Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk Seduced by his voice Devastated by a cheating scandal that ended his marriage and nearly ruined his online dating service PillowTalk Logan Reid is a man on the verge of ending it all A phone call ou

  • Title: Pillow Talk
  • Author: Pandora Pine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seduced by his voice Devastated by a cheating scandal that ended his marriage and nearly ruined his online dating service, PillowTalk, Logan Reid is a man on the verge of ending it all A phone call out of the blue from the program manager of PRIDE XM Radio pulls Logan back from the brink A job offer to host a late night call in show for the lovelorn called Pillow TaSeduced by his voice Devastated by a cheating scandal that ended his marriage and nearly ruined his online dating service, PillowTalk, Logan Reid is a man on the verge of ending it all A phone call out of the blue from the program manager of PRIDE XM Radio pulls Logan back from the brink A job offer to host a late night call in show for the lovelorn called Pillow Talk is a last shot for Logan, who is struggling to find a way to start over Bostonian Greyson Montgomery is dealing with a personal scandal of his own Homeless and jobless after a disastrous relationship, he s forced to move back in with his parents and rebuild his shattered life Alone and miserable, he tunes in to the debut of Pillow Talk and decides to call the dulcet toned host with his own tale of heartbreak Ratings at PRIDE XM soar after Greyson s call to Logan, triggering the program manager to invite Grey to co host Pillow Talk for a few weeks This doesn t sit well with Logan, who thinks Grey is trying to steal his job Are these two broken hearted men too damaged to trust again, or will they take the opportunity to share some Pillow Talk of their own

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    Sick of the slogging rat race of her 9 5 job, Pandora Pine put pen to paper literally to make her ambition of becoming a romance novelist a reality She cut her teeth in the dog eat dog world of fanfiction, still dreaming of the day when she would be a published author She lives in Massachusetts with her blabbermouth muse who s a fan of middle of the night plot twists.In her spare time, Pandora fancies herself an amateur nature photographer She enjoys mucking around in swamps, hiking through the woods and crawling around on her hands and knees in her backyard seeking out the perfect shot Pandora is a fan of roadside seafood shacks and always thinks Mexican food is a good idea at the time Some of Pandora s favorite things are chocolate, writing longhand with purple pens and handsome men falling in love with each other Don t miss Pandora s seductive new novel coming soon to an e reader near you.


  • The blurb really caught my attention, and the story was cute and fun—until it wasn't.At some point, the plot took a massive nosedive. How can a failing radio show afford the salaries of five scandal-ridden celebrities, including a former candidate for the U.S. Senate and a big country music star who was ousted after he outed himself? Does anyone even listen to satellite radio?And why the hell weren't the live calls screened? Radio shows have ALWAYS screened calls. ALWAYS. There's no way a chea [...]

  • I like it when men don't act like macho assholes, and I hate the phrases "men don't cry" or "he acts like a girl". But shit. Everyone in this book cries, or blushes, or laughs like an idiot, or fights for no good reason, alle.time. I was hoping it would take my mind off things because the plot sounded so unique. But no. The editing was pretty bad too.I'm definitely in the minority, though.*shrug*

  • Once again, Daniela has taken the words right out of my mouth, and you can read them here.She was a bit kinder in her rating, but everything she said ran through my mind the entire time I was reading this. These "men" acted like teenage girls with their crying and hissy fits and BFF bullshit, and I just wanted to punch all of them. Repeatedly. And the stereotyping? In particular, the country singer constantly saying stupid shit like "boy howdy" and "dang, boy". Fuck. No.Also, maybe it's just me, [...]

  • I must admit that I’m ever so happy I picked this book up. Going by the blurb it wouldn’t have necessarily been something that automatically would have drawn me in, the subject of radio doesn’t really interest me that much. Anyway, having said that I liked the surmise of what the book is about and gave it a go. I’m so delighted that I did.The story starts off with a bang with the MC Logan, who is successful and has star status, ripped out of his dream in the worst way possible. He goes f [...]

