The Return

The Return Springerville is famous for the legend of the Mongolian Monster Of course nobody really believes it It s just a good campfire story something to attract gullible touristsuntil an excavation team unea

  • Title: The Return
  • Author: Bentley Little
  • ISBN: 9780451206879
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Springerville is famous for the legend of the Mongolian Monster Of course nobody really believes it It s just a good campfire story, something to attract gullible touristsuntil an excavation team unearths the figurine of a screaming woman, the jawbone of a deformed animal, and a child s toy How odd that they were buried together Odd, too, is the foul odor lingering iSpringerville is famous for the legend of the Mongolian Monster Of course nobody really believes it It s just a good campfire story, something to attract gullible tourists until an excavation team unearths the figurine of a screaming woman, the jawbone of a deformed animal, and a child s toy How odd that they were buried together Odd, too, is the foul odor lingering in the air, the strange noises at night, and the man s face found hanging from a tree Now the locals are locking their doors Because after sundown, campfire stories can seem very, very real.

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    Bentley Little is an American author of numerous horror novels He was discovered by Dean Koontz.Little was born one month after his mother attended the world premiere of Psycho He published his first novel, The Revelation, with St Martin s Press in 1990 After reading it, Stephen King became a vocal fan of Little s work, and Little won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel in 1990 He moved to New American Library for his next two novels, but was dropped from the company after he refused to write a police procedural as his next novel He eventually returned to New American Library, with whom he continues to publish his novels.Little has stated on several occasions that he considers himself a horror novelist, and that he writes in the horror genre, not the suspense or dark fantasy genres He is an unabashed supporter of horror fiction and has been described as a disciple of Stephen King.


  • Bentley Little is a hit or miss author for me and this novel sums up how I think about most of his work. A very promising start with engaging characters that begins to lose its way half way through and then utterly falls apart over the last 75 pages or so. The plot surrounds an archeological dig that uncovers an ancient evil. Have I seen that plot somewhere before? Still, the story was interesting, mostly because of the main protagonist who feels himself drawn to the area, almost like he is pred [...]

  • The premise for this novel sounded interesting, so I checked it out of the library.Springerville is famous for the legend of the Mogollon Monster. Every year, when the Boy Scouts come to stay in the cabins at the Boy Scout Ranch, the urban legend is told around the campfire. Boy Scout Cameron doesn't want it told. He can handle ghosts and all, but not anything to do with the Monster. But Scoutmaster Anderson tells it anyway, The next morning, they find his face hanging from a dead tree by the re [...]

  • This book came highly recommended by someone. Reading this was like watching tales from the dark side. Definitely a creepy factor. But I didn't find it scary.

  • The population of the tiny town of Springerville, Arizona is steeped in a variety of legends and myths. Perhaps the most famous of those legends is that of the Mogollon Monster - a hideous half-human, half-animalistic creature that thrives on influencing the mentalities and emotions of either human beings or any species in the animal kingdom. The creature then basks in the resulting chaos that is created by such heightened tensions. The story of Springerville's Mogollon Monster has certainly bec [...]

  • Usually I devour Littles’ work like a caveman would a prime rib steak. This time, though, something went wrong ­ I just couldn’t stay conjure up enough saliva to finish the meal all the way through. The plot itself was creative enough, creepy in ways (particularly the first 100 pages or so), but it just didn’t suck me into its’ magic.Most of his novels do pull me in, excluding this one and The University. The gripes I had with the University are similar to what I had with this one, alth [...]

  • I'm always down for a good monster story that doesn't involve zombies, vampires, or psychopaths, and the archeological premise was neat, but this wasn't a rewarding read in the end. I hate unnecessary sloppy sex scenes that feel like the author is just getting his rocks off at my expense (" taste each others' juices"LOL). The repeated scenes where the professor makes obcene prank calls to "White Supremacists" was incredibly dumb- are there WS hotlines or something? Was I supposed be cheering thi [...]

  • Bentley Little is an unbelievable writer. I started to follow this author after he was recommended by Stephen King. His first book i read "THE MAILMAN "was satanic, scary. His second book I read "THE WALKING " was frightening as hell.Now this is his third book I just finished reading "THE RETURN" It's unbelievable, scary as hell. It's a story about a group of anthropologists find a head skeleton at one excavation site, and a headless skeleton at another excavation site. There is an evil in effec [...]

