Snow Angel

Snow Angel Dean likes April April s brother Jay loves Dean When Dean finds out how Jay feels it raises difficult questions of his sexuality If he doesn t get his act together quick he s gonna lose two friends a

  • Title: Snow Angel
  • Author: Sharon Maria Bidwell
  • ISBN: 9781596323711
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook
  • Dean likes April April s brother Jay loves Dean When Dean finds out how Jay feels it raises difficult questions of his sexuality If he doesn t get his act together quick, he s gonna lose two friends and one true love Publisher s Note Snow Angel is a male male love story As such, it contains homoerotic sexual content that may be offensive to some readers mild bondageDean likes April April s brother Jay loves Dean When Dean finds out how Jay feels it raises difficult questions of his sexuality If he doesn t get his act together quick, he s gonna lose two friends and one true love Publisher s Note Snow Angel is a male male love story As such, it contains homoerotic sexual content that may be offensive to some readers mild bondage, dubious consent, male male sexual practices.

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    Sharon was born in London on New Year s Eve She has always followed many creative pursuits Eventually, her love of books and a wild imagination compelled her to focus on writing The first short story she submitted Silver Apples of the Moon was accepted by Roadworks Magazine The editor announced her as a writer who is going places and described the story as having both a Sci fi and horror element, and being strong on characterisation, and quite literary, in terms of style Subsequently, she was approached to write all reports and publicity material, including a piece for translation into Braille for The Really Wild Nursery and Arthritis Care Breaking Down the Barriers garden project, which took place at the Malvern Spring Show.Since then, her work has appeared steadily in both print and electronic publications, such as Midnight Street, Aoife s Kiss Sam s Dot Publishing , Night To Dawn, and Radgepacket Byker Books Her short story Bitter and Intoxicating was snapped up for inclusion in the anthology Red Velvet and Absinthe This compilation, edited by Mitzi Szereto with a foreword by Kelly Armstrong, was designed to evoke the romantic ethos of classic Gothic fiction with a serving of eroticism With a repertoire of twisted tales and a love of cross genre writing, it surprised everyone including herself when she branched out into erotic romance These works have been critically acclaimed and often described as deeply passionate.She was propelled into the Steampunk universe of Space, 1899 and beyond, winning approval of series creator and award winning game designer, Frank Chadwick, with three books, one of which was co authored with editor and writer Andy Frankham Allen, and subsequently led to her writing for the Lethbridge Stewart series The Wishing Bazaar is her first piece of Doctor Who related fiction.Sharon s worlds are vivid, unexpected and sometimes intensely magical Sharon writes whatever her warped mind can come up with and is quite capable of writing something darker, grittier, and even outright twisted Her love for all things Myth and Legend led her to write under than one name and, for her Dark Fiction, to create Sharon Kernow.During her writing career she s lived in a house with a Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs, shared a publisher with the creator of Roger Rabbit, and has taken a trip to Jupiter Only one of these has been in her imagination.Visit this diverse writer s site at sharonbidwell


  • Dean Chapman and Jay Reid have known each other since childhood. Dean had a crush on Jay's sister April, and followed her like a lost puppy for years. April never returned the first love feelings for Dean, but instead became friends with him instead. Because April and Jay are very close, they have always been package deal for Dean. Jay has been in love with Dean since he was a boy. He knew he would never hold a place in Dean's heart or bed. Dean is not only in love/lust with his sister, but he i [...]

  • Synopsis from Loose Id.Dean likes April. April’s brother Jay loves Dean. When Dean finds out how Jay feels it raises difficult questions of his sexuality. If he doesn’t get his act together quick, he’s gonna lose two friends and one true love. (Keep thinking of this Blur song Girls And Boys when I read this excerpt! Here. My only excuse is it’s been a long week…).This has to be one of my favorite recent reads.Jay was instantly likable and is a guy who has had a thing for the boy next d [...]

  • It was a simple case of mistaken identity when Dean, newly returned home after college, kisses Jay, a childhood friend and brother of Dean's intended target. What neither realizes is just what an impact such a small mistake can have on their lives.Dean is, for me, thoroughly unlikable, just absolutely appalling. He has notes of crazy stalker/rapist to go with his complexes, and spends a lot of time focusing on how nothing is really his fault. He's big and good-looking--I get that--but his person [...]

  • Wow, where to start?Dean is a jerk. I kept hoping he would get better but it never happened. April goes beyond being a so-called caring sister. She is controlling and just downright mean. To everyone. Jay, I liked. But he was too much of a pushover where Dean was concerned. There was really nothing about this story that I liked. The couple is just way wrong. Dean openly admitted that he was using Jay. playing a game yet Jay let it continue. Loving someone is one thing, but how many people actual [...]

