Heart Trouble

Heart Trouble Award winning author Jae s newest lesbian novel is a medical romance with a few unexpected turns Dr Hope Finlay loves her job as an emergency room physician especially since it allows her only brief

  • Title: Heart Trouble
  • Author: Jae
  • ISBN: 9783955337322
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Award winning author Jae s newest lesbian novel is a medical romance with a few unexpected turns.Dr Hope Finlay loves her job as an emergency room physician, especially since it allows her only brief encounters with her patients She learned early in life not to get attached to anyone because it never lasts.Laleh Samadi, a waitress at her aunt s restaurant, is the exact oAward winning author Jae s newest lesbian novel is a medical romance with a few unexpected turns.Dr Hope Finlay loves her job as an emergency room physician, especially since it allows her only brief encounters with her patients She learned early in life not to get attached to anyone because it never lasts.Laleh Samadi, a waitress at her aunt s restaurant, is the exact opposite She easily connects with people and loves her big, boisterous Persian family, despite their tendency to meddle in her life.When Laleh needs to be rushed to the ER with heart trouble, Hope saves her life Afterwards, strange things begin to occur Why does Laleh suddenly know even the most obscure diseases, while Hope is fluent in Farsi Soon, they can no longer deny that there s a mysterious connection between them one that becomes stronger with each passing day.Are they losing their minds or their hearts Length 109,000 wordsThemes empathic connection ER doctor Iranian American lesbian medical romance Persian American waitress

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    Jae is the author of sixteen award winning lesbian romances She lives in the sunniest city of Germany, near the French and Swiss borders The writing bug bit her at the age of eleven.She used to work as a psychologist but gave up her day job in 2013 to become a full time writer and a part time editor As far as she s concerned, it s the best job in the world.When she s not writing, she is an avid reader of lesbian books, indulges her ice cream and office supply addictions, and watches way too many crime shows.


  • I'm always going on about how I love lesfic plots that dare to be different from the usual. Well this is about as different as a vanilla lesbian romance is going to be from the usual, without veering off totally into any of those plot-rich sub-genres like adventure, fantasy, paranormal and historicals. This is good ol' lesbian romance, but with a very curious twist. What results is a funny and thoroughly engaging look at the unintended consequences of that 'twist', while at the same time ponderi [...]

  • Loved itream it out loud againLoved it! This book had me from the get go. I was enthralled by the characters, by their story and oh yes that delicious angst. It had everything I could have asked for, and even had a little unexpected twist that made it even more delightful. You can stop reading now, just buy this book.You are still reading? Ok well here is the synopsis.Dr. Hope Finlay is your typical uber-smart loner. She’s all work, very little play. She grew up in foster care after the loss o [...]

  • First I want to say I'm a big Jae fan, so maybe I am a little biased. She has worked her way into becoming one of my favorite lesfic authors period. I did have a little trepidation reading this. So many people loved this book, would it hold up for me? Well it did and more, I loved this book. I would put it in the top 5, of my favorite lesfic romances of 2016.This is a great love story with a small paranormal twist, that was great. Sometimes, I can get a little bored reading romances if they don' [...]

  • It's very hard to be spoiler free in a novel with such a unique premise. My attempt to summarize the beginnings of this relationship would give too much away. The enjoyment is in the read and I will just mention a few things that stayed with me when I read Heart Trouble. I liked how the connection between Hope and Laleh grows over time. What begins with everyday things like favourite foods, likes and dislikes morphs into a real emotional connection.This magical connection is so well done and eas [...]

  • I really like Jae's writing style. She is one of my "trusted authors", the ones I believe will not let me down (three and a half stars is my lowest rating among her twelve novels I have read so far). I appreciate her precision and eye for detail. I like to know a lot about what the characters look like, their background and surroundings, the setting of the story and Jae is great with those literary elements. She is informative without being overwhelming. Heart Trouble confirmed everything I just [...]

  • *I received this book from Ylva Publishing for an honest review*This was/is a great book - from beginning to end. I laughed, I cried (mostly from laughing), and had great pleasure from reading this book. This is one of those books that is hard to write a review for. Almost everything I could think to write seems spoiler-y; the plot, the romance, the family dynamic; everything.Laleh Samadi comes from a large Persian American family (her parents came over from Iran; I'm not actually sure if Laleh [...]

