A Prayer for the Dying

A Prayer for the Dying Everyone has demons to overcome but Martin Fallon has than most A ruthless hitman and executioner for the IRA Fallon is haunted by a mistake that led to the explosion of a school bus full of childre

  • Title: A Prayer for the Dying
  • Author: Jack Higgins
  • ISBN: 9780451138019
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone has demons to overcome, but Martin Fallon has than most A ruthless hitman and executioner for the IRA, Fallon is haunted by a mistake that led to the explosion of a school bus full of children When he s threatened by the sadistic Meehan brothers, Fallon must agree to one last hit But this time there s a witness a priest named Father De Costa And when eEveryone has demons to overcome, but Martin Fallon has than most A ruthless hitman and executioner for the IRA, Fallon is haunted by a mistake that led to the explosion of a school bus full of children When he s threatened by the sadistic Meehan brothers, Fallon must agree to one last hit But this time there s a witness a priest named Father De Costa And when everyone else wants the Father dead, Fallon is determined to protect him, to earn redemption from his life of crime and forgiveness for the blood on his hands.

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    There is than one author in the database with this name.Jack Higgins is the pseudonym of Harry Patterson b 1929 , the New York Times bestselling author of than seventy thrillers, including The Eagle Has Landed and The Wolf at the Door His books have sold than 250 million copies worldwide.Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Patterson grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland As a child, Patterson was a voracious reader and later credited his passion for reading with fueling his creative drive to be an author His upbringing in Belfast also exposed him to the political and religious violence that characterized the city at the time At seven years old, Patterson was caught in gunfire while riding a tram, and later was in a Belfast movie theater when it was bombed Though he escaped from both attacks unharmed, the turmoil in Northern Ireland would later become a significant influence in his books, many of which prominently feature the Irish Republican Army After attending grammar school and college in Leeds, England, Patterson joined the British Army and served two years in the Household Cavalry, from 1947 to 1949, stationed along the East German border He was considered an expert sharpshooter.Following his military service, Patterson earned a degree in sociology from the London School of Economics, which led to teaching jobs at two English colleges In 1959, while teaching at James Graham College, Patterson began writing novels, including some under the alias James Graham As his popularity grew, Patterson left teaching to write full time With the 1975 publication of the international blockbuster The Eagle Has Landed, which was later made into a movie of the same name starring Michael Caine, Patterson became a regular fixture on bestseller lists His books draw heavily from history and include prominent figures such as John Dillinger and often center around significant events from such conflicts as World War II, the Korean War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.Patterson lives in Jersey, in the Channel Islands.


  • In the 1970s, when Higgins still taught adult education in Leeds and was clearly styling himself on Ted Lewis, he wrote some brilliant books. This was one of them. It got me reading as a kid back in the days when I hated school and ran away to join the army at 17. Sadly, when Higgins moved to Gurnsey and started supporting Margaret Thatcher he lost something. One of the great things about a Prayer for the Dying, apart from its interesting allusions to the writing style of Graham Greene and the f [...]

  • I doubt I can contribute any insight into this fine novel beyond the thousands of reviews already out there. I read a few of Higgins' books ages ago, hadn't taken one up in decades, but saw 'A Prayer for the Dying' listed somewhere as being an underappreciated gem so I thought I'd seek it out. I'm glad I did excellent story in a concise package, good character development, fine writing, fast pace, a very flawed but sympathetic 'hero' the stuff on which great thrillers are built! Next step: find [...]

  • A Prayer for the Dying by Jack Higgins It's a first read, missed it out years back good to have caught up on this novel The Catholic belief in the confession and the sanctity of the secrets behind the veil evolving into a plot laid out in simplicity and fast pace A page turner.

  • Over the course of five decades, he has used many names; Martin Fallon is just one of them. He carries a huge load of guilt for the tragic errors of his past. As a soldier for many years in the Irish Republican Army — the military force known as the Provos — he was responsible for an uncounted number of deaths. Now Fallon is a mercenary of sorts, a gun for hire.A tale of violence and redemptionA Prayer for the Dying opens in the city of Hull, in the north of England, early in the 1970s. In h [...]

  • This book was short, but it was mighty. Ex-IRA soldier using the name Martin Fallon, is pushed into performing a contract hit (on a very bad mobster by another very bad mobster) in exchange for a new passport, new identity, and a trip on a ship out of England for a new life. His soul carries wounds from an IRA bombing gone bad. A priest witnesses his contract killing, but Fallon can't bring himself to kill the priest even though he has seen his face. What follows is a painful journey for Fallon [...]

  • I love Jack Higgins books and have gradually been working through all of them. This one in particular I had high hopes for as a lot of people talk about it being with The Eagle has Landed as one of their favourites. I must admit that I have never seen the film that was made of it so had no preconceptions about this book to start with.This is one of Higgins older books, originally written in 1973. The book was an easy enough read and like most Higgins went quickly. Unfortunately, unlike his more [...]

