Cartes Postales from Greece

Cartes Postales from Greece Week after week the postcards arrive addressed to a name Ellie does not know with no return address each signed with an initial A With their bright skies blue seas and alluring images of Greece

  • Title: Cartes Postales from Greece
  • Author: Victoria Hislop
  • ISBN: 9781472223531
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Week after week, the postcards arrive, addressed to a name Ellie does not know, with no return address, each signed with an initial A.With their bright skies, blue seas and alluring images of Greece, these cartes postales brighten her life After six months, to her disappointment, they cease But the montage she has created on the wall of her flat has cast a spell She muWeek after week, the postcards arrive, addressed to a name Ellie does not know, with no return address, each signed with an initial A.With their bright skies, blue seas and alluring images of Greece, these cartes postales brighten her life After six months, to her disappointment, they cease But the montage she has created on the wall of her flat has cast a spell She must see this country for herself.On the morning Ellie leaves for Athens, a notebook arrives Its pages tell the story of a man s odyssey through Greece Moving, surprising and sometimes dark, A s tale unfolds with the discovery not only of a culture but also of a desire to live life to the full once .

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    Victoria Hislop read English at Oxford, and worked in publishing, PR and as a journalist before becoming a novelist She is married with two children.Her first novel, The Island, held the number one slot in the Sunday Times paperback charts for eight consecutive weeks and has sold over two million copies worldwide Victoria was the Newcomer of the Year at the Galaxy British Book Awards 2007 and won the Richard Judy Summer Read competition.Her second novel, The Return, was also a Sunday Times number one bestseller, and her books have been translated into than twenty languages A short story collection, One Cretan Evening, was published in September and both a third novel, The Thread is published in English in October and in Greek in November 2011.


  • Well written stories from Greece, in recognisable Victoria's style, combined myths, legends and true stories that at the same time bring you knowledge of landscape, Greek history, culture, way of living, family relationships, traditions, customs Pure pleasure!Ne verujem da će biti srpskog prevoda :(

  • No, Victoria Hislop does not appear to have learned to write better since her first book. If anything, this one is even worse in its writing. Admittedly she is observant, and the grains of interesting-ness scattered through the pages were just enough to keep me hanging in there and reading until the end. Skipping whole paragraphs but still reading. Silently cursing and getting annoyed with the writing but still reading. V.Hislop sees things but does not seem to know how to present them with good [...]

  • I can't actually believe it myself but "Cartes Postales from Greece" is my first book by Victoria Hislop - but what an introduction to this author it was! I've read this book in one day, which for me is like a world record, not because I am reading so slowly or something but because life always gets in the way. However, this time, I put everything aside as this book has just drawn me in and I didn't want to put it down for a single second.This novel doesn't contain a storyline per se, as it cons [...]

  • Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of Greece. I fell in love with that beautiful country, and its people twenty years ago and have been lucky enough to visit twice a year ever since. I haven't really gone off the beaten track, sticking to the islands such as Corfu, Crete, Zakynthos, Kos, Rhodes, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Kos. We always travel early in the season, and then later on and as it's usually fairly quiet, we get to know the locals. Our friends in Arillas, in north-wes [...]

  • I expected a novel, with a story line. It starts well, I had hope, but I felt disappointed on both counts. Basically a book of short stories maybe I should have done my research before reading this. For me Victoria definitely peeked with The Island. I haven't enjoyed any of her other books since .

  • Interesting set of short stories based around a set of postcards and a notebook around Greece and a mixture of novel stories and retelling of the classics as it takes the reader on a trip

  • I heard Victoria Hislop talking about this book on the radio and it sounded fascinating so I rushed out to buy.What a disappointment (despite loving Greece). It read to me like a succession of poorly written essays on "What I did in the holidays" joined together by the equivalent of the worst sort of radio links.Safe to say that this writer is not for me.

  • An interesting read of short stories giving a taste of Greek life and culture. It was nice to dip in and out as time allowed but I prefer Victoria Hislop's novels where the characters are more fully explored.

  • 3,5*Well.Victoria Hislop is one of my favourite authors ever. For those who don't know, she's an English woman that fell in love with Greece, and has produced several novels set here. This is a story that contains a lot of stories - a young woman living in London, Ellie, receives a bunch of postcards from Greece, and decides to visit the country. Before she leaves she receives a notebook containing a few Greek stories, written by a man who believes he's sending them to the woman that left him. T [...]

  • In my view this book is another no-no by Victoria Hislop. The last no-no was The Sunrise, a story filled with bland characters. Cartes Postales from Greece is yet again about nobodies, and this time it's about a lot of nothing. The previous book she wrote with short stories, (The Last Dance: And Other Stories, was really good. I liked the stories and I liked her storytelling. This time she tried to make the short stories part of a bigger story, which I don't think worked. Postcards and finally a [...]

  • I have to say, I was immensely disappointed with this book. From the synopsis, I was led to believe that it was a story about Ellie, who has been receiving postcards from various places in Greece, meant for a previous occupant of her property. Intrigued by these and a notebook from the same sender that arrives, she goes off to Greece to discover the country for herself.However, Ellie's part in the story is practically superfluous, being shunted in at the very beginning and end, as is the rather [...]

  • ‘Who knows if the tales people told me are true or false? I suspect some of them are complete fabrications, others are exaggeration – but perhaps some of them are real.You can decide.’There are certain books that land through my letterbox that result in a funny dance and a scream of joy!! Cartes Postales from Greece is one such book.Written by the wonderful Victoria Hislop, Cartes Postales from Greece will be published on the 22nd of September by Headline Review, in Hardback, Ebook and Aud [...]

