On the Farm

On the Farm Now that the publication bans are lifted you need Stevie Cameron to get the whole story which includes accounts of Pickton s notoriety that police never uncovered You need On the Farm Covering the c

  • Title: On the Farm
  • Author: Stevie Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780676975840
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Now that the publication bans are lifted, you need Stevie Cameron to get the whole story, which includes accounts of Pickton s notoriety that police never uncovered You need On the Farm.Covering the case of one of North America s most prolific serial killer gave Stevie Cameron access not only to the story as it unfolded over many years in two British Columbia courthouses,Now that the publication bans are lifted, you need Stevie Cameron to get the whole story, which includes accounts of Pickton s notoriety that police never uncovered You need On the Farm.Covering the case of one of North America s most prolific serial killer gave Stevie Cameron access not only to the story as it unfolded over many years in two British Columbia courthouses, but also to information unknown to the police and not in the transcripts of their interviews with Pickton such as from Pickton s long time best friend, Lisa Yelds, and from several women who survived terrifying encounters with him You will now learn what was behind law enforcement s refusal to believe that a serial killer was at work.Stevie Cameron first began following the story of missing women in 1998, when the odd newspaper piece appeared chronicling the disappearances of drug addicted sex trade workers from Vancouver s notorious Downtown Eastside It was February 2002 before Robert William Pickton was arrested, and 2008 before he was found guilty, on six counts of second degree murder These counts were appealed and in 2010, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered its conclusion The guilty verdict was upheld, and finally this unprecedented tale of true crime can be told.From the Hardcover edition.

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  • This book takes you through the stories of the missing women and their families alongside Robert Picktons up bringing and family history to the full investigation and hearing that took place. Really unsettling how long this went on for. This story will be remembered in Canadian history forever

  • Forty nine drug-addicted prostitutes vanished from Canada's 'poorest post code', and despite numerous missing person's reports made the police were not interested in looking into how and why people's mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts were disappearing.Rumours spread about 'The Farm' and the things that happened there. One name kept cropping up - Willie Pickton - but still nothing was done. Not until one of his friends needed money and sold him out to the police for having illegal guns on his pr [...]

  • I avoided delving too deeply into the Pickton murders, seeing as I've lived and worked near the DTES. But I decided it was time and picked up this book. The account is, of course, heartbreaking and chilling and infuriating. I was aware of the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, but I couldn't have fathomed the depth of indifference and outright negation of their safety from the VPD. It's horrendous reading about disappearance after disappearance being dismissed with suppositions t [...]

  • Though I believe this is one of the most important stories in Canadian history and highlights a major injustice to a neglected segment of our society, I was not a huge fan of the book overall. I felt the author started out strong and really drew me into the landscape and history of the Pickton's and the surrounding community. However, once the author gets into the sequence of missing women, it seems as though she was bogged down by the scale of Pickton's murders and defaulted to a very academic, [...]

  • It’s taken me a while to get through this one, not because it has over 700 pages, but because there aren’t enough hours in the day! And most certainly not because I wanted to put it down!!! This would have to be one of the best true crime books I’ve read yet.If you’re like me and not too familiar with the serial killers in Canada, then I suggest that you make this book your first. Robert William Pickton is one of three sibling born in western canada. He admitted to killing 49 prostitutes [...]

  • An excellent book on the crimes of Robert Pickton. An excellent book about the handling of the investigation by the police. An excellent book about the investigation and the victims.That is my favourite thing about this book. Cameron didn't forget about the victims. Everyone has no problem remembering the murderer, but when it comes to those who are murdered, nobody can name names. Cameron talked about each women and went deeper than just saying that they were prostitutes. She dug into their liv [...]

  • The book is very detailed, not in the gross details on the women's deaths, but in life - Picton's childhood, women's paths to Vancouver's East Side, police work to catch a killer. I know a lot more about the case now. And yet, somehow, it was not a satisfactory experience. My issue, I think, is with what wasn't it the book. First of all, the story is somehow pointless. This may not be the fault of the book, but of the situation. There isn't a conclusion or a thesis, even the putative one of offi [...]