  • *´¨✫)¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨) ✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.•Looking for ultra sensitive men who are not afraid to cry? Dizzy for romance and smart talk and hot loving? Ready to be wooed and drunk on lust? Then the men of Pillow Talk may have just what you need.I am not certain where I saw the advertisement for Pillow Talk, but I knew I had to read it. When I saw it on one of my groups up for ARC, I was like a rabid dog. And I devoured it like one. I have read some excellent books this pa [...]

  • *****5 Nitro and Gasoline Stars*****WOWOWOWOWOW! That is the sum of how much I loved this book! Pandora Pine is a new author to me and she will definitely be an automatic 1-click for me. This is the story of Logan and Grey, both coming out of bad relationships, Logan, a sham marriage and Grey, an abusive, controlling ex boyfriend. Both are unemployed and feel they will never find love again. Logan has hit rock bottom and is ready to "check out."He had a date for harp lessons when he receives a p [...]

  • Many of the reviews have gone into great detail about the story line of the book, so I will just say that the writer, Pandora Pine, wrote an excellent book detailing the struggles of both MCs, one who is attempting to come back from terrible relationship in which they were abused, betrayed and lied to by their mate, the other not sure if it is worth it to come back at all. It was a unique premise that they "met" on the radio on a talk show, one being a late night talk show host and the other a c [...]

  • Little editing errors take the edge of a decent storyI liked the premise of this story and I loved the setting of the radio show with these damaged men who'd been beset by scandal.There were some annoying editing and grammatical errors though which just took the edge away my. Seeing you're instead of your is one of the things which puts the hairs on my neck on edge and it happened a few times.There were also the wrong tenses used and on one occasion, the wrong character name was used.However, th [...]

  • A great book with a lot of drama, emotion and deep feelings. I also really love the chemistry and the camaraderie between the guys. :3I can't wait to read the second book although I'm a tiny bit sad we don't get Sam and Rhett's (:D) story first. But because of the political topic I gues I'll love the second as well as this volume. :3Rhe only thing that astonished me was the lengthI had the feeling it was a long book and with looking up the amount of pages I see the book has over 300. :)I really [...]

  • Really enjoyed this book, the first in a series. It's a great premise and introduces several really interesting characters, four of who, will be main characters in the books. I have to say though that I'm skeptical of one storyline as I'm pretty offended by the picture the author paints of country music fans, in a book written in 2016, as being so close-minded and hateful because a huge star in their genre comes out as gay. And the idea of people asking for their money back after concerts or for [...]

  • Very good. Enjoyable.I liked the story, but it could have went with a little more editing. Getting the main characters mixed up in the story, left me with a little confusion here and there.

  • I enjoyed this book. I'm deducting an entire star for the author calling ejaculate "sweet cream" on at least three occasions. It was ridiculous and brought me out of the story every time.

  • There was quite a bit that I liked about this book, and quite a bit that bugged me. The GoodSEXUAL TENSION! I'm a big sucker for some great sexual tension, and the first part of this book really had it. Logan & Grey don't get together right away, and they're both really attracted to one another and this leads to some really great sexual tension that I really really enjoyed!Fun ensemble cast. While Logan and Grey are the main characters, their group of friends play a really nice supporting ro [...]

  • I loved this book!This seems to be my summer for discovering new authors who write M/M romances. Some have been just OK, some have been less than OK and others have been very good to great. Pillow Talk is the first book I’ve read by Pandora Pine and it’s a keeper. It’s the first book in her new On the Radio series. Pillow Talk stands alone and has an HEA for Logan and Grey but Ms. Pine also sets things up for additional books about the rich cast of secondary characters who also appeared in [...]

  • A rollercoaster ride of emotions that will pull at your heart strings as the gay men of PRIDE XM RADIO pull their lives together after their pasts almost destroy them. The story line was strong and amazing. The characters were well developed and very believable. As they bring you into their lives you find yourself into a world of love and friendship. Logan Reid had built up an online gay dating site and during that time he had met his husband, Eric. During the 2 years they were married, his husb [...]

