Summer Book in the Seasons of Love series As Spring gives way to the heat of Summer Sidney Wilks and Grady Nash settle into their new lives in a Chicago suburb In an attempt to fit in to his new surroundi

  • Title: Summer
  • Author: Carol Lynne
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  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 2 in the Seasons of Love series As Spring gives way to the heat of Summer, Sidney Wilks and Grady Nash settle into their new lives in a Chicago suburb In an attempt to fit in to his new surroundings, Nash becomes friends with his co workers at the garage The only hitch is he has to go back into the closet he d finally escaped With Sidney working long hours, NashBook 2 in the Seasons of Love seriesAs Spring gives way to the heat of Summer, Sidney Wilks and Grady Nash settle into their new lives in a Chicago suburb.In an attempt to fit in to his new surroundings, Nash becomes friends with his co workers at the garage The only hitch is he has to go back into the closet he d finally escaped With Sidney working long hours, Nash doesn t feel the need to expose his relationship to guys who wouldn t understand The dual life leads to misunderstandings and hurt feelings, forcing Nash to make life changing decisions.With Nash battling to find a purpose away from the ranch he loves, Sidney s busy enduring long hours in an office he hates With his prize winning building completed, Sidney s creativity is put to use designing buildings that don t inspire him When an opportunity to design the building of his dreams presents itself, Sidney s loyalties are put to the ultimate test Will he reach for his dream and uproot Nash from a life he s finally settling into, or will he sacrifice his personal goals for the good of the man he loves About Carol LynneCarol Lynne An avid reader for years, one day Carol Lynne decided to write her own brand of erotic romance While writing her first novel, Branded by Gold, Carol fell in love with the M M genre Carol juggles between being a full time mother and a full time writer With well over one hundred releases, one thing is certain, Carol loves to keep busy writing sexy cowboys, shifters, bodyguards, vampires and everything in between Although series books are her passion, Carol enjoys penning the occasional stand alone title.As founder and President of GRL Retreat, Inc Carol helps organize the annual GayRomLit Retreat Now in its sixth year, GayRomLit is an annual retreat that brings together the people who create and celebrate LGBT romance for a one of a kind, must attend gathering of dynamic, informal, and diverse fun.

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  • Book two!!! OMG how can this series get any better than book one?! I am now waiting for book three! I need to know more about Luke and Butch! Butch is such an interesting character, his past is going to be hard to overcome. I can't wait!I loved that this story was still Nash and Sidney story. I loved that they had issues moving to the city. I wanted to see that and wanted them to create a place where both men fit in. LOVED IT!!Days like this, I wish I were Carol Lynne's beta, so I could read ahe [...]

  • While this story wasn't as compelling as its predecessor, it was still very good. I found it interesting that we got to watch their relationship as it went through the everyday struggles regular couples experience. My only real complaint was that it ended with an unanswered question. Yes, there are still two more books in this series, but I still felt that the reaction of Nash's co-workers was a integral part of this storyline.Summer covers the time period from August 1990 to June 1994.

  • I love this series and this second book even more than the first. I hadn't read the synopsis so I had no idea Sidney and Nash were the MC's again - thought it was like other series' of Carol's - but I was overjoyed that was the case. There was a realistic vibe to this book and the relationship between Sidney and Nash was so much more grown-up. They dealt with real-life problems like adults, no one moving out or threatening to break-up or acting like a child (mostly), and they problem-solved and [...]

  • Wow there is much going on in the lives of Nash and Sidney. They are now living in Chicago and attempting to make a life for themselves away from their ranch in Kansas. But all is not well and Nash needs a cowboy boot to his thick head in order to see thats he's hurting Sidney with some of his choices. Josh is still having some major issues and his life is in constant flux but Luke is making tremendous progress. Can't wait to read Fall and Winter. This series is a wonderful surprise.

  • Loved the second book. So far the series is great! BUT I will be really upset if something bad happens to Nash in the 3rd book! I'm already fretting over the excerpt!

  • The saga of Sidney and Nash continues in the second installment of Seasons of Love, entitled 'Summer' by Carol Lynne. The couple faces more challenges which can either make or break them; but they are soul mates and totally dedicated to each other, assured that whatever the issue, they will solve it together. Now that they have found a way to forge a life together, they need to work on their relationship in a different way and are constantly reminded that being partners means more than being in [...]

  • Great. It is even better than Spring. The MC are growing individually, their relationship is growing too. They are not teenagers or in their post-adolescence and it shows, and I loooove it! I'm happy the conflicts are not the basics: I want to be a slut a little bit more OR This trauma in my past is preventing me from committing to a relationship. I getting tired of it OR an old boyfriend is trying to kill me. Sidney and Nash have a strong relationship, and the conflicts are mostly the kind a co [...]

