Dar and Gregg

Dar and Gregg Series Jock DormGenre LGBT Erotic ContemporaryIf you think Jocks and Nerds have nothing in common come to the Jock Dorm Cute nerdish Dar has no idea what to expect when campus housing places him in

  • Title: Dar and Gregg
  • Author: Bobby Michaels
  • ISBN: 9781596322875
  • Page: 435
  • Format: ebook
  • Series Jock DormGenre LGBT Erotic ContemporaryIf you think Jocks and Nerds have nothing in common, come to the Jock Dorm Cute, nerdish Dar has no idea what to expect when campus housing places him in the Jock Dorm He certainly doesn t expect his Jock God of a roommate, tall, hunky, muscular Gregg the champion wrestler Nor falling head over heels for him Workouts, frieSeries Jock DormGenre LGBT Erotic ContemporaryIf you think Jocks and Nerds have nothing in common, come to the Jock Dorm Cute, nerdish Dar has no idea what to expect when campus housing places him in the Jock Dorm He certainly doesn t expect his Jock God of a roommate, tall, hunky, muscular Gregg the champion wrestler Nor falling head over heels for him Workouts, friendship, a little hurt and comfort, and pretty soon Dar can t take being in love with his straight roommate.But maybe Gregg isn t so straight He s been keeping secrets of his own, like a murdered first love and a family that s pretty much disowned him for being gay Though he vowed never to fall again, he s not figuring on Dar and how the cute little nerd unfreezes his fearful heart.For once, the nerd gets the jock, but different interests are the least of their problems They can t keep their hands off each other, but coming out is the hardest part.Publisher s Note This book contains graphic male male sexual practices.

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    Bobby Michaels lives in Fort Lauderdale with hundreds nay thousands of gorgeous, muscular men most of them Marines running around in his mind Some are memories of sexual encounters, some are the characters from his many Nifty stories and Loose Id novels and some are characters from novels waiting to be written So, though he lives alone, he is never lonely.Bobby has been many things in his life An actor, director, nightclub singer, professional female impersonator, a monk and, for twenty nine years, a social worker and grant administrator for local government His government career ended in 2007 when a stroke caused the loss of the use of his left arm so that now all his writing is done by dictation through a voice recognition program called Dragonspeak.But through it all Bobby has been first and foremost a writer, beginning his career writing stories for trashy romance magazines in the 1960s along with stories and poetry through the rest of his life From the time he was five years old, Bobby has always dreamed of actually holding in his hands a book with his name on it as the author.An avid reader, Bobby s Kindle has hundreds of books in it Most of them are male male romances because he loves reading them almost than he likes writing them.


  • Jock Dorm is a more in depth erotic romance. Not only do the characters become best friends then lovers, but they must deal with coming out to their families, community and deal with the acceptance and prejudice that their love brings to them.I really loved this book! Bobby Michaels always seems to be able to bring two worthy characters together, sometimes despite the odds and truly makes the relationship successful. Like all of his writings that I have read before this one, this book has many s [...]

  • I did my best, I swear I did my best! I just Cannot Cannot re-read this again!I am giving this two because, 1) I am generous and 2) I did enjoy some of this book. The kink is my main issue. I am sorry to say that the kink made me very, very sick! I can handle a lot of things, I am good at reading things that make people uncomfortable. But, (view spoiler)["Gregg had returned his finger to underneath the flange of his cockhead and was now gathering up all the rest of his smegma. Once he had it on [...]

  • this BOOK is AMAZING!! i cried giggled and was weired out a bit about the hole SMEGMA, jock sniffing stuff but if you can look past all that thee two men are beautiful, there love is so strong and they would do anything for each other, i love how its them coming out together and *sigh* Its Lovely who cares if they like to sniff each other, christ it just a bit of rimming and eating ass ive read that before,,giggles :DOk I finished it, and I really enjoyed these guys falling love was super cute, [...]

  • 2.5 stars I'm not even sure where to start. Every time I would read a sex scene I would tell myself to gloss over it and not read it but of course I didn't listen to my inner voice. There is tons of sex in this story, which is understandable. New couple and all. But the sex is just I dunno. Firstly the "sexy talk" was god awful, for example:(view spoiler)[ "Yeah, fucker, blow that load. shoot that cum" yeah really?! People call people fucker during sex?! lol(hide spoiler)] I could get around the [...]