  • Absolutely loved this book.Loved the cover on this book. Caught my eye immediately and once I read the description I was hooked on downloading this story. Logan is a happily married man that runs a dating website for gay men. He met and married one of the guys he met online. He finds out that Eric has been cheating on him with numerous men and telling them all he only married him for the money. Logan's life quickly falls apart. Members of the dating site wants refunds and his good name is quickl [...]

  • Great book. Pride XM is struggling, so the producer invites a bunch of gay men who have been involved in scandals to come to the station in Key West. Logan has no clue that he is one of many invited and is a little shocked at first, but once he hears the plans for them each to host shows that have something to do with their former careers, he's in. Logan had created a dating web site for gay men called PillowTalk. It took off and became very profitable. Logan even met the man who would become hi [...]

  • One of the best books I've read this year. "Pillow Talk" is an beautiful love story of two men learning to live and love again. Logan is devastated aftering finding out from the news hounds waiting at the airport for him that his husband of a little over a year, Eric, have been cheating on him with at least 19 men. Because of his actions Logan loses everything, his business, a gay dating site, is on the verge of collapse, most of his friends and family believe its his fault Eric cheated on him a [...]

  • I received this book free for an h onset review.I loved this book from a new to me author. To be honest I'm going to say this now I want the next book now!!! I loved it that much.I really enjoyed the plot of this book / series. Guys who have been through scandals given second. chance at ving again through a radio station. The Mcs in this book are Logan and Grey or Shades. Logan has hE hid heart ripped out and stood on and Grey has been trodden down as low as he can go.These two men are brought t [...]

  • I enjoyed getting to know these guys.I enjoyed getting to know these guys and reading about Logan and Grey's story. It was a devastating blow to Logan both in his personal and professional life that brought him down to Key West and the radio show. Greyson's tragic relationship with his ex brought him into the lives of Logan, Rhett, Sam and Caine. Logan's volatile emotions were all over the place. It was certainly understandable he was devastated by the cheating manipulative rat bastard ex husban [...]

  • This is a fantastic story of Logan and Grey. I'm so glad I didn't take notice of reviews for this book. I had read Pandora Pine's books before and she didn't let me down then and still hasn't. This is story of a dating website created by Logan and his friends, who he meets his hubby via this. Logan suddenly finds out after getting back for a business trip that his Eric had been having affairs while they had been married. 6 months latter now in deep depression, on the cusp of throwing his life wa [...]

  • I loved this book. Such a roller coaster of emotions. This book was so well written. I loved getting to know Logan and Grey. They were amazing characters and I loved their stories and how they went from heartbroken to whole again. Really great story, I highly recommend it. You definitely don't want to miss this one. I can't wait for the next book in the series. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Great book!This is the first book I have ever read from this author and I have to say that it's pretty good. Both Grey and Logan are great characters. They are well developed and totally lovable. The rest of the guys are as amazing as them. I can't wait to read more! Grab your copy and fall in love with them. Happy reading!

  • This was a book I couldn't put down until I was finished. Logan wants to end it all after what he thought was a solid relationship ended up being a scam. With a new job and a new home Logan builds a bond with this cast that will weather any storm. I was gifted this book for an honest review and it's a must read

  • It started so well but somewhere around the middle the plot went fuck** and the MCS started to act like teenage girls. Tears, tears, so much tears and over the top reactions. I couldn't believe it! I don't like macho men and I do believe men should cry,like any human being for that matter, but I dislike men so emotional they cry every time they're upset, shocked, angry or even happy!

  • I love finding new to me authors! Pillow Talk was my first read by Pandora Pine but certainly won't be the last. I love reading a book where I can be so emotionally invested with the main characters. The book is a standalone with a HEA but leaves you wanting more in this series. One click away, you won't be sorry!!!!

  • I absolutely loved this book! What a fantastic story! I adore all these guys, looking forward to more of the series! Definitely recommended! 5+ stars

  • Great!!Enjoyable story with lovable characters. Grey and Logan had excellent chemistry with relatable issues. The secondary characters also made the story fun.

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