  • Did anyone like Dean?! I don't mind the character who isn't sure he's gay or bi because he only seems to like this one guy because they usually have thoughts about liking and/or loving the other guy, they just can't tell him, or they don't know how to handle their feelings; however, Dean was a a total douche bag. I admit he did have a few thoughts where he thought he cared about Jay, but most of his thoughts were about how he was egotistical and selfish because he didn't love Jay and never would [...]

  • While not a Christmas story in the “traditional” sense, I think that ‘Snow Angel’ incorporates the spirit of Christmas, its message of hope, and multitude of miracles - eventually and after much pain and more than one false start. Even though I have read the original edition many years ago, I can honestly say I had forgotten how long and painful Dean and Jay’s road to happiness is. I mostly blame Dean, and not just because he is older. Jay’s sister, April, has a lot to answer for as [...]

  • A solid gay romance. I freely admit that I'm a sucker for gay romances where the soon-to-be lovers have been friends first. This was a good book, but it would have been even better if every other scene wasn't about sex. I mean, sex should be the cherry on top, the spice, not the main dish - at least in my opinion. Also, Jay's sister April got awfully on my nerves. If someone meddled in my life like she did in Jay's, I would go through the roof!The story was good, not excellent but good nonethele [...]

  • This story is really HOT.And it's like being in a roller-coaster of emotions all the while.Daisiemae, thanks for this one! Your review gives full justice to the book.I 'm beginning the sequel right nown't wait__xD

  • Example of WTF?! moments that explain why I didn't finish the book. The other man just gave a small smile, a sort of brief curving of his lips. Dean found it difficult to think of Jay as a man. He was so slim, so narrow-hipped and not, exactly, what you would call tall, plus he had all that long hair most women would kill to have.In truth, Jay possessed a softer side to his character.So, why the big seduction act? Why had he thought cooking a meal for Jay would be a good idea? Well, probably bec [...]

  • This was an amazing book with which to start reading from this author. The start of the book seemed innocent enough and rather similar with other stories. Edited after a second read:[spoiler ahead]I was gradually drawn within Dean and Jay's world. Before I knew it, I was sympathetic towards Jay and cheering for him to win Dean over, while at the same time, understood Dean's uncertainties and mischievous behavior. The changes in their relationship was so subtle and yet distinct. And everything fe [...]

  • This book contains a lot of things that really push my buttons, namely: - GFY - Friends-to-lovers - A jackass character- A character who is oblivious to his own feelings - Unrequited love - Dub-con- Dominance/submission- Dirty talk. Unfortunately, there were two big problems that ruined it all for me. The writing style drove me up the wall. The author tried to make it poetic, but didn't quite succeed. And the story was very uneven, by the end it just withered and died. And it's a shame really, b [...]

  • Dean is a total dick and the author needs to quit with the thesaurus because Dean's thoughts are filled with some of the strangest, most obscure words that a dumb fuck like him (or, you know, anyone who isn't Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) would never use.

  • I had trouble finishing this one, Jay is your typical chick-with-a-dick, Dean the alpha guy, April the fag hag, I didn't really warmed to any of the characters at first, but by the end I kind of end up liking Jay.

  • I wanted to like this one more than I did, but just couldn't, and it was primarily attributable to the lack of connection between the main characters. Jay was likeable enough - I hated it when it felt like he was being used and cheered when he stood up for himself. Dean, on the other hand, I couldn't even develop an ounce of like for the guy. He was completely full of himself, used and disrespected Jay, and still kept at it even though he recognized what was happening. The whole gay-for-you them [...]

  • An extremely annoying MC with what can be only described as a head way to big for his shoulders, and that's only cause English is not my mother tongue and I can't think of a word describing exactly what I mean. I have quite a few very delicious swearwords for him in Serbian though.You have the other MC who might as well be a doormat.The only character who acts reasonably in this whole story is the doormat's sister. The good thing is that by the end of the book, the big headed guy pulls his head [...]

  • *phew* I finished.There's nothing particularly bad about this book, but there's not a lot that had me turning the pages. Once I'd read the first 50 pages, the themes just kept repeating. Until finally the themes 'resolved' and broke free of their shackles. Whatever. No spoilers ;)As an aside, I thought this book was set in the US; it read like a book set in the US. Until I hit 'cricket'. Australia vs The Homeland. I wasn't ever clear of WHERE this book was set (I may have overlooked a key word!) [...]