  • I've had this book recommended to me so many times, but I've put it off and put it off until now. In fact, I don't really know why it took me so long because the whole "hot college athlete gets with geeky (but secretly hot) roommate" storyline totally turns my crank. So I was definitely looking forward to this. What a disappointment.Some parts are ok. But mostly, I just didn't like it. I didn't like the style of writing, I didn't like the dialogue, I didn't even like the sex. Now, I've never sai [...]

  • 4.5 stars I loved these guys. they were great. The story was just so-so but the characters were so lovable I couldn't stop reading it. Their fetishes were a little weird and a lot gross so i skipped most all of the sexing cause it was making me gag. Too detailed and too just gross

  • First, I hate that I can only give this book one star. I never give one stars. I did see some low ratings before I decided to buy this book for the challenge (sports theme this week), but the blurb and premise interested me and I thought people were just being pickyeverThe book sarted out SO well. I could not put it down for the first 35%. I liked the conflict, I wanted them to get together, and I was in love with Gregg as a character. Then came the egma licking. I didn't know what smegma was, s [...]

  • "People either love it or hate it". That's what I was told about this book. And that's exactly what I like to read, because if it can elicit that kind of extreme reaction, then it's bound to be interesting.Reading the author's bio, I got an insight into why this story feels so much like one of those that used to be churned out monthly in magazines of old. That was Mr. Michael's first incursion into the craft, back in the 1960's, writing short stories for romance magazines. Those kind of stories [...]

  • Dirty Little Not-So-Secret Secret*whispers* I love this bookThis book is pretty much everything that I expected a book called "Jock Dorm" would be. The small and sarcastic geek meets the sweet and damn near Herculean wrestling jock. Cute story and a buffet of unabashedly crazy fetishes.The scent of dirty jockstrapsDar, our nerd with the biting wit, has a bit of an addiction. While he masturbates he huffs what he thinks is the succulent scent of thoroughly used and downright dirty jockstraps. How [...]

  • Contemporaries don't usually interest me that much (unless they're BDSM-themed), but I adore geeky/nerdish characters and really like small men paired with much larger ones, so I decided to give this one a try.In the beginning I was really enjoying it. I liked the author's writing style and absolutely loved the characters. Dar and Gregg are so sweet and wonderful together! (5-stars)The body odor fetish was a littleodd. I've come across a few books that have lightly touched on this particular fet [...]

  • This book was not really what I expected when I read the blurb. I mean it was about what it said, but it didn't really seem real to me. Or I couldn't picture it as real; everything was just too organized and well, easy.There wasn't any "mystery" to it I guess.Dar, a "Nerd", who didn't really seem nerdy to me, and Gregg, the jock, got together fairly easy, I mean sure we had a bit of a piff between them at first but never the less they end up together.This book to me just wasn't my thing; it seen [...]

  • My 2 stars on this one wasn't because I was grossed out (like some reviewers), but more because I felt that the plot on this one was paper-thin. It started out promising, but everything was tied-up way too easily and it got boring quickly. Plus, the sex didn't do anything for me, and I found the dialogue during the sex to be silly more than anything.The most frustrating part about it to me was that it seemed like the book had a lot of potential based on the premise, so I was disappointed to see [...]

  • In this unbelievable (and mediocre) romance novel, two men with what has to be the most disgusting kinks in the world manage to find each other and fall in love. I wish them a most kinky HEA. (I appreciate some of the issues present in this book, but the execution of them was. Interesting)

  • Loved this book! I enjoyed the buildup of Dar and Gregg's relationship. From friends to lovers, this book was an emotional, sexy read! SO HOT!

  • Dar y Gregg son una pareja preciosa, y ambos saben lo que desean de una vida en común en un futuro.Dar es el típico chico pequeño que siempre está buscando esconderse de los más grandes, especialmente para que no descubran su secreto, que ahora en la universidad está dispuesto a aceptar para poder construir una vida a su gusto.Gregg es el típico chico que ama los deportes, y más que nada teniendo en cuenta que es el capitán del grupo de lucha de la universidad.El destino se interpone en [...]

