As La Vista Turns

As La Vista Turns Zane Jaffe has almost lost track of what conception cycle she s in That s a lie this is cycle thirteen She s fake dating her pal Mildred to get her best friend off her back but judging by how hot it

  • Title: As La Vista Turns
  • Author: Kris Ripper
  • ISBN: 9781626494428
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zane Jaffe has almost lost track of what conception cycle she s in That s a lie this is cycle thirteen She s fake dating her pal Mildred to get her best friend off her back, but judging by how hot it was when they accidentally kissed, her feelings might be somewhat less platonic than she d thought.And she s decided that healing the fractured local queer community canZane Jaffe has almost lost track of what conception cycle she s in That s a lie this is cycle thirteen She s fake dating her pal Mildred to get her best friend off her back, but judging by how hot it was when they accidentally kissed, her feelings might be somewhat less platonic than she d thought.And she s decided that healing the fractured local queer community can only be accomplished through a party Or maybe it s actually a wake Whatever it is, it ll take place at Club Fred s, and there will be alcohol.Trying to conceive is an unholy rollercoaster of emotions, and Mildred won t let them kiss again until Zane figures out how she feels Between the wake exhausting as hell, and that s just the fun stuff , the constant up down cycle of trying to get pregnant, and saving the world in the meantime, Zane has no idea Fall in love with Mildred isn t on her list, but maybe it s time to let go of that rigid future she s been working toward, and instead embrace the accidents that can lead to something better.

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    Kris Ripper lives in the great state of California and hails from the San Francisco Bay Area Kris shares a converted garage with a toddler, can do two pull ups in a row, and can write backwards No, really Kris is genderqueer and prefers the z based pronouns Ze has been writing fiction since ze learned how to write and boring zir stuffed animals with stories long before that.Okay, that s the official bio Here s the rambling.There s this Dorothy Allison line I love, about why she writes fiction The world I love is not on the page From Notes to a Young Feminist The second I read that, my writing life came into sharper focus.I write to see my world on the page I don t see cisgender men I can relate to, or feminists who struggle with privilege I don t see happily ever afters that include that sweet young man who occasionally plays third, even though he has a girlfriend and sometimes she watches I don t see enough BDSM that includes laughter and I don t see enough romance or erotica that includes folks pushing the boundaries of binary gender I don t see delightful cisgender people who have sex with people whose tabs and slots fit in just where James Dobson wants them and are queer all the same.So that s what I write I write characters who love lousy take away and football I write characters who love ropes, or whips, or kneeling at the feet of someone they trust I write smut, and romance, and erotica with barely any touching I write poly kinky committed non monogamous queer people And everyone else Because that s the world I know, that s the world I live in, and it s fecking fantastic.You can find me on the web at krisripper Friend me in the places where friend is a verb follow me in the places where it s appropriate not in the supermarket, thanks Drop me a line Join the newsletter Read the blog Watch the podcasts Hang out Or don t do any of those things Maybe you just want to download the free stories and take a peek That s cool, too.Whatever you do, I hope you re reading excellent fiction while you do it


  • A great end to a terrific series. This should definitely be read as book 5 of 5, in order, a) because you want to read all of them, and b) because it ties up loads of loose ends, and has a lot to do with the murder mystery that comes to a head in #4. First person, with Zane's voice coming across loud, clear and fun. There's a lot going on in this book other than the romance--Zane's extremely well conveyed need to get pregnant, the drive to heal the community damaged by a killer, a near-victim's [...]

  • *I received this book from NetGalley and Riptide Publishing in return for a fair review.*This book stars Suzanne ‘Zane’ Jaffe who is thirty-five, works in real estate, is a lesbian, and – throughout the course of this series – more exactly for the past 12/13 months, she has been attempting to become pregnant through artificial means. While that has been going on, around month 3 or 5, Zane started ‘dating’ another woman named Dred (Mildred) who has a kid of her own (baby James). Prete [...]

  • Wow! This is my first book from the author and I must say I totally liked it! At first, I was scared to read it because I didn't know if I'll even understand the story considering this is the fifth installment of the series and I haven't got any clue on what's going on. But, I took the risk and I'm really glad I did. ❤ Just read all the blurbs of the first 4 books so that I have a little background on past MCs and amazingly it worked for me. Yes of course there were times that I'm lost on what [...]

