Love Corrupted

Love Corrupted Love is a tragedy designed for two All his pretty lies disguised the ugly truths I m nothing but a puppet He s the puppeteer His dark twisted game is just getting started Reader Advisory This is a d

  • Title: Love Corrupted
  • Author: Natalie Bennett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 413
  • Format: None
  • Love is a tragedy designed for two.All his pretty lies disguised the ugly truths.I m nothing but a puppet.He s the puppeteer.His dark twisted game is just getting started.Reader Advisory18 This is a disturbing love story that has nothing to do with romance.

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  • I like the cover on this one a bit more than the first book. A good representation of the heroine (and story). Good use of graphics. Excellent composition and title work as well.I think I have said this before but I will say it once again I don't believe that this author can write a book that I don't thoroughly enjoy the hell out of. This one starts up right where we left off with book one. Katie is back in Mason's demented clutches and is demanding answers. Mason doesn't want to give those answ [...]

  • ”Let me show you the definition of insanity”La storia di Katie e Mason continua, e sopratutto non delude. Non sapevo bene cosa aspettarmi da questo breve romanzo conclusivo, perchè per l’appunto sono solo un centinaio di pagine, dato che la Bennett non scrive mai romanzi lunghi. Neanche questo peró ha deluso le mie aspettative, adoro sempre di più la mente malata di questa donna e i suoi personaggi perversi. In Love Corrupted ritroviamo Katie che cerca di combattere la sua oscurità int [...]

  • 'Love Corrupted' by Natalie Bennett is book Two in the "Obscene Duet". This book continues the story of Katie and Mason. You will need to have read the first book "Love Obscene" to understand and enjoy this book better. Mason is still obsessed with Katie. Katie is trying to figure out what is really going on but at the same time has feelings for Mason. This book hooks you in to their story just as the previous book did. You are on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. Thi [...]

  • well, the second book and the conclusion to the abductor/abductive liason between Mason Andreou and Katie Cormick we were acquinted with in Love Obscene (Obscene Duet, #1) turns into more apprehensive admission, if that's even possible to describe like that, cause these characters are too fucked up for their own good, and well, too bad for other people/ aka their victims.I was well aware how unhealthy this-whatever this was between us-had become. Was becoming. There was home in his eyes, but he [...]

  •  Well, that was certainly something different.I’m still trying to process what I just read and having difficulty with how to characterize the continuation of this story. A “love story” is definitely not how I’d describe this book, even though there are two highly dysfunctional characters that get together in some weirdly obsessive relationship. This book truly was more of a horror story than anything else, with a co-dependent sexual aspect to boot. But there just typically isn’t this [...]

  • Book one of the Obscene Duet, Love Obscene, needs to be read before you read this book. Book one ends in a cliffhanger so I couldn't wait to jump into this book. I wasn't disappointed. I absolutely loved it. Katie and Masons story continues. If at all possible the author has written the second part even more twisted than book one. My dark side was bursting with joy as I read this in one sitting. If your like me and you enjoy a dark twisted story that will mess with your head then I highly recomm [...]

  • "A scream of pleasure drowned out a scream of death. If that wasn’t insanity, what was?" I'm over here losing my damn sanity because of Natalie Bennett. Everything I read of hers makes me go deeper into my obscenely obsession. Am I fucked up for liking this book? My therapist would say yes. Will I recommend it? In a heartbeat. If you've been a long time follower of my page you will know I crave Dark Romance. I read almost every single book out there. Half the time it was not dark enough but th [...]

  • 5 amazing starsI've said it once and i'll say it again: ever since i got my hands on my first book by Natalie Bennett, she has never disappointed me when it comes to bringing the dark and twisted elements to her dark romances. I had the chance to read Love Obscene, the first novel in the duet, and was floored. It's no surprise that i had to find out Katie's fate after that cliffhanger ending!Is there any way to really rate the 'hotness' of the scenes between Katie and Mason? Honestly, there is n [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book!!! It took me a minute to get in to it but once I did, it took off. I didn’t want it to end, that’s for sure. I can’t wait for Declan’s book though!! It’s different, for sure, but totally worth it!! Come on book three!!🖤🖤🖤