  • I'm getting a little tired of Bentley Little's schtick, to be honest. Good beginning, slowly increasing creepiness (though not scariness - it's hard to be scared when you know more or less exactly what's going to happen because the same thing happened in other books before), bizarre sexual stuff, then a rushed and incomplete ending. I can't even tell if some of his other books were just better, or if I'm just getting sick of the same formula every book.

  • It appears that many don't care for this book, but I found it quite interesting and scary. First off, it takes place in New Mexico, which is where I live. Second, I really liked all the odd and crazy things that have happened. For example (spoiler alert) when the kids parents suddenly turned to dust and his whole street became deserted, or when artifacts suddenly come to life. It doesn't just focus on the monster, but other things. A great book.

  • I picked this one up a year, maybe two ago because I was wanting to branch out and read more horror authors, and this author was Stephen King recommended. This is the third book I've read by Little. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't really good either. It wasn't scary, not to me, but this author may be good for those kids looking to graduate up a step or two from the RL Stine type scary stories. Not the Goosebumps RL Stine, but the older-geared ones. The gore/schlock level in this one wasn't as bad a [...]

  • Archaeological dig awakens an ancient evil! Ancient cults! Ancient prophecies! Alien geometries! Malevolent mummies! Human sacrifice! Savage madness! Unspeakable rites! Weird sex stuff! Eldritch abominations! Extradimenstional vortices! Redneck grotesques! Mysteriously abandoned towns with dinner left out! The Chosen One! DESTINY!This isn't so much a novel as it is a compendium of horror (particularly Lovecraftian) cliches. The only original events were the people who got turned into giant carro [...]

  • This was the first Bentley Little book I've read and I have to say I was very disappointed. There were a lot of things left unanswered and it was very hard to get through. I may read other Bentley Little books but i really hope they arent as bad as this one was. To be honest though, it was scary at times but the same things kept happening and that made it really ridiculous and confusing. I dont know why anything started happening or how they found out certain details about the creatures in this [...]

  • I feel that I must start off this review by stating that I have really enjoyed Bentley Little's work up until now. I've had a taste of three other books written by him, and I'm always on the lookout for more. This, sadly, is not one of his better works.I don't know what the heck he was doing with this one. It should have stayed a trunk novel. This book takes all of his flaws as a writer, and extenuates them into one big mess of a book. I couldn't connect with the characters, or bring myself to c [...]

  • Glen is a man at odd ends. With his mother’s death, he is alone in the world and decides to quit his job and go where the day takes him. He ends up working at an excavation of Indian ruins, and finds himself centered in a frightening series of events. Odd things begin to be found at the site, and odder, sinister things begin to happen all around the Southwest United States.This book was slow for me to get into. I almost chose not to read it. The book did not seem to be going in any cohesive di [...]

  • I will say this about The Return- I thought it was profoundly dumb in most respects, but I appreciated how Little reigned in his hyper-sexual tendencies for this one. I've read and enjoyed two other books by the author, even if they were a little trashy but those books absolutely suffered from an approach to sex that bordered on perverted. That would have been fine if those scenes serviced the story but for the most part, they did not. In The Return, they do to the point where the consummation o [...]

  • Bentley Little has an amazing gift that almost no other horror writer has. First of all, he can take something absolutely horrifying, and make it seem incredibly mundane, which somehow makes it even more horrifying. There is a cannibalism scene in this book that is treated like something that just sort of happened, and nobody seems bothered by it. It makes me think, wow, is it THAT EASY to become a cannibal? That could possibly happen to me.Second of all, Little can do the opposite: he can take [...]

  • This is another one of my favorite Little books. Though it was slow in some areas and (in my mind) was completely unrealistic it was still a good read. The story is well written and has a manageable amount of characters. It basically is about Indian artifacts, archeological digs, mid-life crisis', and has a supernatural explanation as to the complete disappearances of the ancient sophisticated Native American tribes that disappeared without a trace in America's South-West. Since I find the mass [...]

  • This is a reality bending horror tale as well as a human behavior bending story. Nothing is dependable in this world and everything seems to be coming apart. Respectable neighbors suddenly become cannibals and entire towns vanish completely. This is a wonderfully eerie story through most of the book and I love the author's appetite for darkness. Nothing is sacred to Bentley Little so if certain things disturb you do not read this author.The story has a large cast and I lost track of who was who [...]