  • 4.5 stars. Read this thriller by Jack Higgins years ago and it's stood the test of time in my eyes. Martin Fallon is an interesting character. An executioner for the IRA, he is haunted by a mistake that he will carry for the rest of his days. He's contracted by the thoroughly evil Jack Meehan to murder a rival in England for the price of a safe passage. When the hit is witnessed by the local Catholic priest Michael da Costa their lives become intertwined.It's a fast flowing story, violent in par [...]

  • Probably my least favourite of Jack Higgins' efforts (and I have read just about all of them over the years). I first read it as a teen and have read it again a couple of times since. While the characters are exceedingly interesting, I found them underdeveloped in places, and overly simplified in others. Such great opportunity for more depth went begging. Higgins' has a great formula, and for a quick page-turning, Sunday afternoon time waster, it does the trick. However, it is a long way down my [...]

  • 'How long has this been going on?' da Costa asked her.'For three months, Father.'The exact period since she had last been to Mass.'This man has made love to you?''Yes, Father.''How often?''Two or three times a week. At the office. When everyone else has gone home.'He has children?''Three, Father.' There was a pause. 'What can I do?''The answer is so obvious. Must be. Leave this place, find another job. Put him outof your mind.''I can't do that.''Why?' he said, and added with calculated brutality [...]

  • This was one of the few books I picked up when I first started reading and I was very happy to say it did entertain me. The characters where right on the spot on this one. The plot along with the twist were really engaging. There were moments that would make you go "Woah,now that was pretty epic". Overall it was short story,but really catches you with its characters and its moments all written well with perfect execution. Jack Higgins does what he does best with this one I haven't read his other [...]

  • This older book is a great IRA read. It was recommended on the FB nook page, and I down loaded it almost immediately based on positive comments. Jack Higgins is an alias of Harry Patterson, who also wrote The Eagle Has Landed, and the Wolf at the Door. The fact that he lived in northern Ireland as a child (born in Britain) gives the book a real sense of authenticity. I recommend it, if you can stand the violence. I am re-reading James Joyce's trilogy as a standby.

  • "Προσευχή για το μελλοθάνατο", εκδόσεις Bell.Δεύτερο βιβλίο που διαβάζω από Τζακ Χίγκινς, τόσο μέσα στο μήνα όσο και γενικά, σίγουρα είναι κλάσεις ανώτερο από το πρώτο, το Λάκι Λουτσιάνο ο Σικελός. Η πλοκή ενδιαφέρουσα, με τις αποκαλύψεις και την δράση της και η γραφή πάρα πολύ [...]

  • A very early Higgins novel which shows a storyline he will follow in future books. A former IRA assassin Martin Fallon is forced into committing an assassination, unfortunately there is a witness which he must attempt to shut up. The method he chooses is unacceptable to his employer and they have it out. Ok read

  • sentimentality A classic good versus evil story. A tale in which forgiveness is prevalent and man is predominantly good. To know good you must know evil and the embodiment of evil is portrayed by the mortician. The bad guy. Higgins has a smooth easy flowing style and this story is a very easy read.

  • This a thoroughly interesting account of Catholic doctrine and tradition mixed a great deal of suspense surrounding the main character's ultimate death wish. Higgins touched on several touchy subjects without being vulgar. And the inside look at the funeral business was interesting as well. The ending was pretty good and ended as advertised in the title of the book.

  • One of Jack Higgins' very best books, and with the exception of "The Eagle Has Landed" my favorite. One of the best books about redemption ever written. An IRA hit man takes sanctuary in the church of the priest who witnessed his last hit. A sanction he was forced to undertake after a deadly mistake. Forced by the same subjects who are now out to kill the witness. Read this one.

  • Definitely not something I would have read if it weren't the book club selection, but it was a fast paced, easy read. People who like crime dramas will love it. I thought the priest character was interesting, but I didn't feel overly sympathetic to Fallon even though I know I was supposed to.

  • Written in the 70's by an Irish-born writer and first published in Great Britain , this really is a classic storyd even though it is almost 40 years old, it still holds your attention and urges you to read on.

  • Well its already classic with a movie already made long back so not little to say. It's the tale of a hitman who hates his existence for what he has done and how he looks for death. Nicely written and nice characters. I finished it rather quickly though it was short as well.

  • Characters are stereotypes, story is good - bad against very bad against good. Reasonable beach read, no depth or development.

  • This is one of the best books I have ecer read, made into an even better movie. Mickey Rouke at his absolute best. Read it!

  • Recommended to me, really enjoyed this book. Easy read and good story. You see both sides to the character Fallon, he is not just a meanie!

  • A prayer for the dyingTypical higgins. Great plot, excellent cast of characters,fast paced,,,a book you can't put down! I enjoyed it immensely!! Want a great read??? This is it!

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