  • Very disappointed in this book. I was left with more questions than answers. Just felt rushed and the added torture/death scenes was there just for shock value This is not a dark romance Maybe a forced/f*cked up romance Basically, "you gonna love me or I'm gonna kill you romance." Lol. This scene was very morbid: (view spoiler)[ "I came looking into my sister’s lifeless eyes, on top of my parents’ skulls." — Katie(hide spoiler)]

  • After we were left hanging in Love Obscene, I couldn't wait to read this book.Unfortunately, it didn't meet my expectations.It was over before it even started, we didn't really get any answers(view spoiler)[- Why were they like this?- Who was her mother (except being a tight pussy)?- What was Annie's role in this and why was her fate death?- How can they get away with all these murders? (hide spoiler)]But maybe it wasn't what the story was about, maybe the story was just that Katie had to find h [...]

  • s56otobucket/…/12516825#####5#####Katie is about to find out more truths that will have her life with Mason in jeopardy. Mason knows she is going to hate him once she finds out. His decision to not tell her himself may turn out to hurt him more than he realizes. Mason watches as Katie comes to a crossroads regarding the person she really is. She likes the darkness, desires it actually. With their future ahead of them, it will be Katie who makes the choice of what their future will be. When the [...]

  • When I saw Love Corrupted was on Kindle Unlimited I downloaded it straight away. I thoroughly enjoyed Love Obscene and couldn't wait to see what would happen next especially with the way Natalie (Author) had left us in that book on a cliff!Just like the first book this is a quick read. I read this in 1 sitting at probably just over an hour or so. The story picks up just where the last one finished so there's no time difference really at all. I liked how fast I consumed this one although I didn't [...]

  • I was very vague when I wrote my review for Love Obscene, but know thisI'm going to be even more vague this time around, as there's no way for me to describe the insanity that I just read without dropping spoiler douchery, so yeah, you're gonna have to read it for yourselves. PLUS, here's the disclaimer, Love Corrupted is the second book in the Obscene Duet, so guess what?! If you haven't guessed yet, YOU MUST READ LOVE OBSCENE FIRST! In fact, I already read it when it came out, and I still read [...]

  • WOW and I thought Love Obscene was twisted. I don't think I imagined it could get more sinister. Love Corrupted kicks off right at the end of Love Obscene where Katie has stumbled across some disturbing information about Mason. Katie is trying to understand how her family is tangled with Mason's and allowing her love for this twisted and disturbed man to drive her further into insane thoughts that maybe she too can do what he does.Mason's increasing obsession with Katie is driving his urges to u [...]

  • Omg if you love a dark and twisted read, this series is definitely for you! Loved it!Just when I thought Love Obscene was crazy twisted, Natalie Bennett comes out with Love Corrupted. I was seriously glued to this book. Love Corrupted picks up where Love Obscene leaves us, where Katie found some crazy information about Mason. Mason's obsession with Katie and his need to control her is driving him to the point of no return, his need to fill the emptiness she feels from growing up in a loveless fa [...]

  • Before you even attempt reading this make sure you've read Book #1 first " Love Obscene"So Love Obscene ended with a cliffhanger and all sorts of profanity pouring out of my mouth ! Well enough to let a sailor blush 😂 I also had a bruised kindle from the finger bashing I gave it in hopes if another page or 3 here at the end !Love Corrupted blew me away , well what's left of my mind anyway 🙈😉Again, the cover art is an epic match for what unfolds between the pages 📖❤Mason is not all [...]

  • This is the 2nd part of this amazing duet, and be warned, #1 has to be read first. Wow, this story blew me away; I never thought that this brilliant author would make this story more twisted and darker than #1, but OMG, was I wrong! This storyline is the continuation straight on from the cliffy ending in #1, and where Katie found out some disturbing information regarding Mason. No spoilers; this is an absolute must read for all dark and sinister lovers out there, you will certainly not be disapp [...]