  • This's just it, I'm not sure what to put here. I can honestly say that Bentley Little can paint a very good mental picture and those pictures are not always pretty. There are intense and outrageously horrific scenes scattered throughout the book. My concern is basically the lack of clarification of what was actually going on by the end. There was evil, doing horribly evil stuff but no real whys or hows. Sometimes it's good to leave somethings to the reader's imagination but in this case t [...]

  • From the jacket cover, one would expect a monster/horror novel. However, this book is actually an apocalyptic novel with a spin on Native American legends and myth Mr. Little manages to write an effective but slightly cumbersome story. Characters which appear to be central come and go while characters one thinks are minor become major in the latter part of the book. There other little quirk is his uneven mix of anthropology and pop culture. His description of certain things are more layman's vie [...]

  • Strange things are happening around an archaeological dig in Arizona: ancient artifacts come to life, people disappear, the likenesses of present-day folks appear in centuries-old images, people and animals suddenly become possessed, and the shadowy figure of a hairy subhuman creature pops up repeatedly. That's pretty much it for "The Return," which is certainly not Bentley Little's best book, but which still contains enough creepy scenes to satisfy readers. The narrative momentum is a bit lax, [...]

  • The first 1/4 of this book was very good. Super scary, I even had to put it down while reading it before bed. However, the plot fizzled out as the story went on. There seemed to be a lot of loose ends and I pretty much stopped caring about the characters about 3/4 of the way into the book. The ending seemed forced and, at least to me, did not actually resolve the "theory" behind the story. Thankfully, I picked this up at the library and didn't purchase it. Someone gave me a copy of one of his ot [...]

  • This book was a bit slow getting going, but once it picked up… man, I couldnt put it down!“Springerville is famous for the legend of the Mogollon Monster. Of course nobody really believes it. It’s just a good campfire story, something to attract gullible tourists-until an excavation team unearths the figurine of a screaming woman, the jawbone of a deformed animal, and a child’s toy. How odd that they were buried together. Odd, too, is the foul odor lingering in the air, the strange noise [...]

  • This is my first B Little book and I was glad I read it. I will definitely be reading more. I gave it 3 stars but actually it deserves more like 3 3/4, not sure what all the negative reviews are about. As for being a horror novel it was certainly gruesome. I can't say it scared me but then of all the horror I've read and I've read dozens and dozens over the years and can honestly say that only one book made me want a night light. That one being Ghost Story by Peter Straub. Anyway Return was a be [...]

  • I read one Bentley Little book that was pretty good and every one I've read since has been disappointing. The writing is decent and I enjoy the fact that many of his stories don't take place in the "scary vacuum" (crazy things going on but no one in the world seems to notice), but the plots are generally silly and this one was worse than most.And as a P.S if you're going to talk about barbecuing children you had better be Cormac McCarthy. Period. Great. I read this in 2004 and then read the whol [...]

  • Stephen King recommended author. He says: "BEST OUTRIGHT HORROR NOVELIST. Bentley Little, in a walk. Don't know Bentley Little? You're not alone. He's probably the genre's best-kept secret, but at least 10 of his novels are available in paperback; you can pick up three for the price of that flashy new hardcover you've got your eye on. The best thing about Little is that he can go from zero to surreal in 6.0 seconds. My favorites are The Store (think Wal-Mart run by SAYYY-tan) and Dispatch, in wh [...]

  • Bentley Little's "The Return" starts out with a lot of promise, and up until about the halfway point, it's pretty intense.Unfortunately, one you pass the halfway mark, the whole thing starts falling apart and Bentley can't seem to put it back together again. Too many characters, too many loose ends, too much of an unstoppable evil that, at it's anti-climatic end, gets disposed of entirely too easily and too conveniently.

  • This story is basically about ancient Indian artifacts which are uncovered by archeologists which leads to people and unfortunately some animals getting slaughter by a creature. The plot reminded me of a syfy channel original movie but I enjoyed the writing style and pace. Yes, this one does seem cheesy in some places but if one can suspend some credible, it is a fun read just as mega piranha can be an enjoyable but sometimes silly movie.

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