  • ARC received from NetGalley in return for a fair review. I don't give out a lot of five star ratings, but this book deserves it. It's pretty much flawless. Hope and Laleh are both wonderful characters (although by virtue of Laleh's family storyline I did feel her character was slightly more fleshed out). While they both struggled with various issues throughout the story, I felt the circumstances were organic, and they served the story, never bogging it down. Due to the connection they share, the [...]

  • This romance by Jae is quite a light reading, but a warm, embracing one.It’s one of those stories that make you feel well. It had a sort of soothing effect on me, washing away the stress of the workdays in the simple waters of good, positive feelings. It gently brought me back the desire to read in a moment I didn’t have any.The touch of supernatural gives the novel a glimmer of magic, the sensation that sometimes the universe is benign. Sometimes a bit of serendipity is nice.The characters [...]

  • I'm not sure about this novel.All the ingredients are there for a reasonable lesfic romance, but I felt it lacked a bit of emotion or magic between the two leads. Clearly well researched to provide all the details about Iranian culture and particular medical procedures, but these narratives (particularly the Persian elements) felt like exposition and lacked a natural flow.Please don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad book, far from it. It could have been so much better.

  • Second time I’ve read this book, fourth Jae book read this week, and, I’ve now learned, fourth (not counting short stories) in that Hollywood series. I assume that there are two reasons why this book is not currently listed as the fourth in that series: 1) neither of the mains are actresses (unlike at least one main in each of the proceeding books in the series), though there are actress side characters; 2) there is a fantasy element to the story not present in the Hollywood Series books. So [...]

  • Heart Trouble is a very sweet book with an interesting, original premise. It wasn't exactly what I expected out of a medical romance, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The characters were great and I especially loved Laleh and her family. I was also happy to see Jill and Crash from Just Physical and the cameo from Lauren and Grace from Damage Control. Damage Control and Under a Falling Star are still my favourites by Jae, but Heart Trouble is a solid book that I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys cont [...]

  • Jae has always been and still will be one of my favourite authors. But I found something missing in her latest Book. I am also wondering if Heart Trouble in ways is part of the Hollywood series?

  • ARC received from NetGalley in return for a honest review.First book i've read by this author and certainly will not be the last. Loved it!My SynopsisLaleh Samadi is a disappointment to her family. She isn't a Lawyer or a Doctor nor has she married a successful man. She is single and working as a waitress in her Aunts Persian restaurant.Dr Hope Finlay is a ER Physician. She loves her job and does not have time for relationships, thats until a certain gorgeous woman fall on her ER floor. When Lal [...]

  • I don't think Jae has ever written a bad book so topping her previous books is probably her biggest task when she writes a new one. This was probably the most enjoyable one that she has written in my opinion. It has so many elements - there's romance, some comedy, a little bit of spice, a portion of medical stuff (I just love doctor MCs), a sprinkling of fantasy and the best of all, an exploration of the cultural clashes within an American society. (I must say that lesfic hasn't explored this ge [...]

  • This book was in some ways rather unexpected. The depth of the connection between Hope and Laleh surprised me, and there's a bit of suspension of belief involved, but it seemed awesome at first. There's way too many things I could say about it, but they would all involve spoilers. Suffice it to say, I can see many ways such a connection could be rather beneficial. It definitely helped the two women get closer, and a lot faster. And it was difficult to ignore how the other woman felt, or to doubt [...]

  • ***Book provided by Net Galley and Alva Publishing in exchange for an honest review***This FF romance is build upon a premise that feels closer to SciFi or Magic Realism, rather than to a romance novel. Although this magical or SciFi layer is a nice surprise and a more than valid "accident" or trigger for the love story, it did not feel enough for me. I can understand why such an accident could bring two people together, but I cannot not understand nor feel, where does their chemistry come from [...]

  • I finished this book at one go. Though I found some parts repetitive, I also found the 'connection' the main characters shared the author's stroke of genius. I will always look forward to works by Jae, three cheers!

