Franklin's Christmas Gift

Franklin s Christmas Gift All his friends are donating carefully used toys to the toy drive but Franklin can t bring himself to give away anything in his toy chest In a touching denouement he discovers that generosity has re

  • Title: Franklin's Christmas Gift
  • Author: Paulette Bourgeois Brenda Clark
  • ISBN: 9780590026116
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • All his friends are donating carefully used toys to the toy drive, but Franklin can t bring himself to give away anything in his toy chest In a touching denouement, he discovers that generosity has rewards that than compensate for the pain of parting with a beloved possession Full color illustrations.

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    Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Bourgeois graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational therapy from the University of Western Ontario in 1974 She was a psychiatric occupational therapist for three years before deciding to focus on her writing She studied journalism at Carlton University then worked as a reporter for the Ottawa Citizen and CBC Television She became a freelance journalist in Washington, D.C contributing pieces to Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Reader s Digest and Maclean s She returned to Toronto in 1983.In 2003, she became a Member of the Order of Canada and in 2007, she received an Honourary Doctor of Laws from her alma mater, the University of Western Ontario.


  • I got a copy of this picture book free from netgalley. It was actually a book about Christmas and giving gifts. It was a sweet book and the pictures are really polished and cute. Great for kids!

  • I hate to admit it, since it goes against everything I stand for as a book themed superhero, but I actually prefer the episode—which you can view here: youtube/watch?v=6wxNK—as the episode gave the viewer two scenes that the book did not.(1) When Beaver brags (big shocker there) that she already knows all the answers in the Q&A book she's donating to the toy drive, Franklin responds with a mildly sarcastic: "Of course," which causes Goose to laugh. (2) When Franklin reveals to his mom th [...]

  • Franklin needs to decide what to donate to needy children before his own presents come at Christmas. This is one of those stories that would be good to share with your young ones to help them prepare for the holiday. The decision process here isn't portrayed as something easy to do, which I liked. There will be a struggle for a child confronting this idea for the first time. Told with a lot of honesty, this becomes a great conversation starter, that needs to be followed with action. A great book [...]

  • Adorable and enduring Franklin must bring a gently used toy to the Christmas drive for underprivileged children. In looking over his toys Franklin finds them all too precious to part with. This is a good book for discussing the importance and joy of giving with preschoolers. Sharing does not come naturally and Franklin's struggle will help to foster an important dialog on the holiday season. Highly recommended for children ages 3-7

  • Franklin’s Christmas Gift is the re-release of a classic from the enduring Franklin series by Paulette Bourgeois. At Franklin’s school, Franklin’s teacher, Mr. Owl, tells the students to begin thinking about what they will bring to donate to the classroom toy drive for needy children and the excitement begins. When Franklin goes through his own toys, everything seems too special to give away, but after receiving a gift from his aunt, Franklin realizes that nothing is special enough. After [...]

  • Every year, Mr Owl's class gives gifts to needy children for Christmas. Franklin loves Christmas and getting presents, but when it comes time to figure out what to give up, he has a hard time. His friends give unselfishly and help Franklin remember twhat Christmas is really about what we give to others - not what we receive. This is another great Franklin story that I loved sharing with my son. It was a great reminder for him that Christmas should be about the giving instead of the getting. Fran [...]

  • The illustrations were so cute. I liked the little wooden reindeer and the figurine of a turtle in Santa's suit was adorable. The holiday touched like the candle in greenery and the holly hanging on the mantle was so pretty. The little turtle queen and king puppet were so cute! They had their royal robes and crowns on. I liked the special touches of the crafts they were doing in school. Bear made one of those things called God's eye I think, where you wrap yarn around two Popsicle sticks forming [...]

  • Franklin needed to bring a gently used toy for the christmas Toy drive. Everything seemed specail to him and he didn't want to let a toy go. This book is great book on giving and being genrous. A lesson that students should be taught, this book is a great fit for the holiday season.

  • Franklin's school is having a Christmas toy drive. Franklin has a hard time deciding which of his toys to donate, and he learns a lesson in generosity.A cute Christmas book about the joy of giving.

  • All the stories seen to start out the same. Franklin loved Christmas, and could tie ribbons into bows, play Silent Night on the recorder, and give and receive presents.He was holding a reindeer and I noticed the Santa looked like a turtle. So wouldn't the reindeer be different too?That's nice that his class is having a donation for toys for needy families.3 days to buy gifts isn't long at all!The little frog queen and King stuffed animals are adorable! And he's got a little goldfish on the table [...]

  • Franklin loved Christmas. He could name all of Santa’s reindeer. He could ties ribbons into bows and play “Silent Night” on his recorder. Franklin liked to give presents and receive them. But this year he couldn’t decide what to give to the Christmas toy drive.Each year, Mr. Owl’s class donates new and gently toys for needy families. This year, Franklin cannot decide what to give. The only toy he will part with is his more than gently used truck. Franklin has three more days to donate. [...]

  • Franklin’s Christmas Gift by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Franklin’s class is collecting toys for the annual Christmas Toy Drive. He is so excited and he can’t wait to find the perfect toy to donate. As he goes through his toys he remembers why they are all special to him and he can’t decide. With only one day left to pick the “perfect toy” to donate, he is afraid none of his toys will work. As he [...]

  • This book has a sweet ending-as do many Franklin books. Each year, Franklin’s class did a toy drive for needy families and everyone was always very excited about the toy give! That night, Franklin went to find toys but all he could find that he wanted to give was a broken truck that he was going to try and fix. When he asked his dad to help him, he wasn’t so sure and told Franklin to really think about it. All of a sudden, Franklin got very busy and didn’t have much of a chance to think a [...]