  • Childhood friends turned lovers! The plot was very creative; honestly I couldn't guess what's next. Though I wanted more! Perhaps affirmation from Jay's sister or how there relationship affected everyone. But it was all good. The confusion on Dean was definitely intriguing. I liked the overall feeling of the story which made it rather a “feel good” type of read.

  • I give it a 4.5I enjoy this book and I've read it more than once. I like Jay and the author did a nice job expressing his long standing feelings for Dean, painful though they be most of the times. He's a caring, warm and tenderhearted guy, and usually not the kind of person to lash out even when he's in pain. And Dean causes him pain and emotional unrest all the time. It's like he can't help himself. Don't get me wrong. It's not that Dean's mean's that he's unthinking on how his actions effect o [...]

  • Snow Angel has been a firm favourite of mine ever since I started reading this genre.The first version of this book was published ten years ago through Loose-id and I remember falling in love with it. The setting appealed to me it was gritty, real and very British. The main characters Jay and Dean were so well-developed and complete opposites which appealed to me.Some people may read this book and think it reads like a G4Y book but it's not. I'm not going to lie and say I don't enjoy those books [...]

  • 4.5 starsRead it twice so far and I still can't help but love it. From the way the book starts with a funny and hot moment of mistaken identity to the interesting dynamic of the men's relationship, it's all a hell of a ride for the reader. Sweet romance, a bit of power play, interfering sisters and some life threatening situations. Most of all, I absolutely loved the guys. Dean is not all together a nice guy. He likes to tease, can't help himself from taking advantage of some situations, playing [...]

  • What happen if you fall in love with your best friend? No problem if you are a woman and he is a man. But if you are a gay guy and he is a straight guy, maybe troubles are coming. Jay is a little, tiny guy with an Angel shape who always has been in love with Dean, is neighboormate. When Dean knows about Jay's feelings he decides to try this thing, to makes love to Jay and sees what happen Sex is wonderful and maybe a life together will be. But Dean is not gay, he is a womanizer, he loves women v [...]

  • Hmmm, I am trying to understand why I didn't really like this story very much. In some aspects it's totally the kind of book I would potentially like, but I just didn't. Part of it maybe because there was not really any love to the love story. Like I said the potential was there - a hot straight guy that was obviously lusting for his long-time friend who is gay, but in total denial. The gay friend who has had a long-time crush on his straight buddy and cannot tell him no. Good basis for sexual t [...]

  • Highly recommend this! This was a very good GFY romance. Don't know why several reviewers rated this book so low! But I suppose Haterz gon' hate! This was probably a 4.5 but I'm gonna round up for all those haterz : ) I thought the writing was very strong and the romance is extremely smoking hot. Jeez. I had to get a cool drink. Yes, Dean took FOREVER to come around and admit his feelings for Jay to the point where I was wanting to punch him in the face. But, just like Jay, I couldn't help but l [...]

  • Wasn't really sure how to rate this - I'm giving it 3 1/2 Stars but for GR it's a 3. My reasoning is that I really liked half the book, but not so much the other half. The first half dragged a little for me and I was tempted to put it aside. I didn't and got into it a little more, but at the same I really didn't like Dean at all and when they were first together, I thought he was horrible to Jay. Jay, on the other side, I loved from the beginning - his strength, his wit, the love in his heart. I [...]

  • Hmmmt bad but not quite what I expected. Guess I was hoping for more of a coming-of-age story that followed the boys into adulthood. Instead, most of their history is just lightly touched on but without giving you a real sense of how close these two were together growing up. I didn't really feel the angst between these two the way I wanted to. That being said, I did end up enjoying the relationship between the two friends and the growth that they go through. There is definitely some yummy sex sc [...]

  • I am completely conflicted about this book. I hated the basic premise that had Dean committing thoughtless and selfish acts against Jay - over and over again. I hated that Jay (and the author) seemed incapable of recognizing the depths of these betrayals. Yet somewhere amidst the breaking and entering and 'cum-slut' declarations, I started empathizing with these characters and feeling some hope for them.There is a nastiness to this book that some might describe as 'real'. To me, it felt a little [...]

  • I just re-read this book and quickly remembered why I love it so. Dean is a character that won't be ignored. Love him or hate him, he elicits an emotional reaction. I love his inner struggle and how he acknowledges his erratic, often asshole"ish" behavior, yet can't help himself. I even love Dean's first sexual encounter with Jay and the dub con involved. It seems that I read this story a couple times a year and it never gets old.

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