  • An excellent colorful, unique love story.A beautiful love story with well portrayed characters. The colorful details, exotic flavors, cultural differences, family dynamics, dialogues, a passionate love - all these separate elements merge effortlessly together in this unique story. I have enjoyed it a lot and I highly recommend it.

  • Enjoyable, satisfying read. This is a well-written romance with a unique twist. Despite having a supernatural element, the story had more realism* than most and I was particularly satisfied with the last 1/3 of the book.Per Jae's trademark, she makes her leads earn each other and it's a slow burn romance. In this genre known for insta-love I appreciate that. However, one change, Jae lets Laleh and Hope get together somewhere in the middle of the book and keeps them together through to the end. I [...]

  • 6 stars! I loved it. Loved it. Easily my favorite novel of Jae's and I've read almost all of her books (many I read before I was actively rating in ). I guess if you must categorize this book, paranormal romance is closest. It didn't feel paranormal to me - perhaps an unexplainable accident? Whatever, I enjoyed the book, the way their relationship evolved, I cried during one traumatic event (I never do that!) and I loved the MC's, even Laleh's large, loving Persian family. Yes, they have traditi [...]

  • I really liked the concept of this book. I loved how both Hope and Laleh experienced the others knowledge, senses and emotions of the other as the book develops. Both characters were lovable and fit well together. I enjoyed reading about a Persian character in a positive light. I loved the big loving family vibe that Laleh's family brought to the book. This is definitely my favorite of Jae's.I was given this book by NetGalley for an honest review.

  • Another great read from Jae, extremely well written with quite a unique premise. She has once again managed to create a story with characters who are fully developed and easy to connect with. I really don't want to give away too much in this review, you should just go get a copy and read it. Dr. Hope Finlay is an emergency room physician, out and proud with a somewhat dysfunctional background which has led her to avoid substantial connections with people, specifically girlfriends. Laleh Samadi w [...]

  • *The copy received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Now, this is the book exactly to my liking. It's effortless, compelling, flowing; the characters are very likable, deep, there is so many good moments between them. This is the book I would gladly recommend to anyone.

  • The was a great book to read immediately after finishing Fletcher DeLancey's Chronicles of Alsea series this week. Its plot fit comfortably with the empathic Alsean's I have been reading about for the last 4 week. This book eased me back into more contemporary fiction. I was a little worried that the plot was going to veer too far into magic for me, but it didn't. If you hang in there, you will not be sorry. This was the first of Jae's books I have read (I know, where have I been? :), and I look [...]

  • I am thoroughly depressed. I officially have nothing I want to read now. I'd already gone long without a book, and this was my fix. Now, I'm craving more and drowning in desperation.Enough of my dramatics. This book was wonderful. Jae has become one of my favorite authors. I can't put the books down, I never get bored, and I am livid when anything disrupts my reading. These books aren't a distraction, the world is.I loved the characters, and I loved how human this author makes all the characters [...]

  • I was looking for something new and special when it comes to the paranormal genre, and this one took the cake. The author didn't dwell on the whole explanation process, how things happened, why things happened etc, the whole mystery thing is left unsolved, leaving the reader to interpret things on their own. This is mostly focus on the romance development between the two main characters, and that alone is enough to make this a good story. Kudos to Jae for explaining this whole Persian traditions [...]

  • Oh yeah, loved this. So very well written. Loved the two main characters. I often whinge that in lesfic only one character is likeable, the other is a bust, but lately, I've read a string of books with two very well drawn, fully fleshed and likeable characters. It took me a bit to believe the connection between the two characters, but it grew on me gradually and then I was hooked and utterly convinced.Jae seldom disappoints and this is one of my favourites of hers.

  • This one started slow for me I was what the heck I met my mate while getting shocked. I kept reading and came to like the main characters and seeing where Jae was going with this. I will say that I enjoyed it.Given ARC from Ylva for a honest review

  • It was like everytime I’m reading a book from Jae, already after a few pages I’was in the middle of the story and I couldn’t put down the book.I really love Jae’s writing style. She combines funny dialogs and situations with a heart-warming love story and interesting details about the characters and their lives. The story of Hope and Laleh is funny, sometimes a little scary and a beautiful romance. The two woman grew up in very different families. Laleh, the Persian-American, grew up in [...]

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