Knight Takes Pawn

Knight Takes Pawn Jagger rules everything The cities from the elite districts to the slums and everything in between are his domain in one of three sovereigns on the planet Jaru The only law is Jagger Law which can c

  • Title: Knight Takes Pawn
  • Author: Martha Sweeney
  • ISBN: 9780997463736
  • Page: 425
  • Format: ebook
  • Jagger rules everything The cities from the elite districts, to the slums, and everything in between are his domain in one of three sovereigns on the planet Jaru The only law is Jagger Law which can change at any moment One wrong look or word can get a body part chopped off or have you killed.Since the beginning of the war, which was almost over three decades ago, the aJagger rules everything The cities from the elite districts, to the slums, and everything in between are his domain in one of three sovereigns on the planet Jaru The only law is Jagger Law which can change at any moment One wrong look or word can get a body part chopped off or have you killed.Since the beginning of the war, which was almost over three decades ago, the air has had been stale and musty, still smelling of burnt metal All resources needed to survive are severely limited, causing many Jaruians to pillage one another just to get a single meal for the day.There are some who wish to end Jagger s power and they ve started to infiltrate his organization Money, amongst other things, are just a farce that Jagger uses to dangle in front of his subjects to keep the population in line and distracted Those who want to see the end of Jagger s reign want to take control over the depleting natural resources in order to save the planet and the Jaruian species.Natalie gets caught up in Jagger s twisted game of power and control when she s taken from her sovereign Against her will, like all women who are caught, Natalie is thrown into the Jaruian sex trade With her new, unwanted job responsibilities, Natalie takes a stand, willing to die fighting for her life rather than be used When an opportunity presents itself, is Natalie willing to do whatever it takes to free herself or remain only a pawn WARNING This series contains sensitive material Reader discretion is advised.Knight Takes Pawn is Best Selling Author Martha Sweeney s first scifi dark romance thriller series.

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    Martha Sweeney is an Best Selling author who writes in a variety of genres romance, suspense, thriller, coloring books, and soon into romantic comedy and science fiction She strives to push herself as a storyteller with each new tale and hopes to push her readers outside of their comfort zone whether it be genre or the stories themselves.With a B.S in Psychology, Martha utilizes her knowledge of human and animal behavior successfully in the business world and in her writing to present realistic characters and situations She s been creative since she was little, always drawing, coloring or making crafts, so her venture into being an author was a natural transition.She lives in sunny California with her husband and enjoys writing poolside most months out of the year marthasweeneyPinterest pinterest MSweeneyAuthorGoogle MarthaSweeneyAuthorInstagram MarthaSweeneyAuthorFacebook Page AuthorMarthaSweeneyTwitter MSweeneyAuthor MarthaSweeney


  • I have been waiting to crack open another Martha Sweeney book , because her stories are always Original , Empowering and her characters are Fierce and never give up when the odds are stacked against themKnight Takes Pawn was no different .I went in with a notion on what things would be like and came out after the finale page knowing a whole new galaxy . She takes us on a journey to a far away planet Jaru, Where Jagger is in Rule.The pollution and starvation is not the only cruel treatment of his [...]

  • Rating:Sometimes I surprise myself at some spur of the moment. I realized I may have bitten off more than I could chew, but I'm always up for a challenge anyway.This book, Knight Takes Pawn, made me think long and hard. I think I trying to place the story, but really, I couldn't. The setting is in some planet, and the economy is in depression. The economy is in a severe depression that supply is scarce with demand on high but the resources are just recovering or on the level of just producing en [...]

  • WOW, Again Martha does not disappoint. This book is on the Darker side of things and I love it! Romance, Gore, etc You have it all right here. Definitely, recommend reading!

  • WellI now know if the name Sweeney is on a book.I just need to buy it. This was literally EVERYTHING.ThrillerSuspenseRomanceEroticaIt had ViolenceNudityLanguageBasically it was everything. It was art! A whole new world, with all new rules and it sucks you right into the mayhem! The characters are bold and edgy! Each person has a face. I could actually see and hear every single soul in this story. The main character is intriguing! She's bright, sassy, intelligent, and strong. I adored her from pa [...]

  • I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Martha Sweeney!I want to start off by saying that I'm a huge psychological thriller / romance fan, and that I have a soft spot for sex slavery books. I liked this book, but there are some things that didn't work for me.Firstly, the fact that it's on another planet, for me, wasn't a necessary feature of the book. The "aliens" are in fact humans that speak mostly english. It would have made more sense if it [...]