  • Es más un 2.5Un libro con un drama interesante contaminado con demasiado sexo.Sin duda este libro empezó bien y se fue para abajo conforme los capítulos avanzaban, mas y mas hasta llegar a un punto ridículo con situaciones del todo imposibles (ademas de bobas) y diálogos forzados y repetitivos. Hombre, yo entiendo que es un libro erótico pero eso no quiere decir que los chicos tengan que follar hasta tres veces en un capitulo a mitad de un drama mas prometedor. En realidad debo confesar qu [...]

  • Laaaawwwd! What to say about this book. I picked it up bc I thought the premise sounded like a sweet story. Aside from "On Fire" this was the most sex I've ever read stuffed into like 150pgs. Zoinks Scooby-- then there was the whole "scent" thing which was just.ah, it was something alright. I actually found myself skimming the sex! Who does that??? Not bc it was boring per se but just bc it was just a little too.well I dont know what it was but, it was definitely too something. Overall the story [...]

  • I was going to give a 5 star rating but I found it got a little too sickly sweet towards the end.Dar was super worried about moving into the jock dorm at his new college, but when he meets his roommate Gregg, he starts to relax.Let me tell you something that could make or break this book for you's quite raunchy. If you're grossed out by man-smells, dirty jock-strap huffing, deep ass rimming this might not be for you. I loved it!!!Great love story, a little too "perfect" though. I do plan to read [...]

  • Only 2 stars, because there was almost no plot, in addition too much sex (This story was rather short.) and everything was too way easy. There were moments, when I was thinking: 'Eww, that's gross". I warned you, seriously ;) All in all, that was simple and fun reading. Though, not for everybody.

  • When I read the blurb, I thought that I would really enjoy this book. I like the "opposites attract" kind of books.Here it was a non-issue because Gregg is the greatest guy on earth with nothing but understanding and compassion in his heart. Which is nice of course. Who doesn´t like a person like that. Dar is of course also the greatest guy on earth, sure a little insecure, but he is also very compassionate and understanding (he even helps his poor Mama get over her sexual insecurities). When D [...]

  • This was an OK read. I liked the relationship between Dar and Gregg. I generally like the books I read to have more angst or for the characters to have some kind of challenges (other than emotionl ones) to overcome. It just makes for more of an interesting read in my opinion. I didn't see a whole lot of challenges for them so it made for more of a read just about two guys and their developing relationship. Often times the story seemed a bit "over the top" and I felt like little cherrubs should b [...]

  • Dar arrives to school late, and his dorm has been given away. The only available dorm is a Jock dorm. His new roommate is Gregg a wrestler. Gregg takes Dar under his wing and shows him around campus. They become good friends and Dar gets offered the position as team manager. Dar and Gregg eventually admit that they are in love with each other. I liked the plot, and the story line. I loved both the MC's, and thought the connected well and had good chemistry. My problems with this book? I personal [...]

  • I love jock and geek books. It had a good rating (when will I ever learn good rating doesn't mean the book is actually a good read), so I started reading it.I was still reading on when I realized this jock was not at all your typical jock and he had a brain, while the geek wasn't a geek at all, just some random, everyday kid.But I reached the first sex scene and it grossed me the hell out.I'm suggesting to put up a warning of some kind so people who are not into reading lengthy descriptions of s [...]

  • I had high expectations for this book. Story line with hot jock and geeky roommate can't be bad, I thought. Well, I was wrong. I didn't like the writing, I didn't like the characters and the storyline was shallow. I even skipped the sex scenes. There was some good parts but mostly I found this book off-putting.

  • Tearjerker, sweet, tender. A great reread. I really loved this book. Well written. About half way though this book I had tears running down my face. I read this with a lump in my throat. Dar and Gregg is a sweet read!

  • I really like this book, some strange sex fetish(they like to sniff each other)but Hey it didn't put me off from the story at all, I loved it ;)

  • I just want to note that my rating reflects that I loved the story and, most of all, the characters. However, some of the sex and sex-talk could be pretty off-putting so I skimmed over some of it.

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