  • “On the Farm" gives readers an inside look at the people whose lives were affected by the Pickton murders. Robert “Willie" Pickton was convicted of 6 murders, accused in dozens of others and suspected of having killed almost fifty women. The book does a good job of filling in the blanks left by the publication ban placed over the proceedings but doesn't give readers familiar with the case any further insight into the man who could be Canada's most prolific serial killer. Stevie Cameron takes [...]

  • If you want to learn everything about Robert "Willie" Pickton and the horrible things he did, this book got you covered. 700 pages and never a dull moment. Heart breaking and maddening. People like this guy will make you think that the death penalty is actually a pretty good idea. Crazy guy, crazy story. All I know is, if anyone ever makes ground chuck outta me, and you are unfortunate enough to eat it, considering some of the crazy things I've consumed over the yearsat might be a tough taste to [...]

  • A horrifying read. Well worth a look for anyone interested in police incompetence, victims' rights, marginalized social groups, serial murder, or the lingering question of whether your hamburger is HIV-positive.

  • Congratulations to the author for telling the story without dwelling on gore. The victims in the book are portrayed honestly and respectfully. Highly readable.

  • This books was heartbreaking and painful to read at times. Stevie Cameron's well researched writing laid this case out in incredible detail. The real success of this book is the time she puts into telling the reader about Pickton's 49 victims. These women were dehumanized and ignored by the police and the public, and Cameron does a great service in showing us who they were: complex and beautiful women from varying backgrounds, living with and overcoming extreme trauma, mothers, sisters and daugh [...]

  • This one is not for the faint of heart, nor those who want a quick read. Stevie Cameron does an amazing job of bringing the stories of Vancouver's missing and murdered women to light; her compassionate narrative was a breath of fresh air from the usual true crime style in that I felt more attention was given to the victims than to their killer (as it should be, in my opinion). Chalk full of court testimony, stories from victims' families and officials who were close to the case, this book was a [...]

  • I can tell that this book is thoroughly researched to include backgrounds of the killer, the victims, and the attitude of the Vancouver police in treating the missing women cases at the time. However, the way the information is presented felt very disorganized to me and lots of times, it’s as if the author couldn’t keep track in her head what she had already wrote and told the same thing over and over again.

  • Being a local to this story, I realized as I read that I knew very little about the actual events on the farm. I was familiar with the women and some of their back stories (thanks to the news media that cared), but had a real lack of knowledge about the case from an investigative standpoint - turns out that's because VPD really didn't investigate much until they were forced to. The only reason these women got some measure of justice is because their families didn't give up, and the news media fi [...]

  • Serious true crime, so thoroughly researched and reported, I really felt like I knew these victims and their families by the end. Tragic story all around, I hope the area these women were taken from is getting more help, such a perfect hunting ground for psychos.

  • This was a loooong book. Some parts I found really slow but others were interesting. I like that the focus was on his life and the lives of his victims instead of focusing on the brutality the suffered at his hand.I hope that the families of his victims have found some sort of peace.

  • I struggled with this book, not because of the subject matter (which *is* gruesome and highly troubling) but with its style. There is a glut of detail involved in this story, which I am sure lends itself to being complicated. However, I felt much of the information was repeated over and over, perhaps unnecessarily. The book could have benefited from a stronger, more heavy-handed edit. That said, the story itself is incredibly relevant and an eye-opener into how law enforcement at the time regard [...]

  • "On the Farm: Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouver's Missing Women","Stevie Cameron" "This is a long, thorough investigative report on how the Picton crimes were solved, but more importantly how the case was mismanaged. for years.The reported deserves a lot of credit for not concentrating on the gory, sensational aspects of the crimes any more than necessary, but mainly how the police, especially the Vancouver police department bungled not only through ignorance, but delibera [...]