  • WOW!!! Love Corrupted is just as insanely twisted as Love Obscene, Book 1!! As the evil darkness continues, Katie is learning more about Mason's perverse family background and how it connects to her own. Mason has a desperate carnal hunger to possess Katie entirely. Will Katie play Mason's game and submit in order to gain his trust so she can escape? Or will the love she secretly has for Mason, corrupt her and send her into the horrifying world of murder, blood and wickedness? What is Katie's tr [...]

  • My Review of Love Corrupted (Obscene Duet #2)by Natalie BennettMy Rating 4.5 StarsThe first book of the duet had me loving every twisted, depraved moment and the second in the series had me sucked in, hoping like hell for more depravity.This story has grit, it’s dark you will love all the moments you know you should turn your head from, but can’t because there’s no way you’re going to miss out on anything. This is a sinister read, that will have you craving more and Natalie gives it to y [...]

  • At the end of the first book I had some theory’s, but they were so out there I didn’t have a clue if I was right or not. As the mystery continues we are pulled deeper into the dark world of Mason. I still enjoyed Mason and Katie as much as I did in the first book. I’m going to say while I truly loved the plot I felt the author rushed this books she could have expanded on thing and it would have made the flow betters. Also; I could the formatting of this book to be poor. Text sizes changed [...]

  • Amount of sex 4 / 5How explicit 4.5 / 5BDSM/Fetish 2 / 5Story 4.5 / 5Overall: 4.5 / 5 (Rounded to 5 / 5)Love Corrupted is the second book in the Obscene Duet by author Natalie Bennett. The story line is as twisted and spellbinding as the first and I loved every minute of it! I didn’t think Ms. Bennett could shock me, but she did and all I can say is OMG!The intensity of Katie and Mason’s love is crazy, bloody, and dark. Mason continues to play his games and now his family is a part of it.The [...]

  • 4* read.This is book 2 in this duet and book 1 must be read first before this one. Book one ended on a cliffhanger and this one picks up right where we were left hanging in the previous book. I would say this part is even more twisted then part 1 which I didn't think I'd say as I though the first part was very twisted. Mason and Katie's story continues as they learn more about each other with enough twists and turns to keep you addicted and thinking wtf did I just read. You won't be able to put [...]

  • Continued story of Katie and Mason wow more twists and darkness overload! This book is one sick page turner! Ever read a book that you question yourself saying how the hell can you route for the evilness? Well this is that book! I loved Mason his darkness his messed up way to love. Then Katie I could feel her questioning herself and the darkness just wanting to come out! Great ending to this dark romance series. I can't wait to read Declan's story next! 5/5 darkness overload! ****Reviewed for Sw [...]

  • I asked myself at the end of Love Obscene whether I wanted to torture myself in search of answers. So, I guess this answers the question. I hate leaving a story unfinished even if I don't particularly like the content. Love corrupted takes up where Love Obscene ended and continues the dark and twisted tale giving me the elusive answers that I sought. In the nicest way Natalie Bennett, you are one sick lady and I don't know how you sleep at night!!!

  • Love CorruptedLove Corrupted was quite fascinating. I loved how Katie was no longer fighting herself. She finally realized who she is and what she actually wanted and ultimately needed. Mason was still his twisted crazy self and I loved it. He never tried to change for Katie. He was who was meant to be. If you finished Love Obscene, you need to read Love Corrupted. It is an awesome conclusion for Mason and Katie.

  • The story just kept getting sicker and darker and the fact I loved it worries me a little. It's the continuation of Katie and Mason's story and while it had a strange underlying love story to the whole saga, it's not truly a romantic story. There a lot of violence and a lot of blood and gore so be prepared but the writing is really well done.

  • This would have been better as one great book (with more detail) instead of 2 "OK" books. I'm not a fan of novellas, they always make me feel like we are in a hurry to get the story over. This book was more of the same shocking behavior with very little substance. But what little there was was very good.

  • Not for the faint of the heart.Not sure what to even think about it. Read a book in a few hours its morbidly fascination and disgusting in one glance. It's a story of two broken people who ended up together and pretty much let their insanity bleed over into the world.

  • More twistedI always love little sick and twisted love story. I think I wanted more out this book. It just ended without getting things resolved. Mason could of played with her a bit more so she was more broken like he wanted her to be. Still liked it.

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