  • what a great way to end the series. I loved, loved, loved, the family dynamic between Dred, Obie and Emerson with Baby James. Chosen family for the win.

  • And we come to the end of this wonderful series. I couldn't have been more happy than to see Zane end up with Dred, and the family that was beginning to be built at the very start of this series with her, Obie, Emerson and baby James. This story had a real family focus to it; family, and the different kinds of family that queer people can build. The focus was on those living in the farm house together, mentioned above, but there were also a couple of references to the polyamorous family that was [...]

  • 4.5 Stars.Zane Jaffe is a realtor who’s got a list for her life. Right now, the top priority is to get pregnant, though she’s a single lesbian woman. She’s been “fake dating” her friend “Dred” (short for Mildred) a cantankerous black pan-sexual woman who is raising an infant son with the help of her cousin Obie and his boyfriend Everett–who live in a big farmhouse on the edge of La Vista. (Obie and Everett are the couple from Gays of our Lives). Thing is, Zane’s sorta/kinda wan [...]

  • DNFThis series was just not for me at all. Which sucks because I was really excited when I heard about it.This one was, to be honest, really boring, and the main characters were bland as fuck. I didn't care about their boring lists and life goals, or the desperation that one of the characters (I honestly can't remember their names because in my head I kept referring to them as the Bland Squad) had for having a kid (maybe that's because I don't like kids and never plan on having any). Also, there [...]

  • Having been invested in this series since the beginning, I couldn’t wait to see how it was going to end. Especially after the suspense was ended in the last book in the series, I wanted to see how things would end up with everyone. Find out how they are all adjusting after finding out who the killer was.Zane has been a favorite character of mine since the start – and the fact that this is her book? Made it all the better. I must admit though, since Zane was my favorite, I was a bit worried t [...]

  • I love, love this whole series. It's the urban, queer version of a small town romance series that I didn't know I needed, but I did. It centers around a scruffy queer bar and a queer youth center in a fictional version of Oakland CA. This is the 5th and last book. It's not at all stand alone, in my opinion. There's an over arching murder mystery that was solved in book 4 and there's a lot about healing the community from the earlier string of murders. I suppose you could read it without reading [...]

  • Rep: lesbian MC, pansexual LI, black LI, biracial LI, fat LIWarnings: slurs, gendered slurs, ableism, pregnancy / insemination, suicide mention

  • Didn't really like it for most of the book, but stuck with it and liked the resolution. Have enjoyed the diversity of the queer community in Ripper's books.

  • With the quilting taking (felt) half of the book, one has to consider this patch work symptomatic for the story.If you did not read the previous books, the plentiful characters are quite confusing.

  • TeaserAs La Vista Turns, book number five in Kris Ripper’s Queers of La Vista series, gets a big four hearts from me and was quite enjoyable as a standalone read.I found myself enjoying the realness of situations in this book, even when the story brought up difficult feelings and situations.Ripper pulls you into the lives of the La Vista crew and you share their joys as well as their sorrows as you would any of your closest friends.Read Full Review at Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banterbit/2midVoi

  • This was charming, and a really nice bookend to the series as a whole, with plenty of on-going glimpses into the lives of characters previous books were based around. I really enjoy and appreciate the sense of community and interlocking lives that this series is built on, it rings very true to me. Really loved getting to see more of Dred and Zane, and also to meet Aunt Florence. :D (Also, the author's note at the end made me feel a lot of feelings in this, our current timeline.)

  • This series keeps getting better. I'm so glad it exists. The first couple of books were okay, but this one and the last one are wonderful.

  • This was a great book that ends an awesome series! Zane has been a supporting character in all the previous books in the La Vista series. Dred was introduced in the first book in the series, Gays of Our Lives. Zane has been trying to get pregnant since we met her. She lives by her lists. Dred is a new mother with a free snarky spirit. Neither of them wants to fall in love. But sometimes what you want is not what you need. I really enjoyed these two figuring that out!This can be read as a standal [...]

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