  • This book was written a little differently compared to other serial killer non-ficton I have read. It was basically divided into thirds. The first third of the book I liked. It was dedicated to describing Picktons childhood and family life. It was informative and interesting. Gave some insight into the man who would later murder 49 woman. The second part was spent describing and getting to know the victims in depth. It was fairly repetitive as all the victims were prostitutes and usually drug us [...]

  • This book was tough going but extremely well researched. I respected the author’s choices in what to include & what to omit, it could easily have been just a litany of gore and depravity - it’s far better than that. I’ll admit to putting off reading this deeply disturbing story of Canada’s most prolific serial killer - knowing it would just fuel my anger & sense of frustration with Vancouver’s Police Department and politicians. For years this city was well aware that women were [...]

  • I lived in Vancouver at the time this story broke and remember one of the biggest questions being, How could this have gone on for so long before he was caught? Cameron has done a fantastic job of remaining unbiased and presenting all the facts of the case, from Pickton's childhood through to the aftermath of his crimes; she doesn't shy away from being honest about the role of the police department in their delays, the clues and tips they had and why they didn't act on these when they were recei [...]

  • I became interested in this case because I came across some mention of it and found it funny that this wasn't something everyone was talking about as it was happening over the last 10 years. It's funny how ignorant we as Americans are about our neighbors to the north. Being the most prolific serial killer in North American history, you'd think this'd be front page news, and yet, because it happened in Canada, most Americans could give a rats ass.Regarding the book, if I had to describe it in a p [...]

  • I was there. I remember this. I drove by the farm. I saw the police cars. I read the newspapers. When I heard about all the missing women of the Lower Eastside of Vancouver I initially thought they were a group of sad women who really did not have a fixed address and had no way to be formally determined as missing or not. Or, perhaps they were alive but somewhere else? This book changed me and my view. This story is an example of how a couple of guys and their friends can survive in the fringes [...]

  • I can't say I enjoyed reading this book. I had to read it near people who would periodically show me pictures of cute things just to get through the brutal details. Even though it had more detail than I really wanted, it wasn't exploitative and it didn't include graphic re-imaginings of the murders. It is a super long book and I wish it had been shorter, but it goes into every single detail of all the events that are or could be related to the crimes that happened. Cameron gives a full picture o [...]

  • Fantastic book. So hard to read but so worth reading. This is without doubt the best true crime book I have ever read. The author does such an amazing job of letting you get to know each and every one of the strong, beautiful, amazing women who were victims of Pickton's sick, evil mind and then victims of bigotry from the very people who should have been protecting them instead of judging them. So many of them could have never been murdered if only their disappearances had been given the time an [...]

  • This is the kind of horror story that you can't make up. Stevie Cameron has done an excellent job in telling the tale of the "Poor Pig Farmer" Robert "Willy" Pickton. Her book covers everything from the first half-skull found in 1995, to the final result in Supreme Court in 2010. She tells the tale in a Matter-of-fact way with no bias. It's a story that needs nothing added, just the facts are enough. The Author does a proper job in presenting each and every victim in a way that allows the reader [...]

  • You have to want to read this book. You have to seek it out and set aside a chuck of your life to live with this book. It is a long, frustrating, disheartening, remarkably thorough exploration not just of Pickton's crimes but of the lives of the victims and the systemic failures of our society that made them vulnerable in the first place. The book makes it very clear that his body count (30+) would not have been so large if law enforcement had taken the epidemic of missing women seriously. This [...]

  • This book was amazing and amazingly heartbreaking. Where the book Butcher by Gary C. King tried to find Robert 'Willie' Pickton's past, this book takes an extensive look at every single victim and humanizes them to the reader. It was touching and all the more heart wrenching to read. But these kinds of books are NECESSARY to read. Evil exists in our world. This time some kind of unrelenting evil took over the Pickton farm. The Pickton Farm is an evil unto itself. And the reason we must look at p [...]

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