  • Wow. I've just turned the last page and have to say that Martha Sweeney has delivered again. I have read all of her books and they just get better and better. This is a darker read then her previous books and drew me in from the first 2 pages. Red is a formidable force of a woman that won't take any crap and I can't wait to see how the story continues with what is in store for her and Knight. Absolutely loved the ending - was grinning from ear to ear. Not sure what that says about me, you'll hav [...]

  • I had a blast starting this series! It's very different from my other currently published books and I thoroughly enjoyed pushing myself with a different genre and writing style. I know that it won't be for everyone, but those of you who enjoy thrillers, I hope you enjoy the start of Knight Takes Pawn.

  • One word. Darkuniquedisturbingauthenticandunputdownable!Knight Takes Pawn is Martha Sweeney’s best book yet. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto! Planet Jaru is a different world. A twisted one. The opening pages were amazing, the middle dragged a bit, and the ending delivered some awesome badassery. Told from the perspective of the heroine and hero, the novel’s strength, I think, lies in the mechanics of oppression and repression and a protagonist who defies and perseveres, a pawn who refus [...]

  • Knight Takes Pawn: A Red Knight Novel by Martha Sweeney is a read that will take you out of this world!Sweeney explores life in another galaxy and the way women are treated as just pieces to be used and tossed away.However, Natalie aka Red proves that women are stronger than any man gives them credit for. And maybe just maybe there are men, like Ryan Knight, willing to put all his faith in these women who show they have the inner and outer strength to show what they're made of.Knight Takes Pawn [...]

  • This book was definitely different from what I normally read, but wow!!! What a ride!!!! This book has it all!!!! This book is definitely a MUST READ!!! You have done it again Martha Sweeney and I LOVED IT!!!!👽👽

  • Holy Sh*t is there anything Martha Sweeney can't dacking write??? Knight Takes Pawn is another example of Martha's ability. This story is dark and suspenseful with a twist of romance. The story takes place on planet Jaru, a desolate planet which is struggling for survival. We meet Red a fierce woman who is kidnapped and sold into the sex slave industry, when Red proves that she can not be broken or taken advantage of she gains the attention of leader Jagger. Jagger enjoys that Red is ruthless an [...]

  • I have read all of Martha Sweeney's books and have truly enjoyed them all and just when u think another book surely can't get any better Martha not only pulls it out of the bag but takes it to a whole other level!! Yet again another original storyline which is on a darker topic than her other books but follows suit that its main character is a strong willed feisty woman who is using the horrendous situation she has found herself in and making it work the best for her! I was gripped from the star [...]

  • Martha Sweeney's imagination and talent seem to know no bounds! Knight Takes Pawn is her most recent creation and engages the reader immediately. This story is the best of so many worlds; science fiction, thriller, romance, and action suspense. The reader is thrust into the violent existence of the Jaruian race and all moral and ethical fundamental beliefs are brought into question due to the struggle for survival in a dying race and planet. Right and wrong become blended together until the read [...]

  • This story is unlike anything else author Martha Sweeney has written before and I think she did a wonderful job with it. This book has some likable characters as well as a few that I wanted to knock around and deliver a few good right hooks to. This story takes place on another planet, Jaru, which makes it a science-fiction story, but it reminded me more of a dystopian story.You can see my full review here: nadineisobsessedwithbooks.blo

  • WHAT?!I mean WHAT THE DACK?!Martha Sweeney, let me tell you this YOU. ARE. SO. MEAN!How can I wait for book #2 after reading this one?I really enjoyed it and need more. Can´t wait to know what happens next.*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.*

  • Elite districts, the slums and everything else in between is all ruled by one person, Jagger. There is only one law, Jagger Law. It’s a law that could change at any moment, but sometimes all it takes is one wrong look or word and it could get you a body part chopped off, or your life.With the air being stale and musty ever since the war was over, over three decades ago, all the resources needed to survive are desperately limited causing the people of the planet Jaru to pillage each other just [...]

  • Knight Takes Pawn by Martha Sweeney is her 5th novel. I have read everything published by this talented woman. Unlike her previous fictional worlds, Knight Takes Pawn heads in a new genre direction. This one is a psychological thriller. All previous books were contemporary romance. I can honestly say, that Martha Sweeney has a knack for writing the best reads. Whether they are short or full-length novels. Instantly, I was intrigued wondering how this writer was going to do with her new direction [...]

  • I really enjoyed this dark/suspenseful read.The story piqued my interest since I read the blurb, and when I started it, I only was able to put it down because I needed to work and stuff. There's a twist to this story that I didn't expect. I thought I was going to get a "regular" thriller but this ended being so much more.I won't spoil it for you. Although I would've liked the ending to be different.My recommendation is to go into this book blind, I'm sure you'll enjoy it much more that way.

