that this one would feature a demisexual couple, I immediately decided to continue reading the series. Unfortunately, the demisexuality was part of my problem with enjoying the book in case of the romance.Don't get me wrong -- it wasn't that I wanted more sex scenes. As an asexual myself, I always prefer the less steam/fade-to-black romance anyway.To me, that romantic built-up, the process, is WAY more significant than the horizontal [...]

  • Great second book4 starsThis is a great addition to the series. I love the worlds this author creates and the tales spun around these worlds. As with the previous book this world is perilous to everyone and each turn sees another problem. Told entirely from Istari's POV we get to understand his childhood and how that shaped the man he is today, never believing the good anyone sees in him. I enjoyed his interactions with his team, which showed the light hearted teasing. The relationship between I [...]

  • Reviewed on The Blogger Girls4.5 starsAs restitution for the role Belemere played in the tragedy that struck Tallideth, Prince Istari is considered a hostage of peace and stuck in Tallideth for the next six years. Used to having hatred directed at him, Istari isn’t too surprised when he’s met with contempt during his stay. So when he meets the quiet and flustered Lord Teverem, he’s surprised by how nice Teverem is to him and a tentative friendship ensues. Until Istari meets Teverem’s nep [...]

  • I wanted to roll around in this book and enjoy it forever. This might be my favorite Megan Derr book. And from me, that is saying a WHOLE LOT. This book has two demisexuals, one bi, falling slowly in love. IT IS SO SWEET I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS IT. They fall in love, save the world, and protect their children. Is there anything else I could possibly want in a book? Oh, how about some cool political intrigue and action and characters showing that they are way more than they seem. Like book one, th [...]

  • Pros: Megan Derr is very good at world building. As most of her books are fantasy (almost high fantasy) this is key. She gives enough background detail to build a map in the readers mind. Along with detail about the different coulters this allows for a rich reading experience.Cons: One thing I find frustrating is Ms. Derr's over use of a plot device. I have read 4 books by this author in the last week and in each one the main character couples experience a breakdown in communication that results [...]

  • Started good, Istari is likable and sympathetic, but after a certain point him constantly mentioning how horrible his life was because became too much. And I ended up skimming after he agreed to help his dad. I just lost interest, which is sad because I really liked it in the beginning.The romance is more of an afterthought, mostly Istari likes Tevi because he was kind to him and he loves his kids. I sympathized with how overwhelmed Tevi must’ve been during the story, but I never really felt l [...]

  • Loved, loved, loved this. Megan Derr hits all my book-requirement buttons with this style of writing - thrills aplenty, slow developing love that stems from forced/indentured beginnings, inner doubts, musings and suppositions that you just know are misdirected and that deep down love is blossoming. Love it all.

  • This book means a lot to me. I didn't know a book could ever mean that much on such a personal level. Thank you, Megan Derr.Maybe one day I'll be able to write a proper review, but today I'm too emotional to manage.

  • Another great book in the Unbreakable Soldiers series. I can't I enjoyed this one as much as the first, probably due to not liking the characters quite as much, it was still a very enjoyable read. Can't wait for the third installment.

  • 2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Painted Crown (Unbreakable Soldiers #2) Megan Derr1)  I really enjoyed this book that I will buy this and go and buy the first book in the series. There was just something about it that sucked me in.

  • Review can be read at It's About The Book3.5 starsThis story was pretty angsty. The first half is slow paced and I struggled with it a bit. Istari is subject to being held prisoner for his father’s role in the treachery in the first book. Istari loses everything including his fiancee thanks to his captivity. The anger and hurt of those around him is still fresh and those in the castle treat Istari like the enemy despite him not have played any role in the murders. Istari also has major debilit [...]

  • The story is not credible. Also, there is only so many times I can hear The Story of My Life (sob version) before I ultimately throw up. In addition to this, half the book consists of the words 'I', 'am' and 'sorry', specifically in this order, some times alternated with 'my apologies'. I say: get a life, and stop apologising for every breath you take, or I'll make you start doing it just for shits and giggles.

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