  • I don't know why we chose Corfu as our honeymoon destination in 1988 but that first trip to Greece for both of us has led to a yearly holiday to a country that has adopted us as the years have gone by and welcomed our family as it has expanded. We just seem to fit there and now our grandchildren are also experiencing the culture and way of life-capturing the hearts of the Greek people with their willingness to try their food and their language. So I was overjoyed to see that a favourite author h [...]

  • J'ai vraiment passé un très agréable moment, c'est vraiment un roman léger qui nous fait voyager, parfait pour les vacances. C'est surtout l'objet en lui même qui est superbe car il est rempli de photos magnifiques. J'ai regretté de ne pas m'être vraiment attachée au personnage principal, sauf la fin qui m'a touchée et que j'ai trouvé très douce. J'ai vraiment bien aimé chaque histoires, on en apprend un peu plus sur la Grèce et ses habitants, surtout que j'y suis déjà allée donc [...]

  • As a Hislop fan I was eager to read this. I liked the synopsis and thought it sounded a different style to her other books which it is!. However the historical detail I have enjoyed before was there and the beautiful descriptive language which allows you to visualise the scene and this was enhanced with the addition of pictures which I enjoyed. The story is full of information and the ending tied it up nicely. I didn't enjoy it as much as her other books but it was a different style for the auth [...]

  • “The gods gave the Greeks this idyll, but look what they have done with it.”Cartes Postales from Greece, by Victoria Hislop, is a series of intriguing vignettes woven into the story of a spurned lover’s odyssey, which is itself wrapped inside a tale of misdirected communications. A journey, both physical and spiritual, is documented in a series of postcards and then a notebook, posted to a woman the sender did not know.The book includes beautiful, colour pictures of each setting in Greece. [...]

  • Διαφορετικό βιβλίο σχετικά με τα προηγούμενά της.Ένας ύμνος για την Ελλάδα.Ένα οδοιπορικό στην φυσική ομορφιά της με εικόνες μέσω των καρτ ποστάλ ,που είναι σημαντικό,για τα νησιά μας,τα ορεινά μέρη,τα χωριά ,τις πόλεις,το γαλάζιο,τα ήθη,τα έθιμα μας,συνήθειες,παραδόσεις κα [...]

  • Οι Καρτ Ποστάλ είναι ένα βιβλίο που περίμενα με πολλή ανυπομονησία να διαβάσω αλλά δυστυχώς δεν στάθηκε στο ύψος των προσδοκιών (μου). Μετά το Νήμα (που το θεωρώ εξαιρετικά καλογραμμένο και από θέμα ατμόσφαιρας, χαρακτήρων αλλά και γλώσσας) έπιασα αυτό το βιβλίο για να ανακα [...]

  • Meh. Ridiculous, weak and unconvincing frame story, which clearly was created only as an excuse to call this a novel, even though it is really a short story collection. The stories themselves have no connecting theme and their order is random. They jump through times and places, from character to character, and it is not clear what they are trying to say, since most of them contain chance events that have neither psychological explanations nor profound insights you can enjoy. Some of the stories [...]

  • Not a fan of short stories or Victoria Hislop for that matter so I don't know what made me pick this up butI'm so glad that I did! Not a conventional short story book and beginning with a small mystery it draws you in. Try it.

  • Really wish I would of known these were short stories.Advertised more a a novel. Obviously the author has fallen in love with Greece.Back to novel writing PLEASE.

  • I absolutely adored this book. I loved the way it was written. I felt that I was in Greece experiencing and participating in the story along the way. The descriptions of Greece have made me long to go there and see the beautiful sights myself. I really loved the way that the book was set out. Ellie starts receiving some postcards in the post addressed to a person called Sarah and signed with the initial A. The pictures on the postcards of bright sunny skies, clear blue sea and images of Greece. [...]

  • ellie lives in london in a dead end job. what lightens her day is receiving postcards from greece although they r not addressed to her - just s ibbotson who did not live at the block of flats and signed A after not receiving any for a month she decides on a whim to take a holiday to greece and view some of the sights for herself. on the day of her departure their is a package marked for s ibbotson this she opens upon her arrival and finds it is the notebook of A written to describe his happening [...]

  • Not at all what I was expecting, it's a collection of short stories (even calling them short stories is a bit of a stretch) with no real overarching story and very tenuous links into each one. For someone who claims to love Greece it doesn't really come across in the pages of her book. Beyond an appreciation of the natural beauty of the country Hislop trots out an endless cast of Greek stereotypes from the abusive husband to the shrew of a wife; from the headstrong athletic boy to the young woma [...]

  • I wanted to read this book from the first time I read a review. I love books that are about places you've visited, and this doesn't disappoint. A very clever story, illustrated with lovely photos, a mixture of fact and fiction. I have actually been to 12 of the places on the map, which are the bases for the stories within the book, and I wanted to read about them. I know Greece well, and the descriptions of the locations, the people and the history are spot on. I've only read a couple of Victori [...]

  • love the authors style of writing and her passion for Greece this book is many tales in one volume each one different and very captivating. great idea love the postcard theme throughout. looku g forward to her next read.

  • A young woman Ellie received postcards from Greece , addressed to a former tenant. She in intrigued by the stories on these cards and then she receives a notebook of more stories. She decides to visit Greece to follow the places mentioned in the notebook.

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