  • Well no surprise hereis book was just up my alley. It had suspense, thriller, and DARK!! see my kind of book. It took me by surprise that it was happening in a total different planet but once I found the rhythm and vibe of the book I was completely in. I hate that it took me soo long to finish it, but the other flip of the coin i was able to enjoy every bit of the feisty characters and story. Well Mrs Martha I have learned not to question the wait for another book to come out from you, because a [...]

  • I received an ARC in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This book is nothing shy of a masterpiece! Once again Martha has written a book that is so original and all about empowering woman. I was so excited to finally start reading this baby that I could not put it down, sleep be damned! Martha always comes up with the most unique stories that keep you wanting more and she has not disappointed. The characters are unique and intriguing and in true Sweeney fashion, we have heroine that we a [...]

  • Review To Come . But Wow ❤Update : First this Book is not my usual kind of read , So Thank You Mrs Sweeney for broadening my reading world i usually stay away from dark and messy But this book captivated me from the start Her writing style and depth to each character kept me engaged even in parts where normally I would start to cringe and maybe not finish the book I loved the Story I loved the Strong character base I Loved how I felt through the entire book . I have fallen in love with the dar [...]

  • Holy guacamole Batman!! I did NOT know what to expect with this book and I enjoyed every chapter of it!! It's a thriller, a dark romance, a science fiction, and an otherworldly dystopia all wrapped into one. Usually, I watch the movies for stories like this but I'm so glad to have read this! This NEEDS to be a movie!!Red is fierce in so many wayseven when she's not sure of herself and her situation. She pushes boundaries--for herself and those around her. She's your NOT perfect heroine and Knigh [...]

  • I give Knight Takes Pawn (Red Knight, book 1) by Martha Sweeney 5 stars.Red was finally caught. The sex slave trade is huge and it finally caught up to her. She ran for so long, but now she is in this cell and her first client is coming thru the door. But she won’t have it. She must survive. So she does the only thing she can think of. She knows she will be punished more, but she’s not letting these horrible guys touch her. And then the boss comes in and she knows she’s done for.Jagger run [...]

  • Knight Takes Pawn by Martha Sweeney is a four star novel. Reading the introduction pages, I felt like I would be transformed into a whole different world and was pleasantly surprised when that wasn't necessarily the case. In the first several pages, we learn some different, made up words for everything that is normal for us like coffee, tea, making love, etc. this helps us to know what those words stand for when we come to them in the text, but other than that, it is just a normal book. Natalie [...]

  • Knight Takes Pawn (Red Knight Book 1) by Martha SweeneyFour StarsKnight Takes Pawn is the first book in the Red Knight series and the first book I have read by Martha Sweeney. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to continue with the series. Ms. Sweeney has opened up this new world of post apocalyptic war. The characters come to life in this book. This book may not be for everyone, the abuse and portrayal of women is not always positive. This story drew me in from the first chapter. I rea [...]

  • Knight Takes PawnBy Martha SweeneyFour StarsThis is my very first book by this author so I had no idea what to expect especially when it comes from a new author that I had never heard before. A friend told me to try her out that I would not be disappointed. Still, I was afraid to try another new author (my run was very good lately, bound to come to an end eventually, right?) Well Martha Sweeney did not disappoint when it came Knight Takes Pawn. It was not at all what I expected when it came to t [...]

  • Knight Takes Pawn by Martha SweenyStars: 4The world has been engulfed in war. Because of that war, different domains have been formed. Resources are now severely limited and are increasingly precious. One of those domains, Jagger rules everything. This world is very much everyone for themselves. There are those in this new world who would like to see Jagger’s rule end so that they can save the planet and their species. Caught up in all the drama of Jagger’s world is Natalie. She was taken fr [...]

  • This book is the most original book you will read this year to date… Martha Sweeney is just this magical woman that can create, literally, a whole new world between her covers. Knight Takes Pawn is a work of art… I’m serious; Sweeney does notjustwrite books… she creates art. Besides the absolute beauty that the actual book is, once you crack this bad boy open… well you will be jacking enthralled!Red is an amazing character. She’s just a normal every day woman that will not just accep [...]

  • If there​ is one book that you need to read this year it is definitely Martha Sweeney's Knight Takes Pawn. This book is actually my first full length book by her and I was blown away by the storyline and the characters. I'm definitely curious about what's next in this series!I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book!

  • Knight Takes Pawn (Red Knight Book 1) by Martha Sweeny is the first book in the series of Red Knight. This story is a little bit different then what I have read from Martha Sweeny but oh my my! This story is full of action, suspense, and of course she has added romance in it. This story is a little bit harsh as some of the situations in this book are really rough with how the women are treated. You will love how the main characters in this book connect and grow with each other. This story pulls [...]

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