  • “In this Franklin Classic Storybook, Franklin can’t decide what to donate to his school’s Christmas toy drive. At first, all of his toys seem too special to give away, then nothing seems special enough. With some inspiration from his Great Aunt Harriet, Franklin finally comes up with the perfect gift.” This is a great story for kids to learn the value of giving. At first Franklin is excited to give to his classes toy drive, when he gets home and starts going through toys he comes up with [...]

  • This is an entertaining and meaningful story in the Franklin the Turtle series by Paulette Bourgeois. I'm not sure why we never really got into this series (after all, we love turtles!) Now our girls are getting a bit old for stories like this, so I'm not sure how many more we'll read.I found this book available in an ebook version through our local library and I decided that I would read it, even if our girls weren't interested. After I read it, I really thought it had a good message, so I read [...]

  • 4.5 starsI love Franklin, my boys loved Franklin (back in the day) and this was actually one of the many Franklin books we owned. Hence the reason I couldn't resist re-reading and reviewing this one. These books remain timeless, the moral message is just as relevant today as it was when my children were little. Every year Mrs Owl's class donate toys to the school's toy drive for needy families. Franklin has struggled to choose a gift because all his toys are "too special to give away." Mrs Owl r [...]

  • This review is for: Franklin's Christmas Gift (Paperback)Many of you may know already how much I love Franklin and his group of furry friends. But for those that don't, I am here to tell you I am a huge fan of Franklin. The true meaning of Christmas is brought to light in Franklins Christmas Gift is better to give than to receive. My husband and I are struggling right now with trying to explain the importance of giving to our children. Our world places our children front and center and our frust [...]

  • Franklin is faced with a dilemma. He is supposed to donate a toy to his class toy drive, but all of his toys are too special to give away. He finally finds a broken old truck that might improve a little with a lot of work. Yet Franklin doesn't have time to fix the truck. He is just too busy with all sorts of other Christmas festivities. One day right before Christmas, Mr. Owl says something that gets Franklin thinking in the right direction. Franklin realizes that whatever toy he gives might be [...]

  • Another adorable story of Franklin the Turtle. My kids love his adventures and this book was no exception. A cute story centered around Christmas time, giving and Franklin’s adventurous spirit and lovable nature. As Franklin struggles with what to donate to the charity drive, he has to decide what is good enough for him to give and what he is willing to part with. Should it be an old toy he no longer wants? or something wonderful to share with another child?My kids have had similar struggles e [...]

  • setiap natal , murid-murid sekolah Franklin selalu menyumbangkan hadiah natal kepada anak-anak yang kurang beruntung.kali ini Franklin teramat bingung karena setelah ia memerika setiap mainannya, ia merasa bahwa semuanya masih bagus dan sayang bila disumbangkan. setelah beberapa hari lewat Franklin tersadar bahwa hampir semua mainannya tidaklah pantas untuk disumbangkan karena banyak yang telah rusakda akhirnya Franklin memimilih mainan favoritenya, yang dirasanya pantas untuk diberikan kepada a [...]

  • Notes: Franklin's Christmas Gift, by Paulette Bourgeois is a book about giving a special something of your to someone else.Book Review: Franklin has a hard time giving something of his to the toy drive at school. Towards the end, Franklin discovers that generosity has rewards that more than compensate for the pain of parting with a beloved possession. This will help students to realize the importance of giving.Recommend: I would recommend this book to students in grades 2-3.

  • Read via @NetGalley through ADE. I can remember some Franklin books from my childhood. This book is very special in being a discussion starter even for your younger kiddos in learning part of the meaning of Christmas and giving to others in need. It is exciting for Open Road to be making available this and many other Franklin titles for eBooks.*Thanks to Open Road for loaning me an electronic copy through NetGalley for review.*Originally posted: wp/pYHD5-36N

  • WowI am happy the book's title has not been changed toFranklin's X-mas GiftorFranklin's Holiday GiftorFranklin's Season's Greeting GiftorFranklin's Unoffensive Gift Given Sometime in December when Children are not Usually in SchoolChristmas!CHRISTMAS!!!Get over it atheists.

  • This story uses Christmas to touch on being fair to other people and a lesson about doing things (or giving gifts) that come from the heart and not just because it is old or because you have to. It shows that going through the week Franklin was able to learn a lesson about doing nice things for people and he showed this by sending a thoughtful gift to school.

  • Franklin is another familiar character to children and the message of this tale is that it is better to give than to receive. Unfortunately, I think it goes a little too far. Franklin gives away his favorite marbles, which he clearly loved. This is the sort of overly charitable act that kids could get caught up in and then later regret, not a very realistic goal.

  • I read this to my 4- and 6-year-old sons prior to Christmas so that we could emphasize the importance of giving rather than receiving. They both enjoyed it, and they enjoyed the cute illustrations (despite the fact that my e-reader is black-and-white, so they couldn't see the colors). An enjoyable book with a clear message.

  • Franklin books do a great job with character development and teaching morals. I would use this book to teach kids about thinking about the less fourtunante. Be careful about reading this to a class though because it deals with Christmas.

  • This is a wonderful Christmas story. I love how Franklin faces a dilemma. He needs to pick out one of his precious toys to give to another child for Christmas. His class is taking donations for less fortunate children.Franklin learns a lesson on charity and not being selfish.

  • A sweet story about Franklin, and him trying to decide what to give for the Christmas toy drive. At firt all his toys seemed too special to give away, but the more he learns about giving, the more he realizes that he should give something important. A great lesson about giving and receiving.

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