  • Original posted at: whippedcream2/201It’s easy to fall in love, not so easy to make love work under the constant pressures of real, daily life. Summer picks up the lives of Sidney and Nash when they are trying to fit into their lives in Chicago. Each is having their own trouble adjusting and also coping with being a gay man in society. Sidney has a particularly hard time dealing with anti-gay prejudice in his chosen profession. Again, depth of characterization makes this story stand out. Nash [...]

  • Rating 4.5This is the second book in the four book Season’s of Love series. In this book we see that Nash and Sidney are committed to each other yet still hitting some rocky spots in their relationship. I thought the issues and difficulties they faced were very realistic. I appreciate that they did not have a perfect relationship and that they made some very human mistakes. While certainly not perfect, they are deeply in love and their developing romance was beautiful to see. The emotions were [...]

  • I really liked this second part of the Seasons of Love-storyline. So far I've enjoyed the way Carol Lynne is telling it with the time jumps. In some ways I enjoyed this book more than the first one, though once again it was very short and I wanted more of certain characters or storylines, or just plain MORE.I don't know. I'm assuming there are four books to this story, and my question is, why not make them one long book? Even make the novel's structure be four parts, but justke the story whole b [...]

  • Grady has moved to Chicago. Committed to being with Sydney, Grady has moved from the ranch he loves. There are rough spots, again because they don't communicate when needed, but neither wants to disappoint the other.It's refreshing to read about aspects of this relationship that are not revolving around their just being gay. Nash spending so much time with his buddies at the bar. Syndney working long hours and leaving Nash alone too often. Friends problems impinging on the relationship. Their re [...]

  • I've owned the available books in this series since their individual release dates; however, for some reason, I have been waiting to read them (maybe it is because I wanted the series to be complete before I started). So far, I am really enjoying the series, but there is one thing that continues to irk me - some of the inconsistencies within the books (i.e - ages don't add up correctly, technology that is appearing before its time, etc. etc.). Either way, I am thoroughly enjoying the series and [...]

  • Book 2 of theSeasons of LoveseriesNash and Sidney have left the ranch and are now living in Chicago. This story chronicles their struggles at work, and their battle to find balance in their relationship. Honestly, not much happens herebut if you enjoyed Spring like I did, then you will enjoy catching up with the guys.

  • A nice continuation to Sidney and Nash. A good strong start, but kinda lost momentum later on. As much as I'm enjoying Nash and Sidney, I'm not sure this lay out is working for me. Too many side characters are in play but with no real depth. Josh and Luke come and go but its more like padding out the story. For me I'd prefer them to get their own full story, instead of being told in dribs and drabs mixed in with Nash and Sidney's.

  • So much excitement going on with these to sexy guys its unreal. They now live in Chicago and I was truly worried about Nash in the beginning but he seems to have adjusted okay after a few rocky asshat moments. Sidney is still a wonderfully loving character and their sex lives are just as steamy as ever. And holy hell who doesn't love themselves some Luke and Butch? And what the fuck is up with Josh?

  • The continuation of Nash and Sidney's relationship. These two continue to grow together even with all the struggles that they go through. While in the city is hard on Nash, it isn't easy for Sidney either. Sidney isn't making friends and is being harassed at his job site. Nash is back in the closet at work and with his friends. The two are learning how to make their lives and relationships mesh. I am enjoying watching as this relationship undergoes all it's trials and growing pains.

  • No, there isn't some intense plot or mystery to solve, this book is purely about living day to day. I really loved seeing what life outside the ranch would be like for Sidney and especially Nash. This book takes us through the difficulties of life, love, family and friendsl shown through small snapshots in time. This style might not appeal to everyone, but I enjoyed it and look forward to the next book.

  • Another great read! It was nice to see how Sidney and Nash adjust to their new life in Chicago and how they work through all their struggles and come out it even stronger. This one even made me cry at one time! I really enjoyed it. Already started on the next one!

  • Ms. Lynne gives us just enough information to build hope for everyone reaching an HEA by the end of the series, and I am totally hooked. Will Nash and Sidney cool off in Fall? Oh, Ms. Lynne! Please say it’s not so! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.

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  • I enjoyed reading the next chapter in Sidney and Nash's story. They've moved to the big city, started new jobs and are learning to negotiate the ups and downs of a relationship.

  • Great storyline full of twists and turns and we got to see some new characters I really liked and I hope they will reappear in the next part of Nash´s and Sidney´s story.

  • I love it. I will understand if there's going to be just Sidney and Nash's books in this series, but I would like to see Butch and Luke's story.

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